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In this article we’re going to have a look at a number of teams which should offer you a fun and challenging career mode experience in FIFA 14. Maybe you’ve got this far in your current career and are looking for something else, or perhaps you’ve just got an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and are wondering who to start your first career with. This page should hopefully help you decide.

Like last year’s ‘good teams for career mode’ article, I’ve divided the teams into tiers. However, this time round I’m going to be picking a few teams from each tier and explaining why each of them would make for a great career mode. I’ll also be talking about their key players, as well as a couple of young players in each side who should go on to develop very nicely.

Here’s how the tiers break down:

  • Tier 1 – teams that are in the top division in their nation and have the potential to push on and challenge for silverware
  • Tier 2 – teams that are also in the top division but that may struggle to survive. They have some high potential players, but you will need to work hard to keep them up
  • Tier 3 – lower league teams that have a lot of high potential players. Though they are not all in their prime just yet, they will grow to become excellent players. These teams are good for developing over the long run, spending a few years in the lower leagues while you build them up
  • Tier 4 – challenging teams. These teams have small budgets and will face difficult opposition in their league. They do, however, have a couple of decent potential players to help you along the way
  • Tier 5 – infernal difficulty. Minute budgets, poor starting lineups, only a handful of half promising players. These teams will be the hardest ones to turn around

I’ve only chosen teams from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain because they are the only countries that have more than one division. I’ve found that playing the same sides every year can get a bit boring and means you may cut your career mode short, so adding in the element of promotion and relegation should help keep things fresh.

So let’s get stuck in.

Tier 1



Transfer budget: £12,500,000
Wage budget: £140,000
Key players: Federico Marchetti (GK), Antonio Candreva (RM)
Ones to watch: Balde Diao Keita (LW, potential 84), Mamadou Tounkara (ST, potential 84)
Players with potential 80+: 22

Lazio have by far the most promising roster of any tier 1 team I looked at. They have 22 players who can reach 80 or higher – 22! – and have a great mix of established stars and promising youngsters. They’ve also got a decent budget, so you will have enough to bring in a player or two to really push them up the table and challenge for trophies. With a solid goalkeeper and talented midfield, you’ll be able to go far with them.
Tier 1 - Everton


Transfer budget: £11,000,000
Wage budget: £130,000
Key players: Romelu Lukaku (ST), Leighton Baines (LB)
Ones to watch: Ross Barkley (CAM, potential 86), George Green (CM, potential 83)
Players with potential 80+: 11

Another team full of talent, Everton are strong all over the pitch. Although Lukaku will only be there for a season, they have enough in the way of funds to find a decent replacement once he goes back to Chelsea. They also have some very exciting players coming through the ranks. I suspect most people will have heard of Ross Barkley, but another player at Everton to keep an eye on is George Green. He starts off rated only 58 but his short passing stat is already 81! Developing these young players alongside the talented lot they already have should make Everton a great choice for a career.

Also consider: Southampton, FC Schalke 04, Real Sociedad

Tier 2

Tier 2 - Hellas Verona

Hellas Verona

Transfer budget: £1,700,000
Wage budget: £50,000
Key players: Nikolay Mihaylov (GK), Juan Manuel Iturbe (LW)
Ones to watch: Jorginho (CM, potential 85), Juan Manuel Iturbe (LW, potential 85)
Players with potential 80+: 7
Hellas Verona are the poorest team in Serie A and so you will have to make do with what you’ve got. Luckily, they have some fantastically promising players among their ranks, so at least you’ve got that. The problem is that they may take time to develop, so you will have to be clever to survive in the division while your players develop. With the amount of quality in Serie A, this could be a really fun challenge.
Tier 2 - Cardiff City

Cardiff City

Transfer budget: £5,500,000
Wage budget: £50,000
Key players: Gary Medel (CDM), Steven Caulker (CB)
Ones to watch: Steven Caulker (CB, potential 82), Jordan Mutch (CAM, potential 82)
Players with potential 80+: 4

Although Cardiff City have a larger budget than Hellas Verona, they are also in the most competitive league in the game, so it doesn’t order xanax cod count for too much. As you’d hope, they have some very good defensive players in Gary Medel in Steven Caulker, and they should help you in your bid for survival. It’ll be tough, though, so you’ll have to make the most of the promising players on your squad and make some wise transfer choices if you are to stay up.

