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The series is back for FIFA 15! In these articles I look at the best cheap, high potential players in FIFA 15, with tonight’s post focusing on left midfielders and left wingers. I’ll go through a few recommendations, then show you the full list of top quality players afterwards. For a full run down of how I choose the players and what the different columns in the table mean, click on “What are these articles all about?” below.

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The articles in this series should give you some ideas if you’re looking for a new signing in a key area. There is one article for each position on the pitch to make it easy for you to quickly find players to bolster your squad.

All of the players given here have a minimum potential of 80, so you know you’re getting quality. The maximum OVR for each player is 73, both to keep transfer prices down and to avoid presenting you with too many options and thus making it too difficult to choose the player you need.

The ‘Avai?’ column is short for ‘available?’ and refers both to whether or not you can buy the specified player at the start of the first season and how long their current contract is. Let’s take Y/2 as an example – Y means that yes, you can buy him at the start of a new career, and the number means he has two years left on his contract. Similarly, N/3 would mean that no, you can’t buy the player straight away, and he has three years left on his contract. These ‘no’ players are often available for transfer if you wait until the January transfer window, however. For some players this column is blank – this means that they are out on loan at the start and are therefore unavailable for purchase until the second season.

Initial player costs may seem very low this year. The figure in the player cost column refers to the price you are given if you scout the player. But I’ve also added a new column this time round – ‘They want’. This refers to the price the other team want for the player if you enquire about him. Often there is a large difference between the player cost obtained through scouting and that obtained through an enquiry. This leaves a lot of room for negotiation, so don’t be put off if a price in the ‘They want’ column is high, as you can usually get the player for much less. Try bidding lower than what you think will be accepted – you may be surprised at their response. If the ‘They want’ column is blank it’s because the team refused to give a price, either because the player has just joined them or because they are loaning him in.

And as a final note, in FIFA 14 EA update player OVRs and potentials every week. Mose of the time these are very minor changes, and most players won’t be affected at all unless they have had a very noteworthy week. Furthermore, some players occasionally disappear if they have been put in the reserve squad that week. So just bear in mind that these figures should be read as a guide only and not a definitive account of player costs, potentials, etc, for the entire season.[/expand]

So, here are tonight’s recommended left midfielders and left wingers.

Nathan Redmond: potential 80

FIFA 15 best cheap left midfielders

Nathan Redmond can play at left midfield and left wing, enabling him to fit in to a whole host of formations and play styles

I’m recommending Nathan Redmond because he forms the perfect blend of left midfielder and left winger. With 90 acceleration, 84 sprint speed and 84 balance, he’s going to be ideal if you’re looking for a wide player who can dart in behind defences and score you goals. Couple that with his 75 ball control, 77 dribbling and four star skill moves and you’ve got a player who can beat defenders with consummate ease.

But he can also play further back as a left midfielder if that’s what your formation requires. His 71 crossing and 69 short passing will make him a key supply line for your forwards, and as he develops these will grow quickly and make him into a great all-rounder. He’s even got decent long shots, so can trouble goalkeepers from range if the opportunity arises.

His wages are £20,000, and an enquiry to Norwich City will bring back an asking price of £8m. However, I was able to get him for £5.4m, so you can get a good discount on him if you decide he’s your man.

Ricardo Kishna: potential 85

FIFA 15 best cheap left midfielders

Ricardo Kishna combines blistering pace, technical ability and high potential to form an excellent left midfield prospect

If you’re after more of an out-and-out left winger, take a look at Ricardo Kishna. Like Redmond he is extremely pacey, and he actually has the best dribbling/ball control combination in this article, with 82 dribbling and 84 ball control. If anything, this makes him even better at taking on defenders than Redmond, and his four star skill moves further bolster his impressive resumé.

Another thing he’s got going for him is his height. At 6’2″ he’s not your average left midfielder, and this should help him hold off defenders and give him an extra yard to complete a pass or shot on goal. With 85 potential, he’s got everything you need if you want to sort out your left midfield for years to come.

