FIFA 16 scouting guide

FIFA 16 scouting guide part 4: how to spot good players

Key points:

  • Found a player with potential 70-94 or higher? Sign him up!
  • Player OVRs are now just as important as potential – make sure your players are good at both
  • Player statuses give you a clue as to how good a player will become in the future
  • You can’t boost a player’s potential when promoting him (but you can by loaning him out and recalling him)

Welcome to the FIFA 16 scouting guide!

The only guide you need to youth scouting in FIFA 16

New to scouting in FIFA games and wondering what it’s all about? Or maybe you’re a seasoned scout and want to know what’s changed in FIFA 16? Whatever your situation, my guides will help you become a pro at scouting the next generation of superstars.

This guide will show you what a good OVR rating is for a youth player and how to spot a player with high potential. If you want to know where the best places are to scout, what the different player types mean, how to use the player training feature and more, head over to my FIFA 16 scouting guide hub page – I’ll be adding more guides soon, so keep checking back.


What do the OVR, potential and strength ranges mean?

The first thing you’ll notice when you open up your scout’s monthly report is that he doesn’t have much of an idea how good the players are – everything’s a little vague. Both the ‘overall’ (the player’s current ability) and ‘potential’ (the player’s future ability) sections will display a range of numbers. For example, a player might have 44-60 as his overall (or OVR) range and 63-85 as his potential range.

These numbers are your scout’s initial estimation of each player’s current and future ability. When the scout first finds a player, these ranges will be very wide. However, if you ask your scout to look at the player for another month, the ranges will have shrunk on the next report a month later. For example, the player mentioned above may show 47-57 as his OVR range next month and 67-81 as his potential range.

FIFA 16 scouting guide

Your scout’s estimation of a youth player’s ability will be vague at first, but improves over time

It’s a similar situation when it comes to a player’s strengths. Your scout will list the player’s five best attributes and a range of numbers next to each – this is his estimation of how good the player is at each attribute. If you press RB/R2, you’ll open up a screen showing all of the player’s stats and associated stat ranges. Not all stats will have a range next to them – in this case, your scout has no idea how good the player is at these parts of his game. As the months go on, your scout will get a better idea of each player’s strengths and the numbers will narrow down, until eventually you’ll just have a single number for each.

How to instantly see your players’ OVRs

There is, however, a quick way to see exactly how good your scouted players are – sign them to the academy. In previous FIFA games, you wouldn’t know your scouted players’ OVRs for sure until you promoted them. That’s all changed in FIFA 16, and now all your youth players’ stats and OVRs will be revealed the moment they enter the academy.

Signing a player to the academy costs £18,000 from your transfer budget and £500 from your wage budget each time. Depending on what club you are, that may or may not be a very cheap amount. If you are a fairly wealthy team, it makes sense to sign any players you think might be good – if, when you go to the academy, you find they’re not up to scratch, you can simply release them and it won’t have cost you very much at all. This is much better than waiting for several months until your scout gets a better idea of how good the players are.

If, on the other hand, you can’t afford to sign lots of youth players just to see how good they are, it’s probably a better bet to wait for your scout to whittle down their OVR and potential ranges. However, there is one risk of doing this – other clubs can come in and sign the players that you’re still scouting but haven’t yet signed.

FIFA 16 scouting guide

The dreaded ‘scouted players’ email. There is, however, a way to avoid it

Luckily, there is a way to avoid this. First, make sure you save your game often and alternate between to save files – so save your first file one week, then save the other one the next week, then go back to the first save, etc. This ensures you always have a backup.

Now, if you get a message saying a youth player has been signed by another club, go back to an older save and advance forward again. Chances are the youth player will not be stolen – other clubs randomly sign players you’re looking at, so if you try again then chances are you won’t have your player signed by another team.

Is OVR or potential more important? What is a good OVR to look out for?

Back in FIFA 15, I said that potential was by far the most important thing to look out for. This was because of one very simple fact: the May update would massively increase a youth player’s OVR if he had high potential. So you could find a player with a ridiculously low OVR, but if he had high potential then you knew that the May update would balance everything out and make him an excellent player.

That’s no longer the case because EA have removed the May update from the game. Now, youth players grow month-to-month just like first team players, so you can’t count on that boost helping players with low OVRs to grow quickly. And now, OVR is just as important as potential – in some ways, it’s more important.

