FIFA 12 | Lower League Gems – Goalscorers (winter update)

I realise I may not have made it clear at first – this article refers to players’ stats after the winter update.

In the last stage of these articles, we now have the info on goalscorers. The emphasis here is on finishing ability, both in the box and at range, as well as good positioning. The second part, on target men, will follow. Below are my recommendations:

  • Graham Burke
  • Sébastien Haller
  • Hallam Hope

Graham Burke is my first choice. His finishing and shot power are good, but what really stands out is his positioning. This is a guy who knows how to be in the right place at the right time. He’ll make the right runs and will always give your other players an option. This ability to get into goalscoring positions will serve you really well, particularly as his potential is 79, so he’ll grow into a brilliant striker.

Next up is Sébastien Haller. He has fantastic finishing for his OVR at 74, and is one of the few players of this age with a price under £1m who have finishing over 70. He’ll be scoring goals for fun, so make sure he’s on your team when he’s doing it! This will buy alprazolam no prescription online just rise and rise as he improves, and it’ll be invaluable in lower leagues, where real goalscoring quality is much harder to come by.

My final choice is Hallam Hope. Out of all the players on this list, he probably has the best chance of becoming a clinical finisher. His finishing and long shots are both equally strong, whilst his shot power is an awesome 77. He’s also pretty quick and has good stamina. Develop him well and he’ll be deadly from all angles.

These figures refer to the winter update stats. As always, please bear in mind that these figures may not be exactly the same on your game. These stats are taken from my own personal experiences, but are likely to be very similar to those on your own game. The best thing to do is to make sure you keep checking these players, as their prices may change radically after a while.

Players are ordered by potential, then cost, so it should be pretty simple to find someone who meets both your budget and ability/potential requirements.

Finally, if you’ve had any experiences of good players’ prices changing wildly (especially if their price drops), please post it in the comments!

So, without further ado, here are the players:

PosNameOVRPotAgeCost (£)Wages (£)ClubFootWeak foot *Skills *Specialities/TraitsNotes
CFGraham Burke637917800,0004,000Aston VillaLeft33
STJosip Drmic637818800,0004,000FC ZürichRight32
STSerder Serderov627817800,0004,000CSKA MoskvaRight33
STBorja Bastón627818800,0004,000Real MurciaRight42Injury prone
STAnass Achahbar637817825,0004,000FeyenoordLeft44
STAnthony Lozano617718550,0004,000CD AlcoyanoRight32On loan from Valencia CF
STSébastien Haller617717575,0004,000AJ AuxerreRight33
CFGiovani Casillas567717825,0008,000GuadalajaraLeft43
STVillyan Bijev537618475,0006,000F. DüsseldorfRight32
STHallam Hope617617550,0004,000EvertonLeft23
STFrancesco Grandolfo617618550,0004,000Chievo VeronaLeft22On loan from Bari
CFMartin Kobylański607617550,0003,000Energie CottbusRight32
STShawn Parker607618575,0003,0001. FSV Mainz 05Right33
STRobert Hall627617750,0003,000West HamLeft42
STJake Cassidy627618750,0003,000WolverhamptonRight32
STJordan Slew637618800,0003,000Blackburn RoversLeft33Speedster
STGary Glen617521475,0004,000HeartsRight33
STBruno Piceno537619475,0007,000TijuanaRight32
STIbra Sekajja607518550,0003,000Crystal PalaceRight32
STBobby Wood607518550,0003,0001860 MünchenRight32
STNicolò Lolli607516575,0003,000CesenaRight23
STVasilis Papadopoulos607516575,0003,000PAOKRight42
CFLeo Baptistão607518575,0003,000Rayo VallecanoRight33
STIdriss Saadi607519575,0004,000Stade ReimsRight33On loan from Saint Etienne
STFabián Castillo637519700,0004,000FC DallasLeft32Acrobat
STMatteo Monteforte637517750,0004,000LazioRight33
STDavid Izazola637519750,0004,000U.N.A.M.Right32
STJames Keatings627519750,0004,000St. JohnstoneRight32On loan from Celtic
STGivestin N'Suki Zantu627520750,0004,000C. StabiaRight33
STRichard Peniket567518775,0002,000HerefordRight32On loan from Fulham
STAdemilson627517800,0003,000São PauloRight23Finesse shot
STLuca Scapuzzi627520800,0005,000Manchester CityRight23
STMacauley Chrisantus6575201,000,0006,000FSV FrankfurtRight43On loan from Hamburger SV
STMohamed Yattara587420350,0003,000AC ArlesRight33On loan from Olympique Lyon
STMohamed Camara587420350,0004,000ES TroyesRight32
STLateef Elford-Alliyu617419450,0003,000Tranmere RoversRight32
STUffe Bech527418450,0006,000Lyngby BKLeft32
CFMax Clayton517416450,0005,000Crewe AlexandraRight33
STCarlos Fierro607416550,0002,000GuadalajaraRight32
STNathan Eccleston637420700,0005,000LiverpoolRight33
STJosef Alexander Martínez627418700,0003,000BSC Young BoysRight33
CFKing Osanga627420725,0004,000FC SochauxRight33
CFCheick Diarra627419750,0004,000Stade RennesRight33
STKellen Gulley567417825,0003,000Chicago FireRight33
STAbdul Majeed Waris6574201,000,0006,000BK HäckenRight32Speedster
STBernie Ibini-Isei6474181,000,0001,000Central CoastRight42
STJake Jervis6474191,000,0006,000Birmingham CityRight33
CFAlberto Perea6474201,000,0006,000Rayo VallecanoRight33