An enquiry to Ajax seems to being back different prices – sometimes it will be around £2.9m, other times £5m. If you get quoted £2.9m then you should be able to buy him for around £2.2m, and if £5m is the asking price then £3.5m should be enough. His wages are £25,000.

Valentino Lazaro: potential 81

FIFA 15 best cheap left midfielders

Valentino Lazaro can hold his own well against defenders thanks to his high strength, a rare gift for a wide player

Speaking of left midfielders who can hold off defenders, my next choice is Valentino Lazaro of RB Salzburg in Austria. Most wingers that you’ll find will be small and lacking strength; not so Lazaro, whose 75 strength make him a real rarity among wide players. His strength should make him feel better than his OVR implies, given that he will be able to hold onto the ball for longer and should be able to win it back more easily.

But his strength doesn’t come at the expense of other useful stats. Like my other recommendations, he’s very fast with 83 acceleration and 87 sprint speed. His dribbling is also very respectable at 76, and he also has four star skills moves so can still beat defenders using his pace and trickery. Finally, he’s got a powerful long shot and this develops into a deadly asset that he can put to good use as he grows.

RB Salzburg want £2.8m for him, but I was able to buy him for £2m. His wages are £2,000, making him much more affordable than both Redmond and Kishna when it comes to his salary.

See below for the full list of cheap, high potential left midfielders and left wingers in FIFA 15:

PosNameOVRPot.AgeCost (£)They want (£)Wages (£)ClubAvai?FootWeak footSkillsTraitsNotes
LWJulian Brandt7086181,000,0009,000,00010,000Bayer 04Y/5Right44Flair
LMTimo Werner7085181,000,0009,000,0005,000VfB StuttgartY/4Right43Speedster
LWRicardo Kishna7385191,600,0002,900,00025,000AjaxY/2Left44Injury prone, flair
LMGonçalo Guedes648417325,000-3,000SL BenficaN/5Right33
LWIuri Medeiros698419700,0004,200,0007,000Sporting CPY/5Left34
LMMats Møller Dæhli7184191,100,0007,000,00015,000Cardiff CityY/5Right33Flair
LWKingsley Coman678318425,000-7,000JuventusN/5Right33Speedster
LMSinan Kurt628117200,000-3,000FC BayernN/4Left33
LMValentino Lazaro668118450,0002,800,0002,000RB SalzburgY/1Right34Flair
LMRodrigo De Paul7181201,100,000-20,000Valencia CFN/5Right32Finesse shot, long shot taker
LWFelipe Anderson7381211,800,0004,500,00035,000LazioY/4Right33
LMWilfried Zaha7281211,800,000*25,000Crystal Palace-Right34On loan from Manchester Utd
LWAllan Saint-Maximin658017325,0002,000,0002,000Saint-EtienneY/3Right33
LMIbrahima Mbaye658019350,0001,300,0006,000InterY/2Right32
LMJack Grealish668018450,0001,800,0002,250Aston VillaY/4Right34
LMTheo Bongonda678018450,0003,700,0002,000Zulte-WaregemY/3Right34
LMRyan Thomas698019650,0004,800,0006,000PEC ZwolleY/4Right44Flair
LWHirving Lozano7180181,000,0004,700,0007,000PachucaY/1Right32
LMNathan Redmond7380201,800,0008,000,00020,000Norwich CityY/3Right34Acrobat, flair, long shot taker
LWPaul-Georges Ntep7380211,800,000-25,000Stade RennaisN/3Right33
LWDenis Cheryshev7380232,000,000*45,000Villarreal CFLeft33On loan from Real Madrid
LMJuan Carlos7380242,300,000*30,000Granada CF-Left23On loan from SC Braga
Thanks for reading! If you have any player recommendations of your own and have some ideas for the website, make sure you let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Check out Joel Campbell (75 – 83) for a bargain of around £2m due to his “squad rotation player” status at the gunners. Although watch out for his wage demands if your in the Championship (something like £55k a week will seal the deal). Thanks, Jack

    1. Post

      His starting OVR is too high, unfortunately. The purpose of these articles is to highlight some of the lesser known (and less expensive) high potential players in the game. Everyone knows about Depay, but not everyone knows about Gonçalo Guedes 🙂

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