FIFA 16 scouting guide

Although this player has high potential, his low OVR means it’ll be hard for him to reach it

Because youth players don’t grow so suddenly once a year any more, you have to work a lot harder to help them grow. The player training feature can really help with this (and I’ll be doing a guide solely devoted to this feature soon), but it means that you want your youth players to have a decent OVR when you first find them to help make that work manageable. A 17 year old with 40 OVR but 85 potential probably isn’t going to be worth it, as he’ll need to grow 45 points to meet his potential – that’s a ridiculous amount.

So as a rough guide, I wouldn’t advise signing players with OVRs lower than the following:

You probably could get away with signing players with OVRs a few points below those markers, but with each OVR point lower you go, you’re increasing the amount of work required to get them to their potential.

In contrast, find players as good as the ones below and you’ve found a seriously good player:

  • 15 year olds: 55 OVR
  • 16 year olds: 60 OVR
  • 17 year olds: 65 OVR

As you’ve probably noticed, this is all very different to FIFA 15. No longer are we likely to find 16 year old players rated 75 or above on the first scouting report. EA have tweaked scouting so that players start out with much lower OVRs.

FIFA 16 scouting guide

This player has a very good OVR for his age

However, for one thing EA have tweaked the player stats so that you can now find fast players and strong players, even in player types that used to always result in slow weaklings in FIFA 15. For example, if you find a defensive minded full back he’s unlikely to have tackling in the 80s any more, but could have pace in the 70s. This can partially help overcome the lower OVRs, as players can have more useful individual stats than was often the case in FIFA 15.

And for another thing, developing your youth players is great helped by the player training feature. As I said, I’ll cover this in more depth in a future guide, but it is a very good way to counter these lower OVRs – train a player enough and they can grow heaps before you even promote them.

In terms of potential, this year it seems players can have higher potential ranges that in FIFA 15. Last year, the maximum was 90-94, but this year it appears it can go up to 93-94. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to find better players (the top end of the potential range is still 94, it does give you slightly more certainty if that you’ve found an insanely good player.

If you see any player on your reports with an upper potential range value in the 90s (such as 67-91), keep scouting him as he could will probably have potential in the mid 70s to early 80s, and could be worth signing up.

Any player with a lower potential range value in the 70s (such as 70-94) is definitely worth signing, as they will probably end up with potential in the 80s at the very least. These are the players you want to look out for, so make sure you get them quickly before another club steals them!

How to see a player’s potential once he’s been promoted

The first thing I’d say is that it’s very important to track your youth players and keep a note of their OVRs and potentials. For example, I use a spreadsheet to record all this data. It ensures you always know which are your best youth players and which have the best potentials.

However, there is a way in-game to see your youth player’s future potentials. Once they’re promoted, go to the Squad tab, then go to the Squad report screen. Find the promoted youth player you’re interested in, and look under the ‘Status’ heading in the top right corner. If he has 80 potential or above, he’ll have a status relating to his potential; see below to see what each one means:

  • Showing great potential: the player has potential 80-85
  • An exciting prospect: the player has potential 86-90
  • Has potential to be special: the player has potential 91 or higher
FIFA 16 scouting guide

This player’s status indicates he has potential 86-90

If the player doesn’t have one of these statuses and it just says something like ‘At the club since 2017’, then it means his potential is under 80.

Not that some players (but not youth players) will have a status saying ‘Has that special something’. This is unrelated to potential and means the player has the Flair trait; promoted youth players can’t have traits, but just make sure you know the distinction.

Also note that your player has to have an OVR of 60 or above to get one of these messages; similarly, once he’s 22 or older the status will disappear. However, neither of these events mean that his potential has changed, it’s just that the game won’t give you a hint as to what it is until his OVR hits 60 and before he turns 22.

Can you still boost a youth player’s potential?

In FIFA 15, the problem with promoting youth players was that it could randomise a player’s potential. This was especially disappointing if you had a player with huge potential in your academy, and who then didn’t get a potential status when you promoted him. It meant that his potential had been randomised and was less than 80, despite him showing so much promise in the academy.

It could also work the other way, though. Because potentials could get randomly changed, all you had to do was save before promoting a player, then quit and reload your save if he didn’t end up with a potential status. This would players who had terribly potentials in the academy to come out with ‘Has potential to be special’ (or any other potential status), meaning you could get a whole team of Messis with enough reloading.

In FIFA 16, however, EA seem to have taken this potential randomising out of the game – at least when you promote youth players. I tested several 60+ OVR players again and again, and each time their potential status was exactly the same. I wasn’t able to get them to have any different potentials (lower or higher).

