My Patreon page is LIVE! Sign up for exclusive rewards

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that my Patreon page is now LIVE! This is your chance to get a bunch of exclusive rewards direct from the creator of FIFA Scouting Tips!

What exactly do you get? All sorts! You can get an exclusive video from me giving help and advice for your career mode. You’ll get the chance to play me at FIFA and give me a drubbing! And you could even win a game of your choice.

Here’s what you can get with each tier on Patreon:

Tier 1: $1 a month

  • My eternal gratitude! You’re helping to support FIFA Scouting Tips so I can continue creating content for FIFA and writing guides every month

Tier 2: $5 a month

  • Early access to my guides
  • Follow back and shout out on Twitter
  • Your name in the description of YouTube videos
  • Your name on the Wall of Fame on
  • Everything from the previous tier

Tier 3: $10 a month

  • Chart showing you the best places to send your scouts to find new talent
  • Access to Patreon-only Discord channel
  • Access to Patreon-only Facebook group
  • Submit a question to a monthly Q&A session
  • You’ll be entered into the FST raffle, giving you a chance to win a video game of your choice (available once this tier has 10+ patrons)
  • Everything from the previous tiers

Tier 4: $20 a month

  • One monthly exclusive video giving you personalised help and recommendations for your career
  • Join online seasons with me in FIFA, and take part in monthly 1v1 viewer games. Your chance to thrash me at FIFA!
  • Everything from the previous tiers

If you want to gain access to these rewards and join my Patreon community, just head over to the FIFA Scouting Tips Patreon page. Come join the community and get some great rewards!

See you there!

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