FIFA 12 | So You Want A… Target Man

The final guide is on target men. These guys are often very tall, strong, and excellent in the air. Not only will they score you plenty of goals in the air, but they can be great providers too – couple them with a speedy striker and use them to nod the ball down into their path.

As usual, in an attempt to make this relevant to as many players as possible, I have not included any target men whose OVR is above 73 – this way you can keep your costs down and have some cash left over for other purchases (be they real players or new scouts). Furthermore, I have listed the players by cost, with the cheapest at the top of each sub-group (players are grouped by potential). However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the lowest-OVR players are at the top – notice how Ji Dong Won is better than Levan Mchedlidze and is younger than him, yet is close to £2m cheaper than him.

Here are my final recommendations:

  • Manolo Gabbiadini
  • Jerry Mbakogu
  • Milan Djuric

Manolo Gabbiadini is a really excellent choice for a target man. He’s quick, strong, and has excellent jumping stats. His heading accuracy is great and his finishing is even better. Because of his pace he doesn’t have to be limited to the target man role, he can play alongside another one if you want!

Jerry Mbakogu is deceptively good for his pricetag and OVR. He is actually quicker than Gabbiadini and better at jumping, althoug his finishing and heading accuracy is not as good. However, with potential 83 he grows very fast, so this is not so much of a problem. Because he is so quick he is not limited to competing in the air – you can give him a great through ball and he’ll leave defences in his wake.

Finally, a fantastic bargain offer in the form of Milan Djuric. Like Mbakogu he is insane in the air (jumping 92) and is very strong as well. This guy will dominate defenses and will be a conduit through which you can channel your attacks by heading the ball into the path of an accompanying striker or winger. He also packs a powerful shot, and his technical stats will improve rapidly as his OVR rises.

Please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may drop radically after a while.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments!

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/traitsNotes
STConor Wickham7085184,100,00015,000SunderlandRight42
STJi Dong Won6884202,500,00010,000SunderlandRight33Finesse shot, power header
STLevan Mchedlidze6484214,300,0009,000EmpoliRight33Injury prone
CFDiego Maurício7384206,000,00020,000FlamengoRight33Finesse shot
STJerry Mbakogu6383182,600,0005,000C. StabiaRight33On loan from Padua
STManolo Gabbiadini7183193,700,00015,000AtalantaLeft33
STMilton Caraglio6781221,500,0009,000New EnglandLeft33Injury prone
STWellington6981231,600,0009,000Santa CatarinaRight33StrengthOn loan from 1899 Hoffenheim
STErick Torres6881182,400,0007,000GuadalajaraRight33Power header
STJonathas7081223,300,00015,000BresciaRight32Strength, power free-kick, power header
STPierre-Michel Lasogga7081193,700,00015,000Hertha BSCRight33
STSantiago García7381204,900,00015,000Atl. ParanaenseRight43
STKwang Ryong Pak6480181,300,0006,000FC BaselRight32
STMilan Djuric6680211,600,0007,000CrotoneRight32
STGiacomo Beretta6280192,700,0006,000AscoliRight33
STGilberto7180223,100,00015,000I. Porto AlegreRight42
STMorata7080183,400,00015,000Real MadridRight32
STVictor Anichebe7380234,200,00020,000EvertonRight33Injury prone
STRogelio Funes Mori7280205,000,00010,000River PlateRight33

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  1. on my barnet manager mode then i signed solano on a 2 year contract in january on the first season but now im in season 2 i cant seem to find him. do you think he decided to retire and told hartlepool but not me or not?

    also i need a winger on loan who has a wage lower then 3 thousand

    1. That’s strange, but it’s not unheard of for players to randomly disappear on FIFA. He’s quite old so it seems possible – he might have told his old club he was going to retire at the end of the season, then you signed him halfway through but he still retired anyway. Annoying (and a waste of money really).

      As for a winger on loan, well I think it all depends on who has been put up for loan on your CM (I’m not sure if it varies from game to game). I think you’d just have to put into the search box max wage £5000 (it’s that or £2500), for loan and RM or LM, because I’m not sure that my loanable players would be the same as yours (especially since you’re into your 2nd season now). Have a look at this once you’ve found some players so you can check their potential (as long as it’s over 65).