FIFA 16 scouting guide

Unfortunately, you can no longer boost players’ potentials when you promote them

Note that this potential randomisation does seem to work for players you’ve bought – just loan them out and recall them to see it in action – just not for promoted youth players. So once you’ve promoted a player, just loan them out then instantly recall them to boost their potential (make sure you save before recalling them, though, as this method can also decrease their potential).

Still, you apparently can’t boost youth players’ potentials when you promote them. This is good and bad, in a way. While it means that you now can’t boost any player’s potential to epic proportions, it does at least give you a bit more certainty that when you promote a promising player, they’re not going to end up a complete dud. You don’t have to wait for a few months for a player’s potential range to narrow down, if you feel he’s good enough for your squad you can promote him and instantly get a clue as to his potential, regardless of how wide his potential range was when he was in the academy.

It also gives you more confidence in players with high potentials but OVRs below 60. In FIFA 15, there was no way to know what their potential was (because their OVR was less than 60 and they wouldn’t get a potential status), so you had to just pray that they were good until they hit 60 OVR, at which point you would know. This could mean a lot of wasted time developing a player who may not even get a potential status. In FIFA 16, if you have a player with 55 OVR but 80+ potential, you’ll know he’s worth keeping and developing even though he won’t have a potential status until he’s grown to 60+ OVR.

Thanks for reading part one of the FIFA 16 scouting guide. If you have any thoughts on this or the YouTube video, make sure you let me know in the comments below.

Make sure you connect with me on social media. I’m running the FIFA Scouting Tips YouTube channel, and you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest updates.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I would like to ask some question.
    I know how to add specialities to youth player. But don´t know how to add Trait to player, eg power header.
    Another question
    I trained Mor to OVR 83 . I want him to add complete forward specialities.
    But all requirement is full but he needed to get long shot 80s. Now his long shot is 70s. When he was low OVR, rating is very fast to develop. But now is slow. Will he get long shot 80s on manual training? He is exciting potential. Can i change his potential to 90+? How to change?
    Next question
    Do OVR 80-84 players with exciting potential or become to special, need manual training to achieve their potential? Will they achieve their potential with natural growth?

  2. Tell you what, there’s a lot of players who currently exist IN the game, who have some great potential. Like Hectór Bellerìn, I bought him for 370k at 65 with a “showing great potential” on him. He is now 82 after 2 seasons, and generally an amazing player. Valued at 52m, I don’t think anyone can even compare.

    Have a look at some of the youngsters on the transfer market. Like I remember back on FIFA 13 when I first got Pogba and Marc Bartra they both had “potential to be special”, well hot damn on 16 I got them both at 89 and 88 lol.

    A lot of youngsters are good, like Angel Correa, Harry Kane, Kaan Ayhan, etc… Make sure to check out players who are really young with good overalls. They tend to be hidden gems, like Varane for me. Bought him for 12m and used him until he was 27. Sold him for 63m, and same applies to players like Harry Kane

  3. Also my goalkeeper is only 15 at 6’2 i believe when he turns 16 he will want out but i dont know if he will grow outside of the youth academy when he turns 17

  4. Also i have a cf from argentina has 4 star weakfoot and 5 star skill moves in the academy it said 90-94 potential but when i signed him it said showing great potential. What does this mean

  5. For my manchester united career mode i found a 72 overall gk will 90-94 potential i know hes going to be a beast and i had a scout loom for a goal keeper because i wanted one to develop under de gea and in 5 years i would be able to sell around a 90 de gea and have a beast yound gk do you think i should still do this

    1. Post
  6. I sent a scout to the U.S and he found a 15 year old left back that was a 61 overall with a potential of 92-94. Should I sign him once he becomes eligible or leave him in the academy to let him grow

    1. Post

      It doesn’t really matter, although if you have space in your squad then I’d say sign him. Game time will help him grow. But if he’s not ready for the first team yet, keep him in the academy and he’ll still grow.

