FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

We love FIFA career mode, but we know it’s not perfect. There are still plenty of missing features that we wish EA would add to the game to take it to the next level.

These are the top five features we wish were in FIFA career mode. Most of them are centred on immersion, making it even more fun and realistic to manage your favourite club in the game.

Got a suggestion of what you want to see added to FIFA career mode? Leave your comments below!

Upgradeable facilities

Remember back when FIFA used to let you upgrade your club’s facilities? Over time you could buy a bigger stadium, improve the quality of your physio, hire better coaches for your players, plus much more. As your team rose through the divisions, your club’s facilities would improve in the way you chose. It was immersive and created all kinds of interesting dilemmas.

FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

Teams should be able to upgrade their facilities to match their status in the game

Bringing that back would improve one of the best bits about career mode: taking a club up the divisions from small-time minnows to powerful world beaters. It would let you move from a small, cramped ground to a massive stadium fit for a king. Upgrading your pitch would mean it would start in a better state and take longer to show signs of wear and tear. Upgrading your youth facilities would mean your academy players grow more quickly.

There are so many possibilities here to improve the immersion of FIFA’s career mode and make it a more hands-on experience.

Affiliate teams

One thing that is widespread among real-life professional teams but is totally absent from FIFA career mode is the use of affiliate teams. The idea is that two teams work together to share and develop players. A big club will send its young players to its affiliate in order to give them game time to develop, while the smaller club benefits because it gets high-quality players on loan, usually for free.

FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

Working with an affiliate team could get you high-quality youngsters on loan

Introducing this to FIFA career mode would have a couple of benefits. Not only would it increase the realism and make career mode more immersive, but you’d immediately see the benefits, whether you’re a big or small club.

Youth squad league

I’ve said it time and again, but FIFA’s youth academy system needs an overhaul. At the moment you scout promising players for your team, then they sit around in the academy twiddling their thumbs until it’s time to promote them. It’s not very realistic, and it could be so much better.

FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

Adding more depth to the youth academy system would greatly improve career mode

Imagine this instead. Your academy takes part in a league against other youth academy teams, just like in real life. Every month your assistant manager gives you a report of how your youth players performed, and tells you who might be ready for promotion to the first team.

This would all be simulated – there would be no need to get any more hands-on than that – but it would be way more realistic than the current youth academy setup. Think about how interesting it would be to watch your youth players develop against other teams and see them competing in a league.

Proper stat tracking

We’ve all had our fair share of career mode superstars – those players who put in incredible performances year after year and become heroes for our clubs. But, frustratingly, there’s no way to look back at their past achievements. You can only see player stats for the current season.

FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

Imagine being able to track your favourite player’s stats over the many years they served your team

Instead, we should be able to see how many appearances our one-club player made for the team over 15 years. Or how many times our goal machine beat the keeper each season. Or even who won the Young Player of the Year award in Argentina ten years ago, if we want.

Think how much more realistic career mode would feel if we could keep track of all our favourite players like that. Let’s hope it gets added.

Career mode challenges

Career mode is great fun, but not everyone can stick with it for the full 15 seasons that it lasts. Some people just want to dip in and out rather than be in it for the long haul.

FIFA 19 career mode wishlist

Fancy yourself the next Pep Guardiola? You’d be able to prove you’re up to the job with career mode challenges

Career mode challenges would be the perfect solution. You could take over a team struggling against relegation and be tasked with avoiding the drop in the final three months of the season. Or try to make £100 million transfer profit in five years. Or securing promotion from League 2 to the Premier League in successive seasons.

There are loads of possibilities that could bring a bit of extra spice to FIFA career mode.

What about you?

That’s my FIFA 19 career mode wishlist. What do you want to see in this year’s game? Is there anything that you’ve been wanting for ages that EA should add to FIFA 19? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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