Also consider: Nottingham Forest, Hertha BSC, Rayo Vallecano

Tier 3

Tier 3 - RC Deportivo

RC Deportivo

Transfer budget: £210,000
Wage budget: £20,000
Key players: Juan Dominguez (CM), Rudy (RW)
Ones to watch: Juan Dominguez (CM, potential 79), Borja Bastón (ST, potential 77)
Players with potential 75+: 5

With a bewilderingly small budget for such a talented team, RC Deportivo should make for a great career mode choice. They’ve got five players with potential 75 or higher, which more than makes up for the poor budget. Borja Bastón especially is one to look out for – he’s only rated 68 but has 77 finishing, so he should be scoring for fun if you choose to go with RC Deportivo. Spend a season or two building up the players and your transfer budget and you should be able to start making waves in the Liga BBVA.
Tier 3 - Crotone


Transfer budget: £850,000
Wage budget: £10,000
Key players: Alfred Gomis (GK), Danilo Cataldi (CM)
Ones to watch: Danilo Cataldi (CM, potential 82), Lorenzo Crisetig (CM, potential 80)
Players with potential 75+: 6

Crotone are a team that benefit from a particular quirk of FIFA teams – in real life, several of their high potential players (such as Lorenzo Crisetig) are on loan from other clubs, but FIFA 14 says that many of them have actually been transferred to Crotone. As a result, they have a lot of very promising players on their roster that you can use to your advantage. They also have a decent budget and a solid back line, so you should be able to handle what’s thrown at you.

Also consider: MK Dons, Modena, Real Murcia CF

Tier 4

Tier 4 - Plymouth Argyle

Plymouth Argyle

Transfer budget: £350,000
Wage budget: £3,000
Key players: Temitope Obadeyi (LM), Conor Hourihane (CM)
Ones to watch: Tyler Harvey (ST, potential 81), Matt Lecointe (ST, potential 76)
Players with potential 75+: 2

Plymouth certainly don’t have the largest budget in their division, and you may struggle to bring in real quality with only £350,000 to spend. However, they do have a wealth of talented youngsters on their books. Not only do they have the perennial favourite Matt Lecointe, but they also have the highest potential player in the entire division, Tyler Harvey. With a few years’ worth of development they could become a very decent team, but you’ll have to work hard to get them to that point.
Tier 4 - Carpi


Transfer budget: £170,000
Wage budget: £3,000
Key players: Jerry Mbakogu (ST), Simone Romagnoli (CB)
Ones to watch: Jerry Mbakogu (ST, potential 77), Alessandro De Vitis (CAM, potential 75)
Players with potential 75+: 2

Serie B side Carpi are one of the poorest teams in the division and it will be a real challenge to strengthen them. They do have the benefit of having Jerry Mbakogu (one of my favourite lower league players) and Alessandro De Vitis, but both of them are only on loan and so will be gone by the second season. You’ll have to do all you can to strengthen the team in anticipation of this so that you don’t lose out when they go.

Also consider: Shrewsbury, US Créteil, C. Stabia

Tier 5

Tier 5 - Morecambe


Transfer budget: £210,000
Wage budget: £2,000
Key players: Marcus Marshall (RM), Tony Diagne (LB)
Ones to watch: Marcus Marshall (RM, potential 65), Jack Sampson (ST, potential 64)
Players with potential 70+: 0

Morecambe are probably the most challenging team I could find on FIFA 14. Their budget barely cracks £200,000 and they have next to nothing in wages, meaning it will be hard to even bring players in on loan. What really tops it, though, is that they don’t have a single player with potential 70 or higher. Their highest potential player, in fact, only has potential 65. If you want a massive challenge in working your way up then this is about as good as it gets.
Tier 5 - VfR Aalen

VfR Aalen

Transfer budget: £210,000
Wage budget: £2,000
Key players: Joel Pohjanpalo (ST), Benjamin Hübner (CB)
Ones to watch: Joel Pohjanpalo (ST, potential 77), Benjamin Hübner (CB, potential 69)
Players with potential 70+: 1

VfR Aalen are in a similar situation to Morecambe: miniscule budgets and a lack of high potential players. They do have Joel Pohjanpalo, who will be a real boost if you can hold on to him, so they’re not quite as infernally difficult as Morecambe. However, Pohjanpalo can’t do it all himself, and bringing in support is going to be very hard with such a lack of funds.

