FIFA 12 | So You Want A… Central Midfielder (Winter Update)

On to the central midfielders now. There are some familiar faces up at the top – Josh McEachran and Afriyie Acquah maintaining their places at the top of the list – but there are also a lot of changes. Many players have had very decent potential boosts, such as Sergi Roberto, Jordan Mutch and especially Lorenzo Crisetig.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Afriyie Acquah
  • Lorenzo Crisetig
  • Granit Xhaka

Afriyie Acquah is a great all-round central midfielder. His passing and ball control are superb, and his long shots pack a punch. As well as that, though, his tackling is very good, as is his reading of the game. Finally, he has fantastic stamina (85). This guy will develop into a very complete midfielder, and is an essential addition to your squad. At £5.5m he’s slightly more expensive than his main competitors, Xhaka and McEachran, but he’s worth every penny.

Lorenzo Crisetig is an exemplary attacking mifielder, best played behind the front two and used to create chances for them. His great passing abilities mean this xanax online buy won’t be a problem, and because he has excellent stamina he can keep doing it all game. He’s strong, too, and a bargain at a mere £2.4m.

Finally, a totally new addition to the list – Granit Xhaka. I picked out this guy mainly because of his great ability from range – his shot power 87 will trouble even the best goalkeepers. Add to that his excellent vision (82) and his talent for picking a pass, and you have a great forward-thinking midfielder on your hands.

Please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may drop radically after a while.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments.

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/traitsNotes
CMGranit Xhaka7185183,700,00010,000FC BaselLeft43
CMJosh McEachran7185183,700,00010,000Swansea CityLeft33On loan from Chelsea
CMAfriyie Acquah7385195,500,00020,000PalermoRight42
CMLorenzo Crisetig6884182,400,00010,000InterLeft33
CMSergi Roberto7084193,700,00015,000FC Barcelona BRight33
CMJordan Mutch7284195,500,00015,000Birmingham CityRight32
CMJoe Allen7383215,000,00015,000Swansea CityRight33
CMBarry Bannan7383215,000,00020,000Aston VillaLeft23Long passer
CMBruno Zuculini6182181,800,00010,000Racing ClubRight22
CMJonjo Shelvey7182193,500,00015,000LiverpoolRight32Long passer
CMGary Gardner7082193,500,00015,000Aston VillaRight33Long shot taker, injury prone
CMAlejandro Faurlín7382244,100,00015,000QPRLeft32
CMRúben Micael7382244,100,00020,000Real ZaragozaRight33Long shot takerOn loan from Atlético Madrid
CMIvo Pekalski7382204,700,00015,000Malmö FFRight33
CMGiacomo Bonaventura7382215,000,00015,000AtalantaRight32
CMJonathan Dos Santos7382215,000,00020,000FC BarcelonaRight42Long shot taker
CMAndrea Romanò6181171,800,0005,000InterRight32
CMFrancesco Della Rocca7081232,900,00010,000PalermoLeft33
CMCampaña7181183,300,00010,000Sevilla FCRight33
CMFillipe Soutto7181203,300,00010,000Atl. MineiroLeft22
CMHenri Lansbury7081203,500,00010,000West HamRight32On loan from Arsenal
CMSung-Yeung Ki7381224,300,00015,000CelticRight32Power free-kick, long passer, long shot taker
CMAlessio Esposito568016825,0007,000LecceRight32
CMEnzo Réale6580191,200,0007,000US BoulogneRight33On loan from Olympique Lyon
CMEddy Gnahoré5980171,200,0008,000Birmingham CityRight32Flair
CMEmin Makhmudov6580191,300,0008,000Spartak MoskvaRight33
CMJoel Valencia6480161,300,0005,000Real ZaragozaRight32
CMLeonardo Bittencourt6480171,300,0005,000Energie CottbusRight53Acrobat
CMIsaac Cofie6680201,400,0007,000SassuoloRight33
CMGianluca Musacci6980241,700,0009,000ParmaRight32On loan from Empoli
CMNicola Bovi6080181,800,0004,000CagliariRight32
CMManuel Giandonato6980192,100,0008,000LecceRight32Finesse shot
CMPedro Obiang6880192,100,0009,000SampdoriaRight32
CMNejc Praprotnik6380182,700,0004,000AtalantaRight33
CMFabio Sciacca7080222,800,00010,000GrossetoRight43Long shot takerOn loan from Catania
CMAdrien Silva7080222,800,00010,000AcadémicaRight42On loan from Sporting CP
CMVictor Wanyama7080203,300,00010,000CelticLeft32
CMDenilson7380233,700,00015,000São PauloRight33
CMHarmeet Singh7380204,200,00015,000VålerengaRight33
CMJay Spearing7380224,300,00020,000LiverpoolRight32
CMMarkus Henriksen7280184,600,0007,000Rosenborg BKRight43Long shot taker

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    1. Sry, i didn’t explain myself well

      Basically, imagine a player, like banan, that should have gone up 6-7 points in his overall, but only went up 2. If you bought banan, even though he only went up 2 points in a whole season, would he still reach his max. potential or would his projected potential decrease?

      Cheers 🙂

      1. Post

        See my other post. Although I forgot to say, I think sometimes a player won’t reach their potential, you just have to keep them for a season or two and see how well they develop, then decide if it’s worth keeping them. How’s Bannan doing now? Also, have you installed the November patch? Because that slowed down growth. If you haven’t, then he’ll almost certainly reach his potential, but he still might even if you have installed it (like I say, see my other response to you for some more info).