  7. I sent a scout to the U.S and he found a 15 year old left back that was a 61 overall with a potential of 92-93. You think he will be a beast or be a normal player

    1. Post
  8. For those who asked about gems for little to no money who like me like to take a lower league club up through the leagues “properly” (ie no financial takeovers etc), I have found a few which hopefully help (funny enough as someone else posted it, I am playing as Plymouth Argyle also!)
    I’ll start with the best by far:
    Lee Lucas, Swansea – you can sign him for free (pre contract agreement in Jan) in first season as his contract expires. Dont need to train him as his natural growth is ridiculous! He will only ask for 2-3k per week as he is in 50’s overall but when you sign him he will be 76!!! He will then grow to 87 within 2-3 years without any training.
    Rico Henry, Walsall – extremely quick LB who u can get for a few hundred k in first season and will grow well into the 70’s within a few years.
    Fran Villalba, Villareal – starts at 65 ovr and 400k with low wage demands. Will be 75+ within 3 years.
    Callum Jones, West Brom – can pick him up for 100k first season and he’ll grow to 70+ within 3 years.
    Theres just a few for starters. Also, to boost your squad and for raising some cash down the line, sign up free agents. There are a few that are 67-69 ovr, they will want 15k per week but in a year or two they will have grown slightly ovr and you can sell them for 750k to 1.2m (for a 71 ovr player in good form). It is a great way to raise cash to buy better prospects as you move up the leagues. Some I recommend:
    Yu Dabao cf
    Hegazy cb
    Rojas cm
    Ballon cdm
    Mabokgwane gk

  9. Why the youth player’s potential is 85-91 but when I promote him to senior team, the player status is “at the club since 2017”?
    Is it mean the youth player’s overall is not enough to get “an exciting prospect”??

    1. Post
  10. I want to know why the youth player potential is 85-91 but when I promote him to first team, the youth player status is “at the Club since 2017”? Is it mean the youth player overall is too low or other problem?

  11. I have a question, I saw in the comments yo mentioned stunting physical growth. What is the rate of physical growth, what effects it, and how large is it. For example if I get a winger that has 80 speed at 16 will this grow as he ages? I’ve never noticed t on my game before but I wasn’t looking hard. Also I assumed that I couldn’t raise physical attributes bc they aren’t in the training menu. Is there a way to influence growth on speed and things like that? Thanks in advance.

    1. Post

      I’m not sure about the intricate details because a lot of it (like growth in general) is affected by all sorts of things – form, potential, age, OVR, possibly morale, etc.

      However, what I have noticed is that players with lots of growing to do (i.e. low OVR but high potential) will grow physical stats very quickly. I suspect that this is because physical stats contribute towards a player’s OVR, so raising a player’s OVR involves raising physical as well as technical stats. When there’s lots of OVR growing to do, there will naturally be lots of physical stat growth as well.

      Incidentally, this is linked to why you shouldn’t over-train players. As I said, physical stats contribute towards OVR growth. If a player has grown tons of technical stats then his OVR will go up and the game will reason that he doesn’t need the accompanying physical stat growth.

      For example, let’s say getting +2 growth to finishing will help a player grow one OVR point, but alternatively so will getting +1 finishing and +1 sprint speed. If you train him and his finishing goes up 2 points, the game will say “ah, he doesn’t need to grow 1 point in sprint speed because his finishing went up 2, and that was enough to raise his OVR 1 point.” So his physical stats get stunted because his technical stats are growing so well.

      Hope that makes sense!

  12. This claims there’s no randomisation when promoting youths. But every single player I’ve promoted from my youth academy ends up with the “At the club since 2016” text, which tells me their potential is below 80? This is very strange because several of the players I’ve promoted have had a potential range starting with a number GREATER than 80, and this still happens when I promote them. Their potential seems lost. The only player with any text other than “At the club since…” that I have in my squad is the player I found using the scout a star player thing which I bought from the FIFA catalogue. What gives!?

  13. do we have to recalled players right away after they loaned? or we have to advance and then reload it?
    and if you recalled him, the growth point will reset right? does it affect to his potential eventhought his potential status doesnt change?

    already tried it for like ten time, and potential status doesnt change I use will hughes, great potential, 75, age 20

  14. do i have to advance an recalled player or recalled them right away after i loanend them ?

    and if you recalled him, the growth point will reset right? does it affect to his potential eventhought his potential status doesnt change?

    already tried it for like ten time, and it doesnt work. I use will hughes, great potential, 75, age 20. but when i rest, the growth count is also reset. and it doesnt change the potential status. but suddenly after 3 weeks, Hughes has become exciting prospect.

  15. Hey i just started on Fifa 16 and i’m not sure when can i train my youth players like when can i start training them to avoid the low physical stats?

  16. the best thing you can do is not train the players leave them in academy as long as possible and then get them out and sell them in the next transfer window, now wait till after may and scout them if they have grown physically then buy them back (may boost still happens on CPU teams so they will go up like 10-20 OVR check if it was physical growth at all) if they havent grown physically don’t buy them back they will be late bloomers and wont get physicals until they are like 25 making them useless most of their career.