Also consider: Exeter City, York City, Real Jaén CF

How about you? What teams have you found to be a fun challenge in FIFA 14? Be sure to leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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      Unfortunately he is on loan. However, he is such a talented player that I felt I really had to mention him. Verona are also blessed with a lot of very promising other players, so even when he does leave the team shouldn’t suffer too much. So even though he doesn’t stay, I felt Verona had so much going for them (and so much going against them, making them a real challenge) that they had to go in the article 🙂

  1. Thanks alot for this! The article of previous year left me satisfied with FIFA13 because Bolton was such a blast I couldn’t ever believe it would be that fun. This year I started with Stoke City but it’s quite irritating because you get a crappy team and they want you to qualify for euro league. That aside, I will be looking into Hellas as it seems very fun. Thanks again!

    1. Post

      No problem 🙂 I agree, I did Bolton last year and thought they were a really fun team to use. Another good one was Real Betis last year, although I actually chose their rivals Real Sociedad this year! (In the ‘also consider’ part of Tier 1).

      I definitely want to give Hellas a go myself, but I’m doing a Cardiff City one at the moment and they’re turning out to be pretty good too. Some old players who need replacing, but also some good promising young players on the books, so they’ve got a nice balance.

        1. Post

          Nice signings – I’m actually working on a series of articles on free signings so be sure to check back and have a look for more 🙂

  2. Didn’t know where to put this, but I come to your site for all my career advice. Unfortunately there is no formation tips at the moment I was wondering if you could answer a formation question. If I edit a formation to slightly move the base position of a RM. BUT keeping him as a Rm. If I move him (but keep him in the RM position box) does the slight movement change his positioning in game? I hope you understand my question

    1. Example would be QPR’s default formation has the LB tucked in and slightly higher up the pitch. Does this effect my LBs placement?

      1. From my experience a change such as that does effect the placement but not enough to completly change the basic tactics/style of you team. An example of major game-changing positional changes would be my Morecambe story below this comment.

        I moved virtually the entire team into the box here is a pic of what the general offensive shape is:

        Zaha and Albrighton provide width, Anderson dictates play with Lamela providing assistance as well as a Goal Threat. De Jong is the main target(94 finishing! 93 heading!) Allan and Kayal alternate between holding the midfield and providing an outlet if Lamela/Felipe have no other options.

        My morecambe formation requires Felipe to work very very hard on offsensive and defensive, as well as intelligent positioning by the two mids.

        Formations all depend on your playing style. Personally I like the 4-2-3-1, 4-2-2-2, and the 3-3-4 because they all can play well on the counter and a slow build up possesion game

        !!!!Find out what you do well and you it to your advantage!!!!

  3. I remember my Morecambe career mode back in FIFA 13. It was arguably the hardest thing I had ever done in gaming, yet I was successful. The key was a little known Brazilian striker named André. He was on the last year of his contract some after 2014. (4 Months remaining in Summer market) And was the 6th choice striker behind the likes of Neymar and newly purchased Damião. I purchased him after selling my 2 starting strikers and a back up. He was only a 71, but his wages were more than the rest of the team combined.

    His strength, speed, and finishing ability destroyed everyone in his first season. He scored 60 goals in the League 2. He continued to reward the effort and saving it took to bring him the club and fired me all the way to the Championship. He was now an 81 and thought he was to good for the Championship. After ‘asking too much’ when barca, madrid and Chelsea came calling. I hoped I might keep him. Finally the board forced my to sell him, and Man City eventually bought him for an inflated price of 65 Mill. I cried rivers and seas at his departure. I

    I kinda cheated and used the Financial takeover to buy this team, Which latter grew to everyone being greater than or equal to 85 and I won The Champions Cup. Sorry for the blurb of text, but seeing Morecambe there brought back great memories. It took till 2020 to win the CC though. To long for my liking. Still might attempt it again. Great Memories

    GK: Ter Stergen 84
    RCB: Kalas 81 SW: Clark: 85 LCB: Martins Indi: 81?

    RCM: Allan: 82 LCM: Kayal 84?

    CAM: Felipe Anderson 83

    RW: Albrighton 83 LS: Lamela 88 RS: De Jong 89 LW: Zaha 85

    1. Post

      Don’t apologise, always interesting to hear how other players have done 🙂

      That’s the key to making a success of a lower league team. Sometimes you find a player who you would have passed over if you were a bigger team, but they are a perfect match for your side. That’s one thing I love about career mode – you’re always finding new players, and it’s always worth giving a player a go if he looks good for your team. As you found out, often the overlooked players can turn out the best.

      Looks like you’d amassed a great squad by the end! Out of those I’ve only ever used Kalas, but he was immense in my Bolton squad.