        Hope this helps.

    2. Post

      I expect so – some players develop quicker than others. On my game players like Parfait, Belec, Leitner, etc, looked like they’d never reach their potential cos they developed so slowly, but then around age 24-25 they grew 4-5 points and are now among the best players on their teams (all AI-controlled teams). El Shaarawy was in Milan reserves and growing slowly, so I bought him and he grew 4 points in one season for me. Some players grow fast when they’re young, others grow fast when they’re in their mid-20s, whilst others just grow steadily throughout their entire career.

        1. Post
    1. Post

      Are you right at the start of the season? Prices do change throughout the season; for example, on my CM he was £3.3m at the start, but by the end of the January transfer window he’s now £7m.

      Also, are you definitely playing with the winter roster update? Because before that I think he was around £5.5m at the start of the season.

  2. what is Paulinho’s potential as i’ve bought him for £6 million and he’s 76 aged 23? sounds like he could get to 80 to me

    1. Post

      Unfortunately it’s only 78. If you play him lots, and he plays well, then he may be able to go 1 or 2 points over his potential.

  3. In my 2nd season with bordeaux with a transfer budget of almost 30 million. Sold plasil and bought leitner, was wondering who I should buy as a left winger, centre mid and centre back?

    1. Also took acquah on loan, but didn’t find he suited my style of play, I’ve changed my formation to a 4-3-3 with an attacking mid instead of the default 5-2-2-1 at Bordeaux.

      1. Post
    2. Post

      For CB, go for Kalas from Vitesse. Nastasic becomes insanely expensive early on, whilst Kalas should be slightly more affordable. At potential 85 he will still become a world class player. He’s also amazing in the air right from the word go, so can score you goals from set pieces as well.

      For LM, get either Scott Sinclair or Ryo Miyaichi, depending on price. Both are incredibly quick and have great skill moves, and also start at good OVRs.

      For CM, are you looking for a defensive mid, an attacking centre mid, or one who can do both? I’d recommend either Fernando from Gremio (quick, strong, great passing and good defensive stats) or Fetfatzidis from Olympiacos (really fast, great weak foot/skill moves, can play at CAM or on the wing, great dribbling). You’ve already got Leitner (great purchase, by the way), so personally I think Fernando is likely to better suit your needs.

      Hope this is useful!

      1. I ended up settling on Nastasic since Kalas ended up being about 2 million euros more expensive. I bought gundogan as a center mid since he was transfer listed, and cuenca as well. I also bought max gradel, who is probably the best winger I’ve bought as he was less than 5 mill. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it, just finishing up the season then probably going to send a bid for Fernando due to his great passing.


        1. Post

          That’s odd about Kalas being more expensive, but I guess it worked out well because Nastasic has the higher potential. I’ve never tried Gradel on manager mode before, does he grow fast? I love Cuenca – already so talented at crossing and dribbling, plus five star weak foot AND skills! Good find with Gundogan too, often we go straight out and buy our favourite players and forget that there are some great bargains to be found if you look for transfer listed players. Good luck with Fernando 🙂

    1. Post

      He’s good, but unfortunately he fits in between this article and the Lower League Gems equivalent – his potential is 78 (or 77, I forget) but he costs over £1m, so unfortunately he doesn’t go on either list. There are plenty of great alternatives though who will grow higher or cost less!

  4. If given the choice, would you rather buy Bittencourt or Esposito? I’m in the second season and while Bittencourt is 2,5 million euros, Esposito now is 3 million euros. Seeing as their OVR goes to 80, it shouldn’t make a difference. I’m just asking because Esposito is your number one lower league gem.

    1. Post

      I’d say probably Bittencourt because he’s more flexible. He can play at CM, CAM or on the wing, whereas Esposito is more of a purely central midfielder. Also Bittencourt has a 5 star weak foot, which is always useful, plus he’s cheaper. What are their OVRs and ages for you?

      1. It’s the second season now: Bittencourt = 18, 67. Esposito = 18, 60. I eventually chose Bittencourt because of his versatility and the fact that he was good with both legs. I play 4-3-3 with one attacking midfielder btw. I have Bittencourt on the right and Tyrala on the left. As attacking midfielder I have Achahbar weirdly enough, because I bought far too many strikers. I also have Hope, Burke and Jais. Jais now is the only one playing there, but I’m working in Burke. I used to buy Zaha right away because of his dribbling, ball control and speed, but he got too expensive after the winter update. I always take the poorest club in the second division (now: Guadalajara), so Bittencourt really is my most expensive player. Should I sell Hope (18, 64) btw? Out of Jais (20, 64), Achahbar (18, 65) and Burke (18, 64), which one should I keep as a striker? I had the first two already for a year, Burke is new (18, 64). Thanks for replying and making these lists. Thanks to you I found two gems that I never even heard of (Dier and Richards).

        1. Post

          Keep Achahbar and Burke, as they have the highest potentials (78 and 79 respectively; Jais and Hope both have potential 76). Bittencourt will be fantastic because you could put him at CAM if you wanted, then put Achahbar on the wing (or swap them round). They’re both pretty flexible.

          No problem, glad you like them! How are Dier and Richards doing? (I assume we’re talking about Ashley Richards, the RB?)

    1. Post

      Well spotted. Not sure how I got that wrong, because his wages, strong foot, skill moves and weak foot ability were all wrong. I must have been thinking of someone else at the time… very odd. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out to me, it’s been corrected now!

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