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  2. set up a blackpool career mode. i could do with a young, fast, good finishing striker since i have phillips, owen, lua lua, ormerod and bednar who play centre forward.i only have around £800,000 transfer fee and 6,000 wage so who should i make a bid for?

    1. Post

      Well first of all I’d sell Lua Lua, Ormerod and Bednar because they aren’t going anywhere. Keep Phillips and Owen because they’re pretty good. That way you’ll have a bit more cash.

      Personally I’d recommend Sébastien Haller of AJ Auxerre. He has very good acceleration for his OVR and his finishing is 74. As I say in the article, he’s one of the few strikers in the game who cost less than £1m and yet still have finishing over 70. His price is £575,000, so he is very affordable. He has a relatively low OVR, but he is young and with plenty of time to grow, and seeing as you have two quality strikers in Phillips and Owen it won’t matter – their higher OVR will make his lower OVR less apparent.

      1. i’m trying to sell ormerod, bednar and lua lua but no offers yet. think i will move for Sébastien Haller sounds like a bargain. bought jeffrey schlupp from leceister as he was transfer listed and had good pace. kinda regret it as his potential is only 69 and his finishing is 66 but at least he has decent dribbling rating of 73.

          1. Post

            Ah don’t worry. For some reason I thought you were posting on my article for strikers with 80+ potential, so I meant to put a link in to this article! 😛 So ignore it, it was a mistake.

        1. Post

          Yeah I’m always tempted by Schlupp until I see his potential. Could be a useful squad player though.

          If you don’t get any offers you may have to reload and try again, otherwise you simply won’t be able to give game time to that many forwards.

          1. i’ve deciced i gonna bednar after all as he’s scored 4 goals in 6 games in the championship and he’s my impact sub. Also phillips said he’s considering retiremant so that made me even more sure of keeping him.gonna sell lua lua. ormerod is unhapppy with the amount of game time he’s getting so gonna sell him in janury. do you know a good young centre back and a fast winger that can provide competition for m phillips and taylor-fletcher. i have a 1.4 million and 12,000 wage left after i’ve signed haller

          2. Post

            Well with the amount of money you have left you won’t be able to afford a winger who can immediately compete with those two (as in he won’t be able to have an OVR that close to theirs). However, if you have a look at these articles:

            Right midfielders
            Left midfielders
            Attacking midfielders

            There are some cheap, very decent players in those articles. Have a look at my recommendations, but also consider players’ specialities (there are some speedsters in there) and their weak foot/skills ratings. On the attacking midfielders article, look for ones who would make good wingers (quick, good skill moves) – Tannane, for example.

            Regarding CBs, again, you’d probably have to look at the cheaper options. Try this article for some ideas.

            Finally, have a look at Kevin Phillips’ regen at the end of the season, he may be decent.

            Hope this is useful.

          3. thanks very useful. think eric dier or ignasi miquel(arsenal) could be worth a punt at centre back. i might move for jon taylor(shrewsbury) as his pace would destroy championship defences. also he has agood stamina, dribbling and agility. shouldn’t cost to much as shrewsbury are in league 2 in the first season. do you know how much you get when you get promoted to the premier league when you win the playoffa? just wondering as i’m 6th in the championship and thinking which centre midfielder i’m going to buy in the summer as moritz leitner is my current cm with ferguson and leitner will return to b. dortmund in the summer.

