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The series is back for FIFA 15! In these articles I look at the best cheap, high potential players in FIFA 15, with tonight’s post focusing on left backs. I’ll go through a few recommendations, then show you the full list of top quality players afterwards. For a full run down of how I choose the players and what the different columns in the table mean, click on “What are these articles all about?” below.

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The articles in this series should give you some ideas if you’re looking for a new signing in a key area. There is one article for each position on the pitch to make it easy for you to quickly find players to bolster your squad.

All of the players given here have a minimum potential of 80, so you know you’re getting quality. The maximum OVR for each player is 73, both to keep transfer prices down and to avoid presenting you with too many options and thus making it too difficult to choose the player you need.

The ‘Avai?’ column is short for ‘available?’ and refers both to whether or not you can buy the specified player at the start of the first season and how long their current contract is. Let’s take Y/2 as an example – Y means that yes, you can buy him at the start of a new career, and the number means he has two years left on his contract. Similarly, N/3 would mean that no, you can’t buy the player straight away, and he has three years left on his contract. These ‘no’ players are often available for transfer if you wait until the January transfer window, however. For some players this column is blank – this means that they are out on loan at the start and are therefore unavailable for purchase until the second season.

Initial player costs may seem very low this year. The figure in the player cost column refers to the price you are given if you scout the player. But I’ve also added a new column this time round – ‘They want’. This refers to the price the other team want for the player if you enquire about him. Often there is a large difference between the player cost obtained through scouting and that obtained through an enquiry. This leaves a lot of room for negotiation, so don’t be put off if a price in the ‘They want’ column is high, as you can usually get the player for much less. Try bidding lower than what you think will be accepted – you may be surprised at their response. If the ‘They want’ column is blank it’s because the team refused to give a price, either because the player has just joined them or because they are loaning him in.

And as a final note, in FIFA 14 EA update player OVRs and potentials every week. Mose of the time these are very minor changes, and most players won’t be affected at all unless they have had a very noteworthy week. Furthermore, some players occasionally disappear if they have been put in the reserve squad that week. So just bear in mind that these figures should be read as a guide only and not a definitive account of player costs, potentials, etc, for the entire season.[/expand]

So, here are the three left backs I recommend tonight.

Alex Telles: potential 84

FIFA 15 best cheap left backs

Alex Telles possesses attacking flair that is a real asset if you like your full backs to get forward

If you want a left back who will tirelessly bomb on and create a ton of chances for your team, then Alex Telles is the clear choice. Already possessing the highest xanax online in the usa crossing stat in this article and exceptional dribbling and passing, he’s a deadly threat when attacking down the left flank.

While his defensive stats aren’t quite as high, there’s no need to worry because they rapidly improve. The game recognises he is a left back and so helps his tackling and marking improve, so within a few years he will be phenomonenally well-balanced in terms of his technical stats.

You can’t buy him straight away because he’s only just joined Galatasaray SK, so you’ll have to wait until the winter transfer window (or possibly the second season) to get your hands on him. When he does become available his price is likely to be around £9m, so he will be expensive – but absolutely worth it. His wages are £15,000.

Sead Kolasinac: potential 80

Sead Kolašinac is rare for a full back - fast and strong, he can hold his own in attack and defence

Sead Kolašinac is rare for a full back – fast and strong, he can hold his own in attack and defence

If you need a defensive rock rather than an attacking full back, Sead Kolašinac is the player to look out for. It’s unusual to find full backs who are both fast and strong (like Felipe Campos in my right backs article), but that’s exactly what you get with this guy, who starts with 85 sprint speed and 86 strength. He can batter his way past defenders if he goes forward, and win the ball off opponents with ease when tracking back. His physical force is rare among full backs but something you can put to great use in your team.

You’ll find his defensive capabilities and height of 6’0″ enable him to expertly fill in at centre back if required, giving him a versatility that other full backs may lack. His defensive nature will come to great use if you find yourself in a tough division or up against highly rated opposition wingers, so he’s the man to go for if you want to keep things solid at the back.

FC Schalke 04 ask for £3.8m for him but you could bag him for as little as £2.5m, a real bargain considering his starting OVR and key attributes. His wages are £35,000.

Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov: potential 81

FIFA 15 best cheap left backs

Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov is great for his age and develops into a well-rounded full back

But if you’re looking for a cheap option who can still do the business, give Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov a try. Starting with 67 OVR and 81 potential, he’s one of the highest rated 17 year olds in the game. Thanks to his high potential and young age, there’s a good chance he could exceed his potential with a few years’ worth of good growth.