      Any thoughts who you might use for a career this time round?

      1. I had zero depth, which cost me 2 EPL titles but it was a fun squad with a very unorthodox 3-3-4 but it worked well.

        Albrighton’s crossing was ridiculous in 13, his crossing grew by 11 to become 94 and De Jong is the purest CF you could think of. Lamela was fantastic as well, resembles Eric Cantona’s play.

        I used my favorite team Chelsea to get used to the GTN and I conclude… GTN is pathetic unless you want to spend 27MIL on scouts. I

        later brought Nottingham back up with the best English talent I could grab plus the (in)famous Bakkali and Belfodil. I made it to the !!!Champions Cup Final!!! and then Belfodil scored this* stunning goal to win the game 6 mins from time.

        I am burned out on the English leagues so might try Capri or Shalke 04. I am seriously considering doing LP’s for FIFA career mode and posing them on youtube. I don’t mean to sound full of myself but I’m pretty good and career mode and have a knack for the dramatic.

        Thank you for this wonderful site and the time you spend to respond to feedback.

  4. Am in League 1 with Morecombe.
    Only concession is I cashed in a “Scout Future Star” coupon.
    But that cost me $$$ and he wasn’t available for a season.
    My advice to others – Free Agents and scouts. The game gave me a really good player through scouting other than the ‘coupon’.

    Oh – and at the start of Season 3, there are some exceptional Free Agents – at least 6 “Showing Good Potential” and an “Exciting Prospect”.

    Would definitely recommend.

    1. Free Agents have been crucial since ’12 but this year their a bit more difficult to find on the Free Agent list. How do you find them?

      1. I think because I embarked upon my campaign absolutely “pure” – Full Manual, Professional, no goodies.
        I have compared other Career Modes and this is by far the most fruitful.
        I think the game rewards you in a way, by choosing to play the hardest team. I think it’s part of the game’s DNA – it rewards those who are at the bottom.

  5. Dude I would have definetly put Andreas Cornelius (ST) on the list for ones to watch for Cardiff. He may only have 79 pot. in theory but you easely can get him above the 85 mark. He stand at a good 6 foot 4 and is only 20 yrs old + brilliant strenght finishing and heading and is pretty pacey too. Also for a target man he has a good 3 star skill moves and will not miss the with his weak foot either, a good 4 stars.

    Basically he is a 71 ovr 20 yr old Benteke or Lukaku who in my opinion develops into one of the better strikers of the game and is most surely one to not be missing.

    Anyways, keep up the good work this is one of the better sites for fifa 14, I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this!

  6. So a buddy of mine and i have been working our way up from League 2 to the Premiership in our respective games over the past several years, (dating back to the PS2) the First time i did it was with Rushden and Diamonds on the ps2 (Fifa 07 i think), this being back before financial takeovers etc. We made it a point to do it every year, and each time it has gotten more interesting and fun to do.

    Most Recently on the Ps3 i’m working my way back up with Portsmouth, and although I’ve used the Financial takeover option, i used the money i was given, to buy promising youngsters, the hope being that by the time i hit the BPL they will have grown to a decent team.

    All that said, I am currently in my 3rd season, and have made it to the Championship where i sit 6th, just hanging on to the promotion playoff place. Players have grown amazingly well, and according to many a website which documents potential, they still have quite a ways to go.

    The struggle for me comes after that initial infusion of cash from the takeover, at the beginning of each new season, when the board sets lofty expectations, but with little money to improve or add quality in depth to my team. For example, upon arriving in the Championship, i was given 650k in transfer funds and 5k in wages.

    Thanks for the site, it’s a great one! Keep up the good work!

  7. For the tier 5 teams… add CA Bastia. I’m doing a manager mode with them and it’s extremely hard. Probably one of the worst teams on the game

  8. Currently working on a Carpi Career mode (world Class) in Season 1 (PC). Still in the Copa Nacionale and currently toting a 2-3-1 record with the draws all coming from 90 minute goals from the CPU. 5 points behind the leaders. Using a 4-3-3 Defend formation since the defense is not that good. Always nice to have 4 defenders plus your CDM’s. Mbakogu and De Vitis are key players but they will be gone after the season so you’ll probably need to keep moving on the Local Cup to get more money and loan-to-buy replacements. Romagnoli (CB) and Kirilov (LW) are your good players on the team. Had season loans for the low rated players and used the Free Agency to pick up Pedro Azogue (as in Fifa 13), Thuso Phala (expensive wages but we’ll try to sell him in Jan 2014) and Jose Somoza. Will try to upload the series on Youtube. Hope you guys will check it out…We’ll see what happens

