Best cheap bargains under £1m (Lower League Gems)

Here you will find guides and articles on the best bargains in FIFA 17.

Every player has a minimum potential of 76 and maximum cost of £1m, so they’re super cheap and still high potential.

If you’re a lower league team in FIFA 17, these guides will help you buy the best players for a very cheap price.

Just navigate to the position you’re looking for. Every guide has information on player wages, costs, weak foot and skill moves ability, potential and much, much more besides.

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  1. Hi Mate

    Great site, really useful for building a team for all the Fifa series!

    But, where are the strikers man?! I know you wanna keep folks coming back waiting for the next update…but strikers are the cornerstone of a good team, and I can’t find any with good potential that I can afford (Portsmouth – very small budget!). A couple of £nil-200k gems would be ideal!
    I even resorted to looking at the Fifa 14 archives…but they are all now too expensive a year on. Would be great if these were the first areas you reported on…a cheeky ask I know.

    Pull your finger out with getting them posted!! :-p (only joking!)

    Thanks for the good work

  2. Great articles Alex.

    I’ve built a Charlton Athletic squad ,in the Championship, using your recommendations.
    I’m currently in my second season.

    This is the squad and their current growth in the second season (I’m 12 games in):

    Lobantsev (71 +2)
    Gallese (68/Free Agent )
    Piedra (62/FA)

    Palmer-Brown (62+2)
    Browning (69+2)

    Ajeti (72+2)
    Hoban (65)
    Souttar (68+3)
    Gomez (61+2/ Original squad member)

    Quinti (62+1)
    Binnom-Williams (62+2)

    Unai-Lopez (66)
    Oztunali (72+2)
    Dele Alli (61+2)

    Cataldi (68+1)
    Duncan (67+1)
    Morrell (61+3)
    Matthews (63)
    Tolisso (70+1)

    Mukhtar (69+1)
    Vloet (67+1)
    Mason (69)

    Lakay (66+2)

    Gudmundsson (72 OSM)

    Vetokele (70+1 OSM)
    Sierra (65+2)
    Clough (63)
    Ducksch (69)
    Yesil (69+2)

    The absolute bargains have been the midfielders.
    I bought Cataldi, Oztunali and Unai-lopez for £120K each. Ryan Mason I got on a contract expiry.

    Purchasing goalkeepers has been a problem, they’ve all proved to be too expensive, hence 2 free agents as stop gaps.
    Lobantsev has been great. He cost £600K.
    Right backs have been difficult to find cheap, hence I’m having to play Browning and Palmer-Brown there instead.
    Browning was a £100K as Everton took exception to my £0 offer. so the glitch doesn’t always work.

    You have to get in there early, as by the second season prices escalate.
    Clubs realise the talent they’ve got.
    I tried to get the winger Bernardeschi on the cheap but got told it would cost me £14.5M.

    The strikers have been the biggest disappointment. Very little growth and a bit disappointing in gameplay.
    Ducksch is slow and clunky, Yesil is weedy and easily knocked off the ball.
    Vetokele, on the other hand, has been an absolute tank: strong, fast, good finisher and can head the ball despite only being 5’8″ tall.
    I tried to purchase Mason Bennett, who got on a previous career mode on FIFA 15 for £160K, but Derby County were insistent on getting £1.6M for him!

    I’ve also struggled with controlling defenders with high attacking work rates in game.
    Souttar and B-Williams, in particular, tend to bomb up the pitch uninvited.
    Player positioning , or lack of it, seems to be the issue for me on FIFA 15.
    Defenders moving forward out of position, full backs bombing up the wings and not coming back, CDMs not protecting the centre backs when defending.

    But generally I’m very pleased with my merry band of men.

  3. Hi ,
    For some reason in career mode , when i give ‘Scout instructions ‘ , the scouts return saying ‘No luck boss “. This is regardless of what i give in instructions. This worked fine in fifa 14.. why doesn’t it work in 15 ?

      1. Post

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