  17. Hi,
    I have a lot of youth players that are around 17-19 in my reserve, but they are still around the same rating as when I signed them. All of these guys have high potential, but I am a bit worried that they will not reach it. I thought that I should send them out on loan to get their overall ratings up. So I put them all on the loan list. I haven’t received a loan offer in over a year though. Any tips on getting players to be more attractive to clubs to loan?

    (P.S: I don’t want to play these players as I have a lot of world class players in my first team line-up but I understand that this may be the only solution to my problems.)

  18. Hello Alex. Keep up the good work!

    I’ve scouted a 16 year old GK. His current OVR is 67 and his potential is 81-94. Will this become a world star? And more important: should I promote this player? Or keep him in the youth academy and train him as long as I can?

    Anyone who can help me?

    1. Post

      Definitely, that’s a fantastic OVR for that age!

      Regarding promoting him, it’s really up to you. Do you need him in the first team yet? If not, keep him in the academy. If you do, promote him and give him game time. Because EA have added training to FIFA 16, it doesn’t matter if you promote or not, as you can help him grow either way 🙂

      1. Thank you for your reply Alex!
        Great you’re still active on your website.

        I’m playing Fifa 16 since I bought a Playstation 4 last week and I have a couple more questions.
        Is it true that youth player growth is incredible unrealistic in Fifa 16? Or is it just me?
        I trained that same 67 OVR player I mentioned before. I train him every week on 2 training slots. I train him manually, to make sure he gets A’s. And yes, that player made some progress. That same player is still 16 years old (almost 17) and 87 OVR!

        I uploaded two photo’s to make sure you believe me.

        So, is this a bug? Extreme luck? Or is this just part of Fifa 16? I’m curious about your experiences.

        1. Post

          Well goalkeepers are notorious because you can make them grow insanely well, as you’ve found out! The problem with excessively training outfield players is that if their technical stats go up too much, their physical stats can temporarily stop growing (as long as you keep training them). But with goalkeepers, physical stats don’t matter, so you’re free to train them as much as possible.

          So not all players will grow that much, but it’s definitely possible with goalkeepers.

  19. Excelent work as always, thanks a lot! Quick question: have you (or anyone seeing this) tried editing youngster’s appearance this year? I’m sick of them low socks but I don’t want to screw my team (i’m in 2020 so far)


  20. Hi There,

    Just wanted to ask a quick question. Where is the best place to loan out my players? Last year you did a segment telling us where is the best place to loan players out to in order to get them growing. You said in last years scouting guide that sending players out on loan to a team in the same league is not good. Does that still apply to Fifa 16?

    1. Post

      Yep, it still applies. The principle is that if you send a player to a team in the same division as you, they get affected by form. The dilemma is, you need to send them to a team where they’ll get game time (aka a not very good team). But if they go to a poor team in your division, then they’ll get into bad form, and thus won’t grow as much.

      Instead, send them to a team that isn’t in your division. That way they don’t get affected by form, and they just grow a default amount towards their potential (as in, if he’s got 20 points to grow to reach his potential and 10 years’ worth of growing time, he’ll grow 2 points during that season).

      Hope that makes sense!

  21. Do players grow in height? Like I found a 62/89 goalkeeper, but he was 5’5 which is pretty pointless. He didn’t change in height at all throughout a season. Just wondering.

    1. Post

      They do but only on their birthdays. Their 17th birthday is the last time they’ll grow (in FIFA 15 it was their 16th birthday), so if he was 5’5″ at age 16 then he still had more growing to do 🙂

  22. Alex, I appreciate the effort that you put into this but unfortunately, many of your insights are quite wrong.

    For starters, the may bump isn’t completely gone. It is still in the game this year but only for CPU teams. Hence, youth players on those teams will get quite a boost that day: not just in technical stats, but in physical stats too.

    If you want youth players that grow physical stats, you must promote them ASAP and sell them off in the January window. They will have a chance at growing very good physical stats. Then if they do grow physicals, you can buy them back in July during the next transfer window.

    Also, your rant about low overall is completely wrong. I had a 37 rated youth player that I promoted and he grew to a 41 overall by the time I sold him off in January. Via the may bump, he gained 26 overall as he grew to a 68. He also developed physical stats in the 80s and 90s. Complete contradiction to your claim. Although his physicals are excellent, his technicals aren’t very good. Hence, I will then train his technical stats so that he can improve his overall. He will be at least a high 80’s low 90’s player. Consider that almost all physical stats can never be trained.