    1. Post
  9. I’m still playing FIFA 12 and I’ve a suggestion for those who are playing CM with lower division clubs 🙂

    Striker – Smeltz all the way. He’s old and have a low overall (62) but he’s a FANTASTIC striker. He is an australian player, 30 years old, weekly wadges = $750 (!!!) and it’s hard to get him because Brisbaine Rovers are tough to release him. Seriously, he is a BEAST! Remember to offer him an extended contract before he turns 30 or you will lose him for retirement. You can use him for backup striker and don’t worry, if you need to score all you need to do is pass the ball and watch him score:)

  10. schalke are very good to start with they have very good high poitential players : meyer gortezka . I bought kaya from galatasary and is very good and also bought vydra who is 81 in 3 seasons !

    1. Ha, Nice to zee someone else playing Stanley. Absolute tier 5 indeel, and i even made the error selling the high-potential GK at start… By now, in 2020, i made it into the BPL with a 4 star team

  11. I’m doing a career with Blackburn they’re good especially Rhodes who keep on scoring. Good budget but I want a young goalie behind Robinson. Any ideas?

  12. Just checked out Real Sociedad. Man what an amazing team and surprisingly, there were already a few players that I had been familiar with e.g. Griezman, Granero, Xabi Prieto, Vela etc.). Gonna start a new career mode with them. I’ve recently studied a lot on La Liga and in my opinion, with Barca, RM and Atlectico Madrid already guaranteeing the top 3 places, it’s much harder to finish in the final champions league position with Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Sevilla and Villarreal al challenging.

    Wish me luck

    1. Try Malaga I won champs league and Spanish league and cup double. Got signed up for Uruguay and won World cup with them also all in my 2nd season. Currently still with Malaga but got poached by Italy for my international team.

    2. Valencia is a good choice to win the spanish double if you don’t want to use Madrid or Barcelona, lots of good potential with Paco Alcazer (starts at 71 but gets to 87 after 3 seasons), Gaya (pot 85) and Ruben Vezo (pot 83). As well as a range of 80+ players in the first season (Piatti, Vargas, Jonas, Diego Alves, Ruiz ect).

      1. Post

        Good suggestion, really the only reason I haven’t done them before is because they have a very high budget and I thought people may find that a bit too easy. But you’re right, they’re full of very talented players. Have you tried a career with them yet?

  13. Started career mode with Derby County. Got them promoted to Premier League and managed to get a takeover in January which gave me 50 Million to spend. I’ve spent on players like Jacob Murphy, Brooks, Ruben Padro, Schar, Rulli, Malanda, Willems and Janjuaz (on loan). Finished 14th in second half of the season with those players and starting second season in Premier League with Boëtius my only purchase.

    Derby have some cracking players like Russell, Hughes and Bryson so they are definitely a plus for me! The board set a me a new challenge to finish top half of the table so I might push for Europa as I have a decent squad to do it.

    Strongest starting XI:


    Good players to come off the bench:

    Bryson, Hendrick and Declan John.

    Plan is to build a good team with depth.

  14. Have problem : I m playing everton first season and i don’t have lukaku and georges green. I dont see alexander mitrovic(ST)
    Im playing offline.

    1. Post

      From the sounds of it you don’t have the latest squads. Is there any way you can connect your console to the internet and download the squads? Alternatively you could go to club transfers (from the edit teams menu on the home screen) and manually move Lukaku over. You won’t be able to do that with George Green and Mitrovic if they’re not in your squad file at all. That would also mean you’d have to start a new career.

      1. Thanks for the tip.

        I put internet and downloaded de latest squad. For Everton I follow tier one.
        Just annoying to start again
        Following the guide since fifa 12

  15. I find it really funny that after FIFA 13 where I only played as Dortmund, after having played as several smaller teams prior, I went back to a small team this year.
    Funnily enough I chose VFR Aalen and only just now found this article.

    It has been a definite struggle to keep some players happy and evolving, but their CB Hübner evolves into a decent defender who can really keep a good defense.

    I kept Pohjanpalo, who is now at 73 in his second season and has a damn good long shot. I struggle with money though, which usually means I have to either sell a useless player or play a Cup match to get some more money for new contracts.

