FIFA 12 | So You Want An… Attacking Midfielder (Winter Update)

In the final central midfielders article, here is the data for attacking midfielders. Once again there are some familiar faces, whilst players like Omar El Kaddouri and Oleg Shatov have received major boosts. Unlike in previous tables, almost all players in the top few potential rungs are very expensive, so each player’s individual playing style and strengths are even more important than before.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Adryan
  • Ross Barkley
  • Giannis Fetfatzidis

I bought Adryan on my career that I started before the winter update. His strengths lie in the fact that he’s so versatile and so young. In the previous attacking midfielders article I distinguished between CAMs who are able to play on the wing, and CAMs who are best deployed as playmakers behind the strikers. Adryan can play as either. He is quick and can easily beat players with his 4 star skills moves, but also has the vision and positioning to play as a supply line to the strikers. Because he is 16 you have absolutely loads of time to develop him as well.

Ross Barkley is more specialised as a playmaker. His distribution is really excellent, but he is also quick and strong, meaning he can also be used to cover ground in the centre of the pitch and start moves from wherever he picks up the ball. Finally, he is also one of the cheapest of the very highest-potential CAMs (by some distance), so get him before Everton realise how undervalued he is!

Giannis Fetfatzidis wasn’t one of my recommendations in the previous CAM article, mainly because of his price. However, now that the playing field has been somewhat levelled, I can expand upon his virtues! He is very fast (accleration 90, sprint 81) and has superb dribbling and ball control. Furthermore, his weak foot is 4 stars and he has 5 star skill moves, so he’ll beat opponents with ease whichever side of the pitch you choose to play him on. Put him on either wing of a front 3 and watch him demolition opposing players.

Please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may drop radically after a while.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments.

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/traitsNotes
CAMAdam Maher7388176,500,00020,000AZ AlkmaarRight43Flair
CAMOleg Shatov6485204,300,00020,000A. MakhachkalaRight42
CAMOmar El Kaddouri7285206,000,00015,000BresciaRight32
CAMRoss Barkley6984172,500,0009,000EvertonRight43
CAMZhano Ananidze7384186,000,00015,000Spartak MoskvaRight44
CAMClément Grenier7384206,000,00025,000Olympique LyonRight33
CAMGiannis Fetfatzidis7284206,000,00015,000Olympiakos CFPLeft45Flair
CAMCharles Renken5983171,200,0008,000PortlandRight43Injury prone
CAMLucas Patinho6783191,800,00010,000FluminenseRight33
CAMSaphir Taïder6783191,800,00010,000BolognaRight33
CAMVyacheslav Podberezkin6183191,800,00010,000LokomotivRight33
CAMGaël Kakuta6983202,200,0009,000Dijon FCOLeft34Flair
CAMAlisher Dzhalilov6383172,700,0005,000Rubin KazanLeft33Long shot taker
CAMFernando Canesín7183193,700,00015,000RSC AnderlechtRight44
CAMFilip Đuričić7383195,500,00020,000SC HeerenveenRight44Flair
CAMRémy Cabella7283216,000,00015,000Montpellier HSCRight33
CAMOuasim Bouy6683186,000,0007,000JuventusLeft34
CAMGiovanni Augusto69822109,000Right33Put in free agents
CAMRavel Morrison5982181,200,0008,000West HamLeft33
CAMLeandro Paredes6282172,700,0005,000Boca JuniorsRIght44
CAMHan Sang Wun7382254,400,00020,000Seongnam IlhwaLeft33
CAMLeonardo7282244,400,00015,000AEK AthensRight44
CAMFranco Vázquez7382224,900,00020,000PalermoLeft33
CAMNick Powell5781171,200,0007,000Crewe AlexandraRight32
CAMChristoph Knasmüllner6581191,300,0007,000FC IngolstadtRight43
CAMJonathan Williams6681171,800,0006,000Crystal PalaceRight33
CAMDaniel Bessa6681181,800,0007,000InterRight43
CAMLuis Carlos Fariña6181201,800,0006,000Racing ClubRight33
CAMMarco van Ginkel6981182,200,0007,000VitesseRight32
CAMTommaso Ceccarelli6881192,200,0009,000C. StabiaRight34On loan from Lazio
CAMPavel Golyshev7181232,900,00015,000FC KrasnodarRight33Long shot taker
CAMWellington Nem7381195,000,00015,000FluminenseLeft32
CAMManuel Lanzini7281185,500,00010,000FluminenseRight34On loan from River Plate
CAMMustafa Amini6480181,200,0003,000Central CoastRight43Long shot takerOn loan from Borussia Dortmund
CAMDavy Klaassen6580181,300,0006,000AjaxRight33Finesse shot
CAMDennis Praet6480171,300,0006,000RSC AnderlechtRight22
CAMSamir Carruthers6080181,800,0004,000Aston VillaRight42
CAMKonstantinos Fortounis6980182,200,0006,0001. FC KaiserslauternRight43
CAMDmitriy Kayumov6880192,200,00010,000Spartak MoskvaRight53
CAMTonny Trindade de Vilhena6280162,700,0004,000FeyenoordLeft44
CAMBorys Taschi6280172,700,0005,000Dinamo MoskvaRight42
CAMValon Berisha7080183,000,0009,000Viking FKRight43Flair, long shot taker
CAMDavy Pröpper7180193,400,00015,000VitesseLeft43
CAMFran Mérida7380215,000,00020,000Atlético MadridLeft23Lon shot taker
CAMBernard7280185,000,0008,000Atl. MineiroRight33
CAMThulani Serero7280215,000,00010,000AjaxRight44Flair