    The player described above only has a “showing great potential” status but I will loan glitch him little by little until he gets ‘has potential to be special.’ Then he will be one hell of a player.

    If you are reading this, make sure to check out Bamastriker9 on youtube. He explains all of this in full detail. You will learn much more from him than you will from the article above.

  23. Hi Alex,

    Do we know how accurate promoting youth and training them too much stunts their physical growth? I have a few players around 17 YO and have trained them at 70 OVR should I still keep them as they all have 90+ potential or should I abandon and start again?


  24. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for the helpful information regarding the Youth System. This has come very handy for me, as I like to challenge myself and use lower level clubs or teams that are usually mid to low table so the youth academy comes incredibly handy for developing cheap and good, young talent.

    I do have a question though that was not covered in this informative page. I was developing a young CM who hailed from Northern Ireland (not that it matters but just painting a picture). He topped out at 80-86 Potential before I promoted him from the academy to 1st team. According to this, he could fall in either the “Showing Great Potential” category or “Exciting Prospect” category. However when I checked his status once he was promoted, it read “Has Potential to be Special” despite only having an 80-86 potential. At the same spectrum, I had a GK from Germany that had a 90-94 potential and naturally I was excited when I promoted him. However, his status only read (Showing Great Potential) once he made the jump.

    Perhaps any inside on how this happens? Thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi JD

      Thanks 🙂 regarding your question, are you playing FIFA 16 on a PS3/Xbox 360 or on PS4/Xbox One? Because the version for older consoles is essentially the same as FIFA 15, so player potentials can change when you promote them. However, that doesn’t happen on next gen consoles.

  25. I’ve had a lot of trouble with signing youth players who will maintain a high potential. I’ll bring in players from the youth scouts with high potentials, like 70-94. However after a couple of months in the academy that suddenly starts to take a nosedive. Had players who had that 70-94 for 3 months, then they start plummeting so their higher potential rating is like 83 after another month or two. Through four seasons I’ve only had one player keep a high rating long enough for his overall to build enough for me to promote him. Have you noticed this at all? Any tips on how to avoid this plummet?

  26. Alex great stuff as always but before youth comments I was wondering if you will be changing focus to career modes a bit more like the lower league hidden gems, cheap high potential players , and or good teams to do manager modes? It just seems FIFA 16 I’m wasting a bunch of time trying to find some of the cheap good players. I like challenge of using a League 2 or 1 team and use both transfers and youth academy just 95% players use top teams always taking about top players or think cheap players are $5m transfer fee with 30-40k wages which is useless to lower league clubs. Remember the days of Yesil, Loza, Bamba, Vela, Browning, Purrington, Garbutt , McLaughlin and even had Grealish at $0 one manger mode last year… I have not found many cheap prices or any that were like past years that could range from $0-70k seems now all are over 110k and everytime I Enquire price it goes up 100k minimum plus team not as easy to let player go if u post lower price.. As stated before any info on these players would be a blessing as so far had to send out tons Scouts and hardly any good buys compared to numbers in last couple titles. It’s also more of a chore as I use iphone for web n I’m sure you seen how messed up sofifa is for layout/searching on mobile browsers It’s a mess to even find who to try for prices..
    If you want some I found I could post em and maybe others with lower leagues could have better luck..

    But as always great guide and thx to keep it going.

    1. At the start of the 2nd season with my Plymouth Argyle career (In British Pounds):

      Moussa Dembele – Striker – Fulham
      Enquire Price: 1.4M
      Value: 1.2M
      Bought for: 800k (6k wages)

      Chuba Akpom – Striker – Arsenal
      Enquire Price: 1.1M
      Value: 775k
      Bought for: 650k (6k wages)

      Valentino Lazaro – Right Midfield – RB Liepzig
      Enquire Price: 4.5M
      Value: 2.9M
      Bought for: 3.5M (10k wages)

      Lorenzo Filippini – Centre Back – Lazio
      Enquire Price: 1.5M
      Value: 1.2M
      Bought for: 1M (20k wages)

      Free Transfer (January First Season)
      Reece Wabara – Right Back – Pacey, good tackling, mid70’s potential.
      Florent Cuvelier – Centre Midfield – more of an attacking midfielder than a box to box
      Sebastian Prediger – Centre Midfield – feels better as a CDM, great tackling, interceptions and passing, as well as an amazing long shot
      Jason Banton – Left Midfield – Pacey left winger, can cut in well and score a lot of goals as well as decent weak foot for crossing, has the flair trait so can beat a few players.