    1. Your scout will look for players with good attributes for dribbling, ball control, curve, etc. Often these are wingers or attacking midfielders (although I think you might also find strikers with good finishing/long shots/volleys). ‘Technically gifted’ basically means players with good ball skills.

      Similarly, ‘playmaker’ means players with good vision and passing abilities, and can also include players like Scott Parker, i.e. those who break up the opposition’s moves and go on to start moves for your team.

  2. Why do clubs rarely sign free agent players in the first season as i managed to sign free agent keeper John Smith in the end of January and it said a player of his class is unlikely to want to join your team.

    1. I don’t know – they do sometimes, but it’s rare. Also, I usually ignore what it says about players; if I can’t get them first time, I reload and see how much I have to offer until they join me, then decide if it’s worth it.

  3. Are you going to be updating this information to reflect the recent roster update?

    Does the roster update have any effect on this data anyway?

    Just curious about when I should start a new career mode …

    1. Yep, as soon as the data on FIFA Fanatic is updated. I’m not sure when this will be, bear in mind he has a huge amount of data to process, but as soon as he’s done I’ll get started on updating my lists.

    2. I’ve added a couple of new articles (GKs and CBs), hoping to finish the defenders by the end of tonight. It’s really up to you, gameplay and growth haven’t been affected, but lots of players’ (most players’?) OVR and potential have been altered; some are slight tweaks, others are major overhauls.

    1. I’m working on it as we speak 😉

      The next few weeks are going to be very busy for me (I’ll be working 6 days a week the week after next, and my only ‘free’ day will be full as well), so I’ll try to get the tables out ASAP. Just bear in mind it may not be instant.

    1. I honestly don’t know, I only really watch English football, and I don’t follow it religiously. Before the update I’d say Oxlade-Chamberlain is very underrated, but his OVR has since been bumped up. I think Gary Cahill’s OVR has gone down slightly now, which strikes me as a little odd. Also, I’d like to see Miyaichi getting a bit more love, I think he’s one of the most promising young players around (certainly among wingers). Other than that, I don’t really know!

    1. Presumably because he wasn’t getting enough game time. The squad lists in FIFA 12 are not complete lists of every first team player at every squad, plenty have been missed off. If, since FIFA 12 was released, a player not included gets lots of game time, then he is often included in the winter update. Also, Niang has a potential of 82, so he may be worth purchasing.

  4. What is natahniel chalobahs potential on fifa 12 squad update?
    Also what is sergi samper, mbaye niang and gerard deulofeus potential in the update?

        1. Ah I see. The potential for both of them is 73. I couldn’t find them because I was looking on his list of players with potential 75+. Hope this helps.

    1. I think FIFA Fanatic is a lot easier to use personally. On sofifa, if I searched for GKs with a potential of >85 then it lists them all, but you have to click each one to see their actual potential. At least on FIFA Fanatic is very clear what each player’s potential is (plus you can sort it to make it even easier).

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  6. What do you want most on fifa 13?

    i want 1.)when a club bids for a player on career mode ask them for an amount of money like they do to you on fifa 12
    2.)player plus cash deals on career mode
    3.)emergency loans on career mode
    4.)more injuries
    5.)international breaks on career mode
    6.)have the 3 best youth players for each club in their youth squad on career mode
    7.)improve youth development on career mode
    8.)get a scout to look at a first team player at a different club and say who they are similar to, who else has scouted the player and suggest a bid to make for the player
    9.)swap players on career mode
    10.)put recently signed young players into your academy
    11.)trial players on career mode
    12.)ask owners for more money on career mode
    13.)every stadium for each country’s top flight
    14.)actual real life free agents on career mode

    1. Well, in no particular order:

      1) More realistic transfers
      – transfers from lower (or ‘lesser’) leagues to big leagues should be much more common. Just because a player plays in Russia doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be terrible. Players like Neymar and Ananidze never get picked up by the big clubs because Real Madrid et al think that Brazilian league teams aren’t prestigious enough. Then the teams that would buy them (from lower tier leagues) can’t afford them, so they go nowhere.
      – if a player is clearly the best in his team, a bigger team should swoop for him (and play him). On my CM (pre winter update) Vicenza have Alberto Frison in goal, rated 82. Their next best player is 69 OVR. Why has no one bought him yet? Because he plays in the Italian 2nd division, and thus “must not be good enough”.

