FIFA 12 | So You Want A… Goalkeeper (Winter Update)

As it does around this time every year, EA has released a transfer update for FIFA 12. This patch updates the squads to include all the winter transfers, but also updates players’ OVR and potential in line with their performances so far this season. That of course means all the tables on this site need to be updated as well. What I have decided to do is keep the old ones in place for anyone who hasn’t (or can’t) downloaded the update yet and make fresh tables for the updated squads. So, first up are goalkeepers.

The first thing you’ll notice on the table below is that there are a lot of new faces, and some familiar names are missing. Gone are Vid Belec (new potential: 77), Thibaut Courtois (too good for these tables now with a new OVR of 76) and, perhaps most surprisingly, Alex Smithies (new potential: 77). However, in their place come some really exciting prospects. For the first time there are some serious talents at good prices – whereas on the previous table the best (affordable) GK was Belec with a potential of 85, now you can get one with a potential of 86 or even 88!

So, here are my recommendations:

  • Nicola Leali
  • Stefanos Kapino
  • Nikolay Zabolotnyy

Bursting on to the scene is Nicola Leali. His previous potential was a strong 79 (with OVR 61), but now he has a stunning potential of 88. He’s only got 2 years left on his Brescia contract, so get him quick or his wages will rise when he signs a new contract.

Stefanos Kapino is another player to receive a big potential boost. His potential is now 86 and he’s going for relative peanuts at £3.4m.

Finally, the bargain of the list is Nikolay Zabolotnyy. £2m is ridiculously cheap for the prospect of getting an 84 rated GK. Move fast to avoid a price hike.

As always, cheaper does not necessarily mean worse; Alphonse Aréola is younger, better and almost £1.5m cheaper than Rémi Pillot, and has a higher potential than him. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices and OVR may fluctuate radically after over time. If you’ve had any experience of this (especially if a player’s price drops), please post it in the comments.

Please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game.

Now, on to the new and complete list:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/traitsNotes
GKNicola Leali6788185,500,00020,000BresciaRight21
GKStefanos Kapino7186173,400,00010,000PanathinaikosRight31
GKNikolay Zabolotnyy6984212,000,00010,000Spartak MoskvaRight31
GKYann Sommer7283224,100,00015,000FC BaselRight31
GKKim Seung Gyu6683205,500,0007,000Ulsan HyundaiRight31
GKBill Hamid6682201,400,0007,000D.C. UnitedRight21
GKJeroen Zoet6982201,800,0009,000RKC WaalwijkRight31On loan from PSV
GKScott Loach7182232,200,00010,000WatfordRight31
GKAlphonse Aréola6581181,100,0006,000PSGRight21
GKRenan Rocha7381242,500,00015,000Atl. ParanaenseRight21
GKFraser Forster7281233,400,00015,000CelticRight31On loan from Newcastle Utd
GKKoen Casteels6481194,100,0007,0001899 HoffenheimRight21
GKMika7281204,300,00015,000SL BenficaLeft21
GKJoseph Hu568017775,0008,000H. VeronaRight21
GKRichard Sánchez5980171,100,0008,000FC DallasRight21
GKRafael6780221,200,0009,000CruzeiroLeft21GK long throw
GKJoris Delle6980211,600,0008,000FC MetzRight21
GKGrzegorz Sandomierski6880211,600,0006,000J. BiałystokLeft31StrengthOn loan from KRC Genk
GKFrank Fielding7080232,100,00010,000Derby CountyRight31
GKSamir Ujkani7080222,400,00015,000NovaraRight21
GKSimone Colombi6380202,500,0004,000C. StabiaRight11On loan from Atalanta
GKRémi Pillot6280202,500,0005,000AS NancyRight21
GKAndrea Consigli7380242,700,00015,000AtalantaRight31
GKKasper Schmeichel7380242,900,00015,000Leicester CityRight21
GKRenan Ribeiro7380213,900,00015,000Atl. MineiroRight21
GKNeto7380213,900,00015,000FiorentinaRight21GK long throw

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  1. Damn you Vid Belec. I have a feeling his stats were updated in December when I last updated the roster for my career. I’ve only been able to get him up to 79 at age 28 and I was wondering what was going on. At least I got him over his 77 potential anyway… Time to put in the youth goalkeeper!

