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The series is back for FIFA 15! In these articles I look at the best cheap, high potential players in FIFA 15, with tonight’s post focusing on centre backs. I’ll go through a few recommendations, then show you the full list of top quality players afterwards. For a full run down of how I choose the players and what the different columns in the table mean, click on “What are these articles all about?” below.

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The articles in this series should give you some ideas if you’re looking for a new signing in a key area. There is one article for each position on the pitch to make it easy for you to quickly find players to bolster your squad.

All of the players given here have a minimum potential of 80, so you know you’re getting quality. The maximum OVR for each player is 73, both to keep transfer prices down and to avoid presenting you with too many options and thus making it too difficult to choose the player you need.

The ‘Avai?’ column is short for ‘available?’ and refers both to whether or not you can buy the specified player at the start of the first season and how long their current contract is. Let’s take Y/2 as an example – Y means that yes, you can buy him at the start of a new career, and the number means he has two years left on his contract. Similarly, N/3 would mean that no, you can’t buy the player straight away, and he has three years left on his contract. These ‘no’ players are often available for transfer if you wait until the January transfer window, however. For some players this column is blank – this means that they are out on loan at the start and are therefore unavailable for purchase until the second season.

Initial player costs may seem very low this year. The figure in the player cost column refers to the price you are given if you scout the player. But I’ve also added a new column this time round – ‘They want’. This refers to the price the other team want for the player if you enquire about him. Often there is a large difference between the player cost obtained through scouting and that obtained through an enquiry. This leaves a lot of room for negotiation, so don’t be put off if a price in the ‘They want’ column is high, as you can usually get the player for much less. Try bidding lower than what you think will be accepted – you may be surprised at their response. If the ‘They want’ column is blank it’s because the team refused to give a price, either because the player has just joined them or because they are loaning him in.

And as a final note, in FIFA 14 EA update player OVRs and potentials every week. Mose of the time these are very minor changes, and most players won’t be affected at all unless they have had a very noteworthy week. Furthermore, some players occasionally disappear if they have been put in the reserve squad that week. So just bear in mind that these figures should be read as a guide only and not a definitive account of player costs, potentials, etc, for the entire season.[/expand]

Now, let’s have a look at the centre backs I recommend tonight.

Chancel Mbemba: potential 83 / Jores Okore: potential 82

FIFA 15 best cheap centre backs

Chancel Mbemba combines pace, power and technical ability

First up we have a joint recommendation of Chancel Mbemba and Jores Okore. These two are both fantastic buy xanax online no rx options because they excel in key defensive areas whilst also bringing what many centre backs don’t: pace. Their excellent speed means that if they are caught out at the back, they have the ability to catch up and the strength to win the ball back. They’re also powerful in the air and should bag you plenty of goals on set pieces.

FIFA 15 best cheap centre backs

Jores Okore’s pace and aerial ability make him very useful in both attack and defense

Okore is slightly better in the air, while Mbemba is better at tackling. He also has decent passing and dribbling for a centre back, so as he develops you may want to deploy him as a defensive midfielder if the need arises. Aston Villa want £7m for Okore but I got him for £6m. His wages are £25,000. Mbemba, meanwhile, has an asking price of £8.5m, which I brought down to £6.5m. His wages are £20,000.

Niklas Süle: potential 83

FIFA 15 best cheap centre backs

Niklas Süle has a brilliant OVR for his age and some outstanding stats

If you feel these two centre backs are too expensive for you then fear not, because there’s another excellent option at a lower price: Niklas Süle. He’s just 18 but already has 90 strength, which will make him a brick wall as he develops. He’s 6’5″ and has 79 heading, so he’ll be a real danger in the air thanks to his sheer size. Add to that his excellent starting OVR for his age and you’ve got an exception young centre back on your hands.

His club, 1899 Hoffenheim, ask for £3.5m for him, and I was able to get him for £3m. His wages are £5,000, which makes him much more affordable than either Mbemba or Okore.

John Anthony Brooks: potential 81 / Sergey Bryzgalov: potential 80

FIFA 15 best cheap centre backs

John Anthony Brooks is an excellent cheap alternative to Mbemba and Okore

If you’re looking for a cheaper option but still want to bring in quality, then you’d struggle to beat John Anthony Brooks and Sergey Bryzgalov.

Brooks is a superb player if you like Okore and Mbemba but can’t afford their price tags. He’s fast but also strong, so will be able to cope regardless of whether your opponent attacks with crosses or ground passes. His stand tackling is almost 80, which is brilliant for his OVR, while his height of 6’4″ will ensure he keeps it safe at the back and scores a few himself going forward. You can get him for as little as £1m, but beware: he’s a popular player and other teams may bid for him, pushing his price up.

FIFA 15 best cheap centre backs

Sergey Bryzgalov is an unbelievable bargain at just £650,000

Sergey Bryzgalov is an even cheaper option: Spartak Moskva want just £650,000 for him, amazing considering he’s 70 OVR with potential 80. He’s also fast and is competent on the ball, so could be played as a defensive midfielder (in fact, that was his position in FIFA a few years ago). Though he is 5’11”, his 81 jumping makes that irrelevant and he’ll be able to compete in the air against much taller opponents. You could get him for as little as £500,000, which is a great bargain for a talented young centre back.