      The 0$ transfers were most likely a bug that’s been fixed, so your prob not going to find any of those. Theres lots of good deals out there though. Pay attention to who the big clubs sign, cause that makes there youth cheaper. For example, Arsenal bought Higuan in my career, which reduced the asking price on Akpom by 200k. Likewise, Lazaro was in bad form when I bought him, which allowed me to get him a hell of a lot cheaper than his asking price.

      1. In player training is it worth training 5 different players each week or is it best to do most are doing by training 1 player for all 5 drills each week to get them boosted? Do you only train players 22 and under or could you boost say a 28 yr old to a good level ??

        The price increase also gotta make sure it’s not from the player trainer that week. I noticed players price go up between months if u increase the overall by +1 you see the % increase on same section after you do training. Now big question is does any of the player training of players have any effect on a players potential ?? Like if you do the same player 5x a week he will eventually outpace his normal growth earlier so in theory it should leave more time for natural growth so that should also increase potential along with overall..

        The next question is about physical stats it seems this year I’m looking for players with high speed, acceleration, and strength as you can’t train those attributes in trainer but if you have player low stamina but high speed/accl/strength would you take them over a player with lower speed/accl/strength with higher stamina hoping naturally speed/accl/strength would grow?? I think it’s better this year to look for those areas to start high unlike last couple years as use trainer to boost stamina between monthly natural growth …

        Tip for lower league managers don’t mess around with the preseason tournament as you can add a bunch of money for transfers or scouts. I won mine with Chesterfield and got just over 2.0m extra money which can make all the difference and you don’t have to use a financial takeover by winning the tournament or at least reaching semifinals get nice payday like 1m .. I know it’s tempting to use all subs and try figure out best system but try make sure use base/vanilla system use best players not time for youth just to get the money..

  27. not sure if it’s been mentioned, but when you go into training and a player has the promising player marker, what does this mean?
    I suspect it means their potential is over 75 but not sure. just basing this on the fact that I know the potentials of some of the players in my squad from Sofifa and the 75 potential player doesn’t have the marker whilst the 77 potential player does.

    So if they don’t have a status ‘Great potential’ etc. but they have this marker you can assume their potential is 76-80?

  28. Great article as always! A question for you: do you do your testing on high-ranked teams or lower leagues, or a mix? I tend to play with an English League 2 team and try to build a youth academy to work my way up (with a “financial takeover” perk at the beginning of the career to afford some 5*/5* scouts… 😉 I’ve started two careers and played through two first seasons thus far, one with custom squads and one vanilla, and the highest youth OVR I’ve seen from either file is one in the mid-50s. Most are high 40s, even with great potential. Any chance the OVR’s generated are effected by my lower league level, or am I just woefully unlucky thus far? (I tend not to do the save and reload method so all the scout reports are first-serve ones… Thanks for your work!

    1. Post

      Thanks 🙂

      Well I’ve been doing my testing with Real Madrid and it’s been very unusual for me to find any players over 60 OVR straight off the bat (I’ve never found anyone as good as 65 OVR without any training or growth). Most players I find are in the 40s or 50s. I think it’s just because EA have tweaked youth player OVRs and it seems like it’s affecting all teams, whether they’re good or not!

    2. I’d say your woefully unlucky. I’m doing a Plymouth Argyle career, and with 3 2*/3* scouts I found 1 16 yr old and 2 17 yr olds with 60 overall and 1 17 yr old with 62 overall, without reloading as well.
      Where are you scouting, I scouted England, Argentina and Australia, all for 9 months (sending them out in August so they return in may).

  29. Great work Alex,
    I love how youth players potentials are now extremely reliable, if a player is 90-44 potential, you know for certain that’s his potential, even if hes below 60 overall. This is particularly important now cause of player training.
    I told you I’d be running some tests on previous articles, and I have. Some strange results.
    It seems like training any youth player can severely impact on physical growth. I promoted 5 players who experienced no player training, and 5 who had grown around 5 overall through player training.
    All 5 of the players who weren’t trained, grew physically, and quite quickly too, so while technically they were sub-par, there physical stats were amazing.
    On the other hand, only 3 of the 5 players who were trained experienced any physical growth, and one of them was a very low amount. The other 2 were good but not amazing.
    I’ll wait for your article before making a firm judgement (as you’ve probably put in alot more testing while mine is just while mine is just while playing career mode), but it seems like its best to not train your players until your happy with the physical stats.

