FIFA 13 scouting guide

Once again it’s that time to take a good look at the scouting system in FIFA 13.


1. Scouting outline
2. Where to look
3. How to spot a great player
4. Free agents & regens

1. Scouting outline

The scouting system in FIFA 13 is very similar to FIFA 12, albeit with some important modifications. Here I’ll briefly run through the process of hiring a scout, sending him off around the world, and finding players.

To hire a scout, go to Manager’s Office -> Youth Academy -> Scouting Network. You will have three slots available for scouts. If you click on one you will be presented with a list of five scouts to choose from. Each will have a rating of one to five in experience and judgement, and the higher the rating the more expensive the scout will be.

What you may notice is that every month the nationalities of the available scouts are grouped by continent and that they rotate. Let’s say your team plays in England. One month you might have two English scouts available, plus one from Bolivia, one from Brazil and one from Peru. Next month you may have two English scouts again (different ones, though), but this time you may have an American scout, a Canadian scout and a Mexican scout. The order they rotate in is this: Northern Europe > Southern Europe > Central Europe > Rest of Europe > Asia > Australia > Africa > South America > North America, before heading back to Northern Europe again. The “core” scout nationality that doesn’t change is set by the league your team plays in. So if you’re looking for a top Brazilian scout and what him to find the next star from his home nation, make sure you manage a Brazilian team!

The quality of scouts shouldn’t depend on which league your team is in. There are ways to get better rated scouts – see the following articles I did on this subject for FIFA 12 (they apply to FIFA 13 as well seeing as the core of the system is the same) – guide 1, guide 2 and guide 3. As I will explain, the list of scouts changes every Saturday, so if you want to start scouting as soon as possible (in game time), save on a Friday and just reload until you get a good one. It’s quicker than advancing months down the line looking for a good scout.

In the FIFA 12 scouting guide I said that experience determines the quality of players the scout will find, whereas judgement determines how accurate his estimations of players’ talents will be. I think I was slightly wrong – a player who examined the code of the game found that experience actually determines whether the scout finds the type of player you’re looking for – playmaker, defensive minded, etc – whilst better judgement means better players will probably be found. However, this is not to say that lower rated scouts will always find worse players than higher rated ones, it’s just that higher rated scouts are probably more likely to find great players. It’s entirely possible that you could find the next Messi with a poor scout, but it’s not as likely to happen as with a very good scout. It gets harder to find great players the fewer stars your scout has.

If you don’t like the look of any of the scouts in the list, don’t worry, as they change every Saturday (they would reload every Friday in FIFA 12). If you’re really desperate for a good scout then just save your game on a Friday and then advance to Saturday. If you don’t like the look of the scouts then just quit your game, reload it and advance again – because the list of scouts is randomly generated, it means you’ll get a different set each time you reload and advance to Saturday.

Once you’ve chosen a scout you can choose to send him to various countries around the world. Every month you’ll be presented with a list of players that he’s found, and from there you can look at each player and choose whether you want to sign him, reject him or keep watching him. If you choose the latter option your scout will report back next month with a more detailed picture of the player – his list of positions will get narrower, as will his potential and OVR ranges. If you watch a player too long, though, he might get poached by another team’s academy. Below is an example of what a player looks like when you first find him (we will return to this particular player later) :

See full image

If you press RB (Xbox 360) or R1 (PS3) then you can see some more of their stats (see below) :

See full image

The longer you watch a player, the better idea your scout has of his abilities. More stat ranges will appear over the months that you tell your scout to keep watching him, and those that already existed will narrow down. Over time you’ll get a more and more complete picture of the player. If you feel he’s what you’re looking for, press A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3) and sign him to your academy. It’ll cost a small amount of money (around £20,000), so if you’re short on cash it may be sensible not to sign too many youth players!

Once a player is in your youth academy he must stay in there until he is at least 16 years old. I would actually recommend leaving him in there until he is 17, as it seems it is extremely difficult to get teams to take 16 year olds on loan. In fact you won’t be able to loan out a youth player within about half a year to a year after promoting him at all. This is because the game thinks he’s a newly-purchased player, and thinks that you can’t get rid of him after just signing him (even though you only want to loan him). At least if you promote him once he’s 17 there’s a chance you could get a loan deal 6 months after promoting him; this would be extremely hard to do if he was 16.

In addition to this, leaving him in as late as possible means he will grow well. Although the growth system is greatly improved in FIFA 13, you may still not be able to offer a youth player much game time due to his low starting OVR. The youth academy seems to work on the idea that players in there are actually playing matches every week, and thus their growth is good.

However – and this is important – youth players only ever seem to grow in the May academy report. They will experience all their growth in one go, so could grow 8+ points in one go if you’re lucky. So whatever you do, don’t promote your youth players in April if you can help if or you may lose all that growth that was waiting to happen!

Here’s another big change from FIFA 12 – reloading your scout reports is nowhere near as straightforward as it used to be. In FIFA 12 you used to be able to save the day before your monthly scouting report. If you didn’t like the players on the report, you could simply quit, reload the game and advance to the report day, whereupon you’d have a totally new set of players on the report. This no longer works. In FIFA 13, in contrast, the scouting reports are fixed during the last game before your scout reports back to you. So for me my scout reports on the 10th of the month. Let’s say I have a game on the 8th. If my save point is the 6th of the month I can advance up to the 8th, sim the game and then advance to the 10th. If I reload back to the 6th and advance through to the 10th the report will (probably; see below) be different. However, if I save on the 9th (i.e. after the game) and then advance, the report will always be the same.

However, there’s another twist. When you reload you don’t get totally random players each time. There seem to be around 5 or 6 ‘sets’ of players each month, and every time you reload one of these sets will come up. So you could reload, get Set 1, then after a few more reloads get Set 1 again. They don’t rotate in order, the set that’s picked is random every reload, so you could get the same set twice in a row, then a different one. Once you’ve worked out which is the best set you can just reload until it comes up (if you so desire). Then in the next month the sets will be full of fresh batches of players.

So basically you can reload, but it’s not as simple as it was in FIFA 12. However, as I describe later, the scouting system is so good this year that you really don’t need to reload.

The final thing I will touch on in this section is that another feature from last year’s guide has been removed – you can no longer release players to find out their OVR. Let’s say in FIFA 12 your scout found a player with an OVR range of 55-75. That’s quite a big range. If you wanted to find out the player’s actual OVR you could save the game as a test save, release the player, then go look in the free agents. He’d be in there (albeit under a different name and, regardless of his age when you found him, he’d be 16 in the free agents) and you’d be able to see his actual OVR, not just a range. Actual OVR of 65? Sign him. Actual OVR of 55? Don’t bother.

Unfortunately this year you can’t do that – release a player and he just disappears from the game. In most cases you have to wait until you promote a player to find out his OVR, making it all a bit more of a gamble (and more realistic, you might say). There is actually one way you can find out a player’s OVR though. If you’re scouting in, say, Norway, and you get offered the job of Norway national coach, take it. When you go to choose players to call up to the national squad, you can actually see players you’ve signed to your youth academy, as long as they’re from that nation and regardless if they’re old enough for a professional contract. That’s really useful, but obviously it depends on the happy coincidence of you getting the job for the nation you’re scouting!

2. Where to look

The first thing to say on this topic is that certain countries do not “specialise” in any type of player. Certain countries may have reputations in real life for, say, producing many great defenders. Unfortunately, FIFA 13’s scouting system isn’t very predictable – you could find an amazing defender in China, in Italy or in Paraguay. It may be that you found some brilliant technically gifted players in Austria – that doesn’t necessarily mean other players will have the same experience, that’s just how it worked out for you this time. However, there is one thing that can help you find what you’re looking for. As stated before, a scout’s experience level decides how likely he is to find the type of player you’re looking for (e.g. a playmaker), and the higher his rating the better.

Certain countries are more likely to produce great talents, and it’s useful knowing which ones they are. The commenter I previously mentioned has provided some very useful information regarding this topic. Although they mined their data from FIFA 12, the scouting system in FIFA 13 is built around the same core as the system in FIFA 12 (in many ways it’s actually exactly the same), so it’s very likely to be accurate. Just don’t take it as gospel.

Anyway, I’ll quote him directly (see the original post here) :

“And about the country output, you can access the file that dictates the chances of finding certain tiers of players – there are four: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Naturally, Platinum are the best youngsters out there. Each set of regions have different probabilities for each kind of player. As found in youth_scout.ini the odds are:


Where each number is:


So it can be seen that Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal and every Central European country (including Switzerland and Austria!) is where you’re the most likely to find elite youngsters. On the other hand, it’s quite unlikely you’ll find an EPL star in Australia, Asia or North America and you’ll be better off looking elsewhere!”

Here, the first number refers to the region you send a scout to, whilst the second number represents the odds of finding good players (the higher the second number the better). So for example, 0 represents Brazil and Argentina, so YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_0=15 means that Brazil and Argentina have an excellent chance of finding good players (the best chance, in fact, seeing as region 0 has the highest second number). Regions 9 and 10, the Rest of Asia and Australia, have the worst chances, only being rated 1.

Of course, as I said, don’t give up on some of the lesser known regions. I’ve scouted Paraguay and China and found truly great players there, so it is possible. Sending a scout to Brazil will not automatically result in him finding dozens of amazing players; the players he brings back will not necessarily be qualitatively better than players he finds in South Africa, for example. He’s more likely to find amazing players in Brazil, but you can find fantastic talents anywhere in the world.

Lelouch has also done some great work and found out exactly what difference each star rating makes to your scouting results. Here’s what he found: (original post here)

Another point is that from datas, the game can select up to 3 scouts out of 5 to be of the nationality of your current league (not trainer’s one).
I don’t see if you talk about knowledge [judgement], but it is really important because it affects the success rate of finding higher tier of players :


This table refers to a scout’s odds of finding good players based on his judgement rating (as opposed to the odds of finding good players in any given region). The first number represents the number of stars the scout has for his judgement rating. The next four numbers show the percentage of player qualities each scout will find (bronze being the worst players, platinum being the best). So a scout with 1 star for judgement will have a 75% chance of finding bronze players, a 17% chance of finding silver players, a 5% chance of finding gold players and a 3% chance of finding platinum players. I don’t know exactly how good a bronze player is compared to a platinum player (i.e. where the boundaries are set), but platinum players will certainly be much, much better.

The final thing to note is that in theory sending a scout to his home country helps. Let’s say you’ve hired and English scout. When choosing where to send him, when you select England a little gold star appears in the text box. In FIFA 12 this meant that his results would be more accurate – when he said a player had amazing potential then he was more likely to be right if he was in his home country. Seeing as the scouting system in FIFA 13 is built around the same setup as in FIFA 12 this is likely to remain true. I don’t believe it makes a huge amount of difference though, so don’t be afraid to scout elsewhere if that’s what you want to do.

3. How to spot a great player

Last year I would have said a good scouted player is one whose OVR was 60+ when you found him. A truly great player would be 62+ ish at age 14. This year things are a little different. The growth system is insane – players shoot up and can grow 7, 8, 9 points a season (much like growth in FIFA 12 before the November patch – hopefully there will be no repeat). Whilst before I would have dismissed any youth player who didn’t have an OVR of at least 55, now I’m willing to be a bit more lenient. So if you find a player whose OVR is probably around the late 40s, give him a go. Chances are his OVR will skyrocket and even if he doesn’t turn into the next big thing, you could still sell him on for a good amount of money, or else have a solid squad player. However, don’t worry too much. For the test results below I was using a scout with 3 stars for experience and judgement and he was still bringing me exciting talents every month, so you may find yourself flooded with amazing players in any case.

Let’s have a look at a couple of players I found. As I said, bear in mind that I was using a scout who had 3 stars for both experience and judgement, so these results are probably about average in terms of scout ability.

See full image

Alright, he’s 16 so he’s at the older end of the scale (players you find will always be aged 14-16), but look at his OVR and potential. That potential is right at the top end of initial potential projections, so he’s going to be a great talent in the future. His OVR is also very good. I signed him and instantly promoted him, and as it turns out he was a RW with an OVR of 62 (probably a mispositioned striker as he had finishing 74, but his winger stats were pretty good anyway). In the scout report it said he was “an exciting prospect” which, as I will come to shortly, means his potential is 86-90. Yep, he’s definitely a keeper! Now let’s look at another player on the same report:

See full image

This player’s OVR is likely to be at the lower end of the scale. In addition to that, his potential really isn’t great – his actual potential is probably somewhere in the mid 60s. Thanks to the sheer amount of promising players you will probably find, it’s probably not worth signing this player.

Players can, however, go over their potential, sometimes by incredible amounts. Just have a look at this video, for example – Luke James, potential 74, but this guy got him to OVR 90! This, he says, was just through playing him consistently. This would have been absolutely, 100% unimaginable in FIFA 12, where players frequently didn’t even hit their potential, despite playing all the time. This is good news for anyone looking for good scouted players. If you’ve found a guy like the one above whose potential isn’t great and you haven’t found anyone better, then maybe try him anyway. If you play him enough then who knows where his growth will stop? This is especially great for teams with low budgets – a low-rated scout may not find as many great players as an expensive one would, so it’s worth pushing players with lower potential just to see how they grow. Just have faith and play them as much as you can, and you could be handsomely rewarded.

Another thing that has really improved is that attacking players are much more likely to have high skill moves. In FIFA 12 you could find a 65 rated winger at age 14, potential 85-91, only to find he had 1 star skill moves. That meant he couldn’t even do a feint. Now, though, you’ll be finding wingers and CAMs with 3, 4 or even 5 star skill moves left, right and centre. I’m not entirely sure whether the skill moves rating is linked to potential, but it seems logical. Either way, a player with 4 or 5 star skill moves is going to turn into a great player simply because he can beat defenders so easily, so watch out for them. Two things to note: you can’t see skill moves until a player is promoted, and they don’t improve. A player with 2 star skills will always have 2 star skills. The same goes for weak foot rating.

This year you actually get hints as to a player’s potential in your squad report (in the team management tab), under the “Status” heading. Here’s what people have found out the messages mean so far:

• “Has the potential to be special” – potential 91+
• “An exciting prospect” – potential 86-90
• “Showing great potential” – potential 80-85

So clearly if you find one that says “has the potential to be special” then you’ve hit the jackpot. All of these statuses are good news, though. It also seems that if it says “has that special something”, then that player has the Flair trait. However, on the negative side youth players can’t actually have traits (although they can get specialities, see here), so you’ll only ever find this status in real players. Still, it’s useful info.

Also worth noting is that there have been reports that youth player potential can change. MooseyPoo on the FIFA 13 forums has said that they found a youth player whose status was originally “an exciting prospect”, but that this later changed to “has the potential to be special” after the player in question received lots of game time (see original post here). With players frequently exceeding their potentials, this makes sense – if a player performs well and grows quickly then his potential could well improve, so keep an eye on these status messages.

4. Free agents and regens

From the start of the second season onwards, check the free agents. You will see a whole host of young players, usually aged 16-18, some with very good OVRs and values. ‘Hang on’, I hear you say, ‘I thought rejected players didn’t end up in the free agents.’ You’d be right – that’s because these are regens. For example at the start of my second season there are two free agents worth taking note of – a Welsh CAM and an English CM. A quick check on Manchester United’s squad list shows Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are missing and there are no young players in there to replace them (in previous FIFAs, once a player retired he’d be replaced by a younger clone of himself). Giggs and Scholes have regenerated, but luckily for us they’ve appeared in the free agents, where we can get them for nothing!

It’s not quite scouting in the traditional sense, but this is a great way to get new young talent that’s not in the game when you first start a career. I don’t think every player who retires and regens ends up in the free agents, but you never know who will, so it’s always worth checking out.

Note that it’s much easier to reload these players than it is to reload your scouting reports. What you have to do is just save right before your season ends, then advance and let it set up the next season. This only takes a minute or so. Each time you do this the regens will be slightly different in some respects. Some things will always be the same simply because certain players are retiring, so for me there will always be a Welsh CAM and an English CM in there because Giggs and Scholes always retire at the end of the first season on my career. However, details like OVR, skill moves, work rates, stats, etc will be different each time. The OVR only changes by a range of roughly 1-3 points. However, you could reload to find one of the players has a great OVR and five star skills moves and weak foot ability, so it could be worth a try. However, some stats seem to remain constant – the English CM always had stamina 65 and strength 62, for example.

The more seasons you go through, (theoretically) the more players there will be in the free agents as more and more players retire. Of course, it all depends on whether computer-controlled (AI) teams sign these free agents. The bottom line is that if you’re struggling to find good scouted players, this could be a useful resource for you.

So let’s review what we’ve found. Unlike last year, you can’t reload your scout reports (or at least, not very easily) and nor can you release your players to find out their OVR. However, you don’t really need to do that any longer. The scouting system is much, much better this year. You are much more likely to find great players, even with average scouts, and those players’ growth will be such that even players with mediocre starting OVRs can become very useful players.

Bear in mind that some countries are more likely to produce good players, but it is not the case that all the players on your reports from that country will be better than the players on a report from, say, Japan. You’re more likely to find an amazing player in Argentina than in New Zealand, but you could still find the next big thing in the latter country.

Finally, don’t forget to check the free agents for some nice surprises!

I hope this guide has been useful and that you’re able to find some incredible players. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to leave them below. Thanks for all your support!

749 thoughts on “FIFA 13 scouting guide

      • Fantastic guide well done….. i found a cm called andrea el sharawy 18 year old free agent rated 75 played him for a season n he rocket upto 84 and was worth a whopping 16 million wat a bargain regen

          • I’m in 2017 with Preston North End and I have two amazing players picked from the free agents over the years. One is my CAM from Iceland Eyjolfur Hallfredsson, 89 overall worth $41Mil USD. The other is an English forward named Lee Eastman who is the pick of the bunch, 94 overall worth $169Mil USD!!!! He’s absolutely amazing! Also, my GK is Delcan Rudd, the backup at Norwich who is now at 91 overall

          • Haha $169m! Somehow I don’t think you’ll be getting any transfer offers for him any time soon ;) how old is he?

            Also really impressed that you managed to get Rudd to grow so much, that’s almost 20 points over his potential! Crazy. I take it you played him every single game and he was pretty much brilliant throughout?

          • I have a Career Mode with Wigan. Now in my 2nd season and have 3 youth players–already promoted–one from England, South Korea, and Japan and they are INSANE. All have 5 star skills and already 71 rated at 16!!!!
            The Note: Has the Potential to Be Special.

          • Great finds! That’s right near the top end of what you’re likely to find in a 16 year old :) keep us updated on their progress.

            Also, what are their positions?

      • really helpful and informative guide. This helped me out quite a lot in game and i have you to thank for. Thumbs up :)

  1. An excellent guide.
    I’ve just started my 3rd season and I already have almost all of my subsitites and reserves filled with scouted players, with one in my starting line up.

    I’ve seen some very promising regens in the Free Agents too, but I currently don’t need that! I signed one but sold him for £1.5 million a year later. Unfortunate for him that my youth academy was so good.

    The growth is very good and something hugely different from last year. The first youth player I signed has a potential in the high 80s, but his starting OVR was 62. Normally this would mean I’d sell him, but in the start of my 3rd season, his OVR is up to 72, so no problems there at all.

    I’d also highlight the comments in the guide about good players being found in less well known footballing countries.
    Using a fully 5* scout, I’ve picked up an excellent LB and GK from Venezuela of all places, their potentials are in the mid 80s.
    Also picked up two GKs from New Zealand with potentials 81-87.
    However scouts in places such as England and Belgium have picked up far more quality players.

    Anyway yeah. Neat guide. Players with poor knowledge of the scouting system will be able to rejoice.

    • Thanks man. Yeah I’ve found great players from all over the place, so it can happen. Looks like you’re going to be struggling which goalkeeper to pick in the future :P

        • Yh thats wierd how loads of youth players are tall. I’ve just started my third season yet i scouted a Greek, 17, OVR 68 whos 6’7″ + found a regens player who, i can’t remember his hight but hes German, 18, OVR 62 and hes about the same height

          • I’ve scouted a 6’5″ player and a 6’6″ player, but at the same time I’ve scouted a 5’3″ player :P a lot of people have said they’ve found extremely tall players in the free agents (6’9″, 6’8″, etc), although I’ve never seen a regen that big before.

      • I sent a scout to america (bit random I know) but he came back with a gk who I signed to my academy, Corey Alonso. After a month his overall was 63-67 and his potential 89-94. He is now 16 and I’m just waiting for him to develop

      • i found a GK from spain who’s potential is 89-94 and is OVR 65 at 16. He has the ‘potential to be special’ badge and is really good however I found another GK in the free agents called Elliott who’s 18 and OVR 69 and also has the ‘pot. to be special’ badge. If i can’t loan Elliott how should I grow both players at the same time?

        • That’s a tricky one. Goalkeepers are hard to grow – they need a lot more playing time than outfield players, and to make it worse they often don’t grow at all on loan, even if you send them to clubs where they’re first choice. Unfortunately what you’ll probably have to do (if you want them both to grow well) is sell one of them to a club that will play them all the time (as doing this seems to ensure they actually grow). Then, after a few seasons of growth, you can buy them back. By this stage you should have loads of money (as it just seems to pile up after a few seasons), so even if they’re amazing you should be able to afford them.

          When I’m trying to grow goalkeepers I only have one that I really care about. He’s my young, promising GK. Then I have an older keeper (mid/late 20s) who has reached his potential and whose starting OVR is worse than my young GK. This way I can play my promising GK a lot and get him to grow, and my older GK doesn’t mind because he knows he’s second best. As long as you play the second choice keeper now and then he should stay happy and may even thank you for giving him a chance.

          Hopefully they fix it in FIFA 14. Outfield players grow well even when they’re not playing much, and it should be the same for goalkeepers.

          • started up the Monaco career again and have a beast team. bought Vinicius Araujo cheap and now OVR 81. The keeper Elliott is now 72 so obviously very slow growth and im not able to loan Godin so very frustrating. I try to rotate them but I mostly play Elliot. The team is doing really well forunatley as my board this season are over-confident and my objective is champions league after finishing 11th then 9th. Atm im 11th but I sim most matches and im building for the future

          • How are your goalkeepers growing now? Did you manage to find a solution? As you say, it can be very frustrating :/

    • Hell, even players with a good knowledge of the scouting system will be able to rejoice (i.e., me.).

      Last year, I figured out/guessed a good amount–the rotating of regions, the fact that scouts regenerate on Fridays, the fact that the “knowledge” rating was more useful in finding better players than “experience,” etc., but this guide has some incredibly useful information that would otherwise be basically impossible to just figure out on your own. . Very well done.

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  3. yesterday for the first time I promoted a yuth player Evan Mendy -16-english,82-88, 4 star skill,CAM. When i played with him found that commentators actually calls his name! really liked it!

    • Yeah it’s a great feature isn’t it? Really adds to the realism. Now they just need to replace the black silhouette faces and we’ll really be getting somewhere :P

  4. I have got a beast he’s from Korea republic his name is Pak and is 6ft 8 and age 20 now ( in my third season) his potential was 79-94 and his sprint speed is 97. he’s doing fantastic atm

    • Amazing. I’ve seen a few people saying they’ve found enormous players who are also extremely fast. How are his strength and aerial stats?

  5. This year’s youth system is so much better than last year’s. The only thing I’ve struggled with is promoting a diverse range of players to my squad such as LB/RB, RM/LM instead of CBs and CMs. I currently have three CBs who are defensive marvels (90+ typical CB ratings) to go along with 90+ pace, 85+ agility, 90+ acceleration, etc…one of my CB actually has respectable ratings shooting and on the ball, so when my winger goes down, I slot him in…thing is HE IS SIX FOOT SEVEN INCHES TALL!!!!!!

    • Possibly, although to be honest I’m not sure it’s as necessary as it was in FIFA 12 because growth is so much better. What is it you’d like some help with?

  6. I found a regen that was essentially Ashley Cole (who had retired that past season)- left footed full back from England with the potential to be something special- but was only listed as a right back- anyone else see this?

    • Strange. Do you know if any good RBs may have retired the season before? And was there a regen LB that would have been likely to be Ashley Cole?

        • Regens seem to be from the same nation as their original player (i.e. the player who retired), but everything else seems to be random. They may not even have the same position, making working out who they are quite hard (although usually they do have the same position). No idea who he could be, but if he’s got the potential to be special then you should sign him up straight away!

          • so with regens is the same player as in looks and height??? and what players have u found to be regend?


          • They can be different heights and weights, and they can look very different too. I found what I think is a Buffon regen and he has a mohawk haha. I’ve found the Giggs and Scholes regens and the Buffon ones, but other than that it’s a bit hard to tell. I think I found the Shay Given one but didn’t sign him. Found a couple of good Italian strikers though, not sure who they are. I think one might be Di Vaio though.

