FIFA 16 Cheap Beasts: Bartłomiej Drągowski

FIFA 16 Cheap Beasts: Bartłomiej Drągowski

Cheap Beasts is a new series of FIFA 16 career mode guides dedicated to finding you the best high potential cheap players in FIFA 16. You’ll see why you should buy them, how much to pay for them and how good they become in the future. Every post is written by a guest author, so if you’re interested in writing one, get in touch!

By Henry Lichaj

Bart?omiej Dr?gowski is a young Polish keeper that is a great bargain. At age 17 his overall rating is 71, which is very good for such a young keeper. But best of all? He’s got 86 potential, making him one of the most promising young shot stoppers in FIFA 16.

His goalkeeping states are pretty much what you’d expect for a younger keeper. He has a lovely 76 rating for his reflexes, which make him so quick to move. What helps this is his reactions stat – he has a 72 reaction stat, which is a great combo for a keeper in my opinion. Not only will he have quick reflexes for close range shots, but he will also be able to react quickly if there’s a loose ball in the box.

Another stat we should note is his positioning. It is at 71, so he has a good idea of where to position himself when a ball comes at goal. Both his diving and handling are at a 68, which isn’t at all bad considering he is a fairly young keeper.

All those stats are nicely balanced, which means when he hits that 86 potential he’s going to be awesome at pretty much everything.

FIFA 16 Cheap Beasts: Bart?omiej Dr?gowski

One last thing about Dr?gowski before we get into the transfer talks/potential. For a 17 year old player he stands at 6’3″/191cm and has the Puncher trait. If you are not familiar of this trait, cheap xanax india it’s great for any keeper to have for corners and crosses, allowing him to punch the ball rather than them attempting to catch the ball and risk losing control of it.

Now for the fun stuff. Send off an enquiry and you’ll get a price of $5.5m (£3.8m). I tested several offers and the lowest I was able to get him was at $3.5 million (about £2.9m). Now for wages, he will demand around $30,000 (£20,000). They’re not the cheapest wages, but considering how amazing Dr?gowski becomes, I assure you it’s worth it!

Considering Dr?gowski starts at 71 OVR at age 17, he’s great for a lower division team or maybe some lower first division teams. His potential is 86 – that’s +15 growth. If you mass train him (as I did in my career mode) you will be able to get him to an 89 overall within 5-6 seasons. Amazing, right? The money might be hard to get rid of but for what he is worth I’d say it would be a great investment and he will dominate in net.

Quick tips:

  • Due to his high potential some teams actually do put offers out for him so if you want to grab him make sure to be quick about it
  • I would recommend playing him as often as you can. If you start off with a big team obviously you might not want a younger lower rated keeper starting but in order for this player to grow to his potential I would say play him a lot
  • Here are his stats at the start of a career mode:

    FIFA 16 Cheap Beasts: Bart?omiej Dr?gowski

    Thanks to Henry Lichaj for this Cheap Beasts guide. Found a great player and want to write a guide for this series? Then make sure to contact me with your idea!

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