          4. Post

            Yep they both sound good. Both have potential 77, although I think Dier starts out cheaper. However, you can’t buy him straight away, as he’s new to Everton (although you may be able to in the January transfer window). I’m not sure whether you can get Miquel right away. Anyway, with this in mind you should keep an eye on both of them, as their prices may radically change.

            Jon Taylor would be a great option. Really cheap as well.

            I’m not sure how much you’d get to be honest, although I expect it’ll be a couple of million pounds. Be sure to have a look at my articles on CMs, CDMs and CAMs (and their Lower League Gems equivalents if you end up with less money than you’d hoped for).

          5. might buy Scott Allan. saw him in your lower legue gems centre midfielders list. looks like the perfect midfield partner for barry ferguson. if kevin phillips retires andf i sell ormerod, schlupp and lua lua do you think i should move for harry kane? looks good but could be too expensive.

          6. Post

            That’s a really good choice, he’s very cheap and is more than capable of playing at higher levels. Instead of Harry Kane, why not go for Graham Burke? He has the same potential but is cheaper.

          7. oh and unless miquel’s price drops radically i won’t be signing him as he’s currently too expensive

          8. scott allan looks good. might get harry kane if i sign a new striker. dier is more realsitic than miquel as i probbaly won’t be able to afford miquel

          9. Post
          10. Post
          11. these are the players i’m going to attempt to sign within 2 seasons; jon taylor, scott allan, sam baldock, eric dier, sebastien haller and andy halliday.
            alternative players are; julio gomez, harry kane,ignasi miquel,paco alcarer and jason puncheon

          12. Post

            Paco Alcacer is definitely a good choice, go for him if you can afford him. Great choices all round though!

          13. what do you make of daniel carrico of sporting lisbon? just that a mate of mine told me i should sign him but i think he’ll be too expensive. just signed eric dier for £975,000 with a 5,000 wage. was dier a good bit of business or not.

          14. Post

            Nah, he only goes up 2 points. You’re better off going for Dier, he’s much cheaper and his potential is only 1 lower. You may have been able to get him slightly cheaper, but it doesn’t matter, it would only have been something like £100,000 cheaper! So yes, good purchase 🙂 How long did you have to wait until he was available? Just until the January transfer window?

          15. yeah i had to wait untill the january transfer window in the first season. also got sam baldock for 2.75 million and jon taylor for 1.1 million

          16. Post

            Ah I see. It’s strange how clubs won’t sell a player that they say they’ve only just got, but a few months down the line they completely change their mind. Good purchases though! Are they developing fast?

          17. there developing quite fast. can’t afford any of the other players yet though. i’lll have to wait till the summer transfer window

          18. Post
  3. which championship striker should i sign for reading? i have around £1.5 million and would preferably be between 22 and 26. just i need a strike partner for roberts and i feel church, hunt and le fondre just aren’t good enough for a 1st team spot

    1. Post

      Well these guys aren’t all championship players, but I’d highly recommend them. If you want a long term signing then I can’t recommend Lucas Piazon highly enough. He’s rated 59 at the start but develops to 85 and is priced at only £1.2m.

      Then there’s Jürgen Locadia at PSV, he’s rated 64 and has potential 80, he costs £1.3m. Also there’s Vincenzo Rennella at Cesena who is rated 67 and gets to 80, he costs £1.4m. If you want some even cheaper ones (but with potential 74-79) then check out these two articles I’ve done: lower league goalscorers and lower league target men, there are some real beauties in there.

    1. Post

      Baldock is a good one because he has potential 79. Puncheon only grows 3 more points to 73 though. If you wanted a cheap, realistic buy instead of Puncheon then why not try Andy Halliday from Middlesbrough? He’s got potential 80 and is very cheap (only costs £1.2m).

    1. Post
  4. I would just like to recommend Tom Bradshaw. He currently plays for Shrewsbury and got an overall at 58, but that doesn’t really tell that much, since he’s a great striker scoring (excuse me) shitloads of goals in League 2. Also he’s got a potential of 77.

    1. Post

      I’ve heard a lot of people recommend him, so I may have to give him a go. Shrewsbury is actually a great team to do a career with because they’re already loaded with so many high-potential players; compared to the other teams in their league (and even in other leagues) it’s amazing. It’ll be interesting to see how Bradshaw is rated (and his potential) in FIFA 13.

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