    1. Post

      Ha! If you chose ‘download latest’ from the squad options when starting your CM then that can happen. EA regularly update players’ OVR and potential if you download the latest squads. This is why I always choose ‘current customized’. At least that way I know what a player’s potential will be for sure when I start.

      That’s good that you got him to 79 though. That’s also a perfect situation, because now you have a strong reserve keeper to fill in for your scouted one if he gets injured or tired. Just play him enough that he doesn’t complain about game time and your youth keeper should grow well. How is your youth keeper looking now anyway?

      1. Haha yeah I like to use “download latest” so I get the latest overalls and potentials. It actually worked out pretty well because I was getting players who were over their previous potentials, but Vid Belec was the exception haha. Oh I guess Boilesen too who I’ve only gotten to 84. That actually leads me to a question… I was trading for players who were over their previous potential (e.g., I traded for Wijnaldum when he was 85 but I thought his potential was 84, or Hong Chul who was 81 instead of his previous 79 potential). So I guess their potentials had already been updated and the computer maxed them out. But will the computer ever develop a player over their potential? Or is that only possible if they are on our team?

        The youth keeper was pretty good, from Brazil, 6’4″, potential 83-89 with a 68 starting overall at age 16. But you know what, after you updated the winter rosters, I decided to start a new career haha. Moving from Serie A back to the Barclays Premier League. I feel like the PL teams have more names announced and more miscellaneous comments from the commentators which makes it more interesting for me.

        1. Post

          Still, having an LB who is 84 instead of 86 isn’t really much to complain about 😛

          I am almost certain that players on AI teams never exceed their potential, and that it only happens on your team. On my pre-patch CM (where growth was very fast) AI players reached their potential by 24 ish and then didn’t grow any more, which suggests to me that AI teams’ players never exceed their potential unless you buy them.

          Damn, that keeper sounded really good! I understand what you’re saying about commentary and realism, but I prefer to do CMs with obscure teams and build them up. I suppose because I hardly ever actually play games I don’t mind the lack of commentary. Which team have you chosen?

          1. Ahh okay, that was my impression as well.

            I ended up going with Newcastle United. Good players in their mid-20s I can develop and eventually replace with youth players, budget not too big or small, cool stadium, and I like their orange away uniforms haha. Have added Doumbia, Reus, and Tomas Kalas so far, and I think I’m about to add Nainggolan. Debating if I should go with a lower CM to develop instead though. Also debating if I want to replace GK Tim Krul with Yann Sommer. They both only have 83 potential, but I like Sommer’s physical stats. He’s the only keeper I remember seeing with Jumping in the 90s.

  2. Sorry if this is a really obvious question, but where do you download the winter update from, or does it happen automatically when you start the game up like some updates?

    Many thanks

    1. Post

      Don’t worry, it’s not a obvious question, for some reason they haven’t made it easy to find. Go to Customise FIFA -> Edit teams -> Change squads/rosters -> Download updates. Once it’s done you’ll have the latest squads 🙂

    2. Thank you for your help! 🙂

      I wish I hadn’t done it now though, I use Man Utd for my career, and they have changed A. Young, Nani and Valencia, who were all R/L Wingers, into R/L Midfielders, which messed up my formation… ah well, time for some re-strategising 🙂
      (Sorry, I have gone abit off topic now lol)

      1. Post

        No problem. Also, it probably hasn’t messed it up – their positions say LM/RM, but their stats may be better suited to wing play anyway. And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of re-strategising, could be a chance to bring in a new player or two from my lists 😛

        Are you playing on PC or PS3? Because if you are, you can uninstall the update (I think you can on both; you certainly can on the PC).

    1. Post

      Well to be honest I’d go for the easy option and get John Smith. He’s always a free agent at the start of every career (he’s the default GK in the arena), he’s OVR 77 and aged 27 I think. If you feel like that’s dishonest and you want to buy a player, you could go for any of the following:

      Tom Starke (plays for 1899 Hoffenheim in Germany, age 30, OVR 77, costs £2.6m)
      Antonio Mirante (plays for Parma in Italy, age 27, OVR 76, costs £2.3m)
      Moyá (plays for Getafe CF in Spain, age 27, OVR 75, costs £1.5m)

      They’ve all got good OVR, will keep playing for plenty more years, and are all very cheap.

