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FIFA 16 news and career mode wishlist

FIFA 16 at Gamescom 2015: what it means for career mode

Today EA unveiled a raft of new features for FIFA 16 at its Gamescom show in Cologne. Predictably, Ultimate Team took the prime slot, but it was genuinely refreshing to see career mode getting some decent air time. It seems that this year EA have based a lot of their career mode changes on community feedback, and a lot of the new features are ones that have been requested for years.

However, it wasn’t all perfect and there were some worrying omissions from EA’s show. So let’s have a look at what they revealed, what they didn’t, and what it might mean for career mode in FIFA 16.

Player training

FIFA 16 career mode news

There will be over 30 training drills to choose from

One of the biggest problem areas of FIFA 15 has been player growth. Youth players get promoted as slow weaklings, and 10 years down the line they’re still slow weaklings. A player may be mispositioned (particularly so with full backs, who are either mispositioned wingers or centre backs) and so will be weak in areas important to his position – a mispositioned winger playing at full back could have 50 stand tackle but 75 finishing, for example.

FIFA 16 will see the debut of a player training feature with more than 30 different drills, which brings the possibility of countering this growth problem (if it still exists in FIFA 16) by helping players improve in specific areas and hopefully counteracting some of the problems we faced before. That winger full back with 50 stand tackling could work on his technique, thereby getting better in an area that was poorer than it should have been.

However, it sounds somewhat limited. You can only train five players at a time, so if you’re having widespread growth problems then it may not be enough. I also want to know exactly what areas can be improved – can players get faster and stronger, or improve their vision? Or is it only technical stats that can be improved?

The best player growth news would have been that EA have simply fixed it, rather than giving us a slight fix while failing to patch existing problems. What we need is a scenario where young players start out with decent physical stats and grow in a more natural way where their technique improves over time, rather than coming out of the academy with 56 sprint speed and 87 dribbling. Hopefully this is what EA have done, but only time will tell.

Pre-season tournaments

FIFA 16 career mode news

Money earned from tournaments is added to your budget

Pre-season has always felt very tacked-on in FIFA games. In FIFA 15, for example, you play three friendly matches before the season gets underway, but there’s very little linking these games – you will likely play three teams from completely separate countries, meaning there’s no sense of your club embarking on a pre-season tour of, say, Germany. Further undercutting the realism was the fact that you were still limited to three substitutions per game, despite the games being friendlies, which should allow you unlimited substitutions.

EA have sought to address this lack of realism by bringing pre-season tournaments to FIFA 16. Before each season kicks off, you’ll be invited to take part in three tournaments based around the world (there are nine in total, but you’ll have a choice of three each pre-season). The idea is you’ll get a chance to test out formations and players and play against decent opposition, all in a much more realistic environment than isolated friendlies played against random opposition.

There’s more to it than that, though, as any money you win from the tournament will be added to your transfer budget. You may already know what your best team and formation are, but the financial incentive means that pre-season tournaments have a real, solid reward on offer alongside gaining a greater insight into your squad dynamics.

While this is a nice addition to the game and adds some much-needed immersion, there are other areas that I would rather were addressed first. The scouting system needs a whole raft of changes (more on that later), while there are still plenty of gameplay issues that need addressing. I’m genuinely glad that EA have seemingly fixed pre-season, but I can’t help feeling there should have been greater priorities. Which brings me on to…


FIFA 16 career mode news

You can train players young and old

What worries me most about the new announcements is that there is almost no mention at all of youth scouting, other than EA claiming they have made “fundamental improvements across transfers and scouting”. We were all heavily disappointed when it transpired that FIFA 15’s scouting system was nearly identical to that of FIFA 14. Although EA have promised changes, they have gone very quiet on specifics. So while scouting in FIFA 16 probably will not be an exact knockoff of FIFA 15’s scouting system, we have very little information to go on. I’m not feeling massively hopeful about this one.

There are several implications of this. Does it mean that we’ll end up with scouted playmakers who have insane mental stats but poor technical stats? Will it still be impossible to find strikers when you search for the ‘Attacker’ player type? Will it still be ridiculously difficult to find a realistic full back (rather than a mispositioned winger or centre back) ? I’ll try to find out more information, so keep checking back.

Other changes

FIFA 16 career mode news

EA say career mode stories have been improved

Here are some more things that EA say are coming to FIFA 16 career mode:

  • Sign free agents outside of the transfer window.
  • Scout Reports – After scouting a player reports are available to you now for an entire calendar year before expiring vs three months in FIFA 15.
  • Transfer Budget -Transfer budgets are now more realistically tailored to the club you’re using in Career Mode. Also, a percentage of the remaining budget from the previous season will carry over to the next. and will vary based on where your club finished in regards to season goals.
  • Loans – Short loans have increased from three to six months and there is now an option to issue two-year loans.
  • Friendly Subs – You will be able to issue an unlimited number of substitutions during friendly matches.
  • More Realistic Transfers – While the transfer window is open, we have tuned the number of ‘high-profile’ moves by big players to better match the number of changes that typically happen in the real-world.
  • Improved Player Transfer Values – We’ve addressed values of players to better match the real-world transfer market.

From that list, a few stand out. Being able to sign free agents outside the transfer window is obviously a useful addition and adds a nice realistic touch. It means that now you could quickly bring in a replacement if a key player gets injured outside the transfer period.

