FIFA 12 | So You Want A… Centre Back (Winter Update)

Next up on the updated lists are the centre backs. As before, listed below are some of the most promising young centre backs in the game. In an attempt to make this relevant to as many players as possible, I have not included any CBs whose OVR is above 73 – this way you can keep your costs down and have some cash left over for other purchases (be they real players or new scouts). Furthermore, I have listed the players by cost, with the cheapest at the top of each sub-group (players are grouped by potential). However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the lowest-OVR players are at the top – notice how Tomáš Kalas is £1.5m cheaper than Juan, despite being younger and having a higher potential.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Matija Nastasi?
  • Tomáš Kalas
  • Luiz Eduardo

Expensive but 100% worth it, Matija Nastasi? is the next Nemanja Vidic. Strong and good at tackling, he’s also great in the air (and has the power header trait), so he’ll be good when up for corners as well. He’ll cost you an arm and a leg but you’ll never regret it.

Like Nastasi?, Tomáš Kalas is a new addition to this list. At 92 his jumping is superb, and with 78 acceleration and 82 sprint xanax online online pharmacy speed he’s not slow either. You’ll be able to use him to fill in at full back if necessary, and this flexibility makes him a very useful asset.

Finally, a returning recommendation from last time: Luiz Eduardo. Amazingly, he’s still only £1.6m. He’s also a decent player going forward – his passing is very good for a defender, whilst even his shot power is decent. Furthermore, he has a 4 star weak foot, meaning if you decide to deploy him at full back he can be used on either side.

It’s probably best not to go for Jeffrey Bruma – since he’s on loan, his price is likely to rise further once he returns to Chelsea.

Please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may drop radically after a while.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments.

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/traitsNotes
CBMatija Nastasić7288186,000,00015,000FiorentinaLeft32Power header
CBTomáš Kalas7085183,500,00010,000VitesseRight32
CBJeffrey Bruma7385195,000,00020,000Hamburger SVRight32Long shot takerOn loan from Chelsea
CBLuca Caldirola7084203,400,00015,000BresciaLeft32Power headerOn loan from Inter
CBArlind Ajeti6484174,100,0007,000FC BaselRight32
CBLuiz Eduardo6783181,600,0008,000São PauloRight43
CBRaphaël Varane7383184,800,00015,000Real MadridRight32
CBFrederik Sørensen7383194,800,00015,000BolognaRight32Long throw-in
CBHong Jeong Ho7283214,900,00015,000Jeju United FCRight42Power header
CBBruno Uvini6682201,600,0007,000São PauloLeft22
CBJeffrey Gouweleeuw7082193,100,00015,000SC HeerenveenRight42
CBSteven Caulker7082193,100,00015,000Swansea CityRight22
CBBreno7382214,500,00025,000Bayern MünchenRight43
CBMilan Milanović6781201,500,0009,000PalermoRight32
CBFrancesco Acerbi7181222,500,00010,000Chievo VeronaLeft32Power header
CBSebastián Coates7181203,100,00015,000LiverpoolRight32
CBWilly Boly7081203,300,00010,000AJ AuxerreRight32
CBPulido7081203,300,00010,000Rayo VallecanoRight32
CBMathias Jørgensen7381214,100,00015,000FC KøbenhavnRight22Long throw-in
CBLorenzo Ariaudo7281224,300,00015,000CagliariLeft32
CBIgnacio Fideleff7281214,800,00015,000NapoliLeft22
CBSebastian De Maio6780241,100,0009,000BresciaRight32Strength
CBStefano Denswil6480181,200,0005,000AjaxLeft42
CBRomário6480191,200,0007,000I. Porto AlegreLeft22
CBYohan Benalouane6980241,600,0008,000CesenaLeft32
CBGavin Gunning6580201,200,0007,000Dundee UnitedLeft32
CBKristian Álvarez6580191,200,0007,000GuadalajaraRight32
CBDiego Polenta6680191,400,0006,000BariRight32Strength
CBMuniesa6780191,500,0009,000FC Barcelona BLeft32Injury prone
CBSimone Benedetti6180191,800,0005,000GubbioRight22Power header
CBDalton6980212,000,0008,000I. Porto AlegreRight23
CBMarek Kysela6280182,600,0005,000InterRight22
CBJoel Ekstrand7180222,700,00015,000UdineseRight52
CBDanny Wilson7080192,800,00010,000BlackpoolLeft22On loan from Liverpool
CBKostas Manolas7080202,800,00010,000AEK AthensRight22
CBMarc Bartra7080202,800,00015,000FC BarcelonaRight33
CBLucas Mendes7080202,900,00010,000CoritibaRight42
CBStefan de Vrij7080193,100,00015,000FeyenoordRight32Long passer
CBGil7280243,300,00010,000Valenciennes FCRight32Strength
CBHenrique7380243,400,00015,000PalmeirasRight22On loan from FC Barcelona
CBFontàs7380214,500,00020,000FC BarcelonaLeft32

