FIFA 13 scouting guide – update

After a bit of testing I realised there was actually a way to reload your scouting reports. Now, I’m not necessarily recommending you do this – there’s not really any need, seeing as the scouting system is so much better this year. However, I’m putting this information up in case anyone wanted to try it.

Basically what I found is that it seems that the scouting reports are fixed during the last game before your scout reports back to you. So for me my scout reports on the 10th of the month. Let’s say I have a game on the 8th. If my save point is the 6th of the month I can advance up to the 8th, sim the game and then advance to the 10th. If I reload back to the 6th and advance through to the 10th the report will (probably; see below) be different. However, if I save on the 9th (i.e. after the game) and then advance, the report will always be the same.

However, there’s another twist. When you reload you don’t get totally random players each time. There seem to be around 5 or 6 ‘sets’ of players each month, and every time you reload one of these sets will come up. So you could reload, get Set 1, then after a few more reloads get Set 1 again. They don’t rotate in order, the set that’s picked is random every reload, so you could get the same set twice in a row, then a different one. Once you’ve worked out which is the best set you can just reload until it comes up (if you so desire). Then in the next month the sets will be full of fresh batches of players.

So basically you can reload if you want to, but it’s not as simple as it was in FIFA 12.

The scouting guide has now been amended.

10 thoughts on “FIFA 13 scouting guide – update

  1. Hi guys,
    If a youth player terminates his contract, is there any way to get him back? Also, what happens if I release a youth player? Where does he go?

    • Woah, sorry about the late response here!

      Unfortunately I don’t think there is. In FIFA 12 they would go to the free agents and you could sign them back from there, but on FIFA 13 they just disappear entirely from the game. This is the case both if they terminate their contract and if you release them.

      What I’d advise you to do is save regularly, and have multiple saves that you alternate between (e.g. do Save 1 on one week, then Save 2 the next, then Save 1 again, etc) in order to give yourself a backup if the game corrupts. Anyway, if a youth player terminates his contract, don’t save but quit and reload, and then instantly offer him a contract so that hopefully you don’t lose him.

  2. there has been a holy mother of god moment…i think a goal keeper of mine in the scouting has been misplaced as a right winger…during the match i he was wearing goal-keeper pants!!!

    • Haha no that does happen, but it’s extremely rare. At least he’ll stand out on the pitch and you’ll know he’s your player!

  3. I think I’ve found a slightly easier way to reload the scouting reports using the autosaves. If the match is on the 8th and the report on the 10th like in your example, try finishing the match, and check if the game creates an autosave for that date (I don’t sim matches, so I’m not sure if the game creates an autosave after a simmed match). If you then restart from that autosave file, and advance to the 10th, a different “set” of players will show up. Try it a bunch of times and see if it works! The same exact set might come up again, which is annoying, but it worked for me.

    • Ah I see. Well I sim virtually all my games, which doesn’t create an auto save file. But that’s a very interesting find, thanks for letting us know :) do you find that there are still a few ‘sets’ of reloaded players? Or is each set unique if you do it this way?

      • Well, I did some tinkering and found out it doesn’t work when a message (transfer emails, player asking for higher wages, etc.) pops up immediately after the match is completed. Even when the reloading does work, the same players (with different names) can still repeat come up again after a few tries, so there still seem to be sets of players like you mentioned.

        • That’s interesting, I wonder why the messages disrupt it. It seems there are several ways to get reloading to work, which is a bit more complicated than last year, but it does seem that it works. Thanks for investigating :)

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