How to find the best regens in FIFA 18

How to find the best regens in FIFA 18

Regens are a great way to boost your squad in FIFA 18 career mode. But what are they? And how do you find the best regens? This guide will run you through everything you need to know to get all the best regens in FIFA 18 and take your team to the next level.

What is a regen?

When a player retires in FIFA 18, they are replaced by what’s called a regen. This is a player that has the same nationality and position as the retired player. Imagine the retired player has been reborn as a younger version of themselves – that’s more or less what a regen is. They’ll have a generated face (like a scouted player), and will usually spawn into the game between the ages of 16 and 21.

So why would you want to find a regen? Well, very often they have similar potentials to the retired players they came from. If you find the regen of Arjen Robben, for example, there’s a decent chance he could reach similar levels of greatness.

How to find the best regens in FIFA 18

Standing at 6’3″ and with 85 sprint speed, this regen is a great option as a striker.

Another reason is that their stats usually suit a particular style of play. A regen in virtually any midfield or attacking position is likely to be fast and have good dribbling, for example. Not only does that mean you’ll get some excellent regen wingers, but there’s a good chance they’ll be faster than the players you find through scouting.

It’s notoriously difficult to scout decent strikers, so regens can fill that void. Given that there are plenty of real life strikers who will retire over the course of your career, there should be a steady stream of decent options among the pool of regens.

Regen defenders are a lot like physically strong scouted defenders – they’re usually strong, fast and great in the air. So if you’re struggling to scout physically strong defenders (which is very possible, as physically strong players can be found in lots of positions), a regen version could be what you need.

OK, so how do I find the best regens?

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find great regens at the first time of asking. Players will retire at different points in different careers, so I can’t say “wait until season 4 to find Neuer’s regen”. However, there are a few things you can do to maximise your chances.

In this example, we’re going to assume you’ve just finished the first season in your career. The first thing you want to do is create a new save file at the end of the season – specifically on 29th June (because this is the last day of the season that you can save on before the only option is to advance to the new season).

Now, move forward to the new season. As soon as you get there, go to Transfers > Search Players and begin a search for players in the free agents with a maximum age of 21 (increase this as the years progress and regens have been in your save for longer). Regens sometimes end up here, and there’s nothing better than signing a hugely promising player for free.

How to find the best regens in FIFA 18

You can often find excellent regens in the free agents section

As you scroll through the players, look out for lots of green stats in their attribute summary. Add any promising-looking players to your shortlist.

Also keep an eye out for player statuses (shown when you view a player’s details, under their mood and match fitness). Here are the statuses you want to find, and what potential ratings they correspond to:

  • “Has potential to be special” means potential 91+
  • “An exciting prospect” means potential 86-90
  • “Showing great potential” means potential 80-85

Once you’ve finished looking in the free agents, create a second new save file. Now scout all the players you added to your shortlist to find out how good they are. If they’re no good, return to the save you created at the end of the season and try again. If they are good, then great! Sign them up and continue with your save file.

Shortlist older players

While you may find a few gems in the free agents, most regens will spawn at other clubs. So how do you find out how to find them?

How to find the best regens in FIFA 18

As soon as you see a good player is retiring, add them to your shortlist and search for their regen next season

The best thing to do is add high-quality players who are retiring to your shortlist. Use this list of players from SoFIFA to help you – it shows every player aged 33 or over with 80 OVR or higher. As soon as you find a player with the status ‘Retiring end of season’, add them to your shortlist. Remember to check this at the end of the season and make a note of their nationality, position and the league they play in.

As soon as the new season starts, use those parameters to search for players. So if you want to find the regen of Gianluigi Buffon (and he retired while still playing for Juventus), you’ll need to search for Italian goalkeepers playing in Serie A. As soon as you find one with plenty of green stats, there’s a good chance you’ve found his regen.

Clones and wildcards

While retiring players are the most common sources of regens, there are a couple of other types to look out for. I call these ‘clones’ and ‘wildcards’.


A clone is like a regen, except the player it’s based on has not yet retired. That means they’re harder to find, since you can’t just look out for retiring players.

Unlike regens, they don’t just spawn in the same league as the source player – they usually spawn on the same team. That can help you narrow down your search, though – if you’re looking for clones, focus your search efforts on the best clubs in each nation. Clones, like regens, closely mirror the abilities and potentials of their source players, so good club = stronger chance of good clones.


A wildcard is different in that it doesn’t appear to have a source player at all. High-quality wildcards can be easy to spot – finding a player from a tiny non-footballing nation with a status of ‘An exciting prospect’ would be a good indication that you’ve found a wildcard, for example.

Anything else I need to know?

When signing a regen – or any player, really – make sure you save once they’ve agreed to join you but before the transfer is confirmed. That’s because when a player joins your team, their potential can change. You want to make sure the regen’s potential doesn’t decrease when you sign him, so make a note of his potential status before and after he joins you just to make sure. (If he doesn’t have a potential status, check his value.)

How to find the best regens in FIFA 18

Managing a national team can help you find promising regens

Finally, a great way to quickly find regens is to manage a national team. Once you’ve accepted a national team offer, go to the national squad selection area. Filter the results by age: first ages 16-19, then ages 20-24, and make a note of all the high-quality regens you find.

This method is good because you get to see the OVR and stats of regens without having to scout them first – useful if you’re short on time or don’t want to accumulate huge scouting costs.

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