FIFA 19 good teams for career mode: Valencia

Why Valencia is the best career mode team to use in FIFA 19

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My first Career Mode in FIFA 19 will be with Valencia CF and there are a few reasons for that:

  • Due to the league (La Liga Santander) being fully licensed, Valencia CF will have their own stadium (Estadio Mestalla) in the game, which will bring a whole new level to the authentic part of Career Mode. It will give you a much better feeling to win the league in your own stadium, than a generated stadium that most big clubs have.
  • And because La Liga is fully licensed, it means that all teams will have a big part of their squad have their face scanned in FIFA 19. In previous FIFAs you had players with a face that doesn’t look like the player itself at all. Your players (and opponents) will look a lot more realistic with all the new face scans.
  • They bought some great and ‘fun’ players in the summer transfer window. We all know Michy Batshuayi by now. If you don’t know him from his great appearances for Dortmund last season, then you might have seen one of his tweets on Twitter. He posts a lot of funny tweets, which hardly any professional football player does and for this reason he got a lot of love on social media. They also have some big talents in Ferran Torres, Jose Gaya, Carlos Soler, Santi Mina, Lato, Goncalo Guedes and a few more. But they also got a few new players added to their squad in FIFA 19, including South Korean Kangis Lee, Mouctar Diakhaby from Olympique Lyon and Uros Racic.

It’s not only the new players that make the squad fun to play with. With midfield technician Parejo and striker Rodrigo, who has been one of my favourite players to use in recent FIFAs, they sure don’t need replacement for every position.

Budget and expectations

FIFA 19 good teams for career mode: Valencia

Valencia’s starting budget is £58 million, which means you have a fair amount of money even without selling players. With selling just a few players you can have a transfer budget up to £100 million and you can buy a few very good players.

The board expectations consist of:

  • ‘High’ domestic success: you need to finish around top 6 in the league to complete domestic success.
  • ‘Medium’ continental success: continental success will probably be based around your results in the Euro League (based on the first season). You probably need to finish in the quarter finals/semi-finals of the Europa League.
  • ‘High’ brand exposure: With brand exposure, you need to probably sell an amount of shirts, which you can influence by buying new players, in most occasions being a high rated player. Or you might get the objective ‘sell out the stadium/increase season ticket holders’, which can be influenced by your performances.
  • ‘Very low’ financial exposure: means that you don’t need to save any money in your transfer budget; you can spend every penny you have.
  • ‘Medium’ youth development: you need to use the youth academy a few times to achieve this board objective. However, it’s pretty unpredictable what you exactly need with ‘medium’ in the youth development section. My guess is that you need 2 to 4 youth academy players (in the right position etc.) to complete the last board objective.

All in all, my point is that Valencia CF is the best, or one of the best teams that you can use in FIFA 19 Career Mode. Here is a small checklist to see what a Valencia CF career mode has to offer:

  • League fully licensed CHECK
  • Stadium licensed CHECK
  • Scanned faces CHECK
  • Consists of many talents CHECK
  • Competitive league CHECK (With Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Villarreal I would call this a competitive league)
  • Big transfer budget CHECK

What more can you ask for?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and maybe I will make some more in the near future!

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