FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

FIFA 16 | Good teams for career mode – UD Almeria

Introduction: How do these articles work?

Each Sunday I examine a different team in detail and look at why they’re a good team for FIFA 16’s career mode. The teams are broken down into the following categories:

  • Tier 1: Teams in tough divisions that can push on to challenge for silverware
  • Tier 2: Teams that will have to fight for survival in a challenging division
  • Tier 3: Teams that start in a lower division but can hope to get promoted and work their way up higher leagues
  • Tier 4: Teams that start right at the bottom of the pile, with few funds or high potential players

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

UD Almeria (Tier 3)

Tier 3 sides start in a low division but have a great chance of working their way up the leagues – perfect for ‘journey’ career modes or returning a team to former glory.


  1. Why choose UD Almeria?
  2. Lineups
    1. Strongest starting lineup
    2. Highest potential lineup
  3. Recommended purchases
  4. Suggested sales
  5. Future considerations
    1. Get a new striker
    2. Renew contracts

Starting transfer budget: £2,200,000
Starting wage budget: £35,000
Default formation: 5-4-1
Board expectations: Win the league title, cup round of 32
Key player: Michel Macedo
Best young prospect: José Pozo

Why choose UD Almeria?

If you’re looking for a quick promotion, UD Almeria are a great team to use. They have the joint-highest budget in the Spanish second division, so you’ll have plenty to spend on high quality players. And there are plenty of those already on the team – in fact, UD Almeria have one of the strongest sides in the entire division. That puts you in a great position to achieve your objectives.

Most of the problems UD Almeria will face, ironically, come from them being so good. Because your board wants you to win the league, you won’t be able to bide your time for a season or two as your players develop – you have to hope they’re ready for the top flight after just one year. It’s also harder to attract new players – you’re in a low division, so talented players may want a big wage boost to join you.

The team’s key player is Michel Macedo. With 92 sprint speed and 92 stamina he makes an ideal wing back, able to get up and down the wing quickly all game long. He can defend, cross and intercept well, and he’s also quite strong for a full back. And thanks to his 77 potential, he’s also one of the highest potential players on the team.

But the most promising player at UD Almeria is José Pozo. With 76 dribbling and 74 finishing, he can play right across the front line – striker, attacking midfield and on the wing. He’s got 78 potential, but could well exceed that because he starts at 69 OVR – a few years of growth and he could get into the 80s. He’s also got four star skills – great for breezing past defenders.

Strongest starting lineup

Changing the formation to 4-4-2, here is UD Almeria’s strongest starting lineup, with OVRs in brackets:

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Highest potential lineup

Changing the formation again to 4-3-3, here is UD Almeria’s highest potential lineup, with potentials in brackets:

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Recommended purchases

Key signings required: CB x2, winger, ST.

Before getting started, change UD Almeria’s budget ratio to 45:55. That will give you £1,809,000 in transfer funds and £42,519 in wages. Now let’s buy some players.

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Loïck Landre is a pacey centre back who you can get for free

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Loïck Landre
Club: RC Lens
Position: CB
OVR: 70
Potential: 76
Age: 23
Cost: £0 (contract expiry)
Wages: £25,000

UD Almeria have a bit of a problem at centre back. The highest rated CB on the team – Carlos Cuéllar – is 33 and will decline soon. Next after him, Fran Vélez only has 73 potential so isn’t really a long-term option. I reckon we need two new centre backs to solve this problem.

You probably don’t need both at once (Cuéllar can last a season), so I recommend you get Loïck Landre on a free transfer. He’s very pacey for a centre back with 78 sprint speed, and that’ll help him catch up to strikers who may have broken through on goal. He’s got decent strength and is fantastic in the air, and his defensive stats are very good too. His 76 potential will make him a very useful defender for years to come.

To sign him, approach his team (RC Lens) in the first January transfer window and select ‘approach to sign on contract expiry’. He will then join your team at the beginning of the second season. His wages are £25,000.

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Menno Koch will be dominant in the air

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Menno Koch
Club: PSV
Position: CB
OVR: 68
Potential: 76
Age: 20
Cost: £700,000
Wages: £7,000

The next job is to find a higher potential replacement for Fran Vélez. Because Carlos Cuéllar will be decent enough for one season, we can rely on him, but Vélez isn’t really going to grow much due to his 73 potential.

My suggestion is Menno Koch of PSV. This guy will absolutely dominate everything in the air. That’s because he’s 6’5″ and has an incredible 85 jumping – if you want opposition crosses cleared every time, you’ve found your man. He’s also good from his own team’s set pieces too, thanks to his 77 heading accuracy, so expect him to score plenty of goals from corners. Finally, his interceptions are excellent (75), so he’ll be great at reading the game and cutting out opposition passes.

PSV want £975,000 for him but you can get that down to £700,000. His wages are £7,000.