        • Maybe, although regens usually (although not always) have the same position as the retired player. You could be right, it’s just hard to tell :P

  7. Does prolonged scouting in a country (6 month or 9 month period) generate better scouted players after the initial period? Say I send a scout out for 9 months. Do the players he finds get better each month so that I unearth a gem in say month 8 or 9? Or is it simply a crap shoot each month and the scout “setting up his network” not really mean anything?

    • It’s just a cap, you could find an amazing player in month 1. Back in FIFA 12 I thought the “setting up network” meant that if you sent the scout back to that country he’d already have his network of contacts set up, so he’d find better players, but that wasn’t the case. Doesn’t seem to be the case in FIFA 13 either.

  8. I found a player 16 years old named:Ahmed alzaqan in Saudia Arabia his overall was 71-75 and his potential is 90-94 he’s CDM i promoted him and he was 73 at the season start his value was 8mil and a 3* weak foot and 2* skill moves I played him 12 games and on january he became 74 and he have strenght specilst I have loaned him to Newcastle ill keep you with the new

  9. Not sure if this has to do with the latest patch but I have found that prior to the latest patch I was finding players with starting OVR ratings of 70+, in fact, I had 3 CBs all with “Has potential to be special” including one that was 6’9″! I also have 5 CMs all above 70. I actually had to sell off quite a few of my youth players because I had way too many that were good. Anyway, after the patch, I cannot find anymore of these players. I’m even using the same scouts and locations. Might be something worth looking into.

    Awesome job with the guide btw. Loved the 12 guide as well. Keep up the good work!

    • Well I haven’t found any AMAZING players yet (OVR 70+ when promoted), but I’m playing with the patch installed and have a few 14 and 15 year olds who look like they could be 70+ by the time they’re 16. Maybe you were unlucky? Have you managed to find any gems yet, or are you still getting only average players?

      • Post-patch I have definitely noticed that the quality of my youth players has gone down. My pre-patch CM froze and that team was filled with players that had been promoted at 72OA. Now I consider myself lucky to find anyone who comes in at 68. I think growth has also been slowed slightly but I’m less sure on this and certainly haven’t done any testing on it. Obviously, this is all anecdotal but I agree that things seem slightly throttled back.

        • I’m not sure myself because I haven’t been able to do some pre-patch/post-patch comparisons yet, but I’m playing post-patch and it seems to be OK. The number one tip I’d recommend is wait until you get the May youth squad report, when their OVRs all jump up. I had a player who was at 58 OVR, come the May report he went up to 70 OVR in one go! So that way you can definitely promote some amazing-looking players. Growth seems pretty good but again I haven’t really been able to compare it much with pre-patch growth.

          • my youth player is OVR 74 and i have only just signed him. this is after the patch btw

  10. Thanks for the guide!

    I have a strange question, kind of stupid as well… but….Do you have any ideea how can I find out wich of these Young future star players have commentary names ? I`m refering to the one you listed in the “Sou want a…” (Gk,Def,Mid,Att) section.
    Is there any website with this type of info ? Or I have to play matches with them and listen to the game commentary….

    I know that : Benzia (ST) , Gary Gardner (CM) , Mustafa Amini (CM) ,Nathan Redmond (RM) have commentary names….and Roderik Miranda (CB) had in fifa 12

    • if you scout and promote yuth player they usually have that. I promoted 3 and all of them have commentary name(great job by EA!)

    • No problem :)

      To be honest I’m not sure. I sim almost all of my games so I don’t know for sure. Maybe if you asked in the EA FIFA 13 forums? Sorry I can’t be more helpful on that one :/

      • Bertrand, McCombe, Mensah, Harris, Page, Carey, and Lowe are ones that I know have commentary, I find that mostly players with English names get commentary but those from like Germany or Japan don’t.

        • I think you’re right, probably because there are 4 English leagues, much more than any other country. So if you want all your youth players to have commentary names, just scout England :P

          Just joking, I’ve had quite a few scouted English players who don’t have a commentary name, and I’m sure loads of names from other countries do get called out.

    • If you go on the “create a pro” mode, when you’re making the pro it asks what commentary name you want it to be, I think if you look on the list of names there you can see which names the commentators can say. I don’t know if this is all of the names, but there are quite a few.

    • In the player career when you create a pro then you can select a commentary name from the list. Therefore if you find a talented player who you want to sign then get his name and create a pro and see if his name is in the list but dont finish the pr

  11. Hey, nice guide, loving it.
    With Chelsea, I got some really amazing youths and a regen from the free agents is now 91on my team. =D

    But has the latest patch slowed growth of real players and youths?

    • Haha amazing!

      I don’t think it’s slowed it, on one of my careers I’m only in the January transfer window and I’ve had a couple of players go up 6 points already! :)

          • Nice! I’ve got a CB (Hong Jeong Ho) who has grown 5 points and it’s only the January transfer window, so he could easily get to 8 points as well :)

            How’s Mendy doing now anyway? How are his stats developing? Always been very interested in him but I’ve never actually got around to buying him yet.

  12. Hi,

    great guide(s).
    Do you have some experience on the new “request some extra transfer budget” feature in FIFA 13 you could share? e.g.:
    – Which sum is realistic / has the highest chances on getting the subvention? (maybe in percentage of the default transfer budget of the club)
    – Is it more likely to get the extra budget in the winter transfer window?
    – Is it more likely to get the extra budget when you sucked in the first half of the season and you obviously need to improve your team or is it more like an incentive when you succeeded? Maybe even depending on trophy money you earned?
    – Or does is depend on how many players you have sold and built up an overplus?

    Thanks & greets

  13. Great guide there, I learned a few things I didn’t know before. I’ll say one thing about hiring scouts that might be worth looking into. I’m playing as Bradford City (for readers who don’t know, they’re in the English League 2) and I wanted to hire three decent scouts, and I wanted those scouts to be three different nationalities so I could send them to different parts of the world. The ideal would have been English, Brazilian/Argentinian, and Spanish/Portuguese. For most of the season the only scouts I was getting in the hire list that weren’t 1/1 rated were English. Finally at the end of the season I was given a Portuguese scout who was 5/4, so I ended up with two English scouts and the Portuguese.

    So, I wonder–does your team or league make a difference for what scouts you are given to hire? Is it possible, for example, that English teams are more likely to get English scouts? Or does it have more to do with being in the fourth tier? So that, if I get my team to the Premier League, then more foreign scouts become available?

    • I honestly don’t know about whether the league matters. I don’t think it does – I’m doing a Bolton career (in the Championship) and I still get loads of 1*/1* scouts. I’ve read that the league does affect the nationality of scouts, however. I’m going to be looking into this, so thanks for bringing it up :)

    • I know that the scouts available depend on the country your team is from. You will always have 2 scouts from the same nationality as your team is (the 3 others from different countries within one of the regions, these rotate every week) So in your case you will have 2 English scouts available every week. It has no effect on the quality of the scouts as far as i know.

  14. Kinda weird, Marco Pappa, playing for SC Heerenveen has a potential of only in the 70’s. Why is it that he is listed as a player who “has that special something”? is this a bug?

      • Yeah, but you said that players with a potential over 91 only have the “has the potential to be special” status. So how do I know the player’s potential if he has the flair attribute, causing the bug?

        • There is a difference between “has the potential to be special” and “has that special something”.

          I don’t think “has the potential to be special” necessarily means that they have the flair trait or will ever have it, I think it simply means that their potential is at least 91. Whereas, “has that special something” means that they already have the flair trait, but may not necessarily reach 91 overall.

        • I find the best way to check is to go to this website and type in the players name, then click search. Click on the right result then go to the bottom of the page and you can see his potential.

  15. That thing about the free agents is true, I can confirm it by myself:

    Matteo Coser
    He was 71 when I saw him first and 18 years
    Now he is 91
    He has 2 stars weak foot
    He has 4 stars skill moves

    But do you know why when you sign those free agents, that they always drop 1 or 2 points in OVR?

    • That’s insane, how old is he now?

      I’ve seen some people saying they drop and others saying they noticed no such problem. It’s a bit odd, maybe a glitch?

      • 23 in the seventh season. He has clincal finisher, long shot taker, aerial threat, acrobat, speedster and poacher and complete striker.

        This is his partner, Francilson Navacchio, who Malaga originally scouted:

        Francilson Navacchio
        When he first appeared 18 and 74 OVR
        Now 23 and 91 OVR
        He has the same specialities as Matteo Coser and he is really tall, 195 cm!

        • Haha looks like you’ve had a bit of luck! I suspect EA may release an update toning down the free agents though, it seems to be getting out of hand :P

  16. Hi! Can you do an article about the good teams to play career mode like you did in Fifa 12? I want to find a lower league English, Spanish, or German team with decent enough players. Thanks! :)

      • Can you put the league they are in? If they play in Npower Champ. for example. Your guide before was good but some of the teams are unfamiliar to me and I don’t know where they are playing so I had to go through the countries. :)

        Thanks for all the effort. Your guides make finding players easier.

        I have a question regarding buying players. When I first offered the team to buy and gave a slightly lower price, they rejected. Then when I offered again, they bumped up the price of the player. This happened to me for quite a number of players.

        And I noticed selling players is quite hard. I don’t get to many offers on the players I want to sell and when I get offers, its below the player’s value. When I counter-offer with the value of the player, the team doesn’t want to give me the money.

        Thanks for any answer. :)

        • I would, but unfortunately there’s not much space left! There are a few things I’d like to include but don’t really have space for :/ If you search the name they should come up.

          Thanks :) usually offering under a player’s value doesn’t work unless they’ve been put up for sale. The chief exec or negotiator will suggest what you could offer the team (it’s at the top-right of the screen when you go to make an offer on a player), and as long as the amount is roughly what they suggest it should work.

          For selling players, have a look at what I suggest here. That post is for loaning players, but it will be about the same for selling players too. Also, after making a counter offer, save the game. If the other team reject it, quit and reload. Their response is more or less random, so next time around they may accept the offer :)

          • Ah still great guide. I’m playing Leicester and it has decent 78 players but has sold them over the course of one season to buy young players. I think my problem when I posted that was I just started my CM so the teams aren’t bidding on my players because there is no interest but after my team is doing well, I was able to sell players. The funny thing about selling was when you get offers from players you don’t put up for sale and just counter offer a very large amount and they say yes. Happened to me for 3 players. Totally got the budget to buy Wickham, Jose, Adryan, Benzia, Lecointe, Eduardo, Mbaye, Zucilini, and Butland.

            And then when I got promoted, I totally forgot the free agents thing and just when I checked, picked up a 17 year old striker with 71 OVR. He’s my best striker now apart from Benzia.

            I don’t know why but Benzia is easier to score with than Wickham. Since Wickham is a target man, I don’t understand why Benzia and Adryan scores more header than him. He has higher OVR than Benzia but Benzia is just an easier striker to play.

          • Yeah the counter offer system is a great introduction I think, it can be really useful for raising funds as you say.

            That’s strange about Wickham, I used him in FIFA 12 and found he was great in the air. Have things improved since then?

  17. Hello, i’m coming here because like the previous one who did data mining on fifa 12 i did it on fifa 13.
    If you don’t believe me i can give you rough data sheet.
    Anyway, the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum amount of players per sub-region is EXACTLY the same than fifa 12.

    Another point is that from datas, the game can select up to 3 scouts out of 5 to be of the nationality of your current league (not trainer’s one).
    I don’t see if you talk about knowledge, but it is really important because it affects the success rate of finding higher tier of players :

    Stars Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
    1 75 17 5 3
    2 67 22 7 4
    3 50 36 9 5
    4 30 52 11 7
    5 20 53 17 10
    Thank you very much for your highly appreciated work on both Fifa 12 ans 13 :D

    • Great work! I do believe you but it’d be interesting to see the datasheet anyway. Yep, I mentioned judgement as being very important to finding great players, thanks for posting up this data! :)

      Also, I’ve now included your info in the scouting guide itself, thanks again :)

    • hey lelouch, could you explain the bronze, silver, gold, platinum region ratings a bit more?
      Stars Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
      1 75 17 5 3
      2 67 22 7 4
      3 50 36 9 5
      4 30 52 11 7
      5 20 53 17 10

      ^I’m a bit confused by this table

      • What about experience? I get that if the scout has 2 stars in judgment you have 4% chance of getting a platinum player, but is experience not important?

        • Experience dictates how likely a scout is to find the type of player you’re looking for. So if you tell your scout to find a defensive minded player, and it’s really important that you find this type of player, then a scout with a high experience rating will be important because he won’t bring back lots of prospects with different player types (attacker, playmaker, etc).

          But if you’re only concerned about the quality of players that the scout brings back (rather than the type), then experience isn’t vital. And if you tell your scout to look for ‘any’ player type, then experience doesn’t matter at all, because he doesn’t have to look for a specific player type!

    • You buy it from the catalogue, then next time you load up your career you get a message saying your scout is off to find a player, then a month or two later you get a message saying he’s found a player, who is then added to your team. Personally I’m not sure about it – I’ve read people saying they’ve just scouted better players. Sometimes they sound amazing, other times good but not spectacular. To be honest I don’t think it’s worth it unless you have millions of coins and are looking to spend them.

      Thanks :)

      • i bought it but the next time i went onto my manager mode i wasnt connected so does that mean that no one will show up!

      • I used that and I got a player from Italy with OVR 52-56 and POT 86-92. He is 14, RB, Potential attributes :

        Sprint Speed (57) Pot: 91
        Acceleration (67) Pot: 89 and
        Short Passing (45) Pot: 89
        Long shots (45) Pot: 81

        Hoping he will be good!

        • Great find! :) although I don’t think the stat range indicates a potential stat, just a wide range with the actual stat somewhere in between. So if he has sprint 68-91, I think it means that his actual sprint stat is somewhere in between that range, not that his sprint could go up to 91. Over time your scout’s estimation of the player gets more accurate and the range narrows. It doesn’t mean his potential for that stat has gone down though.

          Hope that all made sense :P

          • Hi, I know its been a few months now! But, I didn’t get much time to play the game. The player mentioned above is 16 now in my 3rd season with Barnet. His OVR is 65-69 and POT is 86 – 92. I am following your advice of keeping the youth in the academy until they are 17. Thanks a lot for your effort. I still use this website a lot for my FIFA13.

          • That’s OK, no problem. He’s looking really good now and will probably be good enough to go straight into your starting lineup. When he’s 17, I’d recommend you only promote him after you get the youth academy report at the start of May. That’s because all your youth players’ growth for the season happens at the start of May, and if you promote anyone before then then you lose all that growth!

            Thanks, glad it’s useful :D

  18. Sergio Moreno (commentator says Moreno) 88-94 potential currently 70 ovr (was 62 when I got him) 5 star skills, CAM, get owned

  19. Hey there, congrats on another great guide this year mate. We’ve spoken on the FIFA forums a few times and I helped with finding the best scouts last year. Glad the need for reloading this year has gone! I’m actually against the whole reloading thing (just play the game and take your luck) but my current CM has run it’s course and I’m curious to investigate again…

    I’ve seen it mentioned that scouting reports are fixed a month in advance to combat reloaders but I don’t think that’s the case. I had a total disaster in my CM: I found the best youth I’ve ever seen at 1st report, a 14yo Brazilian striker so snapped him up straight away. Was so happy with myself! I had a match the same day as the report and started the game… for the first time in my CM, and 3 seasons in, got the ‘invisible ball’ glitch and had to quit the game. I reloaded the last autosave thinking it was fine as the scouting reports are fixed and I’ll just get him again… but he’s gone forever. He won’t show up again and the report is not the same every reload. It fluctuates between three different ones where he’s not on any of them. Got anything new on how reports work?

    • You’re right actually, and I was planning on updating the guide. Last night I did some testing because I’ve noticed that you can actually reload reports (you may have seen me posting about this on the EA forums). Basically what I found last night is that the scouting reports are fixed during the last game before your scout reports back to you. So for me my scout reports on the 10th of the month. Let’s say I have a game on the 8th. If my save point is the 6th of the month I can advance up to the 8th, sim the game and then advance to the 10th. If I reload back to the 6th and advance through to the 10th the report will (probably; see below) be different. However, if I save on the 9th (i.e. after the game) and then advance, the report will always be the same.

      However, there’s another twist. When you reload you don’t get totally random players each time. There seem to be around 5 or 6 ‘sets’ of players each month, and every time you reload one of these sets will come up. So you could reload, get Set 1, then after a few more reloads get Set 1 again. They don’t rotate in order, the set that’s picked is random every reload, so you could get the same set twice in a row, then a different one. Once you’ve worked out which is the best set you can just reload until it comes up (if you so desire). Then in the next month the sets will be full of fresh batches of players.

      So basically you can reload, but it’s not as simple as it was in FIFA 12.

      • The strange thing is the fact that the amazing player was removed from the cycle once signed. I didn’t even own him for one day before he was gone! The cycle of possible scouting reports never included him again. That could only suggest a pool of players is held outside your specific CM save? Once signed, he’s removed?

  20. Interesting about the Giggs and Scholes connection. With my Welsh CAM and English CM I also got an American GK – Friedel? Anyone else have this?

        • Unfortunately I don’t think so, as that would involve looking at every player in the game for their stats (there are tens of thousands of players in FIFA 13) :P

          However, if you go to one of my articles (i.e. for the position you need) and type “y/1″ into the search box then it will bring up all the players who only have 1 year left on their contract and that you can buy in the first transfer window. You will be able to get those players for a greatly reduced price :)

  21. actually i found a way to generate a good youth player that i wanna share
    This can be done after the first scout report and so on…
    You may realize that some of the players scouted may have a low overall and potential
    don’t reject them yet…just let them accumulate in your scouting list
    1 day before the day of the monthly report save the game
    then try to reject one or two player then advance
    you may luckily see different crops of good player apperear..

    let say i got cesar milan,hana bubu,and chum lee (randomly)
    i reject milan leaving bubu and lee in the list…then i press advance
    surprisingly and luckily i got new eric toroprizki( kinda weird PES name hihi)
    if you dont get your desired one…try out rejecting bubu…then do the same
    this may not work all the time but still have the high probability
    i used this trick many time to get youth playez of 56-79 overall( did it in italy and argentina)
    hope this may help

  22. I got a 6’6 cdm that was an absolute beast and could do it all but unfortunately i got fired from that job and lost him and my other scouted players. I got 16th in EPL and semi final in the english cup with wolverhampton and my goals were to get mid table finish, 5-15, and semi final which i did so i wasnt to happy about that.

    • That sucks, sounds like the board was a bit harsh on you! Well I guess you can always buy him back when you join a new club. The scouted players you had should be promoted, so you may be able to get them cheaply when they’re first promoted. What was the CDM’s potential?

  23. This is now my team with Chelsea in the seventh season:

    GK: Courtois (91)
    RB: Azpillicueta (88)
    CB: Bailly (79, 19, 90+) *
    CB: Cuenca Lopez (90, really quick and tall, 198 cm!) **
    LB: Mangane (90) *
    CDM: Garcia (87) *
    RM: Hazard (96)
    LM: Oscar (94)
    CAM: Pinto (87) *
    ST: Coser (91) ***
    ST: Navacchio (91) **

    Some others: Verhulst (74, 16, 90+)*, Marco Soler (81, 20, 90+) ***

    * = own youth
    ** = youth from other clubs
    *** = free agents

  24. Seriously you should scout in Saudi Arabia promoted a CAM 75 16 5 star skills. Do you know of any american goalkeeper that would of retired after the first season?

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  26. i think the best way to do manger mode is to start with a bad team and before you actually start the manager mode to put an expensive player in there. when you start you will be able to sell the player and then get 3 really good scouts and then i just put those young players in my team and they grow like mad!

  27. Alex, so is it possible to just pick up all the free agents and sell them all before the end of the transfer window for extra cash? Or will it not let you do that…?

  28. Anything on developing multiple positions for youth players once they’re promoted? Is there a number of games they must play in that position? Give the player praise while consistently in another position?

    • They don’t develop them, it always only ever says one position. However, I usually ignore the listed positions anyway, the most important thing to do is look at their stats, that will tell you where else you can play them.

        • Nope, shouldn’t do. They will usually grow based on their position (i.e. a striker will get better at shooting, not marking) but many players are very flexible, so as I said before, make sure to check their stats as they grow to see where else you could play them :)

  29. Thanks for the tips! Very helpful, I didn’t know about this. I sent out an 1 star scout to Argentina for 3 months but he only got me 40-50 OVR with potential 60-70ish which I thought wasn’t the effort. I ended up with nothing! Now, I know how to scout a bit. I am playing with Barnet in the English League 2. Once again thanks for the tips.

  30. Hi, could you possibly do “best players on a one year contract” if you get the time. Your guides are very helpful and I like the extra contract length column that you have added.

    • Thanks :) possibly, I’ll consider it if I have time. I’m very busy with work at the moment and am working on the Lower League Gems series, but if I have time I’ll try to do that! It would have to only be players on the articles I’ve done on this site though, as there’s no way to search contract lengths in the game. Thanks for the idea :)

  31. I’ve found a GK at the start of my second season called Jamie Poole. His overall is 70, he is 18 years old and is English. It looks like he’s a re-gen but I was wondering if you had an idea of who he is a re-gen of because i can’t think of any English goalkeepers that are set to retire?
    Also it said he has the potential to be something special.

    • There are a few set to retire, but most are on lower league clubs (I think Neil Sullivan at Doncaster is one, for example). Not really sure who he could be. Did you sign him? How is he doing now?

      • I’m not sure he seems to good to be a lower league goalkeeper as I got him and now at the end of the season he’s up to 74 and is only 19!
        I’ve also just got another re-gen, an Italian CM, Pirlo? Pirlo’s not on my career so I’m assuming it is Pirlo, well I’ve signed him anyway should become very good although it only says ‘an exciting prospect’.
        I’m doing my CM with Brescia, they’re amazing!

        • I think regens often become much better than the players they’re based on, so that could explain the goalkeeper’s amazing growth. How’s he doing now anyway?

          Haha “only” an exciting prospect? That’s amazing, it’s really rare for a regen to have that. Most don’t say anything except “looking for a new club”, a few will say “showing great potential” and barely any will say anything better. Plus players can go way over their potential, so I think you’ve found a great one there! :P

  32. I found the most amazing player you can find. Bought a 5 star scout sended him to Argentina he got a guy named Miguel Benitez he has 14 year old but had an overall of 59-78 potential 78-94 when he was 16 he was between 72 and 76 potential 90-94. Promoted him had all mental attributes above 88 and had great reactions which all youth players have 74 over. I played him about in 18 matches a season and was already 78 at 17 I was so happy I cried like literally

  33. I got a LM from England who is scouted
    Name: Jack Thompson
    Overall: 85
    Value: 45 million dollars
    Age: 20
    Note: On squad report it says “has the potenial to be special”

  34. I’m in my second season with Arsenal and I was looking for young players. Found an 18 year old CAM from Germany, playing for Hannover 96. 77 overall, 4star skills + weak foot, amazing stats all round. Literally 2 days earlier I’d read on a forum about someone finding him and he gets to 91 overall. Also find a pace machine at Real Madrid, Right Mid, 17 and 75 rated and then a 5 star skiller Left winger, 18, 75 rated at PSV

    • You may be thinking of Deniz Aycicek, who is a CAM who plays for Hannover. He’s a real player though, and is a little older than that. There seems to be a bug where some players on AI teams go way, way over their potential. He’s one – his potential is 70 but as you say, some people have got him to 91.

      That 18 year old could be a regen, otherwise he’s a scouted player. Either way he’ll be amazing. Did you sign any of those players?

  35. a very detail explain guide, I don’t know how the scouting work before i read your guide.
    Now, it is my 14/15 season, and i am using Man Utd, i sold Rooney for 120,000,000 to real madrid. this allow me to buy some star players like Ozil, Hazard, Bale.
    My Ozil go to Overall 92 ~=).

    I think it’s time for me to scout some players to prepare for future~=)

    • I actually found a regen like that too. I think it depends if you play or sim games. If you play games, how much do you value/use skill moves? If it’s lots then go for him, if you don’t use them then don’t bother. Work rates are important if you play matches, so low/low is quite a disadvantage. Of course, if you’re like me and you just sim all games, sign him up because it doesn’t matter!

  36. i think i have found a new ronaldo Ricardo Feijo He`s 14 at the moment his OVR is 61-65 and Potential is 88-94. Cheers F or All The Guides This Has Helped Me A Lot. :D

  37. I love playing for Melbourne Victory however they dont have a big budget so I can’t afford good scouts. I need young players but getting a good scout is a problem. Roughly how quick do people grow because I don’t want to be keeping players forever and they don’t grow. Can you do the good lower league players again it really helped me transfer some young talent in Fifa 12

    • Players grow really fast, much faster than in FIFA 12. I’ve had players grow 5, 6, 7 points in a season. Back in FIFA 12 that would have been out-of-this-world. Now, if you have a player with high potential, it’s very achievable.