    Definitely the most fun I’ve had with FIFA for a while though so I second that recommendation 🙂

    1. VFR Aalen has a nice collection 20-year old players. The default formation suits the team well especiallty with Pohjanpalo as the striker. Definitely need to sell or trade Barth in the first season since his stats go down quick. Lechleiter and Grech are also getting up there in age and their stats start declining. You’re is tight. Either loan or sell players you won’t use and do well in the local cups. Check the contracts as well… most of them are in their last year and will be free agents. Stinks because the cost to resign players makes a big dent on the budget. I try to sign free agents, have them play well and sell them in the January transfer window. I agree that VFR Aalen and Carpi are tough but great teams to use in FIFA 14

  16. I had a bit of a play around with Lazio and whilst they had a decent mix with old and new; the likes of Klose and Candreva for example, they didn’t really grip me and I found the season got quite boring pretty quickly. A previous season with AS Roma, they’re bitter rivals ironically, was much more interesting. Although Roma have a better financial situation compared to Lazio, there is a lot of work to be done with iconic players like Totti getting to the end of their careers but some real talent like Strootman and Ljajic to either fill the gap or leaving room for some new transfers. Everton, like you say, are also an appealing prospect especially with the likes of Lukaku and the career mode allows you to dictate the direction of the club; whether to sell Baines and become a bit of a selling club or to retain him and move forward. Coleman will surely be improved in the Winter Update and could be a club to look out for. I also have a soft spot for Sociedad but mainly because of my politics degree and focus on the Basque Country as well as an ex-gooner in Vela.

    As for tier 2 teams, I haven’t really looked at Cardiff much, surprising considering I just moved to Wales but I have done a lot with Swansea but am bored of them now so may give them a go! To reiterate a post above, Cornelius is definitely worth a mention though and Mutch is in the form of his live in real life so a formation reshuffle and Cardiff could be the team to be this year!

  17. Nothing beats the Arsenal 4-3-3 False 9 though!

    Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen,
    Ozil, Santi
    Walcott, Giroud, Podolski.

  18. Started a career with Morecambe, this is my starting XI

    Wright Fiola Hughes Diagne

    Mwasile Williams Fleming Marshall

    Sampson Redshaw

    Arestidou GK
    Doyle CB
    Threlfall LB
    Kenyon CM
    Elisson LM
    Amond ST
    Singh ST

    Perdomo, Fiola and Singh i got from free agents they got decent potentials (fiola = 67, Singh = 69 and Perdomo = 76!)

    I will keep you informed! Thx for the suggestions!


    Nick ter Beek

  19. Started a career with Morecambe, this is my starting XI

    Wright Fiola Hughes Diagne

    Pedro Azogue

    Mwasile Marshall


    Sampson Redshaw

    Arestidou GK
    Doyle CB
    Threlfall LB
    Kenyon CM
    Elisson LM
    Amond ST
    Singh ST

    Perdomo, Fiola and Singh i got from free agents they got decent potentials (fiola = 67, Pedro Azogue 68, Singh = 69 and Perdomo = 76!)

    I will keep you informed! Thx for the suggestions!


    Nick ter Beek

  20. Question.

    Can you only use a “scout a future star” or “financial takeover” 1 time?
    I used these options once a few careers back. It won’t let me confirm purchase and all the next level ones are locked. How do I unlock them. I have like 50,000 tokens

    Thanks. Love this guide. Just stumbled upon it for ’14

    Keep up the great work.

  21. I always use Plymouth Argyle, Luke Young also plays WELL above his stats. I scored over 100G / season w him on Legendary out the chute. Nelson and Blackman are great at the back and grow well too. Having Harvey and Lecointe up font with Hourihane and Guerrerri l and r on diamond wide make it easy to clean up in Leagu 2 Sadly on the Xbox ONE version, Youngs Physical stats do not grow at all whereas by Nov 1st all his other stats are +1 – +5 already. On the 360 version I plated until through 2017 and all of his stats grew, mostly importantly his stamina was at 80, so he played much much more frequently without being tired. … they need to fix these glitches on Phy stat growth in 15

  22. In my first season with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Its been interesting already, and I’m only in December. Already my team of 21 has increased by 28 points overall. You don’t get much of a budget, but its enough to start easily, and its by far the best team in the 3rd tier of English football.

  23. Thanks for all the reccremendations I really enjoyed myself with some of the teams you suggested. It gets boring being the top teams after a while. I also made a super league which was very fun. It does take a while replacing clubs like Port Vale with top teams around the world but it keeps you entertained for a good few seasons battling with the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona

    1. Post

      I’ve heard super leagues can be great fun if you really want a challenge, although apparently the Champions League is a bit rubbish with so few amazing teams able to qualify!