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    1. Post

      I’d say £7.5m – £8m. The higher the player’s potential, the more money over the suggested amount you have to submit. Try £7.3m, if it doesn’t work then reload and try a bit more.

  1. I dont know about you but when I got adryan, he got injured so frequently! I believe in him and have had him before, but every single time its almost like he’s an injury magnet! Although he’s an absolute beast and if you’re in it to play the game, he’s definitely a great pick up with amazing potential!

    1. Post

      I haven’t experienced that myself. First two seasons with him I had him on loan, then bought him in the third when I could afford him. I’m in my 10th season now and he’s 83 OVR age 26 (this is pre-winter update). He gets injured occasionally, but no more than usual. Does he have the ‘injury prone’ trait post-winter update?

      But you’re right, he’s a beast. I play him as CAM and have El Shaarawy on the wing, but I could easily swap them round as their both so quick and good at dribbling.

    1. Post

      I’m sure he’s awesome but his potential is 76, so it’s a little too low to get into this list unfortunately.

    1. Post

      Yes. That’s what potential means – that’s the minimum you can expect them to get to, barring anything major like a long-term injury or not playing much.

    1. Post

      He’s really good but his OVR is 78, which is a bit too high for this article (I had to cut it off somewhere, so I chose 73 so as not to have a ridiculous amount of players on the list!)

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Do you mean how to you get it? You need to go online first. Then go to customise FIFA -> edit teams -> change squads -> download updates. That will download the latest squads for you 🙂

    1. Post

      The winter update basically includes all the transfers that happened in the winter transfer window. Player OVRs and potentials are often updated as well.

  2. Ok so check this, I have agred to sign dries mertens and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I’m a couple seasons in, both are the same fee but the later is £20k cheaper on salary, and 2 yrs younger I only have the money for one, which shoudl I go for? I’ve played with mertens before and he’s pretty good but aubameyang looks rapid.

    also who is best between adryan and neguiba?

    I would also recommend wijnaldum as top drawer

    1. Post

      It’s tough, as they’re both really good. Mertens is better at dribbling, has better stamina and has better weak foot/skill moves. Aubameyang is a bit quicker though, younger and has cheaper wages. Mertens also has a slightly higher potential (84 compared to Aubameyang’s 83). To be honest if they’re the same price I’d probably go for Mertens, as he seems like he has more going for him. If Aubameyang was cheaper than Mertens then I’d probably say go for him, because at the end of the day there’s little difference between 83 potential and 84.

      With Adryan and Negueba, I think it depends how you want to use them. Negueba starts out with much better technical stats and is much quicker, so he’d be very good as a winger (although his skill moves aren’t as good as Adryan’s). Adryan is more of a playmaker, and becomes amazing at free kicks. Plus his potential is higher (86 compared to Negueba’s 81), so in the long run he’ll be better. He’ll be more expensive though. As I said, on this one it really depends on how you want to use the player and what sort of role you’re looking to fill.

      Wijnaldum is amazing, on one of my careers (a pre-patch one I think) he was the first player in the game who developed 99 dribbling and 99 ball control together. I think he’s a bit overlooked though, so it’s good that at least someone else has him haha.

    1. Post

      He’s a great player but unfortunately his starting OVR is 76, which is slightly too high for this article (I had to set a cap somewhere). Thanks for the tip though 🙂

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