FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Assane Dioussé

Cheap Beasts is a series of FIFA 17 career mode guides dedicated to finding you the best high potential cheap players in FIFA 17. You’ll see why you should buy them, how much to pay for them and how good they become in the future. I’m looking for guest authors, so if you’re interested in writing a Cheap Beasts article, get in touch!

My Cheap Beast today is Assane Dioussé of Empoli. He’s an energetic, ball-winning defensive midfielder with a great range of passing and excellent potential.

With 76 short passing, 74 long passing and 70 vision, he makes a great deep-lying playmaker – someone who can start attacks from deep in midfield and provide pinpoint passes and assists to his teammates.

The best ball-winning midfielders cover every blade of grass over the course of 90 minutes, and Dioussé is no different. His 79 stamina will enable him to keep running all game, while his 77 acceleration means he can quickly shut down the opposition before they have a chance to start an attack.

And unlike many defensive players, Assane Dioussé is confident going forwards. His 76 ball control is a great asset to have because it means he won’t cheaply lose the ball in dangerous situations, while his 73 dribbling will let him take the ball past the opposition if he gets the chance.

With 83 potential and a great starting OVR for his young buy xanax worldwide age, he will grow quickly and could well exceed his potential and grow into the mid-to-high 80s.

Empoli want you to pay £3.1m for him, but you should be able to negotiate that down to around £2.6m. His wages are just £3,500.

Here are his stats at the start of a career mode:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Assane Dioussé

And here’s how he looked for me after three years of growth:

FIFA 17 Cheap Beasts: Assane Dioussé

His all-important stamina stat has now grown to 84, letting him last even longer while chasing down the opposition. His tackling stats have also grown very well – especially his stand tackling, which has grown to a tremendous 84 – which will make him very difficult to get past.

He’s now an excellent passer (with both short and long passes), really helping him grow into that deep-lying playmaker role.

And his dribbling, ball control and balance stats have grown well too, making him a useful player in attack as well as in defence.

So if you’re looking for the next N’Golo Kanté, Assane Dioussé is an excellent choice for your FIFA 17 career.

Quick tips:

  • Pair him with a tall, strong central midfielder who will complement Dioussé to really make life hard for the opposition
  • His combination of decent pace, good tackling and excellent stamina make him a good choice to cover your full backs. Just make sure you train his crossing

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