      2) Teams playing their promising young players much more
      – perhaps a reserve squad that actually plays games, as this would help achieve this goal. This is similar to your idea of being able to put young players in your youth squad

      3) Better promoted scouted players on AI teams

      4) Player swaps, cash + player offers, etc. More flexibility in transfers

      5) The ability to loan youth players out instantly (instead of having to wait a season or so), and not having them getting depressed about it (I’m giving them experience, not telling them they’re not wanted). Affiliated clubs would be a great idea (e.g. Manchester United and Royal Antwerp), so you could practically have a guarantee of being able to loan young players out there (and, because the affiliate club isn’t great, the players will start all/lots of games).

      6) Greatly expanded youth squad (so that it becomes a youth system)
      – much larger youth squad
      – combined with greater ability to loan players out – e.g. Inter have tens of young players loaned out in FIFA 12 (some are counted as transferred to those teams, when they are actually loaned to them), so I should be able to do that too
      – the ability to sell youth players (even before they’re promoted, but also when this happens) if they’re not good enough

      7) Growth sped up again
      – pre-patch players grew so fast that you could afford to scout loads of players – you could promote one, then within 3 or 4 seasons he’d be close to his peak. Now you have to promote players and play them practically every game, and even then they’ll only reach their potential around age 28. Miss out on a season’s worth of growth and they’ll probably never reach their potential. This means that your youth squad is severly limited – sign too many players and they’ll never reach their potential because there’s too much competition for places and they grow too slowly
      – this is less essential if we are more able to loan out/sell youth players, but even then it’s still not ideal (because the loans end eventually, and then you’re back to square one)

      8.) Not just international breaks, but international call-ups for your players (if they’re good enough or young and really, really promising) – this would add a nice realistic touch and would also be very satisfying if a player you scouted gets called up


      I’ve played in both Bristol Rovers’ and Plymouth Argyle’s youth systems, and they have several youth centres around the local area, each with 40+ players in it, then they have the main academy (top tier) as well. This is the case for teams like Rovers and Argyle, imagine what it’s like for the likes of Chelsea or Barcelona. And yet I’m only allowed 15 youth players in my youth system, even if I choose Liverpool (world famous academy IRL) for my CM? Doesn’t make sense.

      Also, your 1) idea is really good, and 3) is a pretty good one too. I don’t like the sound of 4) though 😛

  7. I’m playing as a higher league team and I have about 10 million to spend. Out of curiosity I was wondering if there was anybody specifically who would be good to sign young even if they are more expensive, because I haven’t much idea on who I should buy youth wise. By the way you’ve got a great blog and it’s helped me out a lot.


    1. Thanks Michael 🙂 What sort of positions are you looking for? Because there are so many good players out there that you’re spoiled for choice really!

      1. Well i need a good LB and a forward that can play in the centre, I was hoping you could give me a few players that have high accelaration and/or potential 🙂 again great blog. thanks

        1. Well if you want a speedy left back then I’d recommend any of the following: Lee Wallace, Cristiano Biraghi, Hong Chul, Alex Sandro, Jack Robinson and Jetro Willems. They’re all on my article for left backs and they all have different strengths. Wallace has all-round brilliant physical stats, Biraghi is supremely quick, as is Jack Robinson. Hong Chul is fantastic at free kicks and can play further up the pitch, whilst Jetro Willems has the highest potential at 84. Obviously whichever one you go for depends on what you need and what your budget is.

          As for quick, forwards, try one of these: Vitinho, Dani Pacheco, Lucas Piazon, Guido Marilungo or Alexandre Lacazette. They all turn out to be very fast. Again, they all start at different OVR levels and prices, and all have different strengths. Vitinho is more of a winger but he can also shoot, Dani Pacheco has great dribbling, Piazon specialises in shooting from distance, whilst both Marilungo and Lacazette are super speedy and can play out wide or down the middle.

          Let me know which ones you decide to go for 🙂

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