  24. Im doing a roma carrer ig is extremly fun as there is never an easy game really i got in cerci (12 mil) ruffier (5.5 mil) brooks (3 mill) and bernat on loan

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  25. I think astonvilla is a greater choice than everton.they got great strikers(benteke,kozak,weimann,,helenius),good defence(Vlaar,baker,clark,luna)and guzan as gk.if you buy a decent mid with 17,000,000 budget,u got a pretty decent squad.

  26. I’ve always been a fan of building up Crewe Alexandra, they’re probably a tier 4 (maybe tier 3) team as they have some decent potential and are better than the likes of Morecambe and Accrington Stanley. Give them a go!

    1. Post
  27. I’ve been thinking about starting a new Career Mode as I’m getting tired of my old one with Pescara in Italy. Was considering either playing with Derby County or Bolton Wanderers in the Championship and trying to fire them to glory. Any thoughts about which side would make for a more fun career (I’m drawn to Derby County solely because of Johnny Russell, who has featured in your posts in the past)?

    1. Post

      Either one would make an excellent choice and I suppose it depends what you are looking for. Derby have more players with really great potential (Hughes potential 85, Wisdom potential 80 (though he’s on loan from Liverpool) and Russell potential 80), whereas Bolton have more “mid range” potential players, i.e. those with potential between 75 and 79. So if you’re looking to have a solid base and strengthen it with acquisitions, perhaps go for Bolton, but if you want a few players to hang on to who will really grow to be special, take Derby.

      There are a couple of other considerations. Derby have one of my favourite ever players in Johnny Russell, a forward who can do just about anything, while Bolton have a very dependable keeper in Adam Bogdan. So I think it depends what you’re looking for and both are great choices, but I think for me at least I’d choose Derby, pretty much purely for Russell and Hughes!

  28. I started with Liverpool when I bought my FIFA 14 as I thought it would be really nice to get a big club back to its glory years. It was fun but I think the commentators mentioning Brendan Rodgers as manager and saying Liverpool have been struggling even thought I won trophies killed it for me so I started afresh with Schalke (World Class difficulty). I almost won the Bundesliga, but with 4 games to go, but I lost 3 of them and Bayern were champions, gutted! The following season they wanted a top 4 finish, but after a couple of poor results, I was sacked (even though I was 5th and had a chance of winning the league, I think losing 4-0 to Dortmund contributed to the sack, lol). I then quit and started again, this time at League 2 with…. POMPEY! (This time with proffesional difficulty). The problem is, now its too easy for me, I won league 2 unbeaten, although I lost 3-0 to Chelsea in the league cup final. I also won the Johnstone Paint trophy. I am currently top of league 1, 5 points clear of Preston, lost 1 and drew 1 in my 15 games so far. I am also on top of my group in Europa (mind you I have Napoli, Red Bull Saulzberg sorry for the spelling, and Anderlecht). It seems as if when I use the proffesional difficulty it gets too easy, but when I upgrade to world class, I get butchered by other clubs. So which club, and difficulty would you recommend (I was thinking Inter because its been struggling, or a second stint at Schalke). Cheers!

  29. Need a new team for career, want to play in English leagues with a team that needs building e.g not man city or Chelsea. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

  30. Hi i need a new team for career mode after a long spell with Portsmouth, was looking for a team to develop over a few seasons so teams like barca are out of the picture, any suggestions would be much appreciated as finding the right team for career mode is often the hardest thing in my opinion.

    1. Post

      Are you looking to build a team up from the bottom, get promoted to a top division or fight off relegation against the odds?

  31. Probably to build a team in one of Europe’s top divisions which is either a mid table team (max Europa league) or a team that is battling with relegation and to build.

  32. Need a new career mode badly. Just completed 5 seasons with Mansfield. Won the quadruple in my fifth season! Also I recommend that everyone uses pre contract agreements they are key to upgrading your team. For example in January of the first season I signed Rogerio (71) and Jones Carioca (68) on pre contracts. Rogerio was top scorer in League 1 half way through the following season and I sold him for 7m! Carioca was top in assists and I sold him for 3.5m. I was able to sign them because their wages were both around 2-3k.
    I signed players every year on pre contracts and often sold them to buy more players. This season I signed some amazing players on pre contracts – Bale 90, Bernard 85 and Bruma 85!