    Another thing I’ll add (this sometimes applies to scouting, and is a good career mode tip in general) is a way to tell how a players potential changes when you loan them out or sign them. The value, is now strongly influenced by potential.
    For example, Chuba Akpom, has a potential of 77, and his value at the start of the 2nd season (when I signed him) was £775K. When I first signed him, his value upon signing him, increased to £1M. Upon finishing the season, he had the potential status “Showing Great Potential” so his potential had increased at least 3 points, to atleast 80. I then reloaded the start of the season, and signed him again. This time, his value came out at £875K and at the end of the season, he had no potential status. He HAD gained potential (as shown by the value increase) but not enough to reach 80+ potential.
    I then checked the results of this on various other players, including Moussa Dembele (Fulham), Valentino Lazaro (RB Leipzig) as well as Pirlo’s and Buffon’s regens.
    What I found, was that on average, each £100K change to the value of a player, upon signing them or recalling/returning from loan, equalled roughly 1 potential. It is roughly cause sometimes players value increased by £500K and only had 4 potential increase, sometimes 6. (I know this by testing players near the edges of potenial ranges, players with potential 80 who gained 500k value, but were now Exciting prospect, had obviously grown 6 potential, not 5). Decreases in value will also decrease potential (a quick and easy way to tell if the player you just signed is going to flop, if your against reloading).
    Another observation that came about through this testing, is that its extremely hard to get these big increases/decreases in potential. In previous Fifa’s, changing a players potential by 5-8 was extremely easy, a single loan trip could do it. In Fifa 16, its extremely difficult to get a players value to increase by more than 200-300k, or a potential increase of 2-4. And at best (with alot of reloading, and I mean, sometimes a few hours) you can increase a players potential by 5 or 6.
    This also means, a player will never skip potential status’s. You cannot raise a “Showing great potential” players, to “Has potential to be special”. You have to first raise them to “An Exciting Prospect”. Similarly, you cannot raise a non-status player, to “An Exciting Prospect” or “Has potential to be special”.
    Also, it is actually alot harder to get non-status players to break into the 80+ potential range. Its alot rarer to get a non-status player +6 potential than it is a 80+ potential player.

    There are benefits to this though. You can now tracks players potentials beyond 94 (roughly), and you can now track players potential over 22 years old (roughly). That is to say, if a player is 22 with 86 potential, and you loan him out, and as he returns his value has increased or decreased, you can now roughly figure out what changes have occured to the potential of the player.

    An important thing to note, is that these value changes are based on the value of the player the day before they join your club. For example if you loan a player out at 500k value and he returns a year later at 3mil value because hes grown 5 overall, that doesn’t mean his potential has grown 25 points. But if the day before he returns his value was 2.8mil and he returns at 3mil, you can safely assume his potential has grown by a couple of points. Provided he didn’t return on the 1st of the month, because then his form or his overall may have increased his value.

    Apologies again for the wall of text. Really don’t plan on writing (typing?) this much, but I don’t want people to misunderstand.
    But yea, make sure you sign high overall and potential youth players, so you don’t need to train them straight away, and you can give there physical stats a chance to grow to insane levels.

    1. Post

      First of all, thanks for all this info. I much prefer long informative messages to nothing at all, and you’ve provided a lot of very valuable information, so thank you.

      I actually haven’t managed to do much super in-depth testing on player training *yet* because work has been hectic (very big deadline in a few days’ time). But I’ll be starting soon.

      The info you’ve provided on player prices is very interesting, as I’m actually working on some very exciting stuff for this website involving pricing. Still very work-in-progress/embryonic at the moment, but it’d be interesting to come back to your findings once I’ve got some things together and see how it all checks out.

      1. Yea the most interesting part I found was how form influenced value. Golden boot winners, golden glove, most assists, etc, were always worth more. But now just being in excellent form can raise your players value by 100-300K.
        Bear in mind that all my observations are based on mid 60’s to low 70’s overall players, and usually high 70’s to low 80’s potential. So it could be way off when it comes to players in the 80’s or even mid 70’s, as their value would be in the 5-10 million range, unlike the players I’m testing, at the 500k-3mil range.

  30. Do players who you send out on natural season long loans get the same potential boost when they return after completion of the loan? It would be concerning to loan out a “Potential to be Special” and have him return as “Showing Great Potential”.

    1. Post

      Yes – it’s the process of recalling a player from a loan that affects their potential (it can increase or decrease).

      It’s actually the action of a player joining your team that changes a player’s potential, it’s just that the game treats a player returning from a loan the same as a player joining on a permanent transfer.

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