Finding your way in FIFA can be hard work.

Every team needs to plan for the future, and a significant part of that comes through finding and developing young players into the superstars of tomorrow. But with thousands real players spread over 600 teams, discovering the next Messi in FIFA 17 can seem like a daunting prospect.

That’s where FIFA Scouting Tips comes in.

Here you will find guides on navigating your way around the scouting system and what you need to do to uncover the next world-conquering footballing legend. Looking for a new player to fill a key role in your squad? You’ll find that here too, just head to the Best Cheap Players section and browse to the position you need to bolster. There’s even help for teams with limited budgets, all housed in the Lower League Gems section.

We’ve got big plans. As well as articles on picking the ideal team for your career mode, we’re looking into bringing in-depth tactical analysis to the site and expanding the guides to include more players xanax online mastercard than ever before. We’re looking to host guest articles and maybe even move towards more news content and interviews. If there’s something you want to see, leave a comment or head over here and let us know your thoughts.

But what has truly brought FIFA Scouting Tips to where it stands today has been the fantastic community that exists here. We love hearing players’ experiences and opinions – what’s worked and what hasn’t? Which player has really brought a team to life? What’s your killer lineup? Without this, the site wouldn’t be half of what it is.

So come join a vibrant community of FIFA lovers and discover how to take your career to the next level. And don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to be kept in the loop with all the latest FIFA Scouting Tips news.

Just use the form below if you have any ideas or feedback about the site, it’s always welcome.

Happy scouting!

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  1. Very useful guide. I hope you can help me out with a Youth Player/ Loan out Glitch. I’ve looked all over the forums and written EA, but can’t find out what to do.
    I’ve listed a variety of youth and young players (ages 17-23), one of them was loaned out. The next day, ALL the rest are listed as loaned out, but are still available in my squad to play. I only have the option of recalling them form their loan (to a phantom team) and paying the fee to do so if I want to try to loan them or sell them.
    Any suggestions? Did I miss something in the forums that answered this?

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      That’s very weird, I’ve never seen that before. Unfortunately I think it is a glitch (rather than something that has a logical explanation). Do you have a recent save that you can go back to (i.e. before the glitch) ?

      If not, is the total cost of “recalling” these players too high?

      Finally, I’m not sure if recalling the players affects whether you can loan them out again (even though, of course, you never loaned them out in the first place) in the same transfer window. Try recalling them, then putting them up for loan and see if you get any offers. If not, you may have to wait until the next transfer window.

      Again, this seems to be a random glitch because I’ve never heard about it happening before :/

    1. Someone else mentioned that, I think he may have been removed in a squad update. EA release updates every Friday, so maybe try downloading the latest squads next Friday as he may have been put back into the game. If not, at least there are lots of other players you could try instead πŸ™‚

    1. I think he may have been taken out in a recent update, which really sucks :/ try either Giannelli Imbula or ZΓ©zinho as replacements, as both of them are fantastic all-rounders in a similar way to Lucas Silva πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Alex, really enjoy reading your blog, just got 1 question. Regarding Fifa 13 on PS3

    i play a CM with Chelsea. Starting my 4th season. I seem to have a problem, being that everytime my bids are accepted and then i contract the offer. When my offer(to the player) is sent, when advancing it just freezes. Meaning i can’t even off the system or quit the game via the remote, i have to click the on button on the console. Just wanted to know if there is a way of solving the problem.

    Cause this means that i am unable to buy any players. But even though i have a stunning starting 11, i now spend time trying to develop youth(my only source of new players) There are still some great youngsters i would like to purchase in order to develop. But every time i try it freezes.

    P.S. It only happens on this career and not on other, also i don’t have any saves from before the problem. Do you have any possible solution or anyone who has solved a problem like this.

    1. Hey, sorry for the late response! Thanks very much πŸ™‚

      Interesting that it only happens on one career mode. The good news is that that suggests that it’s not a fundamental problem with your game, and future careers shouldn’t break in this way.

      I know that scouts can cause freezing problems. Try recalling your scouts, advancing a week or so and then try signing some players to see if that helps.

      Have you tried loaning the players? It would be interesting to see if that works but permanent transfers don’t.

      Also, try waiting until the next transfer window to see if you can buy players then. Has this been a problem in several transfer windows or just the current one?

      Finally, can you sell your own players to other teams? And can you loan your own players out without the game freezing?

      1. Thanks for the suggestion and so hopefully will try when i get the time, hopefully later this weekend. Will try firing my current scouts and then try to buy. Will also try to loan a player in, maybe 2, 1 with future fee and 1 without.

        Regarding waiting for the next window, that’s a negative as its been happening for the last 3-5 windows.

        Regarding players leaving that works fine, i have sold a few during this time but most go out on loan and they come back fine.

        1. Did you manage to try out those ideas? Did any of them work?

          Seeing as you’ve been unable to transfer players for so long, it may be that those ideas don’t work and you’re just unable to transfer players at all, even when loaning.

          1. No; unfortunately couldn’t do anything as i only had 1 save with no auto saves and after 1 day of advancing it would freeze no matter what i did

            But don’t break your head as now i got FIFA 14. Looking to start with villa as they got a real young team including an alright budget and a beast in Benteke. Will start this weekend altough i might think of taking Southampton

  3. love ur “so you want a…” series… it was really useful when im playing a lousy team in Division 1 or good team in division 2…

    But when im playing a good team in div 1, your recommendations are usually too low rated to fit in the team,,, would be great if you could do a similar series for the elite youngsters

    1. Thanks very much πŸ™‚ That’s a good idea and I definitely want to start including more guides and expanding the site. I’ll soon be starting a postgraduate course so my time will be a lot more limited, but if it’s feasible this is something I definitely want to include, so thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚

  4. Have anyone experienced the youth academy crash on fifa 15, xbox one?
    If yes, have you done something to “reverse” it and continue using youth academy?
    It makes me so sad that EA knows about it but don’t gives a sh*t about, even if they do some “trick” to reverse it during that season, or something that needs to be done more then once.

  5. hey guys
    i’m facing a little problem
    sometimes when i advance to the next season some players in my squad strangely stop growing for example (Iturbe from Roma & Piazon from Chelsea) i know they have a great potential but i don’t know what went wrong also when i buy a new player with a great potential sometimes he never grows
    help please & thank you

  6. Here is so awesome website for Fifa Career mode.
    Thanks your sharing ideas.

    but i have one question when i saw some picture on this site.

    the youth players are they have their face.
    but for mine, there are just shadow.

    Can I have How real face for youth player can applied?

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