      Don’t worry, the Lower League Gems series is the next thing I’ll be doing, starting tomorrow hopefully. I’ll be gathering the data, making the tables, etc, then the articles will come once that’s done. It may take slightly longer than the So You Want A… articles because I have to check whether the players all cost under £1m, as well as having good potential. But hopefully all the articles will be finished and uploaded within a week or two :)

      • Thank God in Fifa 12 i was stuck with some players that would never grow and it was annoying. Do the scouts cost as much as in Fifa 12 because playing for Melbourne Victory its a small budget and it took me forever to save enough money.

    • Just so you know, the Lower League Gems series is being put up at the moment and over the next couple of days, so you should be able to find some useful players in those articles :)

      Just hover over Lower League Gems on the menu bar. Not all are up yet, but they should be done within a few days.

  38. If you go to Germany with a 5 star scout andsearch for goalkeepers, you get the best in the world!!! I’m in my 3rd season with 4 German keepers with potential of at least 90!!!!!!!!

  39. As youth players only grow on may I had very bad luck because it was april and there was this player saying he wanted to leave my youth academy but i didnt promote him so he left where did he go?? Please answer!

    • In FIFA 12 they’d go into the free agents, but it seems now they just disappear from the game so you can’t get them back :/ the solution is to save regularly (I’d recommend every week). If you get a message saying your player wants to leave, quit and reload. The message is random, so next time you load up your career it might not appear. If it does, just reload and try again, after a few tries it’ll stop coming up. That way you can avoid losing players like that. If you really want to keep that player and you do have a slightly older save then I’d recommend going back to it.

  40. Thanks so much for posting this! So in depth. I’m always a total hit and miss with scouted players so hopefully this will help

  41. I must have found the highest potential youth player. Serrao, a 17 year old currently 70 OVR has a potential of between 91-94. I kid you not. 91 to 94!! Thats insane!

    • I know right? Unimaginable in FIFA 12. I had one like that and it was a bit odd. His potential was originally something like 78-88 (hadn’t fully narrowed down), but then in the May report it shot up to 91-94 and his OVR went up 12 points! Crazy. Let us know how that guy develops :)

      • Currently superstar Serrao is 19 years old. During his second year at the club (I am coaching SC Heerenveen, my in real life favorite club) he grew 3 points time during the first 3 months .For some reason some players gain 2 to 3 points immediately after you finish a season (without playing a single game you have 2 months where you have to wait until the transfer market opens up). Anyways, at the end of year 2 he was 81 (grew 5 points in season 1, 6 points in season 2). A 19 year old worth 40 million. Ridiculous I know, but its fun to change your team from ok players to only 88+ potential players.

        I also have 4 90+ potential 17, 18 and 19 year olds where 2 of them went on loan (for some reason only amazing teams rent them, such as Chelsea, Juventus, PSG and Manchester City). It also sucks that you can only loan out a maximum of around 4 players since if you have more players you won’t get any transfer offers.

        • Great growth, sounds like a superstar indeed :) what’s his position?

          If you need some help loaning players out, have a look at this post I made, hopefully it can help you out :)

  42. Question: You can play 15 year old youth prospects in their International Squads (Not sure if this is a glitch or intentional but I found it neat none the less).

    Anyways I am trying to create an entire Youth Squad team to win the world cup in either 2018 or 2022 with Australia, What I was wondering is does playing the 15 year old youth in the international team get them experience and help their growth?

    Fantastic report by the way :)

    • Apparently it does! I haven’t tried it myself so can’t confirm, but have a look at this post on the EA forums, where someone says it happened to them (the post is by Brooks23 and is about a third of the way down the page)

  43. I recently found that you could play your 15 year old youth prospects in your international squad (Yet to figure out if this is intentional or a glitch),

    Either way after noticing this I decided to try and bring the world cup to Australia using only youth squad players (Aiming for 2018 or 2022 world cups).

    What I was wondering is if you play the 15 year olds in the international team would that help their development?

  44. This is a wonderful article and website, Alex. Iam currently manager of Peru & Rochdale. Having read your article above I sent a 5*/5* scout to Peru. I have found several players for my youth squad the best of which are two 15 year olds; a CB with 88-94 potential called Ayala, and a CAM with 84-90 potential (and 4*/4* skills/weak foot) called Aguire. They are still too young to sign for my Rochdale team but I have played them both for the national team several times to see if it would boost their overall potential – it hasn’t (still 61 and 65 respectively). Martin Tyler calls them both by name which is great.
    Note: 14 year old scouted players don’t appear to show up in the national team squad selection – just 15 & 16 year olds.

    • That’s interesting, thanks for sharing :) Have a read of this post by Brooks23 – it says he used a youth player and he grew, and it wasn’t down to the May squad report, so it may happen. :D It might be quite rare though. Have you managed to make them grow since? Maybe their stats grew a bit but it wasn’t enough for their OVR to go up.

      Great finds anyway!

      PS I also really like how the commentator says youth player names, it’s a really nice touch. Better than in FIFA 12, where if you had a team of youth players the commentators would be practically silent :P

  45. Could I ask you something? I currently managing AS Monaco as my career. However, I thinking of building youth system for the team. Is it waste of money to start youth system as firstly we required 9MILLION to hire the best scout? And I left 9Million plus for my transfer budget. however, I don’t really like to buy players for every transfer market. Youth system is quite important, in my opinion. What you think?

    • You can get A LOT of money from youth academy and you can gain many 85+ potential players. I would suggest buying the best scouts since players grow so fast and they are worth so much in Fifa 13. Keep in mind you want to spend a little bit of money on some players during the first year so you can get cash during year 2 when they gained 4 to 6 points if you play them a lot. I suggest buying high potential players.

    • Well you don’t need to get an amazing scout. Judgement is more important than experience, so you could get a pretty decent scout for £3m – £5m I expect. It’s definitely worth it, youth players become worth so much money if you find some good ones.

  46. Hi Alex, I’ve just started my 3rd year season with Wolverhampton. Somehow my youth players only grew a little every year. I have one GK who has 63 OVR and only grew to 65 OVR in the next season even though he has 90-94 potential. (I haven’t promote him yet…) and not only him, some other players also seems to grow only 2-4. On the other hand, I also have some promoted youth players and they seem to grow more than the player in the youth squad even though I rarely use them in the game. (usually only 3-5 games per season but they still grow…)

    Nice website btw. It helps me a lot… :D

    • Youth growth is a bit weird. First of all, did you make sure to wait for the May squad report? Because that sometimes causes massive changes.

      It seems a bit random though. I had a couple of players who looked decent but not outstanding (probably potential 84 ish, OVR 55-60 ish). Then in the May report they both jumped massively up to around 70 OVR and potential 90-94 :D but on the other hand, at the same time I had some players who only went up 2 or 3 points.

      I definitely think promoting them gives you a better chance of them growing well. I bought Cragno from Brescia, played him about 4 times in the first few months and he grew about 6 points! Players seem to grow even when they aren’t playing, but of course playing them (and getting them in good form) makes them grow even faster.

      Thanks :)

  47. Hi!

    Great guide! Quick question… Will for example a spanish 5*4 scout also be successful in other Spanish speaking countries like for example Paraguay or Venezuela or will he just be successful in the southern European countries?

    Thanks & Regards,


    • I don’t think so, he should only get a star when you send him to his own country. I don’t think there’s a HUGE difference anyway, so try sending him to wherever you like and he should do pretty well :)

  48. Hey Alex, I just got the first roster updates a few days ago and I think there was also a game update.

    Do you think it could have been a patch to reduce the player growth like you mentioned in Fifa12?

    I hope not, I was really looking forward to some insane youth academy players!


  49. Hey I was just wondering, on which page do you see the potential of the youth player. For the life of my I can’t see in my Youth Squad whether they’re potentialed or otherwise. Any tips? Great guide anyway! Cheers

    • Unfortunately you can’t see the final potential, it only shows you a range (e.g. 81-87 or 85-91). The actual potential could be anywhere within that range. Also bear in mind that players can easily go over their potential if they play well enough, so potentials (and potential ranges) aren’t final.

      And thanks!

      • As in, where do you see these on the game?

        • “Has the potential to be special”
        • “An exciting prospect”
        • “Shows great potential”

        I’ve tried the Youth Squad page and all, and it doesn’t show any of the above of any of my players :/

        • You can see these:
          • “Has the potential to be special”
          • “An exciting prospect”
          • “Shows great potential”

          As far as I know you can only see those when you sign them. When they are on your squad just go to team management and squad report

  50. Hey thanks for your guide i ended up keeping a 16 year old in the youth academy while he had a 58-62 OVR and because i left him there he ended up being a 71 OVR when i pulled him up in May, he is now on my starting squad for bristol city his POT is 89-94 also. Have several other great talents too in my academy.

  51. I could have used seeing this before I started my second season. I had no idea about regens. I took on Fleetwood in Npower league 2. With no real budget I couldn’t be fussy with scouts. I took on 2 English scouts. Sent one to England and 1 to Peru. I got 2 players before the season ended that made my 1st team. One named Perez. He is a CAM. He came on as sub ran thru defence and blasted a superb goal in what had been a tight 1-0 game. But, he is everything a youngster should be. He’s infuriating as he passes badly, gets caught in possession, but pops up with game winning goals.

    My cheap scouts picked a few players with 94 potential and I added 5 more youths to my squad in season 2. I have a 18 yr old keeper Holden that makes unorthodox stops and seems to be winning the 1st team choice when I let my assistant pick teams. Two clean sheets in a row now.

    Another Peruvian, a right mid named Miranda who is huge, scores goals. A LF from England, Smith whose preseason performances made me sell off the 1st player I scouted.

    The commentators use their names and make comments about them

    The only problem is every scouting report seems to bring 2 more keepers. I don’t need anymore keepers please!!!

    • Haha I like that about Perez, good to see it’s realistic at least! Really good to hear you’re managing to find good players with a very limited budget, how are they doing now?

      On FIFA 12 I used to find GKs all the time. Now on FIFA 13 I never seem to find them!

  52. Hey, just wanted to thank you for the guide, very in-depth and helpful, also i found a player who is currently a 71OVR and an 89-94POT. Thats crazy!!! He also has 5-star skill moves and weak foot, He has yet to play a game too he is for sure going to be a superstar!

  53. I understand it’s not an important thing, but is there anywhere that describes the set appearances that each country has as, as they often all look very similar.

    • Don’t think so I’m afraid, I’m pretty sure they’re based off existing players though. So if you scout a really small country or one that doesn’t have many players in the game then they’ll probably all end up looking quite similar :/

  54. Thanks for this topic, proved to be very helpful.

    One question though. When you send a scout on search, you can tell him to go find particular types of players, such as ‘defensive minded’, ‘playmaker’, ‘goalkeeper’ etc.

    Is the grading file saying that you will have the biggest chance of finding these particular types of talented players when you send the scout to brazil, argentina, italy, spain, portugal or central europe?

    For instance, when I try to find a talent that is ‘technically gifted’, of course, common sense tells me send the scout to brazil. But when I think of a ‘physically strong’ talent, I’m thinking Russia, east-europe, those kind of regions. But the topic proves that wrong doesn’t it?

    • Yep, countries don’t “specialise” in any type of player. The grading just basically refers to talent – you are more likely to find high OVR players in Brazil than in the USA (although of course you can still find amazing players in the USA), but you aren’t more likely to find technically gifted players, if you see what I mean. If you send a scout to Italy and tell him to look for anything, he won’t come back with a load of amazing defenders and nothing else, the game doesn’t work that way.

      Similarly, if you send a scout to look for physically strong players in Russa he’ll probably find more than if you sent him to Canada, but that’s because Russia has a higher chance of finding good players, not because it specialises in strong players. You’d probably find better strong players in Brazil than Russia because it has a better rating.

      Hope that clarifies it a bit :)

  55. Hey thank you for the great tips and hints about this years scouting system.

    I’m always playing with my brother with MSV Duisburg (middleclass German 2nd Bundesliga – our hometown-club) but now after 5 years or something we are dominating the german 1st Bundesliga :)

    We’re always using the scouting-system with enthusiasm but with FIFA 12 – Experiences.
    For example we dismissed a 52-55 14 year old with big potential because we didn’t know that they are only get better in the May-Reports.
    From now on we wont dismiss those kind of players again :)

    Even we are scouting with the 12-System we’ve found lots of players with the “Has the potential to be special” – Status.
    Perhaps in our 2nd season we found a small Norwegian with this potential, he played a few years at our 2nd squad (we have 2 squads the League and Champions-League/Cup because of the tiredness) and this season we sold him for around 30 Million € to Juventus :) (he was too small, around 1,60)

    But our problem are always the sprint-abilities of our youth-players.
    We do not simulate the games so we need very fast players as wingers (around >80 quickness) but our academy-players are always very slow, only a japanese guy named Kagawa ;) started with skills around 78-80 and now has 85.
    The players always have 90-95 in the mental abilities but not in the “important abilities” you need if you play the real game :D

    I hope you understand my english and have some tips for us :)

    PS At the moment our goalkeeper is a youth-player “Roman Weidlich” with OVR 76, age 19 and POT of 90-94 :)
    And our best player is “Seba” from Porto, who has a POT of 81 I think but has 89 OVR

    Greetings Mern

    • Youth players often seem to have ridiculous mental stats. For example, I have a RM who has pretty bad winger stats such as dribbling and crossing, and he’s very slow, but his mental stats are amazing so that pushes his OVR rating up. I think you can find quick youth players, but they take a bit of time to develop their speed.

      How about sending them on loan for a couple of seasons? That way they can grow and hopefully improve their speed and you don’t have to worry about playing them in matches. Then when they come back they might be more useful :) just make sure you click “stall” when you get a loan offer and have a look at the team making the offer. If your player will be the best in his position (or second best if he’s a CB, CM or striker) then accept the loan. That way he’ll get loads of playing time and will grow more quickly, and hopefully his speed will go up.

      That goalkeeper sounds like a great find! And I’m impressed you got Seba up so well, did he grow any higher than 89?

  56. Quality Guide, I have a question for you. Can you set a loan fee for a player you want to loan out of your club as I am sure this option was available on FIFA 12?

    • I am also wondering about this Alex B.

      I quote

      ‘However – and this is important – youth players only ever seem to grow in the May academy report. They will experience all their growth in one go, so could grow 8+ points in one go if you’re lucky. So whatever you do, don’t promote your youth players in April if you can help if or you may lose all that growth that was waiting to happen!’

      Can you elaborate further on this please?

      Such as:

      If I get a report from one of my scouts in April and sign somebody to my youth academy, will he then grow any OVR in May??

      Also how do I find out if they have grown any OVR as you mentioned that a player could grow +8 points?

      This guide is excellent so thank you.

      • No problem.

        1) Yep, if you sign someone in April then they will grow next month at the start of May. A few days ago this actually happened to me – I signed a 16 year old in April and promoted him to check his OVR – he was rated 62. I then quit and reloaded (so that he was back in my academy) and progressed to May. When I promoted him again after the May report his OVR had shot up to 71! I thought he’d have minimal growth because I’d only just signed him, but he actually grew loads even after only one month.

        2) This kinda follows on from my first point. When you get a report with a good looking player and you sign him to your academy, save your game. Then promote the player and check out his OVR but don’t save. Then quit and reload your save (so the player is still in the academy) and make a note of his OVR. That way you know how good he is. Do the same after the May report and you can see how much hes’ grown :) even if you don’t do it this way you can look at his OVR range – for example, it may go from something like 58-62 to 61-65.

        Thanks :) hope this clears up the issues for you.

  57. Nevermind, they did grow a bit on may report. I was looking at the june report because I didn’t notice that when a match ends it jumps straight to the next day, which was June 1st and the report was delivered that day. I think it’s a glitch, right? Instead of growing little by little, they grow a lot in one go. Weird

    • Yeah it’s really odd that they decided to do it this way. They don’t grow at all for the rest of the year, their OVR and potential ranges just narrow down, then they shoot up all in one go. Just make sure you don’t promote/reject anyone before the May report, I had a player jump from 58 OVR to 70 OVR in one go!

  58. I got this guy called Bourillon from free agents on my 4-5 season? anyways he was 18 and 74 overall and now hes 90 at 23 yrs old!

  59. Can you explain what Technically gifted, and all those other various traits mean?

    I’ve been looking for an RB and LB through scouts and I can’t find any good ones. I don’t know whether to search for Physically strong, Defender or Defensive minded…

    So maybe some mention as to what sort of players you will get for searching each of these types?

    Otherwise, thank you very much for the guide. Its helped me loads!! I have goalkeeper, striker and 2 midfielders with potentials above 90!! :D

    • I think the best fullbacks will either be found using defensive minded or winger (but if you find a full back using “winger” that usually gives you midfielders who have been given the wrong position, but sometimes you find good attacking full backs). I know what you mean though, as often the decent ones you find are actually much better at centre back (often they’re huge, like 6’7″). I find the best thing to do is look for scouted full backs on AI teams, as they’re often much more suited to that position than ones that your scout can find. Just search for young full backs in the transfer screen and see what you can find.

      Technically gifted means they’ll have good ball control, dribbling, free kicks, etc. Playmakers have good vision and are good at passing, wingers are quick and good at crossing, strong is self explanatory, defensive minded is usually CBs but sometimes fullbacks and CDMs and very occasionally goalkeepers, goalkeepers is self explanatory, attackers are usually strikers but sometimes wingers.

      Thanks, and good finds! :D

  60. dude the player you showed in the pic “catarino” he is awesome at 17 he is 71 great prospect really!!maybe its couse of your scout!!

    • Well scouted players are randomly generated and then given a name, so he would have been a different one to the one in my picture. Still, that’s an amazing find you’ve got :)

  61. Fantastic guide! Thanks for sharing. This will help me a lot.

    I’m loving the scouting system is FIFA13. I’m in 2016, i managed Everton for the first 3 seasons and promoted a scouted player from Portugal called Joao Pessao at 16.

    His OVR was 64 as a CM, after 3 seasons i got sacked from Everton and got offered the West Ham job, i have become quite attached to him and signed him for £6m. He is now 19 and OVR is 80+2 and banging in the goals!

    I haven’t had much luck with others, so will defo be following this guide!

    Many Thanks!

    Oh and i also signed a free Transfer. French, 19 yrs, CF. Called Mahaya. He’s 20 now and OVR 85. Just rejected a £33m bid from Inter.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks, great to hear it’s proving useful :)

      Sounds like you’ve found a couple of gems! So do you play that CM in a more advanced role, or does he just seem to pop up from midfield and score?

  62. I have done some testing. I created two players, age 42, rating 99 everything. One was a goal keeper, the other a CDM. They retired. In season two the CDM came up in the free agents at rating 75. The goalkeeper took me a while to find. But I found him in my squad as a “new youth player” with a rating of 77. So now we know where the other retired players go that can’t be found.

    • Good idea :) you’re right, some players seem to go to the free agents whilst others regen on their original team. Who knows why. Friedel and Cudicini both end up regened in the free agents when they retire, then Spurs sell Lloris and Gomes retires so they have no goalkeeper :P if they’d just made one regen on the Spurs team it’d be OK haha.

      I wonder if the OVR of the retiring player has an effect on regen OVR. I’ve found some great players in the free agents but can’t think of any notable players that would have retired in order to spawn them, but your test suggests that really high OVRs regens as really high OVR players again.

      Basically it’s just really hard to tell what’s going on haha, but thanks for doing that testing, it shines some light on the situation :)

      • Yeah, I have no idea because I was reloading for many older players that should have high regens going off previous ability. Some I could tell that it was them, but mostly it is pretty random and doesn’t make sense at all. A bit like a random LM who popped up in Real Madrid within the second season, already 81 – a complete nobody. I searched through all the noticeable retiring players, and still have no clue on how it works, feels like a lucky dip. I am even wondering if some take more than one season to respawn. Maybe someone else will work it out.

        • Well sometimes players ‘clone’. For example on my career Bayern Munich have a Dutch winger with the potential to be special. He’s just like Robben, but Robben hasn’t retired yet. I’ve found these clones for James Forrest, Draxler, Hulk, Casemiro, Kapino, etc. Loads. Strange way to do it really.

  63. Great guide mate :) just had a question about scout heights and weights. Do they have the potential to change? I’ve never actually seen it happen (if it does), which worries me because I’m getting a lot of short stout players (like 140 cm GK’s). I’ve also never managed to find a scout older than 16 out of about 40 players I”ve scouted, is this normal?

    • Player heights and weights do change, but only on their birthdays. So if your GK is 14 then he’ll seem quite short at first, but when he turns 15 he’ll grow a bit and gain some weight. The same happens at age 16, but that’ll be his final height and weight. I wouldn’t worry, it’s extremely rare to find a GK shorter than 5’11” (and even 5’11” is pretty rare).

      Your scout will only ever find players aged 14-16, so yep, it’s totally normal :)

      • So far I can’t get past one season, I’ll hit May 31 then Career mode will crash. Though I did get to see my 91-94 rated keeper go from 148-170 cm :D Thanks for your guide, its been great

        • Wow i didn’t know player heights increased! Interesting.

          And also the scouting system seems to corrupt the game saves now and then.

          • Yep, they grow on their birthday when they turn 15 and 16. Once they’re 16, however, that’s as tall/heavy as they’ll be.

        • Ah that sucks, there have been a lot of issues with crashes :/ Have you managed to start a new career and get into a new season?

          No problem :)

          • Started again, and its crashed on May 31 yet again. So far I’m 0/3. Anyone else have this problem??

          • Actually scratch that, got it to work :D I currently have 3 scouts who show great potential, and one who is an exciting prospect (and reminds me of Frimpong). So all is good :) wish that CB’s weren’t 5′ 6″ though, thats just irritating

  64. I was just wondering if regens are the same initials as the original, I got a Welsh CAM Richard Gunter. Wondering if it was a coincidence

    • Haha no I don’t think so, my Giggs regen is called Tom Walsh. Just a coincidence I think, otherwise that’d be pretty sneaky from EA :P

    • Best thing you can do on a regen is find your target, and then keep reloading until you get higher numbers on the weak foot and skill mainly, the rest doesn’t differ too much – but also look at weight and height, depending on how you play the game.

  65. Hey i was wondering what is the smallest difference between the potential for a youth academy player? (For example his potential might be 88-94 so the difference is 6 or it might be 82-86 so the difference is 4) was just wondering if you knew the smallest difference? Btw great read this!! :)

    • It’s possible to get a potential range of 4 – I’ve had a few players with potential 70-74 or 72-76. However, I then had a player with potential 73-79, and from then on up I think the minimum range difference is 6.

      And thanks :)

      • Its possible to get 4 difference (and even a 3 difference!) above that potential. But very rare.

        My goalkeeper had potential of 91-94

        and both strikers had 90-94.

        These tend to be “Has the potential to be special”

        The ones with a difference of 6 (like 87-93) usually tend to be “Exciting Prospects”

        • Actually you’re right, I forgot about those top ones! But not all players with a difference of 6 end up as “exciting prospects”, if their potential is below 86 then they might get “showing great potential”, for example.

  66. I am not sure where to scout my players.
    So far I am doing pretty well (I play Man u iPad):
    99 attack 97 Mid 95 Def
    My players are getting old though

    • Sounds like you don’t need to scout, your team is amazing :P is it easier to get amazing players on the iPad or something, because that team sounds ridiculous.

      • How I scout is I:
        assign 1 scout to England (9 months) ( where Man U is located)
        assign 1 to the US (9 months) (where Im from)
        assign 1 to the Powerhouses(Spain, Italy, Brazil, etc.) (6 months) (Great talent)
        And like it say in the guide, I will take out one and assign him to my national team country to devolp the next great players for my country (9 months)

        • Good ideas. Are you using highly-rated scouts? Because I imagine you may become totally overwhelmed with talent that way :P

  67. i started off with a half star team as a challenge and after years of scouting players and growing them i have a 5 star team with no player over the age of 24 or under 88 OVR. 6 of my scouted players say “one of the worlds best” in the squad report

  68. just to let you know that squad status’s DO change, also i have a youth player who is 22 and rated 87, he is RM and he status say’s “has that special something” i think it is attributed to a player with 4* minimum on skill AND weak foot, plus a high dribble stat, above 80 anyways. As that youth player and Luis Suarez both have that as their status.

    • Well it’s a bit confusing this year. “Has that special something” just means that the player has the flair trait, it doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of potential. Thus youth players can’t get this status as they never get traits. However, there’s also “has the potential to be special”, which means the player has potential 91+.

      So that youth player you have (amazing OVR by the way!) probably has the status message of “has the potential to be special”.

