FIFA 12 | Lower League Gems – Attacking midfielders (winter update)

I realise I may not have made it clear at first – this article refers to players’ stats after the winter update.

Here’s the final article on central midfielders, this time on attacking mids, or CAMs. There are usually two types of CAM: those with excellent passing abilities who sit just behind the strikers as a line of supply, constantly feeding them passes; and then there are those who are quick and great at dribbling, who can often play on the wing in a 4-3-3 formation.

As always, here are my recommendations:

  • Oussama Tannane
  • Damian Djokovic
  • Izet Hajrovic
  • Lee Rochester Sørensen

Oussama Tannane falls squarely into the latter type of CAM. He is very fast (acceleration 88, sprint 79) and has great balance and dribbling. As well as that, he has strength 75, so he can hold his own against defenders. Finally, he has a 4 star weak foot and 4 star skills moves, so will be able to breeze past the opposition on either flank. Make him one of your first purchases.

Damian Djokovic, on the other hand, is a CAM of the first variety. His vision and passing (both long and short) are fantastic for someone of his OVR, and they’re only going to get better and better. Make him the conduit through which you funnel your attacks, and he will be well worth the money.

The usual cheaper option in this instance is Izet Hajrovic. Who can turn down the opportunity to get a new, high potential player who will become the creative centre of the team for just £325,000? He does also have one standout feature – already, he is superb at free kicks. Free kick accuracy 79, shot power 76, and curve 75 mean that he’ll be knocking them in for your from all around the box right from the word go, never mind when he starts rapidly improving. A cheap source of goals is a welcome addition to any team.

Finally, I’ve broken with protocol and added a fourth recommendation because I just couldn’t narrow it down to 3! I chose Lee Rochester Sørensen because I can speak from experience – he becomes a fantastic player, both on the wing and down the centre at CAM. He becomes extremely quick and ends up with brilliant dribbling skills and stamina. Plus I think there’s the allure of taking an unknown player from a totally unheard of team (for most people) and making him into a star. You should seriously consider acquiring his signature.

These figures refer to the winter update stats. As always, please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may change radically after a while.

Players are ordered by potential, then cost, so it should be pretty simple to find someone who meets both your budget and ability/potential requirements.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments!

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPotAgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills*Specialities/TraitsNotes
CAMAyanda Patosi637818800,0004,000Sport. LokerenRight43Flair
CAMOussama Tannane627817825,0004,000SC HeerenveenLeft44
CAMKossi Prince Segbefia637720800,0004,000AJ AuxerreRight33
CAMDamian Djokovic627721825,0005,000CesenaRight33
CAMLee Rochester Sørensen617617550,0002,000HB KøgeRight43Flair, long shot taker
CAMNicola Bellomo617620575,0005,000BariRight23
CAMMaximilian Arnold627617800,0004,000VfL WolfsburgLeft32
CAMMarco Rosenfelder557617825,0007,000RC LensRight32
CAMIzet Hajrovic597519325,0004,000GrasshopperRight32
CAMJean Deretti637518675,0003,000Santa CatarinaLeft33
CAMNenad Krstičić627520775,0004,000SampdoriaRight33
CAMGerardo Bruna6575201,000,0006,000BlackpoolLeft23Flair
CAMCyril Hennion597419350,0004,000OGC NiceLeft22
CAMJoey Sleegers597416375,0003,000FeyenoordRight42
CAMTerry Antonis617417475,0002,000Sydney FCRight44
CAMMoisés607416550,0002,000Villarreal BRight42
CAMWimilio Vink607417550,0003,000VitesseRight22
CAMRiki Cakic627421675,0004,000IFK NorrkopingRight33
CAMÖzkan Yildirim627418725,0003,000Werder BremenLeft42
CAMRadoslav Kirilov627419725,0004,000Chievo VeronaRight33
CAMLeleu637418750,0003,000Atl. MineiroLeft33
CAMThorgan Hazard567418825,0003,000RC LensRight33
CAMZiri Hammar6474181,000,0004,000AS NancyRight53Flair

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  1. i’ve used both bellomo and kristic… bellomo was a rock of mine until i got into the npower championship. kristic, if i remember correctly had terrible stamina, but was good for a year or 2.

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  3. Rochester Sørensen is the man….he’s getting better and better and his shot is freakin awesome…..great list man

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      Nice free kick! I really need to learn how to do that, I just sim most of my games. Glad to see he can take a mean free kick, always useful to have someone like that in any team (plus it’s good to have someone who plays better than their stats suggest). How well does he grow?

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        Unfortunately you’re probably asking the wrong person, as I don’t usually score free kicks. I’m not very good at them, although I’ve scored a couple. Give these a try:

        1) One method is to line the ball up so you’re aiming between the heads of the defenders on the end of the wall furthest from the goalkeeper (if that makes sense). Hold the power bar until it’s roughly 1/4 full, maybe slightly less (if you’re close to the goal then hold it less). You only really need to tap it, as this usually gets it up to around 1/4 full. Just experiment until you get the feel of it (you could try in the arena by pressing any button on the D-pad to place the ball where you’re standing).

        2) The other method is to get the ball under the wall. Aim for the same spot as above, but hold LB (on Xbox) and put about the same amount of power on the shot (around 1/4 full). I find the shots to be more accurate this way (they don’t curve as they sometimes do in method 1), but of course you’re relying on the wall to jump; if it doesn’t then the shot won’t work. Also, don’t power it up too much – the more power, the higher the ball is in the air, so it may hit the wall even if it does jump.

        Obviously these aren’t foolproof methods, I’ve just found they’ve worked for me in the past (not always though, as I’m still not very good at free kicks!)

      2. The one I scored above, was about quarter-filled power bar, and holding the stick up and left. The mistake I was making for many years, was pulling the stick down. The up on the stick seems to add the required dip.

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          Ah I see. I always used to be confused because when you hold up and power up the shot bar, the camera is behind the free kick taker. Then it switches to the regular camera (in my case, tele). From this angle it looks like holding up would put side spin on the ball. Are you supposed to keep holding the stick up even as he’s running up to the ball?

  4. I also have Rochester Sorensen. My wingers are too good (Ibini-Isei and Havard Nielsen) so he replaces Zohore occasionally as a CF. He’s good here, as a poacher.

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