FIFA 12 | Lower League Gems – Left midfielders (winter update)

I realise I may not have made it clear at first – this article refers to players’ stats after the winter update.

So, here’s the article for left midfielders, be they wingers or simply left mids (LMs). Plenty to choose from, so here are my recommendations:

  • Michael Jacobs
  • Dimitris Popovic
  • Karim Laribi

Michael Jacobs is an excellent winger. His dribbling is already really good for someone with 61 OVR (it’s rated 73), and you can imagine how good it’ll be once he reaches his potential. He’s quick, has good stamina, is good at free kicks, and is even good at shooting from distance, so he would also be able to fill in at CAM if needed. His weak foot is very strong and he has decent skill moves too. The best part? He’s only £450,000.

Even cheaper is Dimitris Popovic at £350,000. He is already very speedy and has very good balance too, and in addition to strong winger attributes like dribbling, he’s also quite good at shooting, so he’ll not only be creating chances for you, but converting them too. £350,000 and £2,000 wages is simply too good to miss – he costs less than half of what Kadeem Harris does, yet is 4 points better, 2 years younger and his potential is 1 point higher. Take advantage of FIFA’s odd price calculations and buy him while xanax online he’s still cheap!

Karim Laribi, like Aaron Doran in the right midfielders article, is equally at home playing as a wide midfielder or as a winger. He is very quick and has fantastic balance, so can easily skip past defenders. His dribbling and long shots are good, but so is his crossing. Best of all, he’s so flexible that even his tackling is good, so he can drop back to left back if you need him there. Add in his 4 star weak foot and I’m finding it hard to think of a position he can’t cover! A great all-round player.

These figures refer to the winter update stats. As always, please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may change radically after a while.

Players are ordered by potential, then cost, so it should be pretty simple to find someone who meets both your budget and ability/potential requirements.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments!

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPotAgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/TraitsNotes
LWElvis Manu627717800,0004,000FeyenoordLeft33
LMMichael Jacobs617619450,0003,000NorthamptonRight43Long shot taker
LMHekuran Kryeziu637618675,0003,000FC LuzernLeft32
LWGiammario Piscitella637618700,0004,000RomaLeft33
LMDimitris Popovic597516350,0002,000PAOKLeft32Long passer
LMBilly Knott617518400,0001,000AFC WimbledonLeft42On loan from Sunderland
LMAlper Uludag617520525,0004,000Aleman. AachenLeft32
LMKarim Laribi637520625,0004,000SassuoloLeft42
LWFlamur Kastrati637519700,0004,000MSV DuisburgRight32
LMMaranhão597419300,0003,000BK HäckenRight23
LMAlberto617418500,0004,000Sevilla FCLeft32
LMSebastian Maier637417675,0003,0001860 MünchenLeft33
LMMiiko Albornoz637420675,0004,000Malmö FFLeft23
LMJohnny Gorman627418675,0003,000WolverhamptonLeft42
LMMaxime Bourgeois627420675,0004,000LB ChâteaurouxLeft33On loan from AJ Auxerre
LMSammy Ameobi637419700,0004,000Newcastle UnitedLeft32
LWJorge Mora637420700,0004,000GuadalajaraLeft33
LMKadeem Harris557418800,0003,000Cardiff CityRight43
LMBarry Douglas647421950,0005,000Dundee UnitedLeft22
LWYanic Wildschut6574191,000,0006,000VVV-VenloRight43
LMShervin Radjabali-Fardi6474201,000,0005,000Aleman. AachenLeft33On loan from Hertha BSC

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  1. what age do left mids before the update generally stop growing? just that sigamary diarra increased 1 from 75 to 76 when he was aged 33.

    1. Post

      Generally speaking it’s around age 27 to 28. However, if a player is a bit older and still hasn’t reached their potential then they can grow. I’ve got a Huddersfield career and there are a few players aged 27-32 who have grown a point or two. For anyone under the age of 27 when you start a career mode, however, they should stop growing at 27-28.

    1. Post

      It’s their preset potential, so basically if they are on a computer-controlled team and they’re in the starting line up, then that’s as good as they’ll get. However, if they’re on your team and you play them lots and they play well, then they can sometimes go over their potential.

    1. Post

      Yep, they should all be up to date. However, when you start a new CM, I wouldn’t recommend choosing “download latest” in the squads option; choose “current customised”. That’s because EA periodically tweak some players’ potentials and OVRs without announcing it. So you could download the latest squads, go to buy a player from this list and find his OVR is different. In the worst case scenario you may buy a player who, according to this page, has a high potential, without realising that EA have since lowered his potential. So if you want to be sure about which players to buy, download the winter updated squads, then thereafter always choose “current customised” squads when starting a new career.

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