He comes as a slightly more defensive minded full back, but as he grows he develops in to a very nicely balanced player capable of breaking up attacks but also causing defenders problems down the wing. His tackling and interceptions in particular make him a very useful player to have, and become quite exceptional as he nears his potential.

Zenit want £2.4m for him but I got him for as little as £1.6m, and you could be able to get him for even less. His wages are very affordable at £5,000.

And why not watch my video guide to see me completely fail to pronounce his name? But hey, it’s not exactly like he’s called Dave is it?

Now here are the other cheap, high potential left backs in FIFA 15:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)They want (£)Wages (£)ClubAvai?FootWeak footSkillsTraitsNotes
LBAlex Telles7284211,500,000-15,000Galatasaray SKN/4Left23Flair
LBNicola Murru708319875,0006,500,00015,000CagliariY/3Left32
LBAlejandro Grimaldo688218500,0004,100,0002,000FC Barcelona BY/2Left22
LBNathan Aké678219375,0003,500,00010,000ChelseaY/4Left32
LBErik Durm7382221,500,0009,000,00045,000Bor. DortmundY/5Right43
LBAli Adnan7281201,500,0009,000,0003,000Çaykur RizesporY/4Left22Power free-kick
LBDzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov678117375,0002,400,0005,000ZenitY/1Left32
LBRaphaël Guerreiro708120975,0007,000,00015,000FC LorientY/3Left33
LBAndrew Robertson708120975,000-6,000Hull CityN/3Left32
LBJetro Willems7281201,500,0008,500,00015,000PSVY/3Left44Flair, giant throw-in
LBJuan Bernat718120975,000-25,000FC BayernN/5Left33
LBJaïro Riedewald648017275,0002,500,0002,000AjaxY/4Left32
LBSead Kolašinac7380211,500,0003,800,00035,000FC Schalke 04Y/3Left32Strength, early crosser
LBJon Flanagan718021975,0002,600,00025,000LiverpoolY/1Right32
LBMarc Muniesa7280221,500,0006,500,00015,000Stoke CityY/3Left32Injury prone
Thanks for reading! If you have any player recommendations of your own and have some ideas for the website, make sure you let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to connect with me on social media. I’ve just launched the FIFA Scouting Tips YouTube channel, and you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest updates.

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  1. Interesting to see you have Grimaldo on here. I am in my 3rd season with FSV Frankfurt and have him as one of my Left backs and I don’t rate him. I expected him to perform better than he has, and I am also wondering if Fifa 15 has the Career stuck bug as he has not leveled in 3 years and us still 68 OVR.

    Guerreiro is a far better left back in my opinion and feels better in Game.

    1. Post

      That’s a shame, but I suppose he won’t suit everyone’s play style.

      It sounds like his potential could have been borked. When you sign players in FIFA 15 (or promote them from the academy, or have them return from loan) their potential changes, and it could be that his potential got dropped when you bought him.

      Luckily there’s a simple enough fix. Loan him out then save your game. Now, recall him and go to the squad report screen and check if he’s got a potential status (“showing great potential”, etc). If he does, then you’ve boosted his potential back up again (it’s impossible to know exactly what his new potential will be, but the potential statuses give a good indication). If not, reload the save and try again.

      Once he’s got back a good potential, he should start growing 🙂

  2. Hi Alex, how did you get Ali Adnan for 1.5m? Did you buy him the first window? I tried in the first Jan window but they wouldn’t budge on a 6m valuatation.



  3. I overpaid for Alex telles and bought him for 10 mil and I gave away bendtner but I liked his stats so I bought him anyway in my second season. I’ve had him for 3 months and he’s been in my starting squad and has been in great form but he hasn’t grown in any of his stats. WTF is going on. This same thing happened to me with lacazette in the first season!

  4. Nice to see you included Nathan Ake. I usually try to get him in most of my manager careers (mostly cause of the fact you can him at DM as well). one of them he got up to an 89 or 90 ovr (although i let him go because he wanted to transfer before he got up to that).

  5. Lucas Digne? I got him to 86 in my Porto career – bought for $8m
    Also have –
    Junior Malanda – 86
    Youri Tielemans – 90
    Sandro Ramirez – 82
    Cristiano Ronaldo – 91
    Gareth Bale – 93
    Aguero – 87

    Players from the start –
    Jackson Martinez – 85
    Danilo – 82
    Ruben Neves – 85
    J.F Quintero – 90
    Alex Sandro – 83

    Sold –
    Bruno Martins Indi – 84 – to Barca
    Diego Reyes – 87 – to Spurs (htf did they get so much money for this guy, i mean, they’re spurs…)
    Oliver Torres – 83 – back from loan to Atletico who sold him to Chelsea
    Soldado – 83 – to Brisbane Roar age 36 (lol)

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