Good teams for career mode

Looking to start a new career in FIFA 17 but not sure what team to be? My guides are just what you need to help you choose a good team for career mode.

Each article examines a team in depth and gives you all the vital info on their key players, suggested lineups, as well as ideas on who to buy and who to sell to make your career mode the best ever.

These articles are sorted into tiers to help you choose the type of FIFA 17 career mode you’re looking for:

  • Tier 1: Teams in tough buy xanax rx divisions that can push on to challenge for silverware
  • Tier 2: Teams that will have to fight for survival in a challenging division
  • Tier 3: Teams that start in a lower division but can hope to get promoted and work their way up higher leagues
  • Tier 4: Teams that start right at the bottom of the pile, with few funds or high potential players

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      Absolutely, as soon as I get internet in my new house! I have FIFA on PC and it doesn’t let you even load it up if you can’t log in to Origin :/

  1. Hello. Are there any other team in the Championship than Derby, which is good to make career with? Grateful for answers.

    1. Brighton are a good team to start at they have very few funds but you can make good money with them and they have some experience in the team for a good start to the squad

  2. SD Ponferradina is a great CM team, so thanks for that tip. A great hidden team where you really have no funds at the start. I rocked the Liga Adelante with Chistian Fernandez upfront. Into my second season in Liga BBVA. Yuri sold for 1.3mil + Fernandez 1.2mil.

    1. Im in season 3 or a Wycombe career, year one I grabbed Yesil and Browning for next to nothing, Just sold Yesil in season 3 for 19 Mil and replaced him with Wilson from Man U and a Spanish striker (Maupay I think) but I cant remember which one and also upgraded one of my scouts to 4/5 stars. The one thing I learned was about the transfer budget not transferring all to the next season so what ive started to do is upgrade my scouts at the end of the season when I have all my tourney money to play with, figured might as well since ill lose a bulk of it. Also had problems with loans with purchase options got two players that just are bugged as hell, they are on my contract list but not on my team so just getting screwed with their contracts but I guess itll run its course. The best recruit I got so far was a CDM that I play at CD he’s 6’6 and slow as molasses but just a monster. He’s 90+ so gonna be a beast. Love your website cant wait for your FIFA 16 stuff.

  3. I pleh fifa all da time and man has one sickass team, ive like been relegated like 12 times because man is badass at fifa. BTW im a plastic MUFC fan #UseToBeCity

  4. FC Augsburg from the Bundesliga is a recommandation for all of you guys. They have crazy talents in their first team already. People like Höjbjerg grew up to crazy 89 rated cards without a glitch of course. Really good team for a career mode.

  5. I would like to do a French league career but I’m not really sure who to go with. I’d like a team that doesn’t start off great but gets better, and has some good prospects.

  6. I don’t recommend to use Real Madrid or Bayern Munich cause they’re really boring. I’m thinking about doing a career with Burnley, Schalke or PSV. Please reply if u think I should do someone else

    1. U should definitely use PSV they have don’t have massive funds(10MILLION) buy they have lots of promising young players (Depay Willems Zoet Luuk de Jong Wijnaldum )

  7. Monaco is great; they don’t have many world class players, but you get lots of funds to work with to make a great team. But my first step is to allocate a chunk of the transfer money into wage money. They start with TONS of transfer money, but not enough wage money to secure top talents.

    1. I’m playing an Monaco career right now! its lots of fun i’m in 2020 right now and these are my main squad players: Reus (91,LW) Poulsen (84,ST) Bale (91,RW) Verratti (88,CAM) Carvalho (88,CDM) Pogba (89,CDM) Willems (85,LB) Laporte (91,CB) Varane (90,CB) Bellerin (84,RB) Berni (88,GK).
      Bench: Depay (87,RW) Danilo (83,RB) Pacheco (84,GK) Allee (87,LW) Ward-Prowse (84,CAM) Dybala (83,ST) Miguel (81, CAM,youngster) Cesar (84, CDM,Youngster)

  8. Brighton are fun with young prospects such as forster-caskey and dunk. The defence needs an injection of youth and I would suggest Josh Markings who is very cheap, they also have a reasonably deep and expeirianced squad, some of the veterans can fetch decent prices should you choose to sell them. Expectations are fairly reasonable but with Josh meetings and Elliot Bennet purchased you can definitely aim for atleast a playoff place!

  9. Hey guys, how about Spurs? I mean the team has potential players such as Mason, Bentaleb, Caroll, Kane, Davies, Dier… The first two seasons were not easy but after signin Jovetic upfront alongside Benteke and Kane, i can now boast in cofidence and infact the funds increased upto 86.5 Million…

  10. I enjoy doing career mode with lower flight teams, but I’ve really been interested in the relegation battling teams in the bpl lately. Best career mode I’ve done so far was with sunderland. The oldies you can sell and buy great youth, after 1-2 seasons put your GTN scouts on finding world class players with 0-1 years on their contracts, and get yourself incredible players

  11. Thanks for all the help Alex for good teams, players etc, you have really helped me get more out of career mode, instead of just using clubs with heaps of money. Keep up all the great articles and looking forward to more teams especially ones in the bpl! Or maybe one of clubs in the a league, lol.

