FIFA 14 | Good teams for career mode


In this article we’re going to have a look at a number of teams which should offer you a fun and challenging career mode experience in FIFA 14. Maybe you’ve got this far in your current career and are looking for something else, or perhaps you’ve just got an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and are wondering who to start your first career with. This page should hopefully help you decide.

Like last year’s ‘good teams for career mode’ article, I’ve divided the teams into tiers. However, this time round I’m going to be picking a few teams from each tier and explaining why each of them would make for a great career mode. I’ll also be talking about their key players, as well as a couple of young players in each side who should go on to develop very nicely.

Here’s how the tiers break down:

  • Tier 1 – teams that are in the top division in their nation and have the potential to push on and challenge for silverware
  • Tier 2 – teams that are also in the top division but that may struggle to survive. They have some high potential players, but you will need to work hard to keep them up
  • Tier 3 – lower league teams that have a lot of high potential players. Though they are not all in their prime just yet, they will grow to become excellent players. These teams are good for developing over the long run, spending a few years in the lower leagues while you build them up
  • Tier 4 – challenging teams. These teams have small budgets and will face difficult opposition in their league. They do, however, have a couple of decent potential players to help you along the way
  • Tier 5 – infernal difficulty. Minute budgets, poor starting lineups, only a handful of half promising players. These teams will be the hardest ones to turn around

I’ve only chosen teams from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain because they are the only countries that have more than one division. I’ve found that playing the same sides every year can get a bit boring and means you may cut your career mode short, so adding in the element of promotion and relegation should help keep things fresh.

So let’s get stuck in.

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New FIFA 14 career mode video

So EA have just released a new video detailing some of the new features for career mode in FIFA 14, which we’ll have a look at in a minute. You can watch it here:

It gives a brief overview of how the new ‘global transfer network’ is going to work and, in short, looks very exciting. It is reminiscent of the way youth scouting currently works in FIFA 13 – you choose a scout, send them to a specific region to look for certain player types, and your scout comes back with a batch of players who you may be interested in. The initial scouting reports do not give exact ratings for each attribute, but rather a range of values in much the same way as you get when scouting in the current version of FIFA.

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Thoughts on FIFA 14

By now we’ve probably all had a chance to look at the new features for FIFA 14. One of the things I’m most interested in – and I’m sure you are too – is the new revamped scouting system, and that’s what this post is going to be about. I want to lay out how I feel it will affect the game and this site in particular, and what to expect from FIFA Scouting Tips once FIFA 14 comes out.

The biggest change to the scouting system is the new “global scouting network”. No long will you just be looking for young, unsigned talents, but you will be able to scout real players as well. You will tell your scout that you’re looking for a pacey winger or a prolific goalscorer, and he’ll come back with a report featuring real players who match these criteria. I don’t think you will look players up in the transfer screen as you do in FIFA 13, but you’ll rely on your scouts to inform your purchasing choices.

Because this is such a massive change to FIFA 13, I expect I’ll write up a guide for the “global scouting network” as well as one for the traditional youth scouting system. I haven’t actually heard anything on the latter option because I imagine EA want the global scouting network to hog the limelight, but I can’t imagine it’s been removed – that would be a massive step backwards. So rest assured, if youth scouting is in the game, I’ll be writing a guide for it.

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Good teams for career mode

Unsure of who to start a new career with? Or maybe you’re bored of using the best teams in the game and want more of a challenge? This article aims to help you pick a team that will be both fun to play with and a challenge to succeed with (because where’s the fun in using Manchester City?).

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Good Teams For Career Mode

This article should help you pick a team for career mode. The trick is to pick a team that allows your scouted players room to grow without damaging team performance. For this reason, many popular teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid are out the window! Read on to find out which clubs can help nurture your emerging talents.

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How to rescue “stolen” scouted players

Every now and again you’ll get a message through saying that a scouted player that you are watching (but haven’t signed yet) has been poached by another club. This can be really frustrating if the playing looked very promising.

The easy way to remedy this situation is to simply reload the save. These messages are like the “Youth player wants out” in that they’re randomly generated, so after a couple of tries the message should not appear, whereupon you can save your game and continue. However, if like me you forget your player has been poached and proceed to save over your game (thereby seemingly losing him forever), there is another way that I’ve just discovered.

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Help for the November patch update

A lot of people have been having scouting issues after installing the game’s November update. In particular, it now seems that players in your youth academy can sometimes refuse any contract offer you give them, even those with huge weekly wages.

In my post on developing youth players I said that one way to easily sign youth players is to raise the contract length from 3 to 4 years and leave the weekly wages alone. Well, now it seems that after installing the game update you can no longer offer a contract longer than 3 years (the default length). Thankfully, there is a solution.

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Easy method for five-star scouts 3

Here it is at last, the five-star scout method part 3! In this third and final part of the series, sidharth on the FIFA 12 forums has come up with a great idea that balances the previous two methods of finding these scouts (see his original post here). Whilst the first technique had a high chance of success but cost a lot of money, the second technique was cheaper but based much more on chance. Sidharth’s method gives you more control than method 2 but with less financial outlay than method 1. It still requires plenty of reloading, but you are able to “guide” the scout selection process. Let’s see how it works.

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Help with developing youth players

So far the guides on this blog have covered finding great youth talent. But what about developing these prospects into world-beating players? Well, this guide should help you along that process. I’ll start by laying out what sort of contract to offer your youth players and how to avoid some common glitches, before moving on to how to actually develop the players.


1. Contracts to offer
2. The contract glitch
3. Loaning youth players out
4. Getting them game time

*NOTE* I would recommend creating a backup save before you offer any contracts to youth players. If the contracts are declined quit, reload the backup save and try again with an improved contract offer. That way you avoid wasting what could be valuable time. Secondly, if you intend to send young players out on loan, create a backup save at the start of the transfer window. If you get no offers then reload and try again (although see point 3, especially the bit about a player’s age).

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Easy method for five-star scouts 3 update

A third and final installment for the five-star scout method is in the works right now, and should be ready by either Sunday evening or Monday. It is, in my opinion, the most viable method so far, costing less than method 1 and having more control than method 2.

Stay posted :)