  69. Hi, I really like your guide and it is so helpful. Can I translate it into Chinese and post on a Chinese FIFA13 forum so that I can share it with my friends?

  70. What are people’s opinions on the best way to spend your (limited) money in career mode … [ scouting and youth academy ] or [ transfers and loans ]?

    I *wanted* to like the scouting system in FIFA12, but I found that the player growth was too slow or something, and I got away from it after the first two seasons or so. I almost exclusively invested all of my financial resources in the transfer market.

    Is FIFA13 any better about this? Is there any good return on paying for scouts, signing players to the youth academy, promoting them to the big club, etc.? Is it only worth it if you can afford the 5*/5* scouts? Are there some good scouting suggestions that can help the scouting strategy be more useful? I really like it when it feels like I found and developed my own roster … but is that a realistic goal with this FIFA?

    Or should I continue to concentrate on the transfer market for buying, selling, and loaning players? Should I only go after players who are “transfer listed”? I usually expand my search to include all players as my overall team quality improves (because the transfer listed players are usually weaker than my roster whence I have grown to a 4* level team). The transfer market system is a little different in FIFA13 (offering a player in a “trade”, bidding for less than market value when a player has fewer years remaining on his contract, etc.) – does this have an effect on the relative value of transfer vs. scouting?

    Does it matter about the stature of your team? I am running two independent career modes side-by-side … I have a “big-time” program using Swansea City in the EPL (transfer budget is around 7000000 pounds), and I am also exploring a “small-scale” experience with Jahn Regensburg in the Bundesliga2 (transfer budget is around 400000 pounds).

    BTW – I really like what you have done with this site – I have had this bookmarked since your debuted in with FIFA12 – really nice. Is there a better place for this “scouting v transfer” discussion to occur? Thanks!

    • Well if you want value for money then it’s got to be the youth academy. The most expensive scout (5*/5*) is worth around £9m I think, and in return you’ll be finding amazing potential players left right and centre. Within a couple of seasons of being promoted they’ll be worth tens of millions of pounds each, so it’s an enormous return on your investment.

      Transfers are good if you want to be more realistic. I mean, you could buy a half-decent scout using York City, find some great players, sell them on and use the proceeds to buy better scouts, then build a team of invincible supermen, but it’s not the most realistic thing in the world. But I know what you mean about creating your own team using players you found, it’s a great feeling.

      Youth players grow well, but if they’re in your academy then they only develop once per year, in the squad report you get at the beginning of May. So make sure you don’t promote them in April or you’ll lose that whole year’s growth!

      Even lower-rated scouts are good. I bought a 3*/3* one in my test career and he found loads of good talent and a few amazing prospects. I’ve never used a 5*/5* one yet but from all accounts they’re incredible, you’ll be almost overwhelmed with talent.

      Thanks :) you could try asking on the EA FIFA 13 forums, people there may be able to pitch in some more opinions.

      Good luck!

  71. Very good guide and very useful to read. Despite this I was only really having a nose at what others consodered to be a very good scouting place. I found that in my career with Chelsea I have scouted most of my best players from Spain, I got two midfielders who are currently ranked 75 and 77 both 18 and they started at the high 60s when I promoted them from the youth academy. I also found a promising centre forward from Spain as well, he started 70ovr at the age of 16. They all are going brilliant. Another place I found an extremely good player is a goalkeeper from Argentina. Plus believe it or not Austria who I noticed you briefly mentioned in your report is a very good place for young talent with a big lot of my youth academy being made up of Austrians.

  72. Great guide man, it’s been really helpful and has allowed me to get the most out of the game. Something has been happening this really been vexing me…every time I graduate one of my players, (especially in the midfield) they’ve ALWAYS had high mental attributes, mediocre skill attributes, but really low physical attributes

    • Sorry I was typing that on my phone so I accidentally pressed DONE. Anyway o conclude, is this a common occurrence? Because I notice it doesn’t happen players I loan in from other clubs that are 16 or 17 and graduates of youth academies. Thanks again!

      • Unfortunately it does seem to happen quite a lot. I’ve actually got a CM who’s exactly the same. He’s rated 67 I think at age 16 but his technical stats are all pretty poor. His mental stats are amazing though, and that seems to bring up his OVR. However, I have scouted some other CMs who are much more balanced, so thankfully it doesn’t seem to happen all the time.

  73. wondered if you can help, im having a problem with younger players ive signed in my 3rd season, the overall is going down but there actual stats are going up :S they are exciting prospects or showing good potential, all worth a couple of million, all around 16/17/18 years old. i picked them up as free agents (youth players coming out of my own youth system dont have this problem or free agents from previous season)

    • There seems to be a small bug with free agents as the OVR that is displayed in the free agents list is not the same as the OVR that shows when you look at the player’s stats. It says they’ve lost some OVR points, but really it’s just correcting it from the erroneous OVR to the correct one, which is why no actual stats points go down. Really weird, so make sure to actually click on a player to see his true OVR, not the wrong one that’s displayed on the free agents page.

  74. I’m not sure you’re right about the traits and specialities, I’ve scouted two youths who have turned out to have the tactician speciality, high vision and interceptions. My pearl is a 75 rated 16 yo with 5 star skill moves from Japan! Even though he’s 5’3″ he’s gonna be big!

    • Youth players can get specialities like tactician, but they can’t get traits. Specialities are triggered by certain stats crossing a threshold, e.g. for the speedster speciality a player’s acceleration and sprint speed have to total 180 (so 90/90, 88/92, etc). Traits, on the other hand, are certain things the players do that aren’t related to stats. For example, the flair trait means a player can do fancy passes and shots, but you don’t need to get passing up to a certain number or anything. Youth players can get specialities, but unfortunately they can’t get traits for some reason.

      That sounds like an amazing player! Be sure to let us know how he develops :)

    • You can’t really be certain as there’s nothing that really links a regen to his retired player apart from his nationality and position. Higher rated retiring players tend to spawn better regens, but that’s not always the case. Other than that, just make a note of the best players who are about to retire and then check the free agents next season, the best ones should be regens of these players and you should be able to match them up based on their position and nationality.

  75. Hi! First of all i must say- that guide is excellent!
    At the socond I have question. I need to find a Side Back (both LB and RB) using my scouts. I sending their 2 or 3 times to seek defenders, but they always find CB, or DMF… So o try to seek wingers but, as I thought, they find offensive players (LW, RW).

    So how to find side back’s ?

    • Thanks :)

      It’s notoriously difficult to find decent full backs. As you said, searching for ‘defensive minded’ players usually brings back CBs and CDMs (or CBs who have been mispositioned as RBs or LBs), whilst ‘wingers’ brings back offensive players. Occasionally you’ll find good attacking full backs by searching for wingers, but they’re usually just mispositioned offensive players.

      I think the best thing to do is look in the free agents, there are often a couple of good full backs in there at the start of each season.

  76. Great Advice followed it step by step i now have the worlds best cdm prospect 16, 74 overall and potential of 91-94 so happy!!!!!!

  77. Signed a guy at 14 rated 64-74 potential 90-94 waited two seasons and signed him up rated 72 still 90-94 potential. Problem is he is a CDM but stands at the grand total of 5’6. Please say they grow taller or at least stronger cause he is weak as hell

    • Unfortunately once they’re 16 that’s as tall as they’ll be. However, they can grow stronger. Maybe pair him with a stronger CDM and use the small guy as a playmaker who distributes it around? Because he’s got so much potential he should grow really well so I wouldn’t worry too much about him.

  78. Found a Spanish LW, 52 ovr and 78-94 potential. John Insua. Promoted him to the squad and played him on the next match against Liverpool. Scored his debut goal in that match! Thanks for the tips and guides!

  79. Hey great guide it’s helped loads (especially about regens) you have helped me find a great young player. He is from Spain and I believe he is the regen of Xavi his name is Juan Antonio Ribas Rodenas (I know it’s a very extravagant name) Ovr 85 2 season with him (now it’s 2019 with Liverpool) age 21 potential around 93 £27,000,000 also I have scouted a Brazilian called Pedro Vaz RM 98 pace (I think) great stamina (never once been injured in the 3 years serving me) he is worth £23,000,000. Also I took a chance on Jordan Henderson as a replacement for Gerrard in a long-term now 87 Ovr and also took a chance on a youngster from FC Basel named Valentin Stocker 88 or 87 Ovr he was only £7,500,000 I we may have found the new bargain of this century! I hope you agree I must have been a very lucky boy this year.

    • Thanks! And great finds. Well played with Henderson and Stocker, if players perform well then they can go way over their potential and that’s clearly what’s happened here. Nice job :)

      • Cresswell is still going the same Vaz is now 89 £42,000,000 Ribas Rodenas is 88. At first I saw Stocker and knew he had the potential as he fitted perfectly in my playing style.

        • Wow those players look awesome. That’s the great thing about FIFA 13 – you don’t need to worry too much about potential because if you find a player that fits your style and they play well then they can just keep growing and growing.

  80. Just to add to my last comment this is my team

    Sczezny (86)

    Azpilicueta (84)
    Nastasic (88)
    Shawcross (Scouted 16 and Ovr 71)
    Cresswell (83)

    Vaz (83)
    Henderson (87 or 88)
    Ribas Rodenas (85)
    Stocker (87 or 88)

    Duricic (for some reason his name is spelt wrong on the shirt!!! 86)

    Lucas Piazon (Is left wing forward but is alot better upfront if you sign him play him there 87)

    • Great choice in Cresswell for LB, how are you finding him? Great squad as well :)

      Also, how do they spell Duricic’s name on the shirt?

      • His name was spelt Djuricic but I sold him to Milan to grow Max Clayton and a scouted player called Cardenas (83, age 21 and £19,500,000)

        • Well his name is spelled Đuričić so I guess they didn’t have all those symbols for the shirt font and “Dj” was the closest sound match to “Đ”.

          Fair enough. On mine Valencia have bought Clayton plus a whole load of other promising strikers so their strike force is going to be amazing in the future lol. Does he turn out to be a good player to actually play with (rather than just sim) ?

  81. I have found a CM from Ireland, Daryl Rogers is his name and he had “potential to be special” so I stuck him in my team and now he is 25 and OVR 93!! Every one of his physical stats are over 92!

    I find the best way to get these special players is to search right at the beginning of each season, 17-19 years and overall of 65+, then check each one of the players that you find for the status “has potential to be special” and sign them up!

    I have a full team of players, lowest OVR 88, highest OVR 93!

  82. How can some of the newly promoted players instantly have the Specialities whereas real players don’t have that Speciality even though they have better stats for that Speciality? For example newly promoted Australian CB called Gilliespie has Tactician but compared to Ake(Real CB upto 88 from high 50’s) doesn’t have it even though he has better reactions and interceptions by more than 10. Why is this?

  83. Is it better to have one 5 star experience and judgment or multiple scouts with 3 stars for experience and judgment. Great guide by the way.

    • Well 5*/5* scouts seem to find amazing talent left right and centre. 3*/3* ones may find you more players but the quality may not be as good, so I’d say probably go for the one 5*/5* scout.

    • Yeah a 5*/5* scouts a lot of players than lower rated stars in their reports. So if you don’t want a lot of youths, stick with a 5 star scout.

  84. I have an insane team with Real Madrid in my 8th season with 301 million, and have a team rating of 99 ST, 95 MID and 92 DEF, the only original I still have is Sergio Ramos 88, and I got Benzema up to 91 before selling him
    My Players are:
    GK: Gutierez 99, Scouted from Spain (GK)
    LB: Tourneur 93 Scouted from France (LB)
    CB: Stocker 94 Scouted from Germany (CB)
    CB: Attilio 94 Scouted from France (CB)
    RB: Sergio Ramos 88 (CB)
    LDM: Paterson 91 Scouted from England (CM)
    RDM: Beattie 94 Scouted from England (CDM)
    CM: Aiyling 99 Scouted from England (CM)
    LWM: Berra 98 Scouted from England (CAM)
    RWM: White 98 Scouted from England (CM)
    ST: Sarkotic 99 Scouted from Rest of Europe (ST)
    Subs: Morales 87 Scouted from France (CB)

  85. in fifa 13 career mode how can you retrieve a player that you released from your youth squad? i accidently released a 16 year old with a 88-94 potential and i desperately want him back

    • Not sure you can to be honest as they don’t appear in the free agents, they just seem to disappear. If you didn’t save then just quit out and reload the save. Otherwise do you have a save from earlier in your career that you could go back to?

  86. What happens when a youth player terminates his contract or when you release them? Do they disappear or do they reappear in free agents? I was just wondering because I had a 17 year old whose overall was a 73-77 and potential was 91-94 and he terminated his contract without warning.

    • Unfortunately they just disappear. Could you reload to an earlier save when he hasn’t terminated his contract? That way you could offer him one so he wouldn’t leave.

    • Sometimes it does, yes. I’ll be redoing all the articles once the winter update comes out because there are usually a lot of changes then. Every now and then EA puts out minor OVR/potential updates without announcing it, and I don’t do articles for those because 1) there’s not enough time and 2) since EA don’t announce these updates I don’t know when they happen! But yes, I’ll be doing a big update once the winter update comes out. The update is usually released early/mid February so I should have the articles up a few weeks later :)

  87. Probably a daft one but just wondering if the skill level you play on (amateur/proffesional/world class) has any bearing whatsoever on the youth development? For example if you play on amateur and score 5 goals with a youth player is this going to massively boost his growth? Fantastic guide by the way your effort is much appreciated.

    • Thanks :)

      I imagine it probably does make a difference seeing as a player’s form affects their growth (excellent form = the best growth). Well, that’s more the case with older players; younger players with high potential seem to grow well even when they barely play and have average form.

      Anyway, playing on amateur means you’re more likely to win, your players are more likely to get good form and therefore are more likely to grow well. However you might get bored of it quite quickly seeing as it’s so easy.

      On my game I think it’s set to World Class but I sim practically all my games so it’s irrelevant really. If you sim then it doesn’t matter what difficulty setting you have it on seeing as you’re not actually playing the games.

      • i found a 6’9″ striker with 5 * skills, 85? finishing and 90 ACCELERATION, 88 SPRINT SPEED…. what the hell is wrong with this game lol

        • Haha damn! I’m guessing he’s a regen, right? They often seem to be massively overpowered, although I’ve never been fortunate enough to find a monster like this haha

  88. Just a quick question, Is it worth loaning players that are young or should i just keep them in reserves and play them in cups/european ties?

    • I’ve found loaning them out to be very worthwhile (as long as they go to a club where they’ll be in the first team). However, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that their players grow just as well in the reserves, so I think it’s up to you really. Either should work out well for young players.

      If you have anyone age 20+, however, I’d recommend loaning them instead of leaving them in the reserves. When they’re teenagers they seem to grow really fast regardless of game time, but that slows down as they grow older, so loaning them will ensure they’ll get game time and so keep growing.

  89. Alex, well done to you m8, lots of very good info on this site.

    My 7 year old son got this game before Christmas and I fell into it over christmas holidays when bored having not played a FIFA game since the likes of Janco Tianno and Brian Blank were playing (those of you who played FIFA 92 ish on the mega drive will know who I am talking about lol). I sim most games but let my son play a some. Unfortunately I didnt get a choice in what team as Barcelona was insisted on.

    I, we should I say are into 4th season now and because sites like this I am only starting to fuly untilise scouts and youth academy and loving it. I will give a short list of team and explain a potential problem I have.

    GK Hugo Loris OVR 93
    LB Montoya OVR 84
    CB Pique OVR 90
    CB Leandre (ai scouted player I think) OVR 81 (20yrs old)
    RB Jordi Alba OVR 87
    LW Neymar OVR 89 (and rising)
    CM Wilshere OVR 88 (and rising)
    CM Busquets OVR 89
    RW Messi OVR 96
    CAM Iniesta OVR 92
    CF Balotelli OVR 93

    I also have bench or Valdes OVR 88, Sanchez OVR 90, El Sharaway OVR 88, Song OVR 85… you get the picture, all very good players. The problem I have is that I have a few youth players I have promoted, one in particular is special I will talk about him in a second, with OVR 65-74 and potential to be something special but cant find place in team I also have a full youth academy with the same type of players, I cant loan them all out as dont get enough enquiries when I have around 8 players available for loan and my objectives every season is to win league and every cup so cant really afford to lose many games as Real Madrid are hot on my heels every year and normally only pip them in last 2/3 games of season. Does anyone know if you dont fulfill targets by say finishing 2nd will I get the bullet??

    When trying to bring through youth players it appears to me that Barcelona and other top teams are not really the best place to do this. Looking forward to trying CM mode with lower team to buy some time to develop players. Another thing I have noticed is that you actually get too many great youth players. My academy, after about 2 years of scouting is full of players with up to 94 potential ratings and when another comes available I often have no room so they go to waste.

    Finally I just want to let you know about a CAM I promoted named Alvarez he is from Chile, 5* skills and weak foot, he is 6ft 6″ 17 years old with excellent stats, average speed right enough, but we know this is true with most scouted youth players, his OVR when I promoted him was 69-79 and potential of 89-94. He came in at 74 OVR and looks to be a great player.

    P.S. Alex I have tried to pick up 16year olds in free agents but the lowest I can set age is 17yrs, is there a way to get the 16yr old regens on the available screen.

    • Just to update I am 3 years further on than last post and this guy Alvarez is getting sold, now 20yrs and OVR of 84 but has low low workrate which is very noticeable when playing games so must be a factor when siming games as well. Very frustrating!!! Also got better players in Wilshere and Thiago at CM that I sacrifice to try and develop this guy so fed up with him.

      Few noteable points since last post, the CB Leandre is now OVR 90 at 23 years old, 5ft 5″ though but has 98 for jumping, when playing he seems to win his fair share of balls played in air so I am thinking his awesome jumping makes up for small stature (unconfirmed but just my experience)

      I also promoted a guy called Sanga Biarra from youth team in about 2nd season when he was 16 (he is a RB btw), had potential to be special but came out youth academy at like 62 OVR loaned him out for every season (he seemed to get offer every year so just went with it) not really understanding ins and outs of youth development etc etc. I have him on loan at PSG now and he is 21 with OVR 84 so goes to show dont discount youth with low OVR when they have high potential as this guy has grew 4-6 OVR every season. He will come back at end of this season (in Feb now) and slot straight into defense who knows might even go up to 85 by then.

      Does anyone have problems with GK in their CM? Right now I have Hugo Loris who is 31,I think, with OVR 95 but next best scouted keeper is 18 and OVR 61, I have searched GK in buy players and only put in filter of age (between 17 and 22) The highest rated keeper in my game that is within this age group is a 70 OVR 22 year old, where are all the good keepers?? Is there something built into code that keepers have slower progress until say 29 – 30 yrs, as we all know keepers peak later than outfield players, I see progress of 18 19 20 year old out field players and wonder what is going on with GK`s

      Also, quite annoying, I can pretty accurately predict the outcome of a match I am currently simming by when and who scores first goal, you never come from behind to win 2-1 with 20 mins to go, you never get a 4-2 or 4-3 game I think I have had 1 game end 3-2 so can happen but If you fall behind and dont equalise within 20 mins you will not win game, may go on to draw or even lose 2-1 there is not enough scope for different outcomes.

      Last point what is highest potential you have seen on youth player is this 94 or is there a Messi type 96 that anyone has seen also the highest I have promoted from youth is a 74 OVR, anyone had higher? Has anyone got scouted player to above 94 OVR (what the potential seems to be capped at) Other than Messi in my game who was 96 now down to 94 (due to age) I have not seen outfield player above 94 and I have the only other 2 in my game being Neymar and Ballotelli

      • Ah, shame about Alvarez. No doubt you have a good replacement lined up though.

        I don’t think small scouted players automatically have good jumping, however if you have a small CB then he really does need to have good jumping otherwise you should sell him, as he just won’t be useful. Or you could try playing him at full back if he’s any good there. Just as well he has amazing jumping I guess!

        I’m amazed that you managed to find a good scouted full back, they’re so hard to find haha!

        I think GKs can grow slowly and they need to have as much game time as possible. What I do is I have my scouted GK and then an older GK whose OVR is the same or lower than my scouted GK’s OVR. That way I can play my scouted GK as much as possible and my 2nd choice keeper won’t complain because he knows he’s not the best. If you have an amazing first choice keeper and then a scouted keeper the scouted one doesn’t seem to grow very well because he doesn’t get much of a chance. To compound the problem GKs practically never grow when out on loan, which can be extremely frustrating. Don’t know why, all other players grow well, but that just seems to be how it is. However, on my CM there seem to be plenty of good GKs on AI teams, luckily.

        94 seems to be the highest potential range for a scouted player (at least, I’ve never seen it go higher). However, as we all know players can go way over their potential, so by all means youth players can probably go over 94 OVR.

    • Filling up the academy is a problem I’ve had in the past as well, it’s just so tempting to go on another scouting trip. Luckily young players seem to grow well even when they’re just sitting in the reserves, so don’t worry too much if you can’t get them all out on loan.

      Re. not finishing top, I think as long it’s close and you do something like win a cup you should probable be fine. Can’t know for sure, though.

      I think you’re right about Barca not being the best team for raising up youth players. If you’re a loewr league team then often your youth players can actually slot straight into the first team (or at least make the bench), so they can have a much greater impact.

      74 OVR is amazing for a youth player! What age was he?

      Annoyingly you can’t search for 16 year olds. What I recommend you do is set your search parameters to include anyone over, say, 55 OVR and don’t set an age min/max limit. Then sort by age with the youngest at the top. 16 year old regens are very rare, however.

  90. Does anyone know about Willi Evseev (Real Life Player) on Hannover 96? In my second season I was looking for a young backup CAM, and I saw Evseev was an 80, and had “Potential to be Special”, which I believe the only real players to have that before were Neymar and Hazard. It seems that Evseev got a huge boost to his potential, he is very quick, and his ball control is in the 90’s. I signed him and after about 3 months of mostly siming games with him on the bench he is an 84.
    Anyone else ran across this guy?
    Note this was a campaign I just started a couple weeks ago after updating the rosters.

    • He is actually a glitched player. His potential isn’t meant to be anywhere near that high but sometimes he just explodes. Happens with a few other players as well like Berthomier (OGC Nice centre back), Hallam Hope (Everton striker), etc. How’s he doing now anyway? Would be interesting to see how good he eventually becomes.

  91. This is a great guide. I’m in my second season with Man City and have 2 players I’m excited for. One’s a 17 year old 17 CM from Brazil, named Carlos Cardenas. Signed him when he was 72 OVR, now stands at 74 OVR. His potential is between a 85-94, although his weak foot and skill moves are weak (2*/1*). The other is a 16 CB from Canada named Frances Bernier, signed him when he was 69 OVR, now stands at 71 OVR with potential to be 83-88.

  92. This is a great post Alex, Thanks…I was just wondering what the best possible scouted players are, I have one guy who is an 89 at 23 years old, but i dont know how good they can get… I also have 2 guys that are 21 years old who are 85 and 84 respectively, and one guy in my academy whos potential is 90-94 with an overall of 72-76. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

    • That’s probably about as good as you can get at that age! I have heard of a 16 year old being promoted at 76 OVR but I’ve never got that before. The best I’ve had are a few players who were 71 OVR at age 16.

      So I think it’s safe to say you’ve pretty much maxed it out :P

  93. great guide,

    just wondering if you know why in career mode i get 76million budget a year for UD las palmas

    and why/who real madrid have a youth play(who i’ve now bought for 101million who is 20 OVR 95 (still growing)

    is he a regen’d player? or just some freakishly good youth player real madrid scouted

    dont know if effects it or not but i started the career mode off as a player, real madrid bought me but i was only and 81 defender when i retired, this liam chippendale (the OVR 95 youth player) is a ST

    any thoughts?


    • What year are you in? Transfer funds seem to add up after a few seasons and there’s not much to spend it on.

      What position is that Real Madrid player? Do you have a picture because he sounds crazy! Based on his position and nationality I’m guessing he’s a scouted player, unless Madrid have bought an English striker, in which case he could be a copy of that player (they sometimes appear).

      What’s his age/OVR now?

        • Haha good lord that player is crazy! Judging by those physical stats he was probably a regen that Real picked up from the free agents list. Regens sometimes appear with freakishly good physical stats (they’re often 6’9″ or something, but clearly not in this case). I would have said he’s a clone of Rooney, but he’s got a slightly different position so it can’t be that. Basically, it’s a mystery!

          Also, Las Palmas could have had £70m because they got taken over?

  94. Love your blog, was wondering what are your favorite types of players to scout for? I.E. technically gifted or winger or what not. Just curious because I am about to start a career mode where I only allow myself one player with a portrait in my starting 11 at a time with York City.

