FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Axel Tuanzebe

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Axel Tuanzebe

Cheap Beasts is a series of FIFA 17 career mode guides dedicated to finding you the best high potential cheap players in FIFA 17. You’ll see why you should buy them, how much to pay for them and how good they become in the future. I’m looking for guest authors, so if you’re interested in writing a Cheap Beasts article, get in touch!

Today’s Cheap Beast is Axel Tuanzebe of Manchester United. He’s a versatile defender who has the physical ability and technical know-how to excel in all areas of defence.

Starting at 68 OVR, he’s ideal for mid-table teams who want a promising young defender, who lower league sides who need a first team centre back.

Perhaps his best aspect is his combination of strength and speed. He’s quick enough to catch up to all but the fastest strikers, but has the strength to out-muscle them if he needs to.

His tackling stats are good, but he can also pass as well, meaning you can play him as a defensive midfielder as well as a centre back.

And with 82 potential, he will develop into an accomplished defender who can handle whatever comes at him.

Manchester United want just £1.4m for him, so you can get him for about £900,000. His wages are £21,000. For someone with his stats and potential, he’s a bargain.

Here are his stats at the start of a career mode:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Axel Tuanzebe

And here’s how he looked for me after three years of growth:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Axel Tuanzebe

After three years he had 87 sprint speed – perfect for chasing down speedy opposition strikers. His acceleration is decent too, but he’s also pretty strong and able to hold his own.

He’s now becoming fantastic in the air – 90 jumping means he’ll be absolutely solid at defending crosses and corners. He’ll also be able to score a fair few headers as well.

His marking and tackling stats are also growing very quickly, and it won’t be long before he’s a defensive rock that’s incredibly hard to break down.

That all makes him a multi-talented defender, and a real bargain at just £1.4m.

Quick tips:

  • Pair him with a really strong centre back to create a great partnership in defence
  • If you want to loan him in rather than buy him, do it early. By the second season his wages will be quite high as he’s at a big club

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