FIFA 12 | So You Want A… Goalscorer

Moving onto the final section of these guides, here’s the first of two parts on strikers – first goalscorers, then target men. These are the guys you rely on week in, week out to get you the goals. Often they are quick, and these are the ones you want to combine with a decent target man. Some specialise in long shots, others are better from close range. Either way, you need at least one decent goalscorer in any team.

As always, in an attempt to make this relevant to as many players as possible, I have not included any goalscorers whose OVR is above 73 – this way you can keep your costs down and have some cash left over for other purchases (be they real players or new scouts). Furthermore, I have listed the players by cost, with the cheapest at the top of each sub-group (players are grouped by potential). However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the lowest-OVR players are at the top – notice how Leandro is 7 OVR points better than Alexandr Kozlov and is the same age as him, yet is cheaper than him.

Anyway, here are my recommendations:

  • Lucas Piazon
  • Cenk Tosun
  • Sergio Araujo
  • Valentin Viola / Ignacio Colombini

Unfortunately, Lucas Piazon will be out of reach to anyone who is using the update squads on their career mode because he has been signed to the Chelsea academy – for this reason, I have included an extra recommended player for those players who will not be able to get him. (If you have downloaded the latest squads but want to get him, make the old squads your primary squad file, start a new career mode and use “current customized” squads.) Anyway, Piazon has quality finishing and long shots, but his dribbling is also excellent, meaning he can sit behind a main striker or be part of the main strike force, the choice is yours. He is quick, has incredible stamina, meaning he can be played game after game, and has four star skill moves and weak foot ability, making him even more useful. In short, he is a fantastic attacking player and it will be well worth your time to get him. Finally, his price drops to around £2.5m by the start of the second season (it rises to £8m during the first season), so this is the time to move for him.

If you can’t get Lucas can i order xanax online Piazon, Cenk Tosun is the next best thing. Like Piazon, he is very pacey and both his finishing and dribbling skills are excellent. He starts at OVR 73, meaning he is good enough to slot into many teams, and he grows quickly as well, so he can make an instant impact. Best of all, you can get him for free! He is in the Turkish national team, but plays for Gaziantepspor in the Turkish top division, who are not in the game. So, to get him just go to the Turkish national team and replace him with another player. Then when you start a new career he’ll be in the free agents, enabling you to get him for free. Not bad for someone with potential 84!

Sergio Araujo is another technically gifted player and goes for a bargain price. He has excellent dribbling abilities (which improve further very quickly) and four star skill moves and weak foot stats, which makes him very difficult to tackle when he’s going forward as well. He quickly grows into a very fast player, so you can play him on the wing or up front, depending on what your team’s needs are. At £2.5m he’s very cheap, and his price doesn’t seem to rise very much over time (unlike Lucas Piazon!).

Finally, the bonus players, Valentin Viola or Ignacio Colombini. I have included both because they are so similar – Viola is slightly better in the air, Colombini is slightly better from distance, but other than that there’s not much between them. They are the same OVR, start at the same age, have the same potential, and cost the same (an absolute bargain at £1.8m). So pick either, whichever one you go for will give you excellent service for a knockdown price.

Please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may drop radically after a while.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments!

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/traitsNotes
CFLucas Piazon6585174,300,0007,000São PauloLeft44Finesse shotPrice fluctuates greatly, so keep checking back
STLuc Castaignos7285186,000,00015,000InterRight43
STWillian José7285196,000,00015,000São PauloRight43
STSergio Araujo6884192,500,00010,000Boca JuniorsRight44
STAlexandr Kozlov6484184,200,0008,000Spartak MoskvaRight44
CFFilippo Boniperti6484194,300,0009,000AscoliRight42
STFabio Borini7284206,000,00020,000RomaRight33On loan from Parma
STCenk Tosun7384209,000Right43Turkish national team – put in free agents
STValentin Viola6783191,800,00010,000Racing ClubRight23
STIgnacio Colombini6783191,800,00010,000Racing ClubRight22
CFGuido Marilungo7183213,700,00015,000AtalantaRight33
CFHeung-Min Son7383185,500,00015,000Hamburger SVLeft33Injury prone
CFDani Pacheco7283206,000,00015,000Rayo VallecanoRight33Finesse shotOn loan from Liverpool
STNelson Oliveira6982192,400,00010,000SL BenficaRight33
STAlexandre Lacazette6882202,400,00010,000Olympique LyonRight34
STEugene Starikov7182223,200,00015,000Tom TomskRight33FlairOn loan from Zenit
STDaniele Ragatzu6582194,200,0007,000GubbioRight33Speedster, acrobatOn loan from Cagliari
STChris Gadi6482194,200,00010,000MarseilleRight43
STDaniel Martínez6582174,300,0007,000PalermoRight22
STRodrigo7282205,500,0008,000SL BenficaRight33
STDellatorre6981192,200,0009,000I. Porto AlegreRight43
STPaco Alcácer6881172,400,0009,000Valencia CFRight43
STDenis Alibec6881202,400,0009,000KV MechelenRight32
STSega Keita6281192,700,0006,000ES TroyesRight32Speedster
CFJamie Murphy7181213,100,00015,000MotherwellRight32
STDiego Rubio7181183,400,00010,000Sporting CPRight32
CFEdigar7181203,400,00015,000Atl. ParanaenseRight43
STKristian Kraus5880181,100,0008,000GubbioRight33
STEmmanuel Mayuka6480201,300,0007,000BSC Young BoysLeft34
STGabriel Hauche6880241,800,00010,000Racing ClubRight33
STAnass Achahbar6080171,800,0004,000FeyenoordLeft44Flair
CFJosé Baxter6980192,100,0009,000EvertonRight33Power free kick
STJoshua King6880192,100,0009,000Bor. M'gladbachRight23Flair, injury proneOn loan from Manchester United
STHenrique6980202,200,0008,000São PauloRight33
STJean-Christophe Bahebeck6880182,200,0008,000PSGRight43
STBrian Montenegro6380182,700,0004,000West HamRight33
CFNiccolò Giannetti6280202,700,0006,000GubbioRight42
CFAndrea Catellani7180232,800,00015,000CataniaRight44Finesse shot
STNicky Maynard7380243,400,00015,000Bristol CityRight33Long shot taker
CFAlexandr Kokorin7180203,400,00015,000Dinamo MoskvaRight33
STPavel Yakovlev7080203,400,00015,000Krylya SovetovRight43Finesse shot
STRiccardo Meggiorini7380253,700,00015,000NovaraLeft43
STPablo Mouche7380234,200,00015,000Boca JuniorsLeft34Injury prone
STMattia Destro7280204,700,00010,000SienaRight33
STFederico Macheda7380195,000,00020,000Manchester UnitedRight33Finesse shot
STNathan Delfouneso7380205,000,00020,000Aston VillaRight43Speedster
STKhouma Babacar7280185,000,00010,000FiorentinaRight43Flair, power header