    • I personally go for technically gifted players most of the times…..I only go for wingers when I am looking for RM,, LM, RB or LB

    • Hi joseph. Scouting depends on what formation you prefer to play. I play the Milan 4-3-3 formation. So when I send a scout, I look for wingers, bcoz it serves two purposes, he will look for forward wingers as well as full back wingers. Don’t look for technically gifted, playmaker, etc. Not worth the time. When looking for defenders, i found better results when I searched for physically strong rather than defensive minded, bcoz I got only good CDMs in the latter. Hope this helps. Cheers.

      • I’ve found that ‘physically strong’ players aren’t usually very good. It seems FIFA uses the same template for physically strong defenders and physically strong strikers, so you end up with players who are equally good at finishing and tackling. The problem is that instead of being great at one and bad at the other, their stats seem to smooth out so that they’re just mediocre at everything. Have you noticed this too, or have you managed to find some good physically strong players?

        Finding good full backs also seems to be very hard. Searching for defensive minded players usually brings up centre backs and CDMs, whereas wingers can bring up full backs but they’re usually just mispositioned wingers (good dribbling and crossing, poor defending). Hopefully they develop these defensive skills in time, although I’m not certain of that. I think full backs are the hardest position to find in the game.

    • Thanks :)

      Usually I start off by just looking for anything. Then after that’s finished I often just look for whatever position I’m short on. So if York City need some good strikers then I’d look for that. I don’t think any type of player (technically gifted, playmaker, etc) will give you better players, though.

  95. signed an italian free agent at the end of my first season as york city, sold him for 55mil a season and a half later, got him back 6 months later for 20mil and now in my fifth season as york he is a 91 overall.. to think he cost me 4000 in wage to start off with

  96. I know this doesnt have much to do with scouting but i was wondering, do you ever have the problem at the end of a season where you dont have enough budget to renew all your players contracts? If so how do you solve this to stop it happening?

    • I’ve never had that problem before. You could try altering the budget so there’s more money in the wages end and less in the transfers end? If that doesn’t work then the players you can’t give new contracts to should end up in the free agents, and with any luck you can re-sign them at the start of the next season.

      Did you manage to find a solution?

      • I tried to sign them up on free agents but it doesnt let me. It says something like ‘communications blocked’ when i try and sign him up, but it doesnt matter now as I replaced then with some great young free agents!

        • I’ve heard that once communications are blocked they don’t allow you to ever enter talks with that player again (can’t confirm it though). But at least you’ve managed to find some great replacements!

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  98. is it better to loan youth players out or instead leave them on the bench and give them a few games? Was just wondering as I am in my 3rd season, and i scouted an exciting prospect. hes an ST and a 70 after 1 season but my other striker (player 4-4-1-1) is so much better so it would be pointless leaving him on the bench but would it be better to loan him out??!

    • Both can work. I tend to loan them out to avoid them asking to play lots, but I’ve seen people say their young players grow really well even if they just sit in the reserves. Do whichever you prefer because they should both work. If you decide to loan them out just make sure you send them to a side where they’ll be in the first team. When you get an offer click stall, then look at that team in the transfer window. If your player will be the best in his position then accept the offer. If not, reject it and try again.

    • Theoretically they should be able to, as players can definitely exceed their potential this year. Make sure he gets lots of game time and good performances and he could well exceed it :)

    • It’s often quite hard to tell because the only things they have in common are position and nationality. Sometimes they appear on the same team as the retired player but sometimes they go to the free agents, in which case it really is hard to tell. So for Ashley Cole, the first thing to do would be to check Chelsea for a young English LB. If he isn’t there then try the free agents.

      Hope that helps.

  99. I kid you not, I got a bloke from Brazil, CAM 5*/5* and High work rates, at 16 he was 76 with “Has Potential To Be Special” and his name was Péle, absolute Jesus signing!

    • Haha that’s literally perfect in pretty much every way :P he had high attacking AND defensive work rates? Also, that’s the highest rated 16 year old I’ve ever heard of. Make sure to keep us posted on his progress :)

  100. Great blog, thanks. Can youth players only ever have one position? Can they adapt to other positions?

    Also, does a scout’s nationality affect the players he finds in certain countries?

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks :)

      They’re only ever listed as having one position. However, what you should do is look at their stats, as that will tell you where else they can play.

      Multiple positions are often misleading anyway. For example, Gregg Wylde (Bolton LM) has LB listed as one of his other positions, but his defensive stats are awful. The best way to tell is just to check their stats.

      I think if you send a scout to his home country then he has a better chance of finding good players (a little star appears next to the country name when you select it), however I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think it makes a huge difference anyway.

  101. i scouted some one who i do not know…english striker, 6 ft 7inches, about 185 lbs…his overall is 91 and he has the complete forward and complete defender specialities…i have no idea how i ended up with this guy…specialities include strength, power header, clinical finisher, tackler, and technician….

  102. In my first season I found a player with potential 90-94! I found him with a 4* scout in England. He is currently 15 and I can’t wait ’till he is old enough for a contract. His overall is 60-75!

  103. Wonderful guide, recently started playing Fifa13, played 6-7 seasons with Napoli, now started a new season with Milan, best young player in the game is Boniperti am sure :D , Oh btw coming back on the topic, You can very much find a 16 year old with a speciality > I got a player named Simon Korte, Ovr – 70, who is already a tactician without a single day in First team [u only get to know about it when u sign them though] another thing to watch out for are players with 90-94 potential..who have a lesser margin of variability…and preferably a 5star scout [ i had 2 of them :D]

    PS: Sorry for the long post, Ty.

    • I have heard a lot of really good stuff about Boniperti. Unfortunately after the winter update his potential has dropped down to so I don’t think he’ll be as good any more :/

      You’re right, you can find scouted players with specialities, but I said you can’t find scouted players with traits, which are slightly different :) a speciality is that little badge a player gets when he gets over a certain threshold. E.g. to get the speedster speciality a player’s sprint speed and acceleration must total 180 or higher. Traits aren’t related to stats but they can have an effect on how someone plays. E.g. the flair traits means a player can do extra flicks and tricks (such as the rabona), whilst some are obvious enough, such as the injury prone or long throw-in traits.

      For some reason scouted players can’t get traits. However, as you’ve shown, they can get specialities.

      Hope that clarifies it a bit :)

    • I’m not certain, but I’ve heard it means they’d make a good captain. Apparently each player has a hidden “leadership” stat, and giving the captaincy to good leaders apparently improves performance on the pitch. But to be honest I’ve never really had much of a problem when changing captains. And anyway, seeing as the leadership stat is hidden and there’s no way to see it I wouldn’t worry too much, there’s not too much we can do about it so we may as well just ignore it. If you see a player with the “leader of men” status try giving him the captaincy, it may make a small difference but it probably won’t be much, if anything at all.

      Hope that helps!

  104. Its truly amazing. I play manager for milan and off-loaded all the players aged 29 and above and sent out scouts. Got an amazing LW – Jarkko Tamminen (Finland), the scout was from finland as well. After the 2016 season, I was unable to get good scouted players, so I just took a peek in the free agents and damn! I found a CDM – Alonso Martin OVR 82 age 20. He had all physical attributes in the 90s. Amazing! and I signed a free striker and an RB. So always check out the free agents after every season, before going to purchase any so called great players. Cheers.

    • Yeah the free agents can be a bit ridiculous after a couple of seasons. AI teams only rarely sign free agents so you pretty much can choose anyone you want and sign them for free. I personally haven’t found any ridiculous free agents like the CDM you described, although I’ve seen pictures of ones other people have found and they look absolutely hilarious – 6’9″, speedsters, strength 92, etc. Mad. I’ve found some good ones (a couple of exciting prospects), but no freaks of nature!

      The only thing I’d say is that sometimes you have to limit yourself because it does get very easy to just dip in and sign loads of free players. It makes the game very easy and some people get bored quickly if that happens. But if you do it in moderation then free agents can give your team a great boost :)

    • Yeah you can find some amazing players in there. That one looks especially good, I’ve never been lucky enough to find a free agent that good!

  105. Hey, thanks for the guide! My housemates an i are running a Leeds United team and this blog has been insanely helpful.

    I just had a question about the May academic report and promoting players before it. Towards the end of my last season one of my 16yo CMs sent me a message saying if i didn’t promote him he would quit? I hadn’t heard of this before be as he had good potential i promoted him and figured i could loan him out at the start of the next season, he started at 53OV. As it turned out we’d won the championship with about 8 games to spare so i dropped him into the team and simed the season out. he scored quite a few goals too. At the start of the following season he had suddenly grown 6 points. I loaned him to Charlton and he’s now at 61OV (i’m in the following January from when i loaned him).

    I’m wondering if this is the game rapidly growing him to make up for the lost exp he didn’t receive in May? or maybe the post season growth was the exp being paid? Have you had experience with this? We only started the team last week so maybe it’s from the latest patch. It’d be handy to know because we have some good youth players that are probably ready to promote be we’re hoping to god they don’t ask to be promoted before May because we don’t have any game time to get them to grow.

    Also, i’m having real trouble getting teams to take my players on loan, have you had experience with that? does their ‘form’ rating effect how interested teams are?

    Thanks so much man! Again, amazing website.

    • Thanks man, glad it’s proving useful!

      The May update only affects players when they’re in the academy. Once you promote a player they can grow every month just like normal outfield players. I think it’s very unusual for that player to have grown 6 points in the off season if he’s already in your squad. Just to clarify, you promoted him so that he was in your first team and you played him in a few games, then you finished the season and it did the whole ‘loading new season’ thing, then when you started the new season he’d grown 6 points out of nowhere? I’ve never heard of that happening before. What month did you promote him in?

      This is what I think might have happened. You promote him in, say, mid-April. He then gets a little boost at the start of May (as all outfield players do at the start of each month). The season ends at the end of August, so he would have gone through the start-of-the-month boosts of May, June, July and August since being promoted. Because no games where being played for most of this time (seeing as the season had finished) you didn’t check his OVR, but in all likelihood he was actually growing OVR points during this time. Then you start a new season and go to play the first match and you see his OVR has gone up. So I think he was probably growing as normal during the off season but you just didn’t check him (you had no reason to), so it appeared his OVR had just leapt up in one go. That’s what I think may have happened, anyway.

      Regarding loaning players out, it can be very difficult. Here’s a post I made on the subject with a few ideas: It can be very tedious and you have to be patient, but at least it guarantees results. It seems good form may improve the odds of getting people out on loan, but nothing’s been confirmed yet, as there seem to be conflicting reports.

      Anyway, hope this is all useful!

  106. Hey, amazing read! I scouted a Brazilian CB with like 85 – 94 potential, and after a few games in I laughed out loud when I checked his skill moves rating. He has 5 star skills with a dribbling rating of 44. I proceeded to resume the game and do an insane skill run ending in a goal. Absolutely hilarious to me

    • Haha that’s ridiculous! Strangely enough I actually found a similar player, he is an English CB who has 5 star skills and weak foot. He’s only 5’10” as well, so something tells me he wasn’t destined to be a centre back :P

  107. When you sign a player through the scouting system can he eventually have more positions on his profile and also can he gain skills and traits?

    • Unfortunately none of those things can happen. Don’t worry too much about the positions listed on a player’s profile, as they can often be misleading. Gregg Wylde (plays as a LM for Bolton) has LB listed as one of his positions but his defensive stats are terrible. The easiest way to see where else a player can play is to look at their stats. So if you have a winger with very good vision, passing and long shots then to my mind they could be good as an attacking midfielder as well.

      However, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do about skills, as they’re always set.

      A youth player can’t get traits but they can get specialities. I explain the differences a bit more here in case you’re interested :)

  108. Season 3 Arsenal 4-3-3

    DM 78 : J. Butland (B-City)
    RB 84 : N. Clyne (South)
    CV 77 : S. Dann (Scouted player) ENG 18 years
    LB 81 : L. Garbutt (Everton)
    LB 84 : K. Gibbs (Arsenal)
    RM 75 : C. Lee (Scouted Player) Irland 17 years
    CM 74 : M. Britton (Scouted Player) ENG 16 years
    CM 89 : J. Wishere (Arsenal)
    RW 88 : T. Walcott (Arsenal)
    ST 77 : J. Challinor (Scouted Player) ENG 17 years
    LW 84. : ”The Ox” (Arsenal)

    LB 80 : Shaw (South)
    CVM 75 : Moore (Scouted Player) ENG
    RM 82 : J. Taylor (Shrewsbury)
    CAM 75 : McGinn (Scouted Player) Scotland 17 Years
    CAM 73 : K. Woods (Scouted Player) ENG 16 Years
    RW 75 : W. Shiels (Scouted Player) N-I 17 Years

    Challinor plays Like Messi
    Lee plays like Xavi
    Britton plays like Xavi
    Dann plays like Kompany
    Moore plays like Yaya Toure
    McGinn plays like Eriksen
    Woods i’m not sure, v. Persie i think the most
    Shiels plays like Quarsma

    i Have more of this Scouted players, butt you can’t have them all together!

    Best sell : 73 Mil : J. Ruddy 87, CM, 18 Years to FC Bayern!

    Great Stories!

    Greetz From Holland

    • Wow, how on earth did you manage to find an 18 year old rated 87? That’s pretty mad :) also very impressed by Challinor! (Well, I’m impressed with all of your scouted players, but those two in particular).

      Do you use C. Lee as a centre midfielder despite him being listed as a right midfielder? I scouted a player like that, he’s now rated 81 at age 20. Much, much better as a centre mid than as a winger. He should be a complete midfielder but you can only get the playmaker speciality if CM is one of his positions. Seeing as he’s a RM he can’t get the playmaker badge, and being a playmaker is essential to being a complete midfielder, so he’ll never get that :( it’s annoying how players are sometimes mispositioned but never mind, they can still be useful :)

      • Season 7 :


        DM : 1. Forster 87 (31 years)
        RB : 2. Clyne 87 (28 years)
        CV : 5. Dann 89 (23 years)
        LB : 22. Garbutt 88 (27 years)
        CVM : 12. Buxton 80 (18 years)
        RCM : 6. Britton 85 (21 years)
        LCM : 8. Wilshere 94 (27 years)
        CAM : 15. Evans 84 (19 years)
        RM : 7. Lee 87 (21 years)
        SP : 10. Challinor 89 (22 years)
        LV : 11. Oxlade Chamberlain 93 (25 years)

        Subbs new : SP : 9. Buzuku (22 years) 88 SWEDEN (Complete attacker)

        14. Taylor RM (27 years) from Shrewsbury up to 84!!!!!!! WHAT A BEAST!

        Sold : Walcott, Gibbs,
        New summer gonna sold : Clyne

        • Nicely done with getting John Taylor to grow so much :)

          Also, would you say Buzuku is a better striker than Challinor because he’s a complete forward, despite having a slightly lower OVR rating?

    • They do, although their young players are usually a mixture of regens, clones (like regens but copies of players who haven’t yet retired) and scouted players.

    • That’s fantastic, he should grow to become a very good player indeed :) let us know how he develops as it’s always interesting to hear!

  109. thank you so much for the great guide.

    i was displeased with growth in fifa 12 but could never give up hope that my scouted players could eventually become great…happy to hear (and see, so far) that it is different in 13. had no idea about players growing in the academy in may, wishing now that i had kept some there until they were 17. at least my spanish midfielder and cragno have grown +3 in the first month with the team.

    • No problem :)

      I know, I was the same, it was disappointing. Three points in the first month? Nicely done, I guess that Spanish midfielder should grow well even without the May academy boost.

    • I wouldn’t loan them to teams where they won’t play. When you get a loan offer click stall, then have a look at the team on the transfer screen. If your player is the best in his position, agree to the loan, otherwise reject it. If you don’t manage to get a good loan don’t worry, as young players seem to grow well even if they don’t play that many games for your team. I can’t guarantee that will be the case if you loan them to a team that won’t play them, however.

  110. Hey, excellent guide!

    I have a question about getting scouts. I picked Bradford City and cheated a bit by customizing the squad, putting Stevan Jovetic on the team and selling him to get a ton of cash. I’m in my second season now in npower Leauge 1. I saved the game on a Friday and have advanced to Saturday regenerating the scouts several times and have yet to see a 5*/5* scout. After about 40 reloads, I finally got a 4*/5* scout from Spain. Not exactly what I wanted, but I’ll take it. Does being in the lower leagues with a lower rated team change which scouts you are available to get?

    I know you said,”The quality of scouts shouldn’t depend on which league your team is in.” But playing another managerial career with QPR, I saw 5*/5* scouts quite often, they were just in countries I didn’t prefer e.g. Bolivia, Canada, and England when I already had an England scout.


    • Thanks for the info. In theory the league you’re in shouldn’t affect it too much. However, I’ll ask around a bit and see what other people have to say about it and then get back to you :)

    • OK I’ve read several people saying they’ve seen good scouts even when they were lower league teams (they just couldn’t afford them), so I think you must have just been quite unlucky when you were Bradford.

      Hope that clears it up a bit :)

  111. got to the may update for youth academy – surprised to see some gigantic growths (14 year old cb going up 13 points overall, potential up 5) but also surprised to see my star prospect go down in both categories, overall window down 5 points and potential down 2. still, very exciting to see players grow, even before they get to the squad.

    • Sometimes the growth is ridiculous, I’ve had similar things where a player grew 12 points. My eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets when I saw it because before then I didn’t even realise there was a growth boost in May!

      Don’t be too concerned about the star player, it’s possible that his earlier estimates where overreaching and that his actual stats haven’t got worse (I’m pretty certain youth players don’t go down in the academy anyway). For example, if his OVR range was originally 66-72 and then it dropped (and narrowed) to 62-66, it’s entirely possible his OVR is 66 the whole time. It may look like he’s gone down, but it’s quite possible that he hasn’t after all.

  112. i got a regen Lw in 2020 who was rated 87ovr and was 20 y/o with potential to be special, does this happen often like every season or just randomly for anyone else?

    • I think it’s quite random, I’ve never found one who was that good at that age, although I have seen other people say they have.

        • Nice, probably because the same player retired. Not sure who it would be. When a player retires their regen is more or less random, but if a really good player retires then his regen is almost always exceptionally good for his age.

  113. Singned a italian striker with potential of 88-92, almost all his stats were light green in the may report, plus he’s rated 71 in a month! Crazy crazy stuff and also 4 star skills but 2 star weakfoot.

  114. Hey, very good work on this website..
    I just wanted to share my experience and ask something about it. I’ve just scouted once and I promoted 4 youth players on, each on a 1 year contract. What happened everytime was that when I saw contract length left, it always was in minus, I tried to extend it to 3 years by offering him a new contract after a little time but that didn’t help either.
    Please reply.

    • It’s a glitch, unfortunately. When you go to offer a new contract you’ll see it says “Chief Executive Suggestion” in the top-left corner. Basically, you need to do what that says or you get the negative years glitch.

      I honestly don’t know how you can fix it once it says the contract has minus years on it. Maybe wait a few months and try offering a new contract? Or you may have to wait until the end of the season when you get those emails prompting you to renew contracts.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        I’ve done both your suggestions earlier but didn’t help..
        Anyways One more question, is there anything other that can help any player grow, for e.g. playing him in different position or basically what increases the overall of any player??

        • What happens when you start a new season? Does it still say negative years on the contract? Does the negative number change?

          If a player is very young and has good potential then they will grow even if they don’t play much. I’d recommend loaning them out to a team that will play them, as that way you’re guaranteeing them a whole season of first team action, which should really help. When you get a loan offer, click stall and check out the team in the transfer screen. If your player will be the best in his position, accept the offer. If not, reject it. Don’t worry too much though if you don’t get any good offers – as I said, young players usually grow very well even if they don’t play much. His growth shouldn’t be affected by playing him in a different position, however.

          • Thanks for the reply, and by the time I start a new season, they are gone as free agents.
            I have a great young player 16 aged 70 OVR but now I will have to loose him.
            although I got a player from Brazil 14 year old and luckily I got an offer to manage the Brazilian team and when I looked at hi OVR, it was 60. Isn’t that great for a 14 y/o??

          • Do you mean they became free agents and you were able to sign them? Or did they just disappear completely?

            That’s excellent for a 14 year old, he should be very decent when you come to promote him. Just make sure you look at the Chief Executive’s suggestion when you offer a youth player a contract and do what it says, that way you should avoid the negative contract years bug in the future :)

          • I wasn’t able to reply to your last reply in that box so I am replying it in this box.
            and they appeared as free agents but I have been blocked permanently from signing them..

          • Oh that sucks. It’s possible that a few years down the line you will be able to resign them, although I’m not sure that’s what will happen. Have you managed to find any replacements?

          • Yeah, I’ve found 3 wonderful midfielders and a defender..I got 2 regens and they aren’t good enough. Okay, 1 question..If I loan a player to a team of a different league, does he still grow there as in the squad report, they don’t show the stats of other leagues so is it equivalent for them to not play??

          • Yep he should grow fine. You’ve got to make sure he goes to a team that will play him, however. So when you get a loan offer, click stall and go to the Buy Players window and look up the team making the offer. If your player will be the best in his position (or maybe second best if he’s a CB, CM or ST), accept the offer. If not, reject it.

            But if you don’t manage to get any good offers, don’t worry. Young players seem to grow well even if they’re not getting much game time.

            The reason you don’t know how many games your player has had is because the stats only show how many games he’s played in your league, plus domestic cup games. So if he goes to a team in another league then you won’t see how many games he’s played because there’s no space for that. But as long as you send him to a team that needs him then he should be playing games and developing well :)

  115. I have evseev in my CM with liverpool he is 93 OVR with amazing long shots(98 power,94 accuracy). and I got Neymar to 94 with almost all stats to dark green(attacking stats anyway), Sterling got up to 89 (still in 2016) still growing. Here is my full squad
    Pos – Name – OVR – age
    GK – Lloris – 92 – 29
    RB – Walker – 88 – 26
    CB – Magli – 87 – 25
    CB – Papadopoulos – 87 – 24
    LB – Bale – 92 – 27
    RCM – Evseev – 93 – 24
    LCM – Wilshere – 92 – 24
    CF – Assis Britto – 85 – 21
    RW – Sterling – 89 – 22
    ST – Neymar – 94 – 24
    LW – El Shaarawy – 92 – 24

    Here Assis Britto is the one I scouted and rest i bought into the club First season(in summer or in January) and simulated until season 4 ie 2016. Realistically i can play another 5 seasons with the team before starting to lose OVR with them but I have backup for every position with at least 75 OVR and under 18 years old (except GK)
    all because of this guide. thanks man.

    • Thanks, glad the guide’s been useful :)

      How are you finding Bale at left back? Almost seems like a waste but I can understand when you have such good attackers.

      What’s your best scouted GK like? I’ve found they seem to develop later than outfield players so it’s worth being patient with them. They do often need quite a lot of game time though unfortunately.

      • I bought the Career Mode rematch ability in ESSFC Catalogue, I re-matched every game until i got a clean sheet for around three seasons. The GK started at OVR 70(16 age) he grew around 5 points 1st season, 4 points 2nd and 5 points 3rd season he is now 84 rated. Clean sheets affect the growth of GK and CB.

        And bale is a beast at LB, because of two things, he has crazy long shots and he has high 70’s tacklings, His crosses are better than Di’Maria’s crosses

        • Awesome growth :) yep, clean sheets feed in to player ratings, so the more clean sheets a GK or defender gets, the better his growth.

          You’re right, Bale is good at LB, but it seems like such a waste!

  116. Your guides are great, I got a German Scout in Germany cost me £3million to sign him, found me a few decent players (up to 85 potential), but one awesome CM with 4* Moves and 4* Weak Foot his Potential is..wait for it.. 88-94, I promoted him at 16 because his OVR is already 71 and given the stats he already has I’m going to play him every week and loan out the 17 year olds I’ve found as they’re only on 63-67 Ovr’s at the moment..

    • Thanks :)

      Great finds as well, especially from a scout who only cost £3m! Scouts can be much more expensive than that so you got good value for money there. That player will be your star man in a couple of years no doubt.

      • Exactly, I don’t specify a type of player so his exp. is 3* and judgement 4*, I’m Bolton Wanderers (my dad’s fave team), and the growth on some existing young players is great, team beginning of season 2 after being promoted to EPL as follows:
        GK: Leali – OVR 72
        RB: Riley – OVR 73
        CB: Wheater – OVR 75
        CB: Ake – OVR 69
        LB: Alonso – OVR 73
        RM: CY Lee – OVR 80
        CM: Tonny Vilhena – OVR 72
        CM: Oasim Bouy – OVR 74 (Grew by 4 at the end of the season?)
        LM: Piazon – OVR 70
        RS: Benzia – OVR 70 (now has acrobat trait)
        LS: Sordell – OVR 75
        Not world beating now but in 2/3 seasons should be awesome
        I’ve sent out Jack Sampson and Podberezkin on loan back to the English Championship so they get 1st team games every week
        The English CAM who regen’d for me as a free agent is 66 OVR at 17y.o and am trying to loan him out – otherwise I might get rid of Buoy as he keeps complaining at lack of matches and I now have a glut of left footed CM’s!
        My new 16 year old lad is Sebastien Uth now 72 after 3 friendly games..I’ll let you know how he progresses..