      Of course, it all depends on how much you want to spend. If you want a better backup keeper then you’ll have to spend more, but I wouldn’t recommend it (he’s meant to be a backup, after all).

        1. Post

          OK, just make sure you loan them to clubs that will take them. When you get an offer click stall, then go to the transfer screen and look up that team’s goalkeepers. If Leali or Kapino (whoever you’re trying to loan) will be their best keeper, accept the offer. If not, reject it and try again. It’s vital that they get as much game time as possible if they’re to reach their potential.

      1. i always take smith, no matter what team i play for. usually start him until the january trade window and can sell him anywhere from 5-8million for some fast cash.

  3. who do you think is the best player you can get for under 3 million? any age, any position, any club, any nationality

    1. Post

      Crikey, that’s a difficult question. If we’re talking in terms of potential, then I think possibly Ross Barkley. He’s got speed, strength, and a great mind for the game. He can pick a pass and read the game really well, and his shooting isn’t too bad either. He’s got potential 84 and only costs £2.5m.

      As for just plain best player for under £3m, I really don’t know, that’s too broad a question. Although you can get Nesta (OVR 84) for £1.9m, but he’s 35.

        1. Post
          1. Post

            That’s true, although I don’t know if experience counts for much in FIFA. Obviously it’s vital in real life, but there’s no “know-how” stat or “experience” stat for players in FIFA. However, you can get some really good older players for much less money than their younger counterparts.

  4. how do you know if the squads are up to date with the current ‘winter update’ i dont remember if i have updated my squads and now the PSN is down so i cant update atm

    1. Post
  5. For anyone that wants a good team try RB Salzburg in the Austrian league, I having a great time in it atm, three years into it and we have won the champions cup X D

    1. Post

      That’s a good tip, they’ve got some great looking players (especially Alan and Hinteregger). There are a lot of underrated teams in FIFA that people don’t often use such as RSC Anderlecht or Flamengo – they’re just overflowing with talent!

      I used to think it was a bad idea being teams like that because they can’t attract the best players (their leagues aren’t prestigious enough), but now I think actually it’s a good idea – it makes you think outside the box and buy players that most people overlook. It makes you vary your approach and buy players from similarly ‘unprestigious’ leagues who nevertheless have amazing potential.

    1. Post

      Any country – you can find good goalkeepers from anywhere, there is no key destination to go looking for them. With enough reloads you can find a good goalkeeper wherever you look.

      1. Post

        That’s still incredible! I assume it’s because his OVR isn’t that high when you consider his age and his potential, so he has lots of growing to do. Therefore he will grow very quickly, as you’ve found out 🙂 how is he doing now?

  6. I dont think leali is that good a buy cuz ive had him for 4 seasons n hes just 76 at the age of 23 :/
    Did this happen 2 ny1 else?

    1. Post

      Goalkeepers can generally keep growing later into their careers than outfield players. He has 12 points of growth until his potential. If he stops growing at 29/30 ish (6/7 years), then he only has to grow about 1-2 points per season to reach his potential, so I don’t think there’s any need to panic.

      Sometimes players have a burst of growth later on in your CM. I’ve had players grow slow later on, grow slow early on, or just grow steadily throughout. Sometimes they’re growing well, then one season they’ll only grow 1 point, then the next season they’ll be back to normal. I’d say stick with him, he’ll turn out good 🙂

  7. Kim Seung Gyu is 5.5m in the first transfer window but I suggest waiting until the first season is over because a massive crash happens, he goes for 1.5m and I usually get him for around 1.9m his wages increase to 10K p/w but for a keeper with that potential it’s crazy.

    Also, a good young CB is Gavin Gunning plays for Dundee United, 65 overall and reaches an 80 quite cheap (1.2m) aswell.

    1. Post

      Great tip! I love finding players whose price drops for no reason, you can snap up some real bargains. A few others I’ve noticed are Koen Casteels, Jetro Willems, Jack Robinson and Chris Gadi. Gives you a chance to get some players with great potential that you may not have been able to afford before 🙂

      Good suggestion about Gunning, he’s another one whose price, when compared to potential, is very low indeed.

        1. Post
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