Comments 27

  1. I can’t figure out how to get Tosun to appear in the free agents list. He starts out as a sub for Turkey, and if I put him in the reserves he doesn’t show up, also if I put him on the starting squad he doesn’t show up. Am I doing something wrong? Advice!!!

    1. Post

      How strange. I know it sounds basic, but did you save your squads before starting a new CM? Also, when you start a new CM (after replacing him in the national team) you have to make sure you choose “current customized” from the squads options, rather than “download latest”. If simply replacing him in the national squads didn’t work, you could try this method:

      It’s a little longer than my method (and I don’t think it needs to be that long – I think the main problem is selecting “current customized” from the squads option list).

      Hope this helps 🙂

    1. I just bought him myself for £3.6m, he scored 31 goals in his first season (not including the 4 he scored on him debut in a pre-season game). All games were simmed, so it’s not like I just put the opposition down to amateur and let him run wild. He is seriously good 🙂

      Also seriously good – Cenk Tosun. He’s 78 on mine and can’t stop scoring. Because he’s essentially free I can’t recommend him highly enough.

  2. I can’t seem to find neither of the 1.8 mil guys from Racing Club. I haven’t typed in their names wrong and they don’t appear when I search the team. any ideas why?

    but yeah great list 🙂 it’s a big help

    1. I think it could be because FIFA has problems with teams from Rest of World for some reason (Racing Club are from Argentina, so are in Rest of World). If you shortlist a player at a club categorised as Rest of World then he won’t show up in your shortlist for some reason. Anyway, when searching for these players go to Rest of World in the League selection box, and Racing Club in the club selection box. Now you should be able to see them 🙂

  3. I used Columbini in my latest career and I LOVE him. He has scored some serious goals for me and I think he might be my favorite young striker I’ve used. Which includes Piazon and Tosun. He’s very balanced and good at everything.

    1. I’ve always been tempted by him and Viola because they’re so cheap. What age/OVR is he for you now? And is Viola growing as much as him (whilst on his original team) ?

      1. Columbini was 75 by the end of the second year pre patch. He is always cheaper than viola because viola is the starter I think. So that could help

    1. I don’t know, he just disappeared :/ maybe he got loaned out in real life. Still, at least now it’s easier to choose between him and Viola 😛

    1. I know, can’t wait 😀 he’s such a bargain too, shame he kinda gets buried under the other strikers at Boca on FIFA :/

        1. Ah I’d missed that piece of news. His stats should definitely go up, possibly his potential. I was quite surprised (and disappointed) with the potentials of Barcelona B players in FIFA 12 – there were only 3 or 4 with potential 80+. I guess it’s because all the best ones get promoted into Barcelona A. If that’s the case, the Araujo may soon join them 🙂

    1. Haha I am, I’ve actually finished making the initial tables in Word. Got to put them into WordPress tables and write up the articles. I’m extremely busy today but I hope to have the first couple up tomorrow or Tuesday.

          1. Yo, dude just checked out araujo’s stats. His ovr is 69, and you’d think he hasn’t improved much. But DUDE HE IS AMAZING – dribbling 84 finishing 76 acceleration 74 OMG. only down side is his stamina and strenght both under 50 but he would be an absolutely beast as a sub. And his potential is still 84. This guy with ovr 84 is mind blowing. 🙂

          2. Haha he’s a beast isn’t he? I bought him on one of my FIFA 12 careers and he was fantastic. He’s so cheap as well (even cheaper than on FIFA 12) 😀

  4. ooooh too any one who wants a player like gareth bale who could play like a BRILLIANT striker: MELGAREJO
    he is a lb potential 82 ovr 69
    Specially goalscoaring


    1. Haha I know right. He’s a full back at SL Benfica with amazing finishing, plus basically everything else as you said. So flexible.

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