Now here are the other cheap, high potential centre backs in FIFA 15:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)They want (£)Wages (£)ClubAvai?FootWeak footSkillsTraitsNotes
CBJonathan Tah688318500,000*3,000F. Düsseldorf-Right32On loan from Hamburger SV
CBNiklas Süle718318825,0003,500,0005,0001899 HoffenheimY/3Right32Aerial threat, strength
CBChancel Mbemba7383191,400,0008,500,00020,000RSC AnderlechtY/3Right32
CBKarim Rekik7383191,400,000*40,000PSV-Left42On loan from Manchester City
CBJohn Stones7383201,500,0004,800,00030,000EvertonY/5Right22
CBKaan Ayhan678219375,0002,400,0008,000FC Schalke 04Y/3Right42
CBBjörn Engels7282191,400,0008,500,00015,000Club BruggeY/3Right32
CBDiego Reyes7282211,500,0005,000,00020,000FC PortoY/4Right32
CBJores Okore7382211,500,0007,000,00025,000Aston VillaY/3Right32Strength, power header
CBEric Dier7382201,500,000-30,000SpursN/5Right32Strength, power header
CBLucas Hernández638118170,0001,700,0003,000Atlético MadridY/2Left32Long passer, power header
CBMarian Sarr638119180,0001,100,0005,000Bor. DortmundY/2Left32
CBDaniele Rugani678119375,000-6,000EmpoliN/6Right32
CBDario Del Fabro678119375,000*6,000Leeds United-Right32On loan from Cagliari
CBJamaal Lascelles678120425,000*8,000Nott'm Forest-Right32On loan from Newcastle Utd
CBJosé María Giménez718119875,0005,000,00025,000Atlético MadridY/4Right32
CBAlessio Romagnoli708119875,000*20,000Sampdoria-Left32On loan from Roma
CBJohn Anthony Brooks718121975,0001,000,00015,000Hertha BSCY/3Left32Power header
CBBorja López708120975,0006,500,00015,000AS MonacoY/3Right32Strength
CBFlávio Ferreira7281221,500,0004,500,00015,000Málaga CFY/2Right33
CBPaulo Oliveira7281221,500,000-15,000Sporting CPN/5Right22
CBTiago Ilori7381211,500,000*40,000Bordeaux-Right32On loan from Liverpool
CBAhmet Çalık648020325,0002,900,0004,000GençlerbirliğiY/2Right22
CBSergey Bryzgalov708021975,000650,00020,000Spartak MoskvaY/2Right42Injury prone
CBMiguel Rodrigues7280211,500,0004,800,00015,000CD NacionalY/1Right32
CBMartin Hinteregger7280211,500,0006,500,00015,000RB SalzburgY/4Left32Long shot taker
CBLuca Caldirola7380231,800,0006,000,00030,000Werder BremenY/3Left32Power header
CBJan Kirchhoff7380231,800,000*45,000FC Schalke 04-Right32On loan from FC Bayern
Thanks for reading! If you have any player recommendations of your own and have some ideas for the website, make sure you let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to connect with me on social media. I’ve just launched the FIFA Scouting Tips YouTube channel, and you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest updates.

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  1. Any timetable on when the Lower League Gems will be coming? All of you scouting tips and recommendations are appreciated and spot-on.

  2. I was able to reach 87 OVR with Lucas Hernández and 83 with Nathan Ake, and I’m sure I could do it further if I had given more time in the field…
    i really enjoy this tips and always use it to get better young players, thank you for doing this for us all!
    btw sorry for possible english mistakes 😀

  3. Fabian Schar is one of the gems of FIFA15. Available on a pre-contract on the first Jan window, you’re technically paying 35K a week and no transfer fee for a 75 OVR 83 POT player! Unless you chose a big team with strong CBs to start with, there’s no reason not to buy him. Very cheap, slots straight into the team, and still has lots of room to grow.

    Kurt Zouma is a physical beast, starting off at 85 Strength, 78 Sprint and 84 Jumping and 6’2″ height, for a player who is only 19. He’s probably one of the most exciting young talents to watch IRL and it’s great that the game has also given him good stats.

    Marian Sarr I did buy and he’s shown good growth and plays well. Unfortunately, a flaw in FIFA15 seems to be that a lot of young players seem to be stuck with low stamina for a long, long time regardless of OVR growth, and this does hurt his game.

  4. My name is alex too! anyway, ive used this website for the past year and its the most useful thing online. I also wanted to say that i bought Kaan Ayhan for my MK Dons career. im now in the year 2022 (september) and Ayhan is 87 rated and easily one of the most overpowered players ive ever seen on any fifa. At 87 his best stats are Sliding tackle – 96, JUmping – 95, Stand Tackle – 92, Marking – 92, Shot power – 92, Curve – 90, and FK Accuracy – 89! He also has decent pace in his mid 70s and is just overall tremendous. He has the technical abilities of a midfileder but the defending of a brick wall. COMPLETELY recommend him if you are going to use him!

  5. This is the best site yet ive seen on Fifa 15 with all its tips on players, scouts etc. I can’t believe that no 1 has yet spotted this beast Daniel Amartey I bought him for 3.5m from FC Kobenhavn he grows a lot in 2 years, here is some of his stats acceleration 81, sprint speed 88, jumping 97, stamina 85, strength 90, marking 75, slide tackle 75 and stand tackle 85. Still growing and has gone from 67 overall to 80 in 2 years! Highly recommended buy. Thanks to your brilliant site, it has been a great help and assistance.

    1. He looks really good. I think the reason why he wasn’t listed was because this article lists players with 80+ potential ratings… Amartey has a 78. Still a great suggestion though!

      1. Post
    2. Post

      Thanks for the tip, as Malik said unfortunately his potential was slightly too low, but he’s a player I’ve had my eye on because of those awesome stats you mention. Thanks for the kind words as well!

  6. I think you should include Jean-Charles Castelletto in this list, he is such a beast! I think he has around 80 potential, and when you buy him he got 85 pace.

  7. Another extremely good/young defender is Jonathan Tah(Center Back). I got him in 2016 REALLY cheap, only at 19 years old and 72 overall. Now its 2021 and his overall is 86 and he’s still growing at just 24 years old.

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