FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Grejohn Kyei

Cheap Beasts is a series of FIFA 17 career mode guides dedicated to finding you the best high potential cheap players in FIFA 17. You’ll see why you should buy them, how much to pay for them and how good they become in the future. I’m looking for guest authors, so if you’re interested in writing a Cheap Beasts article, get in touch!

Today’s Cheap Beast is Grejohn Kyei of Stade de Reims. He starts at 68 OVR and has 80 potential, and is an incredibly versatile, beastly striker.

If you’re looking for a big, strong, target man striker who won’t cost a huge amount of money, this guy is the perfect option. He’s 6’2″ and has 84 strength already, so will be great at holding up the ball when going forward. He’s also got 79 balance, which is exceptional for such a big guy, and it’ll make him even harder to dispossess.

He’s great in the air thanks to that height and his 80 jumping, but he’s also decent with the ball at his feet. He’s not slow, and his 71 finishing, good dribbling and 72 penalties show he’s not just a physical player.

Stade de Reims want £2.4m for him, but you can get that down to around £2m, which is a great price to pay for a player as versatile as him. His wages are £4,800.

Here are his stats at the start of a career mode:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Grejohn Kyei

And here’s how he looked for me after three years of growth:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Grejohn Kyei

After three years of growth, he was 76 rated at 23 years old for me, up 8 OVR points. And first things first, his physical stats look amazing. 99 strength is just ridiculous – he’s going to be incredible at holding the ball up and a battering ram when he goes forward. He’s incredibly fast as well thanks to that 88 sprint speed.

He was great in the air, with 84 jumping and 82 heading accuracy, plus that 6’2″ height. Combined with his strength, he’ll be a real threat from set pieces and corners.

His finishing and positioning went up nicely, making him useful in the box, and perhaps most surprisingly he was actually very, very good at dribbling. 80 dribbling, 82 balance and 88 sprint speed mean he’ll be excellent at taking the ball around defenders in goalscoring situations.

All this for £2m makes him a must buy in career mode. In the image above, he’s not even at his 80 potential either, so could grow past that because he’s still pretty young. If he’s this good now, just imagine how good he’ll be in a few more years. He’s just such a good player, and such a good bargain.

Quick tips:

  • He’s best as a striker, but as his pace develops he can also be useful on the wing
  • His flexibility – pace, power, dribbling, heading and more – mean he should be good no matter your playstyle

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