        • I’m doing Bolton on my career and I agree, they’re a great team to use. Good to see someone else has bought Podberezkin as well :)

          I’d probably keep Bouy because his long shots become fantastic.

          How’s Uth doing now?

  117. Do other teams produce youth players? I’ve picked up a couple of decent players which definitely don’t exist off other teams. One of my CMs is a guy called Umut Kose, OVR 88 and 23 years old. He is also ridiculously unbalanced: he’s 6’4″, has 90 dribbling and 92 ball control and 5 star skill moves. Unfortunately, I think his height and weight mean that his ridiculous technical stats don’t make any difference. I also loaned a finnish striker called Juhani Pasanen in my first season who had similar issues (height: 6′ 9″, 5 star skills). Are these regens signed early by other clubs, or are they youth products? And why are they so weirdly balanced?

    • Yes, and there are three different types – regens, clones and scouted players.

      Regens appear when a player retires. They are always the same position and nationality as the retiring player, but everything else can be different. Sometimes they start on the same team, other times they start in the free agents. They never start on other teams to the retired player, however.

      Clones are exactly the same as regens but they appear before the player has retired.

      If you see a scouted player on a team and he’s not a regen or a clone (e.g. he’s from a certain nation and there are/were no other players on that team from that country) then you know he’s a scouted player.

      Other teams rarely sign players from the free agents pool, but it does happen occasionally.

      Regens are often ridiculously sized. I’ve never actually found a player of that size yet though. No idea why it happens, it doesn’t happen with scouted players. Quite often their weight doesn’t match their height either.

  118. Hi, great work but I miss a paragraph about how long to send out a scout!
    What are the effects? What would you recommend?
    Is there any difference at all? I’ll get a report every month in each case and when the scouting period ends I’ll start a new or the scout doesn’t do anything at all?

      • Good point. You can reload that by saving on the 30th April. However, I don’t think there’s much point because you have to promote all your players to see if their OVR has gone up much, and that can take a while.

    • I usually do 6 months, it usually gives me a good amount of players – not too many, not too few. At the end of the scouting trip the scout comes back and waits for you to send him out again, he doesn’t automatically go out again.

  119. Are youth squad players scouted while in the youth squad?
    I sign all the good players as soon as possible, so they aren’t very scouted when they show up in the youth squad.

    • Yep, as the months progress your scout gets a better idea of how good they are. Their potential and OVR ranges narrow down, as do all their stat ranges. It’s like asking your scout to continue to watch a player before you sign him, except you don’t have to worry about another team poaching them.

  120. I have found a left at Schalke 04. He had 5 star skills and 5 star weak foot. I do not think the rain is because I do not see old Spanish left back at Schalke. I also have the rain of Dani Alves found. Which one should I buy for the left back position. The rain of Dani Alves takes me 1.7 million and the other left back but 0.5 million.

    • I’d recommend the cheaper one. Players can exceed their potential if they play well enough so you should be able to get him to be as good as the Dani Alves one, and you’ll pay a lot less for him :) plus the five star skills and weak foot are a big bonus.

    • Well in the “YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM” bit, the first number refers to the region you send a scout to, whilst the second number represents the odds of finding good players (the higher the second number the better). So for example, 0 represents Brazil and Argentina, so if you see YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_0=15, it means that Brazil and Argentina have an excellent chance of finding good players (the best chance, in fact, seeing as region 0 has the highest second number).

      The second bit refers to a scout’s odds of finding good players based on his judgement rating (as opposed to the odds of finding good players in any given region). Apologies for it, I need to lay it out better. But basically the first number represents the number of stars the scout has for his judgement rating. The next four numbers show the percentage of player qualities each scout will find (bronze being the worst players, platinum being the best). So a scout with 1 star for judgement will have a 75% chance of finding bronze players, a 17% chance of finding silver players, a 5% chance of finding gold players and a 3% chance of finding platinum players. I don’t know exactly how good a bronze player is compared to a platinum player (i.e. where the boundaries are set), but platinum players will be much, much better.

      Hope that clears it up a bit for you :)

  121. Check out my Youth Squad here, and please share.

    I saw a few questions above about what are the best players you can find on the Scout Report. So here’s a screen shot from one of my scout reports. P.S. I also found a couple of players with 81-94 potential in the scout report.

    And the highest overall I have been able to push a player to before promoting him is 75-81. I have a screenshot for that too.

    NOTE: I had to do some quitting and reloading to find the best players and scouts.

    • Nice finds :) although you may struggle to give them all playing time with so much talent about!

      75-81 is amazing, how’s his growth been since promoting him?

  122. Actually, there are more than 4 English leagues – if you count also all the leagues that are from countries that speak English. Total is 8: 4 from England, Scottish League, Irish League, Australian League, and MLS from USA.

    This doesn’t necessary mean that English names are dominant. The are also 3 Spanish leagues. 2 in Spain and 1 in Mexico. If you consider Portuguese names also “Spanish” (I know, that is so wrong), that would increase the number of leagues to 5 (Brazil and Portugal) + All the South Americans who play in Europe and MLS + All the South American national teams (I’m pretty sure that national teams of Bolivia, Ecuador etc. have also players from their own leagues that are not present in FIFA 13)

    Lots of German names too, since Germany has two leagues in the game along with Austrian and Swiss leagues.

  123. Hi–thanks for the terrific guide.

    Question for Alex and the peanut gallery: anyone have any thoughts on what the best formation for simulating games is (personnel aside)? Sometimes my teams do not seem to do as well as the ratings suggest, and I wonder if some formations are more effective than others in sim mode. I imagine better results would lead to faster player development… not to mention getting fired sure is tragic.

    • To be honest I don’t really know, although if you put a player out of position sometimes their OVR drops (but sometimes it can rise as well). I don’t think any formations are ‘better’, as long as you’re not putting your CB up front or anything. Playing games may be different because you’d want a formation that fits your playing style, but I don’t think it makes too much difference when you sim games.

  124. I found an amazing rb regen from england in the free agent list. I am still going on in the season and he is already a 79, 18yrs old. I couldn’t figure out thoug who he is supposed to regen.his height and weight are normal

      • I found him in in 2015 now I am in 2017 and he is an 88 overall. I tend to look for players with “has potential to be special” i have gotten Adryan to an 92 overall so far shaqiri is a 91 at age 26. So it varies on how the player progress everytime for instance i start new seasons quite a lot an the progressions change of the players every time. I currently use 22 players and I have 7 players 90+
        With the oldest being shaqiri.

        • Sounds like you’ve got your career mode made! I think I’ve only ever found one regen with “potential to be special”, although I think it varies by career. Still, sounds like you have an awesome squad, nicely done :)

  125. My team is Brescia but I put them in EPL because I like it better than other leagues. I put them in Npower Champ 1 . And in 2017 this is my team:

    GK: Leali (87)
    Felipe Ramos (95 lol i didn’t know he was glitched I bought him when he was 85)
    RB: Luiz Eduardo (91 I sold him to PSG in 2015 when he was 83 for 35mil and bought him back when he was 88 for 30mil)
    Hewitt (84)
    CB: Sorensen (89)
    Nastasic (93)
    Guano and Ake (87)
    Marange (81 he’s a regen with 77 starting and loaned him so he can play)
    LB: Mbaye (90)
    Shaw (85)
    CDM: Welbeck (90 I play him as a RAM and boy his stats are all dark green)
    Zucilini (89)
    Gabriel (88 I’m thinking of selling him when an offer comes because he has not yet developed a tactician badge or anything and Zucilini is a better CDM)
    Santos (81 regen bought him from another team when he was 77)
    Pazdan (78 only scouted player that is still in my team)
    CAM: Gotze (94 bought him when he was 85+ish I can’t remember from the money i got selling Redmond)
    Bouy (89)
    Vilhena (89)
    Adryan (89)
    Piazon (89 slow grower Adryan and Vilhena overtook him even if they have the same playing time)
    ST: Benzia (85 slow grower after reaching his potential but has all the badges except FK specialist which I think he’ll have)
    Bellusci (86 regen surpassed Benzia’s growth he’s my target man)

    How I played, I alternate my players for every fixture every week. Basically, I have my strong team and weak team. It does make some players disappointed but it doesn’t really affected them that bad because they still play just every other game and it has a better effect of making sure all the players are growing. As you can see after many seasons my squad is very strong.

    I bought players on the 1st-3rd season and developed them until now I am tempted to sell some players to mix it up but can’t find a better replacement since they’re all so young and has great stats. Although some of them I sold like Mbakogu, Redmond (he wanted to leave feels to big for the club when we were 1st in the table and went for Aston Villa lol), Denswil, Cragno ( I didn’t want to sell him but he’s just too slow to grow and I was about to play in the BPL so I had to get a better keeper), and my players coming from my youth academy and other regens I bought and the dead woods from the original Brescia team. I sell them when a transfer offer come and overprice them that’s why I had so much money now. lol

    I like the youth system but what my big problem with is is the technical stats of the players. My best player that came from the academy is a Argentinian CAM (5* weak and skills but 5’5) with starting OVR of 75. I sold him when he was 80 because even if I want him, his technical stats are still orange. WTF. Sure his mental stats are dark-light green but he will be tackled and slammed to the ground with his orange stats. There are lower OVR players that have better technical stats than him. For me, Regens have better stats and has better growth.

    Take my CDMs for example. Pazdan (6’4) was about 75 when I bought Santos (5’11) which was about 77. They play the same minutes but Santos is a better player (he wins more headers than Pazdan) and is growing better. So right now, I’m investing in youth academy just coz I have so much money but if you play your games, the youths’ technical stats are very important. I just trade or sell them for regens that I found. But I hope this improves.

    I also manage the England national team after managing Poland when I was a lowly manager and boy isn’t it thirsty in talents. English teams really need to focus on developing young players than buying great players. I was tempted to take Spain and Brazil’s offer but I just had a thing for underdogs. I watch EPL games now and I’m shock that the superstars in most teams are not even English.

    Anyways, I just want to share my Fifa experience.

    • Great squad! I’m really impressed with how your players have grown. I’m especially intrigued at Luiz Eduardo – he continued to grow past his potential even on an AI team. I thought players stopped growing if they’d reached their potential and had been sold to an AI team, but I guess not. That’s excellent news :)

      Also interesting that you scouted a target man, most strikers I scout are technically good but not so great in the air.

      I know what you mean about scouted players’ mental/technical stats, and it seems to mainly be a problem with central midfielders. Luckily I haven’t found it to be too common though, as I’ve got some great centre mids who develop normally. Players in other positions seem to be fine. But regens to seem to appear with more realistic stats. Except, that is, when you find a 6’9″ monster with all green physical stats :P

      Very interesting to read about your experiences, thanks for sharing :)

  126. Great guide bro! I am in my first season with Nottingham Forrest. I have some good prospects such as Terrence kongolo, alesso cragno and yassine benzia! I also have two young superstars in my youth squad! Thank you for all of your great tips.

  127. i found two players with the potential to be special so im really excited to see how they grow i also found that placing scouts in less known European countries is good such as denmark sweden and greece are great countries to set up a scouting network

  128. Hi,
    It is somehow possible to get a youth-player with good speed?
    I never, ever got one with speed > 72.
    This sucks cause normally speed should be the advantage of young players…
    I always get those 65 speed guys with completely unrealistic 95 vision or something…

    • It is, but it just takes a bit of time. I don’t think you’re likely to get anyone out of the academy who is rapid straight away, but after a season or two of growth their pace should improve.

  129. I’ve been getting way too greedy when scouting haha because I started my season with the New England Revolution (USA) with a 90 OVR created player and sold him so I could get the best 10star scouts hahah I reject people with potentials of 89-94 because I need them to be at least 90 to 94 but anyways I’ve really been finding all the superstars in Belgium, Korea Republic, USA, IRELAND (I found a 6′ 8″goalkeeper with 90-94 there and in Russia) Russia, Austria, and Serbia. South Africa’s good too and Spain and Brazil have been real busts for me but Belgium is the best because I got a midfielder there who I signed at 14 and promoted at 16 and he’s 19 right now and he’s an 82 with potential to be special. If you only want to play your starters without your promoted youth players getting mad then just loan them for the season, they aren’t unhappy, they dont request to be traded, and they actually grow. Another thing I like to do is sign a ton of USA players and sell them because since I’m managing the USA national team, I need to sign players because I dont think the best regens are distributed fairly, so if you’re a prestigious country then you get the best players… except I got lucky and got Casillas’ regen as an American named “Tally Peterson” but there is literally no future for the country other than the ones I scout. aaaanyways AMERICA LOVES SOCCER

    • I definitely agree, other teams should definitely use the free agents more. It should feel like I have to battle for their signature, but instead I get to take my time and pick my way through 20+ amazing prospects with no competition. It doesn’t make sense.

      I also know exactly what you mean about getting greedy. There’s always the temptation to send your scout on “one last trip”, and before you know it you’ve got 15 amazing players and not enough time to keep them all happy :/

  130. another thing: ” ” shows POTENTIALS of all real- life players in the game as well as all the rosters and player information.

    • Nice find :) Although it’s worth noting that England isn’t necessarily the best for defenders, as countries don’t ‘specialise’ in certain positions. But you’re likely to find very good players in England as it’s one of the best places to scout.

  131. Excellent stuff!!
    Is there any distinct advantage to keeping a youth player in the academy versus promoting them and playing them each game, fitness permitting?

    • Thanks :)

      In terms of growth, I don’t think there’s much difference. However, the big advantage to keeping players in the academy is that you may not be able to give all your youth players game time if you promote them. This may eventually lead to them complaining and wanting to leave. If you leave your players in the academy then it’s equivalent to them playing matches every week, so they won’t complain. It’s essentially the same as loaning them out.

      If you do decide to keep them in the academy, just make sure you only promote them after you get the May youth academy report, otherwise you’ll lose out on their growth for the entire year! Players only grow at one point every season, and that’s at the beginning of May when you get your youth academy report.

    • Keep youth players in the academy as long as possible unless you have an immediate position as a starter in your lineup or else they will get unhappy. Also it’s much harder to loan them or sell them when they’re so young, and unless you can consistently keep their form up above 6 they won’t reach their potential I don’t think. I’ve also found that if a youth player threatens to leave your academy, just quit and reload your game and they shouldn’t threaten to leave because these type scenarios are ALWAYS random like someone not accepting a contract and saying they want to leave your club or major trades around the world happening… These are all random and not inevitable

  132. I don’t think this works anymore, if it did before. It doesn’t give me the option to change a player’s commentary name. (barely any options to be honest)

    Great advice by the way!

    I started a career with Bristol Rovers (my local team) and have signed 3 youth players (a RB, RW and a CAM) all with high potential and at 1st team standard.

    • What is it that you’re not sure still works?


      And that’s the great thing about starting as a lower league team, if you scout any good players then they can go straight into your first team.

      Also, congratulations on finding a good fullback, they seem to be the hardest position to find as most of the good ones seem to be either mispositioned centre backs or mispositioned wingers.

  133. hey i have a question to ask. i had this young striker but because he is from spain and he claimed to be homesick, my club director board sold him away. i tried to buy him from the next season but he said that he has no intention of ever playing for my club given the history behind us. Is there anything i can do to get him back? He is my best striker and they just sold him and i cannot do anything.

    • Unfortunately I think this is something that’s programmed in and you can’t get around it. The only thing I can suggest is that you wait a few seasons and then try again, but that’s pure speculation really as I’ve never had it happen to me before :/

  134. Fantastic guide!

    I don’t like online so I have just hammered career mode. Currently in 2023! 3/4 of my squad are all regenerated players or ‘youth graduates’. My transfer budget is 350 mill an wage budget is like 2 mil under.

    All I do is look at free transfers at the end of each season. If you do it early enough you get into a routine and its like a revolving door, once a player hits around 30 years old, sell him because his stats will decline after this and also the 16 year old you picked up and has been on loan for a few years will be ready to play.

    I little thing I found have when promoting from the youth team have a look at his value. If his value is 2 million plus he is going to be 70 ovr+. The higher the value the higher the rating.

    I’ve had a 16 year old out of the youth who was value was about 4 million. He was a CDM who started at 76 ovr and was a ‘complete defender’ (yes DEFENDER haha) by the time he was 20. His marking, stand tackle, slide tackle, interceptions and reactions were all in the high 90’s. Some of the players I’ve picked up have been frightening!

    • Thanks!

      I’m getting to that stage in my Bolton career and it’s the same with me. I just have so much money it’s silly, nothing to spend it on because I already have a great team!

      Nice find on that CDM. Scouted defensive mids can be like that on FIFA – amazing at all the defending stats but lacking in other stats you’d want in a CDM, like passing and vision. Bit of a shame really.

      I think I once promoted a player who was worth £7m O_O I left him in the academy until he was 17 and 17 year olds always seem to be more expensive than 16 year olds. Crazy though.

      • in fifa 12 i would just have every player on like $700,000 per game so no one could ever match the wages :D nothing better to do with the money when you have 20 players 85+

  135. Hey Alex. Just came across the your guide last night and its a great help.
    I recently retired my pro at 21 (lol i was a 80Ovr striker) after playing (in order) for Brisbane Roar, Swansea, Middlesbrough, Crewe Alexandra (loan), Tottenham, and Sporting CP. Took a job managing Moreirense (Portugal) with 5games left in the season. Came 15th. Next Season I did ok and came 14th.

    Come Overall career season 6. Found this guide and looked in the Free agents Section to find a OVR 80 21yr old MID, and Numerous High 70s OVR Defenders. Budgeted all my money on Wages, and Signed like crazy. Come half season, I sold aa Striker and Midfielder who had both risen dramatically and were sold for 20 mill each. Budgeted Wages again, and brought in some quality replacements. My Starting 11 are all over 74, inc a OVR 82 GK, and the Subs and Reserve team is growing too.

    Throughout all of these last two seasons, I’ve been Scouting in Argentina, England, Serbia, and Norway, and I’ve Now got a 16yr old MID at 67-71 Current OVR with 87-94 projected whom I’m waiting for the end of season (May)) boost, and a Striker called Fernando Alonso (HA) plus a full youth squad of potential talent.

    Cheers for the new Talent finding tricks.

    – Eric

    • Sorry for the really slow response on this one! But thanks very much for the support, I really appreciate it :)

      Yeah the free agents is a great source of talent. I’ve found I’ve actually had to restrain myself, as there is almost too much talent in there and it’s so easy to sign the players. But in moderation it can be a great help and can provide a really good boost to a team that doesn’t have much in the way of funds.

      Your youth talent looks to be really good as well, it looks like you’re going to be breaking up the Big Three in Portugal pretty soon :)

      And why did you retire so early? Sounds a bit crazy! Did you just get bored of it?

  136. Really sad about this, but my 2018 year career mode save is not working… Everytime I load it the game freezes (this is on Xbox 360). Its really sad, because I had some amazing players from the youth academy (one of them was Gil Serrao, I posted here before about him). Tens of hours in this game and its just gone… :(

    • Oh that sucks. EA really messed up on this one, lots of people have had this problem as well. They’ve released a lot of patches so hopefully they’ve fixed the freezing. Have you tried a new career?

  137. I think I’m going to start a Second Manager Mode game, with my favourite lower level team, Notts County. Ill build the team up with the youth squad, see what I can do in 10 seasons

    • Good idea, it’s always a great challenge starting with a lower league team :) Here’s a tip – play Fabian Spiess (GK) as much as you can, because he’s got good potential and could easily get into the 80s with enough good performances.

      How’s the career going now anyway?

    • It’s up to you. I don’t do it myself, but if you want a real challenge then you could give it a go. With a team like Notts County it could become rather difficult, but that may not be a bad thing!

  138. Well, 2 seasons later, got the sack, and signed with Hull City, who had had a Russian Takeover in the last season. Bought Lukaku and Wellington for the front/Midfield, and ter Stegen for GK

    • Ah nice, did you know they’d been taken over?

      Which Wellington is this, Wellington Nem? Because he is absolutely incredible. I’ve just started a career with Wolves and Bolton just bought him. I am terrified.

  139. Hy Alex , i Found your site was great and pretty usefull
    This helps me a LOT !! Great Site !!

    I’m with my Rayo Valecano at the begining of my 4th season , I get really great team with lots of awesome talent
    here is my squad

    GK Jack Butland 75 , 22 ( An exciting Prospect , Firstly was showing great potential and then it just changed :) )
    RB M. Zeffane 76 , 23 Spreedster but Really great at defense
    CB S. Umtiti 78 , 21 Score 8 goals last season
    CB Kurt Zouma 81 , 20
    LB Lucas Digne 77 , 22
    CDM Mubarak Wakaso 80 , 25
    RM Lass 84 , 23
    CM A. Witsel 87 , 26
    CM Mattheus 80 , 21
    LM Deulofeu 79 , 21
    CF Marcos Junior 81 , 22

    Subs :

    E. Navarro* 68 , 17 ( pot 88 -94 ) Has potential to be special
    Juan Marcos* 68 , 16 ( pot 91 – 94 ) Has potential to be special


    C. Lloyd** 75 , 20 . Score 3 goal in 4 games as a CB , Crazy !
    T. Lemoigne** 73 , 20
    Pablo Ramos* 61 , 16 ( pot 87-90 )

    Full Backs
    RB De Sciglio 78 , 22
    LB Grimaldo 72 , 19
    Ivan Contreras* 70 , ( pot 87 – 93 ) Has potential to be special

    C. Ainsworth** 75 , 20

    A. Russo** 74 , 19 . An exciting Prospect
    L. Bittencourt 76 , 21 ( Usually a CAM but i play him as a CM and i found it great , makes a lot goal from middle )
    Goretzka 75 , 20
    E. Buil Tisner** 69 , 17 Has potential to be special ( maybe Xavi’s regen )
    S. Nyatanga 71 , 19 ( Giggs regen )

    W. Zaha 77 , 22
    Srdjan Prijovic 77 , 19

    Striker :
    Sergio Moreno* 74 , 17 ( pot 87-93 ) Has potential to be special , Great finisher , have finishing , long shot and shot power as main stats
    Xabi Rodriquez* 69 , 16 ( pot 90 – 94 ) Has potential to be special , He is striker but his stats are more likely a winger so fast and agility , but have great finishing
    Wilfried Bony 81,26

    * Scouted Player
    ** Free Agents

    Please give me some advice go improve my squad
    Or advice about any subs that i should take to my 1st team , and any player that i should sell ?

    Thanks Before Alex :)

    • any advice will be very usefull and great for me
      also … I mean advice to improve my squad

      hope you understand my english :)

    • To be honest I don’t think you need much advice, you’ve built an amazing team! Great job :)

      The only thing I would say is that it can be hard to develop goalkeepers. They need lots of game time to grow, and often don’t grow at all well when you send them out on loan. How are your scouted goalkeepers doing now?

      And thanks for the support, I really appreciate it :)

      • Hy there Alex , i was soooooooo happy yo see your reply lol , when i check this page again for some tips and find it i was soooo sooo happy just thanks

        My goalkeeper now are just looking very great >.> i’ve have 5 goalkeepers by now lol…
        i just use 2 and send 3 on loan ( one of them was cassilas )

        i will posted the update about my squad just wait a moment

        • Here my latest squad update , hope you read and give me some advice about it , because i’m your fans lol…. i always read your reply on another comment and use it as advice for me

          i also read your comment on a forum ( sorry i forgot the forum ) about tips to loan out some player , it help me so much as i can loan out a LOT of my U-20 players thanks !!

