FIFA 17 best free pre-contract right backs

FIFA 17 | Best free pre-contract right backs

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Welcome to the next installment in the FIFA Scouting Tips series on the best free transfers in FIFA 17. Today we’re taking a look at right backs that you can get for no transfer fee – you just pay for their wages.

What is a pre-contract?

A pre-contract is an agreement by a player and an agreeing to take his registration at a later date. A club may sign a pre-contract with a player while he is still with another club, by which the player agrees to move to the club at a future date, usually after his contract with his current club expires. Under the Bosman ruling, a player can sign a contract with a new club up to six months before his existing contract expires. There is no transfer fee involved in FIFA 17, and you have the January transfer window only to sign pre-contract players.

Full backs are often overlooked players when compared to strikers or goalkeepers, but they’re hugely important in their own right. Having a player who can defend with skill and attack with power is vital to any team, and that’s exactly what a good full back can do. This article should help you pick up an affordable right back who will win you games.

I’ve reviewed players of at least 78 potential and narrowed my list below down to 3 players who I feel will really benefit your side. I have taken into account age, OVR rating, potential, and wages mainly to give my honest opinion on who will fit your side.

Stephan Lichtsteiner – 83 overall, 83 potential

FIFA 17 best free pre-contract right backs

Stephan Lichtsteiner is a highly talented full back

Stephan Lichtsteiner is known for his athleticism and frequent attacking runs for his club Juventus – so much so that he’s earned the nickname ‘Forrest Gump’, of all things. That makes him perfect if you want a full back who bombs forward in attack. His 83 sprint speed, 88 stamina and 82 crossing mean he’s got the pace to outrun defenders, and the crossing how to buy xanax in usa ability to feed his strikers all game.

He’s also great at defending, and will cut out opposition attacks thanks to his 82 interceptions, 82 stand tackle and 82 slide tackle. He’s a tough player to beat, which makes him my first choice.

Antonio Valencia – 81 overall, 81 potential

FIFA 17 best free pre-contract right backs

Antonio Valencia excels in a number of different ways

Antonio Valencia has had to accept a more defensive role at Manchester United in the last couple of years, but his conversion from a midfielder into a defender means that, like Lichtsteiner, he’s good at both ends of the pitch.

Not only that, but he’s also great physically – in fact his physical stats are almost perfect. Take a look at this score sheet: 85 acceleration, 84 sprint speed, 84 balance, 83 reactions, 85 stamina and 84 strength. That’s pretty incredible. He’s also flexible enough to play as a defensive midfielder if you need that option. If you want versatility, Valencia is the player to go for – just be aware of his 1 star weak foot.

Josh Risdon – 71 overall, 78 potential

FIFA 17 best free pre-contract right backs

Josh Risdon is affordable for almost any team

Of course, the main problem with Lichtsteiner and Valencia is that, while you don’t have to pay a transfer fee for them, you do have to pay their sizeable pay packets. Not so with Josh Risdon – his wages will only set you back £3,900, making him affordable to almost any club.

But that doesn’t mean you’re getting a mediocre player. He’s got pace, strength, stamina and superb balance and jumping, making him a player who can compete physically. His tackling stats are also superb – 74 marking, 77 stand tackle and 74 slide tackle are much better than what you’d expect for a player of his OVR. If you’re playing on a budget, get him.

Now here are the best free, high potential right backs in FIFA 17.

NameOVRPotentialAgeWages (£)ClubNationFootWeak footTraits
Stephan Lichtsteiner83833294,000JuventusSwitzerlandRight3*Engine
Pablo Zabaleta828231110,000Manchester CityArgentinaRight3*Tactician, team player
Bacary Sagna828233110,000Manchester CityFranceRight4*Early crosser
Antonio Valencia81813096,000Manchester UtdEcuadorRight1*Backs into player
Branislav Ivanović808032100,000ChelseaSerbiaRight3*Long throw-in, power header
Mathieu Debuchy79793090,000ArsenalFranceRight3*
Josh Risdon7178233,900Perth GloryAustraliaRight3*
Ximo Navarro76782610,500UD AlmeríaSpainRight3*

Thanks for reading! Want to get some more free players? My guest writer Olly has already covered the best free goalkeepers and centre backs, so if you’re looking for high quality players who won’t break the bank, make sure to read those.



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