FIFA 12 | Lower League Gems – Right backs (winter update)

I realise I may not have made it clear at first – this article refers to players’ stats after the winter update.

Moving on now to full backs, and the article on right backs. Plenty of choice here, from attacking full backs to those who can easily slot in at centre back when needed, and everything in between. My recommendations are:

  • Ashley Richards
  • Alessandro Crescenzi
  • Sam Magri

If you like playing with attacking full backs, then Ashley Richards is your man. Not only can he cross and dribble, but he has 3 star skills moves (rare for a full back), so he’ll be able to beat defenders on his forays forward. But he can also defend, so he’s not just a mispositioned winger. Out of all the attacking full backs, he is definitely my favourite.

If you need a more defensive-minded right back, however, then you should go for Alessandro Crescenzi. All his physical stats are pretty balanced, meaning that as he develops he’ll not only be quick, but strong and good in the air as well. His attacking and defender stats are very well balanced too, and he’s even relatively good at passing and long shots. He’s a very well-rounded player, and this flexibility is a key strength, allowing you to have him fill in at centre back if needed, or perhaps even at defensive midfield if the opportunity buy xanax without rx arises. For all that, £725,000 is a very modest asking price indeed.

Finally, £450,000 for a player with a future as bright as Sam Magri is peanuts. Don’t be put off by his low OVR; since he has a lot of growing to do, this will rapidly increase. His strong weak foot means that you can also put him at left back if required. Portsmouth will be reluctant to let him go, but try a loan-to-buy offer in the first January transfer window and you could see him join your club for much less than you’d pay for other full backs with lower potential.

These figures refer to the winter update stats. As always, please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may change radically after a while.

Players are ordered by potential, then cost, so it should be pretty simple to find someone who meets both your budget and ability/potential requirements.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments!

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPotAgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/TraitsNotes
RBAshley Richards637920725,0004,000Swansea CityRight43Flair
RBElliott Hewitt547917775,0005,000Macclesfield TownRight32
RBSam Magri537717450,0006,000PortsmouthRight42
RBAlessandro Crescenzi627719725,0004,000BariRight32
RBBienvenue Basala-Manzana637619650,0004,000SV RiedRight42On loan from 1. FC Köln
RBJack Hunt647620950,0006,000HuddersfieldRight32
RBOh Jae Suk617521475,0004,000Gangwon FCRight32
RBFederico Bonu607517525,0003,000CagliariRight32
RBNicola Murru557516800,0003,000CagliariRight32
RBDanny Da Costa657517925,0005,000Bay. LeverkusenRight33
RBRolf Feltscher657520950,0007,000ParmaRight32
RBRuben Ligeon657519975,0005,000AjaxRight22Speedster
RBIbragim Tsallagov6475201,000,0005,000Krylya SovetovRight22
RBCarl Winchester587418300,0002,000Oldham AthleticRight32
RBCédric D'Ulivo587421300,0004,000MarseilleRight32
RBSemyon Fedotov587419325,0004,000CSKA MoskvaRight22
RBLoïc Nego617420475,0005,000RomaLeft32
RBCarvajal637419650,0004,000Real MadridRight32
RBJores Okore547418800,0003,000FC NordsjællandRight32
RBChris Solly657420925,0005,000Charlton AthleticRight32

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      Hmm. Well of the cheap players on my right-backs (potential 80+) article, the only ones costing less than £3m are John Brayford and Matteo Darmian, both potential 80. On your team already though you’ve got Ashley Richards, who has potential 79. Why not stick with him for now and develop him up, he’ll be more than capable. You can then spend the money elsewhere. You could always sell him once he’s developed well and you’ve saved up some cash.

      Of course, the prices on that article are true for when you start a career mode; they may fluctuate throughout, so it’s always worth checking each of those right backs out to see if they become more affordable.

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  1. In my St.Pauli game, Richards has been very good. As he’s got good touch and dribbling from his CM ability, he seems really useful going forward.

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      I’ve got him on my Portsmouth career. He’s a very useful player – as you say, he’s good going forward, has decent skills and can cover at LB if needed thanks to his strong left foot. Only problem is first two seasons his growth has been slow, but hopefully it’ll speed up soon.

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