FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Christian Früchtl

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Christian Früchtl

Cheap Beasts is a series of FIFA 17 career mode guides dedicated to finding you the best high potential cheap players in FIFA 17. You’ll see why you should buy them, how much to pay for them and how good they become in the future. I’m looking for guest authors, so if you’re interested in writing a Cheap Beasts article, get in touch!

Today’s Cheap Beast is Christian Früchtl of Bayern. He’s incredibly cheap but has 84 potential, making him ideal for road-to-glory careers and teams with tight budgets.

Früchtl is 16 and starts at 58 OVR, with his strengths being his GK diving and reflexes. That means he’ll excel at one-on-ones and, where his height (6’3″) and quick reflexes will thwart opposition strikers.

Because his OVR is relatively low, that means you can buy him extremely cheaply – Bayern want just £400,000 for him, so you only have to pay around £330,000 to get him. His wages are also very cheap at £1,700. That’s an amazing price for a player with 84 potential!

And don’t forget that goalkeepers benefit greatly from training. If you train him regularly, it won’t be long until he’s pushing towards 70 OVR – you could even get him to that within one season.

So if you’re starting a new career with a team in a lower league, or just don’t have much transfer money, he’s a great player to go for.

Just remember that he was only added to FIFA 17 on 27th April 2017, so if you’ve already started a career he won’t be available. But if there’s any player it’s worth starting a new career for, it’s Christian Früchtl.

Here are his stats at the start of a career mode:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Christian Früchtl

And here’s how he looked for me after three years of growth:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Christian Früchtl

After three years he had grown 12 points to 70 OVR – roughly 4 points a season. That was just natural growth, with no training – if I had trained him then it’s likely he would have grown even more.

His diving and reflexes remain his best stats, but his other goalkeeping stats have grown nicely too. By the time he gets to his 84 potential, he’s going to be amazing.

Training could also make him easily exceed his potential and reach into the late 80s. With some good performances in both matches and training, he could become the next Manuel Neuer. All for around £400,000!

Quick tips:

  • He’s ideal for lower league teams, where he can go straight into the starting lineup
  • Because he’s a goalkeeper, you can train him lots and he won’t be negatively affected

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