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Marlos Moreno is a great high potential winger

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Marlos Moreno
Club: Atl. Nacional
Position: LW
OVR: 69
Potential: 81
Age: 18
Cost: £1.1m
Wages: £3,900

Looking at the best potential lineup image above, it looks like right midfield is one of UD Almeria’s weakest areas. In truth, Jonathan Zongo is a very useful player thanks to his lightning pace, but he’s not going to get much better order xanax online mastercard over time. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start looking around for a replacement who can take over after a season or two.

I suggest you get Marlos Moreno of Atl. Nacional in Colombia. His main strengths lie in his pace and dribbling, exactly what you want from a winger. He’s also got four star skills, which will be devastating in combination with his 82 acceleration, 82 sprint speed and 77 dribbling. He’s also got 81 potential, meaning he’ll be your highest potential player, and his 69 OVR means it won’t be long until he takes the place of Zongo on the wing.

Atl. Nacional want you to pay £1.8m but you can knock that right down to about £1.1m. His wages are very cheap at £3,900.

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Yassine Benzia can play on the wing as well as up front

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Yassine Benzia
Club: LOSC Lille
Position: ST
OVR: 69
Potential: 78
Age: 20
Cost: £0 (loan)
Wages: £6,000

While UD Almeria’s strikers are decent, they’re not particularly exciting. Chuli is a good starter but doesn’t have amazing potential, while Uche is good but at 32 will start declining soon. The only other striker, Quique, only has 66 potential. Ideally, we want a striker who can also play out wide to provide more options if you want to play Pozo at attacking midfield or Zongo up front.

My choice is Yassine Benzia of LOSC Lille, brought in on loan. Some of you may remember Benzia from a couple of years ago when he had 85 potential. While he’s not quite at that level now, he’s still a brilliant player to have on loan. His best attributes are his 81 dribbling (amazing for a 69 OVR player) and four star skills – play him on the wing and those stats really become useful. In fact, his OVR goes up to 72 on the wing, making him one of your better players. But he’s also good up front, and will excel wherever you need him.

Because funds are a bit tight and UD Almeria aren’t as desperate for a striker as they are for other positions, I’ve opted to just bring him in on loan. However, don’t forget that you can have him on a two-year loan if you want to get the most out of him. His wages are £6,000.

After those transfers, you’ll have £9,000 in transfer funds and £619 in wages left over – clearly not enough for any scouts or further signings! Let’s see who we can sell in order to raise more money.

Suggested sales

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Quique will get you about £350,000

In goal, Yeray only has 67 potential so can be sold. He’ll get you around £180,000.

Ernesto Goñi, Adri Castellano and Charlie Took can be sold for £400,000, £250,000 and £300,000 respectively. If you want to raise a bit more money, sell Jorge Morcillo for about £500,000.

Selling Puertas will get you around £150,000, while Carlos Selfa will sell for about £220,000. Iago Díaz is only 22 but is only set to grow 3 OVR points to his potential of 69. I personally reckon he can get higher than that because he’s still young, but if you want to sell him he’ll go for around £500,000.

Finally, Quique can be sold for around £350,000.

Depending on whether you decide to sell Morcillo and Díaz, these players can bring in around £1.85m – 2.85m, which could give your title bid a real boost.

Future considerations: get a new striker

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Aaron Olanare’s physical stats make him hard for defenders to contain

You may actually decide that you don’t want to loan in Benzia, and instead want to buy a striker permanently with the money made from selling the above players. If that’s the case, I recommend you buy Aaron Olanare from CSKA Moscow. He’s fast and strong, so he can bully defenders out of the way, while his 74 dribbling means he can also play on the wing (more flexibility!). But really you’ll want to play him up front where his finishing and physical stats will be most useful.

CSKA Moscow want £2.2m for him but you can buy him for £1.8m. His wages are £25,000 and he wants the ‘important 1st team player’ squad role. That won’t be a problem, as he’ll be one of the best strikers on the team.

Future considerations: renew contracts

FIFA 16 good teams for career mode: UD Almeria

Don’t risk losing your best GK (Julián) for nothing – renew his contract!

The big risk at UD Almeria is that you lose your best players for nothing in the January transfer window, because so many of them have expiring contracts. Macedo, Zongo, Azeez, Fatau, and Julián all have contracts that are about to expire – basically all of your highest potential players. There are also seven other players with expiring contracts, many of whom are good squad players.

So make sure you remember to renew these contracts as soon as you start a career with UD Almeria. Don’t forget, or you could come to regret it in January!

That’s it for this week’s article on good teams for career mode. UD Almeria have a fantastic budget and lots of great players, so getting promoted shouldn’t be any trouble. But can you survive in the top flight? It’s much tougher, but plan well and sign some good players in the first year and you’ve got every chance of doing it.

I’d like to hear if you have any thoughts about the format of the article itself. Did you find it useful? Conversely, do you think it was missing something that you’d have liked me to include?

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