          This is the update , i’m on 2018 with my lovely Rayo Vallecano

          First team :

          GK Jack Butland 25,88
          RB Ivan Contreras* 19,78 ( my only scouted player to play for my first team , already so good at just 19 years old , i just love him )
          CB A. Masi 26 , 91
          CB K. Zouma 23 , 90
          LB Bale 29,93
          CDM Jack Wilshere 26,91
          RM Lass 26 , 90 ( i don’t know and surprise myself seeing this player and Mattheus hit 90 because their potential isn’t so high , i think it is because i always playing them both at my 1st team since my 1st season )
          CM A. Witsel 29 , 92
          CM Mattheus 24 , 90
          LM Neymar 26,91
          CF Marcos Junior 25 , 88

          Airam Nierga Marti** 18,71 ( Casilas’s regen HPTBS ( have potential to be special ))
          Luciano Figuiera* 18 , 65 ( i keep him as my 3rd choice GK , he is 6’9” lol , HPTBS )
          J. Marcos* 18 , 67 ( out on loan , HPTBS )
          E. Navarro* 20 , 76 ( out on loan , HPTBS )

          A. Navas* 19 , 76 (HPTBS)
          Jean-Pascal Bautheac*** 20 , 82 (HPTBS)
          A. Sorgic** 23 , 87
          T. Lemoigne** 23 , 84 ( out on loan )

          De Sciglio 26 , 85 ( decided to play him as 2nd choice LB )

          Mirco Vollmann** ( Lahm’s regen )

          Kevin De Bruyne 27,90
          Gabriel 25,87
          A. Russo** 22 , 82
          E. Buil Tisner** 20 , 81 ( Xavi’s regen , HPTBS , out on loan )
          Andre Luis Santana De Moraes*** 24,88 ( buy him from Flamengo )
          Mario Gurpergi Nausia*** 24 , 89 ( buy him from Barcelona for Witsel replacement )
          King Mohammed** 18 , 72 ( out on loan , An Exciting Prospect , i decided to buy and keep him because of his OP name lol )

          LM and RM
          Hermann Dabo** 19 , 78 ( Ribery’s regen , HPTBS )
          Javi Chaves* 18 , 75 ( he is a LW but more likely a mispositioned striker with high finishing and shot power , but also have good crossing , HPTBS )
          Rinaldo Retamoso*** 25 , 87 ( buy him from Shackle for Zaha’s replacement )
          L. De Mesquites* 19 , 78 ( HPTBS , out on loan )

          Simone Viola*** 22, 88 (HPTBS )
          Sergio Moreno* 21,85 ( HPTBS , out on loan )
          Mateuz Furman* 19 , 78 ( HPTBS , out on loan , for some reason at age of 18 he was called for Poland National Team lol )
          Xabi Roriques* 19 , 78 ( HPTBS , out on loan )
          Yousef Al Shamri* 18 , 72

          * = scouted player
          ** = free agent
          *** = other club scouted player

          Also i think next season i need to sell some of my players because my squad just too full of players lol , who do you think i should sell ??

          I’am hoping for some advice , thank before Alex
          You’re always great (y) :D

          • Big news !! Butland hit 90 !!!
            I’m so happpppyyyyyyyyyyyyy wow !!!

          • No problem, I’m glad it’s been able to help :)

            You’ve got an amazing team but I don’t know how you manage to play everyone and keep them happy. So I think it’s probably a good idea to sell a couple!

            One idea I’ve seen is to have a ‘feeder team’ for your players. This is where you pick one team lower down the leagues and offer to swap one of their players for one of your promising young players that you don’t have time to play. When you get their player you release them. This way you fill up the other team with your players, and because they’re a lower league team, all your players will get lots of game time. They should all develop very well because they’re better than any other teams in their division, meaning lots of wins and lots of good form. Then when you’re ready you buy back some of your players if you want.

            Of course, you need to have plenty of money to afford to release all the players you bring in, but after a few seasons you can accumulate so much cash that it isn’t usually a problem.

            So you could try that out :) it makes it more interesting because they feel like a youth team competing against regular teams, along the lines of Barcelona B or Real Madrid Castilla.

        • No problem :) sorry about the late reply though.

          How have your goalkeepers done on loan? I’ve tried loaning keepers but they just never grow :/

          • Good idea about giving my players to lower team but it seems hard to buy them back >.>

            I only have 38 million by now , and when a ” Has potential to be special ” players reach their potential 90+ their value will be 70 million each so it seems hard for me

            I ussualy divide my team into 3 , the 1st team for league match , 2nd team for other match like cup , champions cup and for some league match ( ussualy 2nd team get like 10-20 league apperence ) , and 3rd team for 1st team and 2nd team backup

            That is my sistem but the secret is , I can’t keep all of my players happy lol , to keep their form on good or excellent is easy but to keep their morale on happy or very happy is so hard , there is 3-7 players in my squar whose morale are content or unhappy but i always can take it back to happy ( when the unhappy players get to happy , the very happy and happy players down to content -_- ) but there is no problem with me

            i loan out like 9-11 players a season so the morale is not a big problem for me

            about the goalkeepers they grow soooooooo slow or not grown at all , i don’t know why but it seems so hard
            the loaners keeper only grow 1 or 2 points a season so it makes me desperate lol T.T

            Thanks for the reply always nice to read your comment
            and by now i have start other career with birmingham city currently i’m at my 3rd season and have 5 ” have potential to be special ” in my squad who i pick up from other clubs with so cheap price because when i buy all of them just have 6 months on their contract

            if you want then i will post my birmingham city squad
            *cheers* brother

          • Yeah it can be hard, but I think the trick is not to let them go for too long. You want them to grow, but not by so much that you can’t afford to get them back. Ultimately you may have to let go of some, as there may not be enough space in your squad to give them adequate game time.

            You’re right, keeping all the players happy can be difficult. That’s why I try to have a small squad, as it’s a lot easier to give everyone enough playing time. It can be slightly problematic if players get injured, but having players complaining and wanting to leave is such an annoying problem that I’m willing to take that risk :P

            Goalkeepers do grow very slowly unless you give them as much game time as possible. I try to have only one goalkeeper that I’m trying to develop, and then and older, lower OVR backup goalkeeper. The older goalkeeper knows the young GK is better than him and so doesn’t complain if he doesn’t get much game time, allowing you to develop the young one as much as possible. And to be honest I’ve never had a loaned-out goalkeeper grow a single point while on loan, so you may have been lucky!

            Haha sounds like you got really lucky getting those players so cheaply! Yeah it would be good to see your squad :) are you relying mainly on scouted players or have you bought many real players in?

  140. On my main career mode. There is a CAM called Kevin osei for Marseille, who is like 24 or 23 with an overall of 90! He had no face so he obviously isn’t popular which is unusual. I bought him for £45m. I started a separate career mode and wanted to buy him, however when I searched him he was 21 and had an overall of just 59 and cost £220,000.i bought him but he’s only 63 at December. Do you have any idea how he got 90 overall at 23/24 years old?

    • Sometimes players have hidden potentials and go way higher than we expect them to. I think the players who it happens to change with every squad update,but there are usually about 5. I suspect that EA added it in to add a bit of mystery.

      So I think what happened is that when you started your career, Osei was one of the players whose potential ‘glitches’ and he grows insanely fast. However, when you started your new career you had a more recent squad file, where his potential doesn’t glitch (and someone else’s does instead).

      I quite like it really, makes it a bit harder to predict who will be incredible.

      I have heard from some people that if you try to buy these glitched players before they’ve started growing (i.e. at the start of your career) then they don’t go crazy, and you have to wait for their growth spurt to start if you want it to continue. Don’t know how right that is because I’ve never tried it myself, but it could well be true because I’ve seen it reported a lot.

  141. playing as chelsea, here is my squad:

    GK – Cortois 86
    RB – Walker 87
    CB – Bruma 88
    CB – Ake 85
    LB – Feijo 87 (regen, I think)
    CDM – Pogba 88
    CDM – M’vila 87
    RM – Yeboah 85 (youth squad now 19yrs old) – Ghana
    CAM – Oscar 91
    LM – Hazard 97
    ST – Nunho 91 (youth squad, 23 yrs old) – Brazil

    also have Konadu 86 (ST from youth squad at 22yrs) – South Africa
    Collins 92 – regen LM with 98 speed and 94 stamina

  142. I found 5 or 6 really good players for my youth squad, played them for two seasons till they were 20, then sold them off. When the next season started my budget was at 206mil, with wages at 945k.

    • Crazy, but that’s the good thing about scouting – for a very small investment you can get a lot out of it. What do you think you’ll do with the money?

  143. Great Post. Thanks for all of the research and work you did on this. It’s helped me but I wonder if I overused what I just learned. I’ll explain.

    After reading about the regens, I thought “why no just sign them all and then sell off the ones you no longer need after a year?” Between that and a robust youth academy (I am in my 3rd season), I have ended up with 42 players on my roster. The plan was to loan out a lot of players that would not really get any playing time. Between cup competition, continental competition and league play, I estimate that I will need up to 3 full squads (not really but it’s a rough guide as, some weeks, I have 4 matches in one week!) One key injury and you can be caught short!

    However, here’s what I learned. Loaning out regens is nearly impossible. Those players draw salaries in the thousands per week and lower level teams cannot cover that. Does anyone know of a way to offer them out on loan while covering a portion of their salary? I am a Football Manager player and I know how to do it there but not in Fifa.

    Due to the low wages of promoted youth academy players, I can usually loan them.

    In summary, if you sign regens, plan to play them unless you want the complaining about playing time. I always try to sign them without specifying their role but that rarely works.

    • That’s a very good point, and you can’t cover a portion of their wages unfortunately. It affects selling players as well, as the lower league teams that would play them can’t afford their wages either. Very annoying, and hopefully it’s something they sort out in FIFA 14.

      But I agree with you, I have to be strict with myself to resist going on ‘one more’ scouting trip. Soon you end up with an academy that is so full that you just can’t play everyone enough!

      But thanks for the support, I appreciate it :)

  144. Great site Alex , also the So you want a… article is very helpfull too !

    I just want to give some update from my main team and still hope for some advice
    Now i’m at 5th season after mid season transfer market with my Rayo Vallecano at Feb 2017

    Here is my first team
    GK Jack Butland 23 , 83
    RB Ivan Contreras* 17,74 ( Have potential to be special , just sell M.Zeffane so i take this player to 1st team instead of De sciglio , he is the best RB , can defend , beat player with speed , great crosser and a tactican )
    CB A. Masi 24 , 88
    CB K. Zouma 22 , 86
    LB L. Digne 23 , 82 ( need a new LB to replace this player )
    CDM Jack Wilshere ( Trade with M. Wakaso + 6 mil )
    RM Lass 24 , 88
    CM A. Witsel 28 , 91
    CM Mattheus 22 , 86
    LM G. Bale 27 , 91
    CF Marcos Junior 24 , 85

    My subs :
    GK E.Navarro* 18 , 74 ( have potential to be special )

    Defenders :
    RB De Sciglio 24 , 82
    CB A. Sorgic** 21 , 82 ( Vidic’s regen )
    CB T. Lemoigne** 21 , 79
    CB P. Ramos* 17 , 67
    LB Grimaldo 21 , 76 ( really need LB , as both my LB doesn’t fulfill my target )

    Midfielders :
    CDM L. Goretzka 22 , 78 ( need a new CDM too )
    CDM C. Ainsworth** 22 , 79
    CM Kevin De Bruyne 25 , 87 ( sell Bittencourt and buy him )
    CM E. Buil Tisner** 19 , 77 ( have potential to be special , xavi’s regen )
    CM A. Russo** 20 , 79 ( An exciting pros )
    CM Carlos Goni Bayo** 18,71
    LM Deulofeu 22 , 81
    RM W. Zaha 24 , 81

    Forward :
    S. Moreno* 19 , 80 ( have potential to be special )
    X. Rodriguez* 17 , 73 ( have potential to be special )
    S. Viola 20 , 83 ( Buy him from Fiorentina , Doesn’t know if this player was a regen or youth )

    * = my youth players
    ** = free agent players

    And i decided to start over from the point before i promoted my youth squad player
    Here is my youth squad hope you give me some advice about who to promote because i’m very confused as all of them are very good

    Pos Age Name OVR POT
    CB 17 A. Navas 56 – 60 87 – 93 Spain
    ST 16 C. Acuna 66 – 70 88 – 94 Brazil
    RW 16 Javi Chavez 58 – 62 88 – 94 Argentina
    CM 14 Jose Vargas 61 – 65 91 – 94 Argentiba
    GK 16 Juan Marcos 66 – 70 91 – 94 Spain
    RM 17 L. De Mesquites 66 – 70 89 – 94 Brazil
    GK 16 Luciano Figuiera 59 – 63 90 – 94 Brazil , Crazy with 205 cm heigh
    CAM 17 Mateusz Furman 60 – 64 90 – 94 Poland
    CF 16 Y. Al Shamri 62 – 66 87 – 93 Saudi Arabia

    Please give me Some advice about who to sell or buy , who i should take to 1st squad , who i should promote and what i should do to improve my squad
    Any advide will be very helpfull

    Anyway , Thanks before

    • Your squad is looking really good now. I’m really impressed that you managed to find a good full back, a lot of the time scouted full backs are either mispositioned centre backs or wingers.

      With regards to your youth academy, I only ever promote players once they’re 17 and have had their stats updated in the May update. That way you can ensure they get several years of growth.

      However, you can’t loan out youth players that you’ve just promoted. So what I’d suggest you do is loan out all those players in your first team who are under 20 years old (season loan). That should free up some space for you to promote some youth players.

      At the start of each season, loan out any players under 20 years old. That way they can play games at other clubs rather than just sit in your reserves.

      But make sure you send them to clubs that will play them. When you get a loan offer, click stall and go to the buy players screen. Look up the team making the offer and if your player will be the best (or second best) in his position, accept the offer. Otherwise, reject it.

      If you don’t manage to get everyone out on loan, don’t worry, as young players can still grow a lot even if they don’t play many games.

      Hope that helps! :)

      • Thanks Alex :D

        Also i’ve posted latest update from my squad at my previous comment hope you read and give me some advice about it .

        I’ve read yout comment about how to loan player at other site and found it quite useful and true lol , i’ve loan out a lot of my player , and thanksfully there was always some underdog club who came for loan , so my youth player become their first choice and growth

        Thanks a lot man !!

  145. I’m in my 3rd season with Barcelona and have a scout that is 5 star on both experience and judgement, he’s jus returned from Spain with a CAM called juan anguliar, rating 74 at 16 years old!!! Surely he’s going to have a potential way past 90!!! Anyone else had this sort of player return?????

    • Wow, you my friend have found pretty much the best player you’ll ever get! I’ve never found anyone that good, nicely done :D

      Let us know how he develops as well :)

      • I left a comment a while back about a 16yo CAM juan anguliar (spanish) that I scouted, after one season of playing about 20 – 25 games he grew 8 points!! He also has 3 traits:
        • skilled dribbling
        • speedster
        • tactician
        He is now a rating 84! At 17yo, he is by far the first name on the team sheet, a right gem. (I wonder if scouting in the country your team is from, and having same nationality scout, (all Spain) has effected this in anyway?) any thoughts?

        • Oh wow, what a great player! How’s he doing now? It would be hard to imagine him being anything less than 90 by the time he’s 19 or 20, which is insane.

          I don’t know if having everyone from the same place affects it. I know that scouts generally do better in their own country, but I don’t know if a Spanish scout looking in Spain will do worse if he’s working for, say, an English club.

          But either way you’ve found a brilliant player. Considering he’s a tactician and a dribbler, it sounds like he’s extremely well-rounded as well.

  146. lol… i get a RB in my carerr with York City , 17 years old 73 OVR , Pot of 91-94 , 205 cm Heigh , with only 60 Sprint speed … Misspositioned CB lol…

    • Damn, it’s always really annoying when that happens. Good full backs who aren’t mispositioned centre backs or wingers are notoriously hard to find. Still, you could always just play him at centre back, it sounds like he would excel there.

      • Yeah , true
        but my best youth player at my Rayo Vallecano was a RB :D ( Ivan Contreras , hope you remember )
        little bit like mispositioned winger but still great with some good defensive stats like marking but lack at strength :'(

        but don’t worry he is usefull when marking , because he can beat them with speed

        • True, and I think ‘winger’ full backs develop decent defensive stats over time, even if they don’t usually start out very good. But having speed is always a good attribute for a full back.

          • Yeah but strange thing about it is their speed grow as fast as their strenght / marking / stamina / stand tackle so i found they’re really usefull full backs

  147. LOL:
    I signed a free regen who is wearing long black pants in the game !!!

    Anyone experienced this phenomenon before?

    (Btw it’s a 21 year 81 OVR with ” the potential to be special” and a RB !)

    • Oh yeah, this happens very rarely. Luckily I’ve never had it happen to me! However, I think you can get rid of it by purchasing the ‘edit players’ option from the EASFC catalogue. You then go to edit this particular player’s appearance and click ‘randomise’. That will change his whole appearance (hairstyle, hair colour, sock style, etc) but it should also give him shorts instead of training pants. You can always change his hair and everything back to how it was if you want.

      • i get it too , it is casilas regen named Airam Nierga Marti look like he was wearing a long black pants but i think it is just a black short with high black shock so its look like he wearing a long black pants

        correct me if i’m wrong

        • I think it’s random to be honest, but it’s irritating when it happens. So it sounds like you got lucky because he’s not actually wearing tracksuit pants!

          • well it seem i’m not lucky at all T.T as my stars at my new birmingham team a LW named Julio Cesar Rodriguez who is 84 rated at 20 years was wearing a black tracksuit pants T.T

          • Ah that sucks! But I think there is a way around it. If you purchase the ‘edit players’ option from the EASFC catalogue then you can go to change how that player looks. Although there’s no option to change his pants/shorts, if you click ‘randomize’ then it should make him have shorts. It will change how high his socks are, whether his shirt is tucked in, etc, but you can change those back to how they were at first.

  148. Im a bit confused by your quit and rejoin for scouting. Do we quit a day or 2 before our scouting update comes in or do we save and quit on a friday and will it update that saturday?

    • There are two separate things here. Firstly, you can save about a week before your scout reports back to you, and every time you advance to the report date he should bring back a different batch of players.

      The second thing is that the list of scouts available to hire (Manager’s office -> youth academy -> scouting network) changes every Saturday. You can save on a Friday, and then every time you advance to the Saturday the list of available scouts will be different. By doing this you can keep going until you find a really good scout.

      Hope that clears it up for you :)

  149. I started a career with P$G (because of transfer budget) and my plan was to sell everyone on my first team except Ibra and get all starting 11 from the youth squad (except Ibra and Jack Butland, who I signed). Feedback?

    • Well PSG certainly have the cash to do it. It will take a few years to do, so don’t sell everyone right away until you have some youth players ready to come through the ranks. Your board will probably expect you to win the league so you’ll need to have a strong team until your youth players are ready.

      You may find it easier to start with a slightly lower-rated team (but one that still has a decent budget). That way, there will be less of a gap between your starting players and your youth players, so the youth players will be able to integrate a lot more easily. That way it shouldn’t take so long to get a team full of youth players without sacrificing team quality.

      • try Monaco. a decent team in french 2. but pretty much auto promotion and have about 10 million pounds. by year 3 i have 15 players with 85+ potential (not youth) and 5 youth players with potential to be great :D also won a world cup with hungary

        • Yeah they’re definitely a good team, if I remember correctly they have the best starting budget of any second tier team (and in FIFA 14 it will be insane haha). How is your team doing now? And what are some of the players you decided to buy?

  150. Checking out the free agents is definitely worth doing, I picked a couple of free agents up and sold them on after 3 seasons for 50mil and 61.5mil, absolutely ridiculous! Also got a CB who I got as a free agent and he’s now rated 88 and only 22, he’s amazing.

    • Haha that’s madness! I’ve never heard of free agents going for that much. What did you get with the money after you’d sold them?

      I got a great CB from the free agents – Vidic’s regen, in fact. I think he’s 77 OVR at age 19 or something. 6’5″ and really fast, he’s already got the aerial threat and strength specialities, and is heading towards tactician and tackler. Going to be amazing.

  151. Hey Alex,

    Was just wondering if the winter update has effected the number of top class players you can scout and their hight/ skill stars? My housemate and I created a Wimbledon team before the update bringing in all the best players from your Youth Gems tipps chart and by the time we got to the premier league our team was amazing and our academy was pumping out world class replacements. Since then we have started a Corinthians team but we’re finding top class youths much harder to come by. It makes sense they would drop the high numbers of outstanding talent you can find because it is a bit unrealistic (although pretty great for giving players the chance to build a team of near perfect footballers) with the way it was, but i wasn’t sure if maybe i’ve got a bit of selective memory with how many seasons it took to fill the academy with +90s.

    Also, just to have a vent- it’s so frustrating that FIFA has made such a stupid mistake with the loaning players salary payments. I have so many players that need lower league playing time but never get it because once they leave they stop making 500 a week and start making 10,000. Do you know if they’re planning on doing much work on the loan system for 14? i’ve been waiting for loaning to work properly since 2006 and it’s insane that they still haven’t got it right.

    Sorry if you’ve answered the scouting update question before. I tried to have a read back over the comments to see if anyone else had asked you yet but i couldn’t find the info. Cheers for running such an awesome site! FIFA should give you kickbacks for the amount of support you give their gamers.

    Thanks Alex,

    • I don’t think they’ve altered it, I’ve seen lots of people post up pictures of amazing youth players recently in the youth/scouting topic on the EA forums. But of course there’s no way to know for sure.

      Well with the loaning thing, I think the team that brings them in pays them what they think they should be paid, so often that’s more than you’re paying them. But it shouldn’t be too much of an issue because the other team pays their wages whilst they’re on loan. What’s more annoying is when you have a low rated player who is overpaid, and the only clubs that come in with offers are lower league ones who then can’t pay his wages. Those players are annoying because transfer talks always break down, so you can never sell them.

      Haha thanks! Yeah I wouldn’t mind that, but seeing as in FIFA 12 I found out a load of things about scouting (such as releasing players to see their OVR) that were promptly patched in FIFA 13, I’m not sure they’re fans! :P

  152. Well I think due to their age and their high(ish) ratings the rich clubs got interested, and the money I got was from counter offers. The guy i sold for 61.5mil I think was a scholes regen (with pace).

    With the money I got Neymar when he was 87 rated (cost 20mil + a 3mil player) he’s now 93 worth 63mil, I also bought a guy called Carlos Sanchez who was an 87 rated LW, he’s now 90 rated but he’s just pure pace and dribbling, nothing else. Also bought a guy from AC Milan called Cutrim Martins (think he was a regen) he’s now 88 rated ST, 6ft 6.

    Surprise purchase though was a CB called Boly (again must be a regen) – he only cost me 4mil however he’s 6ft 9, 82 sprint speed, 90 jumping…. and he’s 19. Currently rated 80 i think he’ll end up as a 90+ player.

    This is all with York City, currently in the 2017/18 season; First XI in 3421 Diamond formation:

    GK – Frison – 87 (29y/o)
    RCB – Asenjo Andres – 88 (22y/o)
    CB – Boly – 80 (19 y/o)
    LCB – Caceres (must be another regen) – 83 (21y/o)
    CDM – Peters (scout a star) – 85 (20y/o)
    RM – Jese Rodriguez – 85 (not sure on age at this point)
    LM – Carlos Sanchez – 90 (25 y/o)
    CAM – Davies (Welsh CAM, presume Giggs’ regen) – 85 (dunno age)
    RF – Marin Soto (regen) – 81 (21y/o)
    LF – Neymar – 93 (25y/o)
    ST – Cutrim Martins – 88 (22y/o)

    Bench has a couple of promising players, got Mayuka on there too for a bit of pace if I need it.

    Got 12mil budget left although I don’t see me buying anyone else at the moment, team is solid.

    Gonna start scouting using your Scouting Tips page and see if I can find some gems. Thanks for responding

    • Ah yeah, counter offers can be brilliant. I’ve heard of people selling people for £50m, £60m, etc using counter offers. It’s a bit ridiculous but can be a real help!

      Regens can also be a bit ridiculous, as that 6’9″ genetic freak shows :P I think I’ve only ever seen one though, but I know other people seem to find them all the time.

      You’ve got a great team there, be sure to let us know how the scouting goes :)

  153. Well I think due to their age and their high(ish) ratings the rich clubs got interested, and the money I got was from counter offers. The guy i sold for 61.5mil I think was a scholes regen (with pace).

    With the money I got Neymar when he was 87 rated (cost 20mil + a 3mil player) he’s now 93 worth 63mil, I also bought a guy called Carlos Sanchez who was an 87 rated LW, he’s now 90 rated but he’s just pure pace and dribbling, nothing else. Also bought a guy from AC Milan called Cutrim Martins (think he was a regen) he’s now 88 rated ST, 6ft 6.

    Surprise purchase though was a CB called Boly (again must be a regen) – he only cost me 4mil however he’s 6ft 9, 82 sprint speed, 90 jumping…. and he’s 19. Currently rated 80 i think he’ll end up as a 90+ player.

    This is all with York City, currently in the 2017/18 season; First XI in 3421 Diamond formation:

    GK – Frison – 87 (29y/o)
    RCB – Asenjo Andres – 88 (22y/o)
    CB – Boly – 80 (19 y/o)
    LCB – Caceres (must be another regen) – 83 (21y/o)
    CDM – Peters (scout a star) – 85 (20y/o)
    RM – Jese Rodriguez – 85 (not sure on age at this point)
    LM – Carlos Sanchez – 90 (25 y/o)
    CAM – Davies (Welsh CAM, presume Giggs’ regen) – 85 (dunno age)
    RF – Marin Soto (regen) – 81 (21y/o)
    LF – Neymar – 93 (25y/o)
    ST – Cutrim Martins – 88 (22y/o)

    Bench has a couple of promising players, got Mayuka on there too for a bit of pace if I need it.