    So any recommendations for a new career mode? Preferably outside England, and a team threatened by relegation or in a lower league with 1 or 2 good young players

    1. Post

      Chievo Verona are a great one to try, they have the smallest budget in Serie A but have some really high potential players. Rayo Vallecano in Spain are another good one, same situation really – they could be relegation threatened, but have some excellent players. Lots of their good players are on loan, though, so they’ll need some rebuilding come the end of the season.

      And pre-contract offers are awesome, and clearly they worked well for you! I have a feeling EA may nerf them a bit come FIFA 15 😉

  33. Hey thanks for the amazing guide.

    I’ve done a career with Shrewsbury Town who start in England’s League 1 if I remember correctly.

    They have a decent team to begin with, and some of the key players include Jon Taylor (who gets up to 98 sprint speed and 94ish acceleration) Taylor also has decent attacking stats and a potential of 75 (though on my career he’s already 80)

    Aaron Wildig is another midfielder who is a hidden gem for this team.

    I also managed to sign Varane on free transfer from Real Madrid and Bakkali from PSV, Bakkali is now 92 rated and varane 87

    This team just won me the CC after my 6th season.

    Cheers again

  34. Another quality guide but last season I took out a career mode with Real Madrid Castilla, before winding up at Ajax after an impressive season. Two things: One Ajax should be here. I know they almost always win the Eredivisie, but there are some quality opponents in the Dutch League, and working towards European success with a squad as talented as theirs is huge fun! Two: I need a recommendation of another team to start work on. I really want a couple of fairly established youngsters (overall 70+) to complement some youngsters for the future. I want a team who in a few seasons could be turned from relegation battlers to European qualifiers, ideally looking at Serie A, Liga BBVA or Bundesliga. Thanks

  35. Just started a career with Aston villa. Good team with lots of young good players. Low transfer budget though so I had to try and get a few young player.

    Kelvin and jesé Rodriguez are brilliant wingers with a high potential. Although most of the players at villa already have a good potential.

    A brilliant goalie to get is Christian banillo. He is only 20 and after the first season he is a free agent.

    adnan Januzais is only 500k in the first season. That’s always useful. Also a cam called meyler is only 180k in the first season.

    1. I started a career with Swindon town and played half a season and got bored so moved to Sheffield utd but they were losing 19/28 players and I didn’t have any money and got sacked (deliberately) got an offer from Blackpool…. This is were it got enjoyable they didn’t have that good of a squad I signed a few players on loan and on a free in the first season and recalled tom ince from loan I got players for free such as mutch,Sinclair,Hendrick,weimann,bolasie and a few others who are 70 ish rated I now have a squad full of 70+ players after 2 seasons missed out on the playoffs on goal diffrence last season with teams such as stoke newcastle west ham Norwich Cardiff and Fulham in the division along with strong Watford derby and wolves squads this season I’m about to start actually right now! Should be good hopefully get automatic promotion
      Using the sign in contract expiry option is crucial on having a successful career with a essentially lower rated team such as Blackpool , burnley,derby etc
      From my experience good careers are with teams you choose yourself and careers which you don’t look online for who to sign etc etc :)!

      1. Post
  36. This list is heaps helpful, thanks. I started with Everton and it is just sweet.
    The only thing I would do is add QPR to the list because they are probably the best team to play with in my opinon…..
    in my opinon.

    1. Post

      No problem, glad it’s useful! I’m actually doing a series of articles on good teams for career mode at the moment. Every Sunday I publish an article looking at one team really in-depth, so that might give you some ideas 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a look at them and might do a guide in the future!

  37. I now thinking about taking one of the worst teams in FIFA 14. For sure a Tier 5.

    Sandness ULF (Tippeligaen, Norway)

    Budget: 100.000 Euros
    Wages: 3000 Euros
    Best player: Rubio ST 69 (on loan from Sporting, 2 seasons) hits in his second season 72!
    High Potential: Raskaj (cm, cdm) weak foot 4 stars. Lennon (RM, LM) skill moves 4 stars.

    Well going to be a hell of a job to work this team up. Friend of mine played them, the board wants
    a mid-table finish in the second year if you survive the first. I`m up for the challenge :-).

  38. Try Exeter City, they have low budget, poor squad…fro football league 2,they are amazing, try build the team and hope you enjoy managing that team…

    1. Post
  39. Managed Morecambe untill 2024, and I’ve got to say that it’s a pretty fun challenge! And experience. Definitely recommended.

  40. I am playing Australlian Leauge I scored 69 goals in 19 matches.So in the next transfer window can I get selected to another country team?

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