What would you like to see at FIFA Scouting Tips?

Over the years, FIFA Scouting Tips has greatly expanded. What was once a single-page WordPress blog with a scouting guide is now a massive site with six article series, various guides for different aspects of the game and a fantastic community always willing to share your experiences and contribute your ideas.

I’m always looking to improve what I do on the site and add new guides and features that the community wants. There is still so much room to grow.

That’s where you come in.

I’d like to know what you think – what would you like to see most of all on FIFA Scouting Tips? Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about adding to the site:

  • A series along the lines of the ‘Best Cheap Players’ articles, but for elite young players – OVR 75 and higher, potential 80 or more, all 25 or under and with no cost limit. These would be for those of you who like to start with the Real Madrids or the Manchester Uniteds of the FIFA world and can afford to sign the very best emerging talent
  • In-depth tactical analyses. How can you get the most out of a certain formation? What are its weaknesses? And which promising players are an ideal match for it?
  • Interviews with well known FIFA gamers. This could include YouTubers
  • A Global Transfer Network guide

You have already helped build this site, so it only seemed fair to find out how you want to see it develop further. Do any of these sound like something you’d like to see? Do you have your own ideas for future FIFA Scouting Tips content? Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts or send an email using the form below, and happy scouting!

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  1. I’ve scouted a few young lads who have potential to be special and are cheap lower league players. Let me know and I can message/email them to you.

  2. More “good teams for career mode” articles would be nice and useful. I’d also be interested to read any thoughts you might have about future possibilities for career mode.

    I myself have a pretty conflicted relationship with career mode. It always seems like it could have nearly limitless potential, but EA don’t seem to care all that much about it. It hasn’t really changed much in the past few years, and so far as I’m concerned the most interesting development in career mode in the last 3 yeas is the revision in how money earned from selling a player works. The global transfer network as currently implemented is, let’s face it, kind of idiotic. The list of reasons is far too long to detail here, but, for starters: why are my scouts so utterly uninterested in being useful at their job that they bring me – a lowly League 2 team – potential candidates for investigation and purchase that are obviously going to cost more money than I will have access to in the next 10 years? (“Oh, sorry boss, we didn’t know Paul Pogba would be expensive … because we never watch the news or read the paper or look at the internet or leave our houses, ever.”) And why do they tease me with potentially good candidates who are already on loan?!? It isn’t as if that information is secret – it’s right there on their scout report! They knew! These scouts are a bunch of jerks!

    I don’t know if EA have any interest in community input on the subject (certainly doesn’t seem like it), but at the very least it is nice to vent together and fantasize about the glory that could be …

  3. First of all I’d like to thank you for your effort. Your posts were an useful support over the past 2 years.

    A guide about team tactics and formations (pro and cons) as well as a tutorial how to deal with formations and tactics of the opponent (4-3-2-1 with team pressing is good against 4-4-2 counter tactic because of…) would be much appreciated. You already wrote it: “Over the coming few weeks you should start to see a new set of articles focusing on in-depth tactical analysis – how can you get the most out of a certain formation? What are its weaknesses? And which promising players are an ideal match for it?”

    That sounds pretty interesting and thats what I always wanted!

  4. Has anyone else seen the pre contract player glitch where it says a player has arrived on a free transfer but he does not appear in the squad? Does anyone know why this happens or how to predict and avoid this happening?

    1. Post

      What time in the year are you at right now? With pre-contract agreements, the player agrees to join you at the end of the year (or possibly start of the next season), so you have to wait until then to get him on your squad.

      If you’ve got to that stage and he still hasn’t arrived, then I’m not really sure unfortunately. Has this happened with any other free players you’ve tried to sign? (If you’ve tried to sign any others, of course). Does anyone else have any ideas about this?

      1. It’s the beginning of the season following signing him in January. (Lewandowski). At the beginning of the season an email pops up saying he has joined my squad on a free transfer. I also had one other pre contract player (Sanchez Mino). Sanchez is in the squad, but Lewandowski isn’t. Lewandowski does show up in the “sell players” screen as being in the squad (and as taking up a squad place and salary) but isn’t in team management. If you click on view player, it says he’s on Manchester city (I’m Tottenham). I’ve read a few other places where this has happened with others on Lewandowski and some other players.

        1. I’ve heard of this issue on multiple blogs and on EA’s official form. It mainly centers around Lewandowski though. I’m sure it will be fixed.

          Are you paying his wages? I’ve heard of some not paying ______ wage’s but have the same characteristics of you.

          1. I think I am paying his wages. He appears in my “sell players” list and appears to take up a spot in the 42. And he’s not on cheap wages unfortunately. Hopefully it’s just around him. I thought I read of it happening with other players though.

  5. Tactical Analysis on the formations is a fantastic idea. Formation selection fall under which players you have, and what type of style you like to play i.e. Counter attack, Possession, etc.

  6. To me, this website is all about learning what you would know if you had simulated thousands of seasons. It should be all simulation, all the time. And it should be geared toward the “power gamer.” If you want to have a realistic experience with your favorite team, you don’t need this website. If you want to load up on all 6’8, 99 speed, 99 skill, 99 overall players like in Fifa 13, this is the place for you.

    So, Global Transfer Network? Only for finding the regens and other teams’ youth system stars. Otherwise, I have a better “global transfer network” available. It’s called sofifa.

    Tactical analysis? Yes! What formations are most effective in simulation? What formation provides the best development for your squad? Is is better to play everyone as far forward as possible so they get goals/assists? Or do they get better match ratings by being in their correct position?

    Along the same lines, do players develop best at their listed position, or at the position that best fits their stats?

    Has anyone done a detailed analysis of players obtaining special traits? (New in Fifa 14).

    Who are the players that exceed or disappoint regularly the sofifa projections? (FYI–De Sciglio always seems to bust up to “Has potential to be special” after one season for me… he’s also ridiculously unstoppable if you play out the games).

    How do you break the economy? I think I could write a guide on taking any second division squad and getting enough money for Ronaldo within 3 years. There are certain players that just are always available for $5M in year one, and then sell for $50M in year 2-3. And of course if you aren’t abusing the new “sign on expiry” feature yet, I just don’t know what to tell you 🙂

    And of course, any of the code data miners that actually know what they’re talking about are just amazing. I don’t really need to read any noobs like, err, me, claiming De Sciglio always goes up based on the 3-4 career modes he has played or whatever.

    Just one man’s opinion. After several years of reading this, I’m satisfied that you know best, and keep up the good work!

  7. Hi, I am Jack I and think I have a great idea for a series on the site. It is called “Best BPL Buys”. This series would let readers know the best players to sign, loan, and sell depending on what club they choose to play as in the BPL. The first season would focus on the BPL as it is the most popular league, and most used in career mode, but if the series is very popular, we could expand to different leagues. I think this would be a good addition to the site as many Fifa players come here for help on building the best career mode squad possible, and having an in-depth guide for all BPL teams would really benefit a lot of readers. If you think this is a good idea, please contact me and I would be very happy to write an article for you to, and mabey write the whole series if I prove myself a good writer. Thanks for considering my idea! Jack

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