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      No problem 🙂 I’ll get back to doing good teams for career mode once I’ve finished the best free agents series.

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  12. There are a few teams in Ireland that are half stars with less than a 100k starting budget. I’m pretty sure they could be about as challenging as there is. I’m thinking about starting a career with UCD Dublin FC they could be the bottom of the bottom LOL.

  13. Another thing I found was about changing your stadium, if you change your stadium when you start your career if you put download latest roster it will set your stadium back to default, so if you want to do that download the latest roster go forward then go back change your stadium and when you go forward it will say roster is current and your stadium will stay as you changed it.

  14. I used RB Leipzig. great team with a lot of high-potential players. between the ones that the team already had, and some purchases I managed to make it to Bundesliga1 in my first season, UEL by third, and UCL by fourth. Highly recommended

  15. Everton are great they have just enough budget so you can buy players that you can progress so in a few years into your career you can challenge for the title and europe

  16. hi alex.
    what are good teams in career mode in player mode?
    you mentioned this teams for manager mode.
    i wanna create a goalkeeper in career mode,can you help me?

    1. i think maybe u can start with lower tier club. i havent start it yet but what alex put in this article make me want to start with the club in any lower league and bring them to glory! i think this is what we call as excitement in career mood

  17. Hi guys I was think and that Wolverhampton fc is a decent side to play as although not having much money they are decent and you can buy players like vardy and mahrez from Leicester I hope this helps

  18. What about Crystal Palace?
    Key man would be Cabaye or Bolasie, and the best prospect would be Zaha, But they have an ageing central midfield and defence, and very average striking and goalkeeping options, which could all do with improvement. Not sure if they’re ‘bad’ enough to be a tier 2 side though!

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  19. I really love how well done this website is. I would love it if you guys did one with Ajax or PSV. I understand they’re rivals, and i dont support any of them, but i tried them out, and they’re actually great! Athletic Bilbao is another one. But the top 2 teams that i want someone to do is either Schalke 04 or Bayer Leverkussen(Sorry if i spelt that wrong) I really cant decide which to choose from. Amazing website, im going to try Everton now. Good Job to whoever did it!

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      Thanks 🙂 I’ve steered clear of doing teams in single-division nations (as in, where there’s only one league and no promotion/relegation) as I know from my own experience that you can feel a little ‘walled in’ when the teams stay the same every season. But I can definitely change that and take a look at a broader array of teams.

      I’ve also wanted to do an article on Athletic Bilbao for a few years now but I’ve always hesitated because of their Basque buying policy – they only buy (or scout) from the Basque region, which really limits who I can recommend you buy in a career mode article. Although if I broadened it to Spanish/French players only then I could do it.

  20. Im Irish but i dont live in Ireland. Sligo Rovers is my local team. Too bad they sold their 2 best strikers, Danny North and Aaron Greene. But i bought both for a Portsmouth career mode and Aaron Greene did amazingly well.

  21. i have a Coventry city career with 83 Diogo Jota, 86 Iheanacho, 79 Maitland-Niles, 86 Halilovic, 89 Pogba, 83 Lewis Cook, 90 Alaba, 86 Boscagli, 85 Sebastian Vegas, 80 Bellerin and 74 Dan Bentley. the bench has 76 Fabio, 82 Teddy Bishop, 84 Sule, 78 Iorfa, 82 Loftus-Cheek, 70 Armstrong, 76 Leon Bailey , 78 Morris (regen)

  22. Hello,
    Could you help me start with career VFB Studdtgard? I’m new in Fifa career’s mode and I wanna start until Fifa 17 does not come out. (sorry for my english) 😀

  23. Looking forward to your FIFA 17 career teams list and all the tiers. I have already started my Manchester United career mode, but I always wait to try other teams after I explore your tier 2, 3, and 4 teams. Thanks for doing this!

  24. I have not got fifa 16 or 17 yet…. I’m still hung on with fifa 15….Will u guys help me to start a career in fifa 15….I would like a middle class team or an lower tier team….

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  25. Brighton and Hove Albion are a good team to use! They have great young prospects such as Walton in goal, Dunk in defence and Forster-Caskey in midfield. Without transfers you should be able to get them promoted season 1, but struggle in the Premier League. So make sure you grab a few players from lower Premier League clubs who have experience such as Sunderland in season 1.

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  26. I think you should try Coventry or AFC Wimbledon both lower division teams with a lot of potential in their squad

  27. Could you please make one with Nice?? They have good young players and with Balotelli as a striker they are very good. I want to startba career mode with Nice but i dont now what players to buy or sell

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      Ah I see. I haven’t decided yet. The first priority is to finish the scouting guide. Then I’ve got to decide between good teams for career mode, best high potential players, best cheap players, etc. Lots of things to start work on, but I’ll try to get the good teams guides started soon.

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