    Got 12mil budget left although I don’t see me buying anyone else at the moment, team is solid.

    Gonna start scouting using your Scouting Tips page and see if I can find some gems. Thanks for responding

  154. I read that youth squad guys improve. Seen some say by like 8 points. When do they go up? Ive had a guy on my squad for almost 2 years and he hasnt seemed to go up. His potential range is still the same. When do they boost?

    • Their overall will increase in the MAY youth squad report. Sometimes it may not go up at all, but more often than not it will go up 2-6 OVR

    • Potential ranges (e.g. 90-94, 81-87, etc) don’t improve once they’ve fully narrowed down. However, at the start of May every year the players in your youth academy have a stat boost (it’s the only time in the year when it happens). You can tell because their OVR range usually goes up by a few points. On average the growth is around 4-5 points, although I’ve had players go up by 11, 12 and even 13 points. But that’s very, very rare (and I was very lucky).

      So just make sure you don’t promote any youth players in April because then you’ll just miss out on a year’s worth of growth!

      Once they’ve been promoted they should have their stats improve on the 1st of every month. This doesn’t necessarily mean their OVR will go up, but their stats should improve, just like with regular players. If you find your promoted players aren’t growing very well you should try to play them more if possible. If this isn’t possible, try loaning them out to a lower league club to get game time. When you get a loan offer, click stall and check out the team on the ‘buy players’ screen – if your player is the best in his position, accept the offer. If not, reject it and keep trying.

      Hope that helps :)

  155. Got a question… Does play a youth in different positions make them grow differently? i.e. does playing a CB at the wings improve their speed? or does playing a ST at midfield improve their passing more?

    • As far as I know, it doesn’t. I’ve never actually tried it myself so I don’t know for sure, but I think they develop according to their position, so that CB would keep getting better at defending, not attacking.

      There are certain types of scouted players though. I’ve found strikers who are great at finishing and heading, and others who are good at finishing but also excel at passing and dribbling (more of a ‘false 9′ player than an out-and-out striker). So in this case, the false 9 would probably see his passing stats improve well, but that would probably be more to do with his player type than where I play him.

      Hope that all makes sense!

  156. I have scouted a great CM from The Netherlands ;
    His name : Roy Boer
    His age : 18
    His OVL : 75
    His potential is : 88 -91

    He is really a beast of a player with 87 short passing and 81 long passing
    Awesome for creating goals

  157. Good to see the detective work I did last year for FIfa 12 is still applicable!

    I haven’t taken ’13 for a spin yet but by reading the blog, it seems young players seem to grow far better and regens can actually replace retiring talent.

    I have to ask, though – is stats growth more spread out? I recall that back in 12, I’d get strikers who never really improved in some key areas like heading power, FK accuracy, penalties. Then midfielders who never improved their shot power, tackling and so on – the result was that the young players were almost universally one-dimensional. Does that still happen in ’13?


    • It does seem to be a bit better – strikers seem to become very good all round, for example. However, regen players are very one dimensional, but in a different way. Their stat growth is good, but they’re basically all the same – every regen centre mid you’ll find will have great ball control, dribbling and passing, will be very fast but weak and will have average other stats. There’s no variation. You get more variation with scouted players, though.

      Have you managed to have a go at FIFA 13 yet? :)

  158. Wow amazing guide brow! It helped me a lot… In my carieer im somehow managed to be a national trainer for egypt…??? But with this help, i can make a quite good team ;)

  159. I seem to get fantastic CDM’s all the time. I have a 71 rated CDM with 94 interceptions and 91 reactions. I also have another 69 rated CDM with 90 reactions.

    • Great finds :) how are they developing now?

      I seem to always find great wingers – I’d rather have lots of centre mids, as I play 4-3-3 and have more available spots for centre mids than for wingers!

  160. I found a Eden Hazard regen. It was a Belgian 17 year old with an overall of 87 I tried to get him but Arsenal where there first. Dang them!

    • That’s pretty insane :P did they get him from the free agents? That’s massively rare, most AI teams just let the free agents sit there even if they’re amazing :/

  161. I have a winger in my youth academy who has a potential of a 63-68…I am wondering if he could ever grow above a 68 OVR?

    • He could with enough game time, but he’s not really worth it because his starting OVR is likely to be very low and it would take a long time for him to become any good. Unless you’re starting off with a really low-rated team, but even then he probably wouldn’t be that useful.

  162. Been playing a game with Sheff Utd (for giggles) and have been living off the free agents that ‘regen’.

    Have got some good nippers at the moment.

    CM called Valdifiori (not the Emploi CDM, mind!), who has grown from 69 to 81 in 2 seasons.
    He’s the jewel of my destinctly average team, alongside Max Clayton and Tony Watt (who have both grown wonderfully well).

    Got a CB called Logo Soto, who’s clocking in at 80 now, after starting at 68.

    I’m fascinated to see how they carry on, as I doubt I’ll be able to hold onto them for much longer…the big clubs are already sniffing about them…

    The odd thing is, my team seems to have knitted well together and I’m scalping bigger teams when I ‘sim’ matches…this can only be good for my eventual bank balance!

    Thanks again for the guide!

    • You can find a whole load of talent in the free agents, which makes it even more ridiculous that other teams never pick them up! But those two sound really good, that’s a lot of growth for two seasons. How are they doing now? If you think you might sell them, have you thought of any replacements?

      Simming can be strange, one week you’ll pull off a major upset and the next you’ll lose to a minnow team. Still, these things happen in real life I guess!

      No problem, glad it’s helped :)

  163. so i sent my scout to the USA looking for any, (just hoping lol) and while EVERYBODY else was crap, i found a GK who now is 16 68 OVR and has a potential from 89-94….lol maybe FIFA is more realistic then we give them credit

    • Nice, it can be really hard to find good scouted full backs. Usually they’re either mispositioned wingers or mispositioned centre backs. What is your player like? And how is he growing now? :)

  164. one thought. if i regularly play a youth player out of position will that affect their growth. compared to regularly played in preffered position?? talking like CB at LB, LM at CM, CF at wing etc? would be handy if they still grow the same/similar because i can never seem to get some positions. and half the guys are mis positioned any way >.>

    • I think they grow according to their primary position, so the centre back probably wouldn’t end up fast and good at crossing if you played him at LB, but his tackling and strength would increase as if he was playing at CB.

      That said, you can scout strikers who are good at finishing but also have good passing and dribbling stats (‘false 9s’, essentially), and you may find they play really well at CAM or CF. Likewise, CFs usually have good speed and dribbling in the game, so they’d be well suited to playing on the wing.

      But as I said, I don’t think playing people out of position will change the way their stats develop. I’m not 100% certain though, so it may be worth trying out, but I’m pretty sure this is how it works.

  165. My first team is 90+ average and i never used scouting network in my life. Cba starting with players below 80 tbh

    • Haha yeah definitely, the physical stats of regens with the variation of scouted players (i.e. all regen centre mids are the same, you get variety with scouted centre mids). Hopefully this is something they’ve been working on for FIFA 14!

  166. I’m in my 4th season at Athletic Club Bilbao and I’ve completely turned the team around getting lots of money through winnings, but I’ve also had some great scouting stories. I scouted a Spanish LM that started at 68 OVR at 16. After 2 seasons playing him off the bench, he’s reached 78 OVR and will probably improve by a bunch as he will most likely be getting at least 2 times more PT this coming season. I also scouted 2 German CB’s over 6’4″ who started at 70 OVR. I played them both pretty evenly and they’re now 75 and 76 OVR after a season and a half. The last is a LW from my home country of Canada! started at a 65, and after I, rather favorably, played him a bunch, he’s grown to a 74 in just one season, and his status changed from “showing great potential” to “exciting prospect”. Looking good for a Chamion’s Cup Spot this year for Athletic Club, especially after replacing Muniain and Llorente with Ozil and Lewandowski.

    • That’s awesome growth for someone who was mainly a substitute. Also amazing growth from the Canadian player, how’s he doing now? It’s always nice to see his potential forecast improve (i.e. from ‘showing great potential’ to ‘an exciting prospect’).

      How are the rest of your scouted players doing?

      And you shouldn’t have sold Muniain, he becomes an amazing player! Still, at least you have some good replacements. Have you made any other major signings?

  167. Got a free agent in 15-16 season at 74 rating 19 years old. Now starting 19-20 season rated 92 and worth 38 million!

    • Great find, free agents can be awesome sources of revenue seeing as they’re all free! :P did you sell him in the end or decide to keep him and see if he improves more?

  168. Thank you mate, I always did check the free agents, have found loads of players on there. Top players, there alot better than the scouted players so far. I started with Sheffield united on world class and I am in my 5th season. In the prem after 2 promotions in 2 seasons. Found a young defender at aged 17 was 74 overall after one season he is now 18 years old and 82 overall worth 17 mil, a midfielder aged 19 79
    Overall now after 1 year is 84. The best by miles is a young 16 year old striker named marco ludi, my guess is that he is a regen of di Natalie as he is Italian and is now boasting 98 97 on pace stats , when I signed him he was 71 overall is now 20 and is 85 and is worth 35 mil jst turned down a bit for 45 mil will grow to be the best player in the game check every year! Didn’t know to leave players in the academy til 17 grey advice , i am always able put them up for loans I hard to loan when 16 impossible now there 17 most players are taken

    • I find myself having to resist picking up free agents because there are always so many good ones and the computer teams never take any. If I had a bit of competition for signatures then it wouldn’t be so bad, but all these amazing players just sit there waiting for me and me alone to sign them, it seems a bit silly really. I have seen AI teams sign free agents (and occasionally I get a message saying an AI team is interested in a free agent I’ve shortlisted), but it’s so rare that it basically never happens.

      But it sounds like you’ve found some awesome players! It seems a lot harder to find scouted players with good physical stats, but other than that they seem to be about as good as free agents. You also seem to get a degree of variety with scouted players – I’ve scouted out-and-out strikers and strikers who are more of a ‘false 9′, with good passing and dribbling as well as good finishing. That never seems to happen with free agents, they’re all very formulaic. Every centre mid seems to be quick with good dribbling and ball control, decent passing and rubbish everything else, so it gets a little boring after a while.

      Yeah I don’t know why 16 year olds are so hard to loan, so it’s always advisable to wait until they’re 17 to try loaning them out or promoting them. Plus if you keep them in the academy until they’re 17 it means they get another May boost to their stats – I once had two players grow 11 and 12 points respectively in May because I kept them in until they were 17, but that was exceptional. But still, it’s another nice boost without having to worry about their game time.

  169. Great Guide
    Just wanted to ask which players to sell

    * = scouted player
    ** = free agent
    *** = other club scouted player

    Here’s my squad(manager mode-fcbarca-350 m euros budget) in 2023-Player name,age,ovr,highest ever reached ovr,type,position-in this sequence

    Bale 33,88,95,LM
    neymar 31,92,94,LW
    gotze 30,93,93,CAM
    leali 30,91,91,GK
    masi 30,88,91,CB
    T.Sinapi 22,87,just bought,***,LB
    M.Lukovic 27,91,91,***,RB
    T.Kosclieny 28,90,90,***,LB
    R.vera Madrid 28,89,89,*,CB
    M.Cannavarro 26,91,91,***,CM
    R.Sampedro,23,88,dunno,***,LW-acceleration 99,speed 98
    A.Bonani 26,91,same,***,ST
    M.C.Ramos ,26,89,dunno,CM,**
    A.Padella 26,87,CM,*

    AND many more,really huge squad !Already sold all original barca players+hazard,j.rodriguez,lucas etc.
    need more tips
    how to find free transfers?
    how to get a national coach job of italy?

    P.S. Messi reached ovr 97-sold to Man City for 149.99 Mill. Euros

    • You have some great players, but if your squad is massive then you should probably try to offload some of the older players because they’re just going to start declining and their value will decrease too. Although it may be hard to let go of them, you should probably think about selling players like Bale and Neymar to get as much money as you can for them, because in a few seasons they’ll only be worth a fraction of what they are now.

      Any player aged 27/28 and above is not likely to grow much more, so could be moved on. From the look of it you already have some amazing young players who will be able to replace these older players within a season, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

      For your youngest players, try loaning them out for a couple of seasons to get them to grow if you don’t have enough space for them right now.

      There aren’t any free transfers in FIFA, unless you buy really old players. Players whose contracts are about to expire won’t go for free at the end of the year, they just have their contract renewed. If they have less than one year on their contract you can, however, get them at a reduced price. There’s no way to search for contract length though, so you just have to look out for them and find them yourself unfortunately :/

      You’ll get job offers for the big nations like Italy if you do well as a club manager. They seem to come up randomly, though, so you just have to be patient and keep winning, and eventually it should come up :)

  170. Thanks for the guide. I have one question:

    When I used to play older versions of FIFA (say ’10 or ’11, if I recall correctly), when you sent out scouts and signed players, your players would improve in overall ranking based off of how they performed in matches. Then after a match or series of matches, they would be awarded a point or 2 that I could put in whatever statistical category I wanted (for example, if he was a defender, I could put a point in each of tackling and strength). Conversely, if they performed poorly over a set time, they could have points deducted from them (this was automatically done by the game). Is this type of “improvement” settung still used in the current model of ’13?


    • No problem :)

      No they changed that a couple of years ago because they said you could just put all the points in, say, sprint speed and have a team of ridiculously overpowered players. I see where they’re coming from, there was plenty of scope to abuse it. So now all points are assigned automatically. It happens once a month (the 1st of each month) and all the points that each player has accumulated over the month are applied at once.

      Weirdly, players on AI teams and players in your youth academy only go up once a year (1st May), but they have all their growth for the entire year applied on that day. So try not to promote a youth player in April as you’ll lose a whole year’s worth of growth!

  171. Hey, good article! Just thought I’d say that I’ve picked up some gems with a 1 star (both stats) scout, including a CDM who I play as a CB, started 1st season as 49 and now in third season sitting on 69. The potential is stated at being 90+ by this guide so I think he has done well! I’ve also got a few other gems but none as good as this.

    • It’s possible to get good players with low rated scouts (but it’s hard), and it sounds like your player is doing well :) how old is he and how’s he developing now? And have you managed to find any other good players since then with your scout?

  172. I have a CM with MK Dons…low budget and I wanted to find bargains.

    Anyway, a couple of tips on regens for those who didn’t know.

    At the start of the second year there is always a ST available as a free agent rated 72-74 and always Italian – described as Exciting Prospect.

    At the start of the third year there is always a CB free agent from France rated 74-77 – described as Potential to be Special. I reloaded many many times until I found a tall beast of a defender because more than half the times I reloaded the defender was less than 6’0 tall. When you reload enough times like I did, you will notice that many of the regens have similar stats, just different heights. But all of them are great.

    The CB I ended up with has 1 star weak foot and 2 star skills. But this is the only down side. He is 6’5 with High/High workrate. Despite not playing him in every game during his first two seasons, he is 84 at the start of his third season; with specialties Speedster, Aerial Threat, Engine and Tackler. Strength should be there soon as he is easily my strongest defender.

    Alex, thanks for all your fantastic tips and info.

    • Thanks for the tips :) I must have been unlucky because I didn’t see those players when I did a career, but it’s always worth checking the free agents because they may be in there.

      And thanks, no problem :)

  173. Don’t forget the Comp. scouts too… I start with super crappy teams and sim all of my games so the game doesn’t get too easy, so I started with one of the worst teams in Korea. A couple years later, I got a job offer from MK Dons, at this point in League 1, just before the Jan. transfer season. In the standings, I noticed Shrewsbury Town was running away with the league by 20 points. I look on their team just to see who’s on it, and they have a 93 OVR winger at 21 y/o and an 89 OVR full back at 19 y/o!!!! No idea how that works… They were both valued >$150mil…

    • That’s crazy, not sure what’s going on there! I know sometimes it ‘clones’ players – initially that’s what I thought the winger was, perhaps a clone of Jon Taylor. But who knows, the computer can be crazy and unpredictable sometimes :P

      • Nah, Alex, I’m almost sure they’re both Brazilian, so I doubt it’s Jon Taylor… I’ve played through another season since then, and moved to Kazan in Russia. What’s hilarious is, MK Dons has already qualified for the Euro League since I left there (through a cup, I presume), and Shrewsbury has the two of the three best players in the game (they’ve grown to 96 and 92, Messi’s in between at 93) and they still can’t get promoted to the BPL!!!! Kills me every time. Beautiful guide, by the way!

        • Haha that’s madness. Scratching my head over who they could be, although I think AI teams do (very rarely) scout their own players (as opposed to cloning or regening them) so perhaps that’s what happened. It’s kind of a shame really – they’re so expensive that no one can afford them, so they’re just stuck with this underperforming team! Maybe when they only have a year left on their contracts you can get them for $50m each :P

          And thanks! :)

      • Now that I think about it, maybe they were clones of players on other clubs? The winger was essentially Neymar, probably developed a little better. The full back could be any of a bunch of players from Brazil… Probably what happened. Weird.

        • Clones usually appear on the same team as the original player. It’s possible that that’s what happened though – I still don’t know the full ins and outs of how it all works. Maybe the game just had a crazy moment and glitched up a bit? :P

  174. If I were to create a career mode and play with the latest squad download so it has all the recent transfers, overall and potential changes and I bought young players that had a good potential on your winter update guide (Benzia, Amini, Goretzka, etc.) would they still have a good potential now or would it be too different now to rely on?

    • Usually players’ potentials don’t change radically with the weekly squad updates, so it’s pretty safe to assume that any of the players on my guide pages are likely to still turn out great with the latest updates. And even if their potential has lowered slightly, they can still exceed their potential (sometimes by loads) if they play well and often enough, so it shouldn’t be a problem :)

      The only issue is if EA remove players, which they do from time to time, especially if the player is very young (as they may only be in the senior squad for a week before going back to the reserves or youth squad). Sometimes those players come back in a week or two though. I know that Amini has been released by Chelsea so he may or may not still be in the game, not sure.

  175. Alex,

    It seemed you understood this, could you elaborate as to what this poster is saying?

    Is the premise to hold on to three players and reject one the day before your scouts report? And this was to generate great prospects via scouts correct? If so, I’ll explore through the code to see if there is any validity or if it is simply random effect.

    • Yep that seems to be the idea. To be honest I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s something to look into. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence though or whether there’s anything real behind it. It would certainly be interesting if it was something to do with the code though.

  176. i managed to get a center – half who was rated 71 and was 16

    also if a player is 16/17 and they haven’t got a status like an exciting prospect etc will they get one when they grow

    • Great find :) how’s he doing now?

      Yep, if a player grows well then he can gain statuses like that. Also, his status can improve, e.g. from ‘showing great potential’ to ‘an exciting prospect’ if he grows well. Once a player reaches age 22 these statuses disappear – that doesn’t mean his potential has disappeared though, I guess it’s just that the game no longer considers him a really young player any more. He will still have a great potential if he gets to 22 and the message goes, provided he had it before he was 22.

  177. i was with York City (worst and only english team with half a star) and after the first season i was promoted and i found a free agent called Masi and was 75 with “potential to be special” and after 6 more seasons he was 94, second season i found a french defender called samosa, 78, also with “potential to be special” after 4 seasons he was 95, i found a free agent every season with “potential to be special” but id be all day telling you about all them.
    But after the 11th season (2022) i won the premier league twice and champions league once and my team went from half a star to 5 stars. but i accidentally saved over the save file :(

    • yeah that sucks, i remember fifa 06 and 07 when i had about 200 save files lol. this 10 crap just isnt enough. WHY HAVENT THEY FIXED THIS YET?

    • Sounds like you had some insane luck, I only found my first ‘potential to be special’ free agent in the sixth season!

      Ah shame about the overwrite :/ I’ve gotten into the habit of having 2 saves – I save one, then the next week I save the other, then the next week I go back to the first one, etc. Still, have you decided who to do a new career with?

      • I think it is base on luck at all , on my PSV career( 2nd season ) i found a italian ST with ” have potential to be special ”

        and with my Birmingham Career ( 2nd season also ) i found 4 players with ” have potential to be special ” and ” Contract expiring this year ” but they’re all just joined so i need to wait until winter , first one was a LW from atl.mineiro already 83 at 20yo with me , second was a GK from Real Madrid , Third was a CM from Barcelona and the last one was 6’8” ST with speedster from AC Milan

        It is crasy man !

          • i Think i just find 1 have potential to be special player who is free aget , the other is ” Contract expiring this year ”

            But well i think i spend too much time on this game lol …
            right now i have 8 teams , average at 4th season , with Rayo Vallecano at 9th season…

            Teams are Rayo Vallecano , Genoa , PSV , Birmingham , Villareal , Lille , Bolton and Aston Villa

            And my favorite are the first three of my team

          • I know what you mean, I have several careers running now. I get bored with one and start with another, then after a couple of seasons I start another… I need more patience with my careers :P

            I’ve only ever seen a ‘potential to be special’ free agent once though, so you’re very lucky to find one!

  178. i am after the giggs regen, does he have to have the same strong foot, height and weight? and do they all start off at an age of 16

    • Nope, the only thing regens have in common with the retired player is their nationality and position. So at the start of the second season, look out for a young Welsh CAM. There should also be a good young English CM in the free agents then – that’s Scholes’s regen. Those two usually start off age 18, and most regens are 17-19 (although I think you’ll find the odd 16 year old, but that’s very, very rare as far as I know).

  179. 1st Season with Bolton i found:
    CM John Hateley England 6’1″ Skill Moves 5* 72 overall and 86-92 Potential
    CAM Francisco Moya Spain 5’3″ Skill Moves 4* 71 overall and 84-89 Potential
    I think i found my future Mids

  180. Are wingers the only players you can Scout that actually have decent pace? I’ve had a bad string of attacking players (6) come through my academy who turn out to be 85-90 overall after about 4 years but less than 180 cm and paced out at 70 speed max.

    • Although players can be promoted with low pace, they can get quicker over time, so don’t give up one them. I’ve got a couple of strikers who have turned into pretty quick players and still have much more time to grow. But I think wingers are more or less the only ones who come out with decent pace from the start.

  181. In my Manchester United career I found an English GK in the free agents 19 yrs old OVR of 69 in my second season with “potential to be special”. Possible regen of someone? I also have a 16 yr old GK from Portugal from scouting with “potential to be special” and he grew from 60 to 65 in just a matter of months, of course both are behind David De Gea who is up to 87 OVR.
    Potential to be Special:
    16 yr Scottish CB(72)
    16 yr Brazilian RB(70)
    16 yr English LM(69)
    17 yr Brazilian CAM(76) 5* skill.
    Exciting Prospect:
    17 yr Scottish CDM(72)
    Showing Great Potential:
    18 yr Italian LW 4*/4* (63) free agents
    Wilifried Zaha up to 77 in his first season with United
    Has that Special something:
    Rafael 82
    Kagawa 88
    Marco Rojas 74 (94 ACC 94 SPRINT)
    Joshua Gatt 75 (98 ACC 96 SPRINT)

    I’m not just filing it with just youth either, I am trying to move the older players you rapidly decline or aren’t growing Ferdinand, Carrick soon to be Fletcher, Young, Evra and Anderson but I’ve also brought back CR7 spent 82 million Pounds though, bought Sakho, Gundogan, Cavanda and the aforementioned Rojas and Gatt.

    • If there’s a young player with high potential in the free agents at the start of the second season then he will be a regen. Not sure who the retired player was though. If you find a good regen then he’s usually from a good retired player, but sometimes regens can be way better than the player who retired.

      How often have you played that Portuguese GK? I’ve found that GKs need to be played so much if they are going to grow, which can be difficult :/

      I bought Rojas on my Wolves career and he’s been brilliant, scored just under 20 goals in his first season I think. I’ve wanted to get Gatt since FIFA 12 came out but have never found the right opportunity, so it’s good to hear he’s been good for you.

      And you’ve got loads of awesome youth players, make sure to keep us updated on how they progress :)

      • I gave my Portuguese GK Thiago Parrela 6 matches and he jumped up 6 points OVR and +7 in Reflexes and Reactions, +6 in Diving and Kicking and +5 in Positioning and Handling.

        • Wow that’s awesome, I’ve really struggled to get youth GKs to grow unless I make them no.1, which can be a big risk. You’ve given me a glimmer of hope :P

          Were those six games across the whole season or just a few months into it?

          • I didn’t promote him until December, and then I played him a few games back to back, I gave him 5 games in the BPL and one Capital One Cup game, I think it was a quarterfinal or semi final, I don’t fully remember but I do know that I played him a number of games in a very short period of time, like 3 or 4 games right away and then the last couple were spread out among the remainder of the season, but he had already grown 4 points by March and then gained two more by the end of the season.