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    1. Post

      Try one of the following:

      Christian Chivu (plays for Inter in Italy, OVR 79, age 30, costs £3.4m)
      Daniele Bonera (plays for Milan in Italy, OVR 77, age 30, costs £2.7m)
      Emir Spahić (plays for Sevilla in Spain, OVR 77, age 30, costs £3.1m)
      Jan Ďurica (plays for Lokomotiv in Russia, OVR 75, age 29, costs £1.9m)
      Mauro Cetto (plays for LOSC Lille in France, OVR 75, age 29, costs £2.1m)

        1. Post

          No worries. I think having an older player is a little overrated on FIFA though. In real life they’re great because they have experience and can guide young players, but in FIFA there isn’t really a way to measure that. I guess the bonus they bring on the game is that you can get a quality player for relatively little money.

  1. I’m playing with Udinese, 1st season. I got 2 sort of 3 cb’s at the moment. But one of them plays rb and one of them are out for a while (2 or 3 months) and they are a bit older and only rated around 77,78. Should I stay with them till the start of 2nd season, or grab a young player who isn’t that high of rating in the January transfer window?

    1. Post

      Well I’d recommend looking up their potentials on FIFA Fanatic or So FIFA and decide whether it’s worth keeping them. It’s always fun to raise up a young player with high potential, and I expect there are plenty who have good potential and don’t cost much (that’s what this article is for, after all!)

    1. Post

      He’s a centre back, but he’s quite quick and his crossing isn’t bad at all for a centre back, so you could play him at LB if you wanted to.

    1. Post

      Yep he looks good. You could also consider Dante of Borussia Munchengladbach, he’s the same OVR and cost as Mangane, but is a year younger (so that’s one more year until his stats start to decline). Or you could get Chivu from Inter, 2 years older than Mangane, the same OVR, but he costs £3.4m compared to Mangane’s £5.5m

  2. in october 2011 on my arsenal career mode and koscileny has rejected a new contract and says he won’t sign a new contract while vermaelen is unsettled and wants to leave. i’ve got hoewdes and mertesacker as my back up defenders but should i buy anyone? i would buy two of ezequiel garay or matija natasic or alexsander dragovic but as they all joined there club in summer 2011 it’ll probably say they recently joined there club. should i wait till the summer to sign the defenders i mentioned above or should i buy a player that you would reccomend to me?

    1. Post

      Wait until the January transfer window. Luckily, the “this player has just joined his club” message disappears then, so you should be free to sign who you want. I recommend out of those 3 that you go for Nastasic and Dragovic, they will be much cheaper than Garay and their potentials are higher too (Garay 83, Dragovic 85, Nastasic 88).

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  4. before i did the update i could buy nathan ake CB who is at chelsea at 59 overall and once i did the update i cant find him does anybody know any info?

    1. Post

      He may have been put into their youth squad, or FIFA may have replaced him with a different player from Chelsea’s academy. I always play with the default or customised squads, never the latest ones – EA put out lots of squad updates but don’t publish the new potentials, so the sites I use (So FIFA and FIFA Fanatic) aren’t able to update their stats. The only exception is the winter update, when both sites do update their stats. If you play with default squads at least you can be sure of what you’re getting.

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