Carrying over a percentage of the previous season’s budget is also a welcome addition, as this was a very frustrating issue for a lot of players (myself included). I’m also looking forward to seeing more realistic transfers, although this should probably be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s something EA promise every year.

Of course, all of these minor changes are very promising on paper, and I look forward to seeing how they play out when FIFA 16 is released. Let’s hope they’re as effective as they sound.

One final thing that EA have mention for FIFA 16 is improved story-telling. Commentators will pick up on developing story lines and notable player performances, while also covering transfer rumours and player debuts. Key stats will be picked out both in commentary and in-game graphics (presumably information in the top corners of the screen), while everything is referenced within the context of the league you are playing (such as how important the game is if you’re in a relegation scrap, I would imagine).

What will FIFA 16 career mode look like?

FIFA 16 career mode news

Three pre-season tournaments can be played in

Despite these announcements, expect plenty to remain the same from FIFA 15. I doubt there has been enough time for the FIFA 16 developers to fix every problem from this year’s game, and every year there are elements that stay unchanged from the previous year’s edition. So I don’t think we should expect a radically different career mode in FIFA 16.

That said, the player training feature could help to improve one of the most persistent problems over the past few years of FIFA games – player growth. Yet it will not mean much if EA haven’t addressed the numerous problems that have affected player growth in the past – poor physical stats in youth players that never improve, mispositioned players with poor stats for their positions, and more. EA need to have made significant changes under the hood to improve player growth, in addition to the introduction of player training.

For FIFA 16 news from E3 2015, see below

EA revealed a number of FIFA 16 gameplay features at the E3 conference. Let’s see what FIFA 16 news they gave us.

1. Confidence in defending


Defenders will be more agile in FIFA 16

EA announced a number of improvements to defending in FIFA 16. Defenders will be more agile, able to turn more quickly and react to opponents’ dribbling moves in order to keep them under control. Players will have more control over tackles, and will be able to change the length of a slide tackle or make their players stop and get up mid-tackle, making them less likely to be taken out of the game.

Teams will supposedly defend as a unit much better in FIFA 16, with improved AI able to track runs better and decide buy xanax visa between covering space and closing down an attacker. Interceptions have been improved (perhaps defenders will finally stick a leg out rather than letting the ball roll past their feet!), while you will even be able to do a ‘fake tackle’ to trick attackers into committing early, thereby making it easier to dispossess them.

Finally, EA tell us that goalkeepers have been improved to make them less likely to be beaten by freakish long shots. Keepers will backpedal and be able to track the ball better when it is struck from distance, reducing the likelihood of you being beaten by a long range wonder goal.

2. Control in midfield


FIFA 16 sees improvements in midfield, too

FIFA 16 will see those interception improvements come to midfield as well, and it will affect both attack and defence. You will be able to fine tune your team’s interception mentality (i.e. how aggressive it is) in Player Instructions.

Passing has also been changed in FIFA 16 to introduce more ‘purposeful’ passing. Hold RB/R2 while passing to activate a new driven pass, which will be much more direct than regular passing and will be used to bypass defences and catch them out on the break.

3. Deadly attacking


EA want FIFA 16 to create ‘moments of magic’ in attack

Attacking will perhaps see the biggest changes in FIFA 16. First is what EA call ‘no touch dribbling’. You’ll be able to decide when your player takes their first touch, allowing them to feint, change direction and perform skill moves without touching the ball. The idea is you can dummy in one direction and then explode in the other, giving you an edge over defenders.

Crossing has been tweaked with new animations and runs by attackers. Players in the box may decide to run deep or go to the near post, giving you more options when you’re out wide.

Shooting in will also get some changes in FIFA 16 to make it less random. EA say that “players will feel the difference in each shot attempt and better understand why a particular shot has taken a specific trajectory.” That means you can adjust how you take shots in the future, hopefully giving you a better chance of scoring next time.

4. Improve your game


The FIFA Trainer aims to improve your ability on the pitch

FIFA 16 will see a new game type to help players improve their skills. The FIFA Trainer will put you in a match situation and provide visual hints and advice on what to do in any given situation. Players will be given two options that should help improve their understanding of how to better compete in actual matches, not just in the isolated Skill Games settings.

Speaking of Skill Games, FIFA 16 will have a new Basic level aimed at first-time players of the franchise.

5. Women’s national teams


Women’s teams have finally made it into FIFA 16

For the first time, a FIFA game will finally feature women’s teams (albeit only 12 national sides. Still, better than nothing). EA say they didn’t just take men’s player models and tweak them for women in FIFA 16, but created specific player models from scratch.

The women’s national teams in FIFA 16 are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China PR, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and USA.

So that’s the FIFA 16 news, but what about FIFA 15?

FIFA 15: what do you want to change?

FIFA’s career mode needs to improve, we all know that. Recently #ChangeCareerMode has been gaining traction on Twitter, while YouTubers are also putting forward their own suggestions on how EA could really take it to the next level.

This page is for you to discuss your own ideas on career mode. What current features do you want to see improved? What new additions to you want to see in upcoming FIFA titles? Share your comments below.

Here are a few things that I would love to see:

1. Fix scouted player names!

FIFA career mode wishlist

Typical Spanish name, that

I love Shuttleworth Virtanan, I really do, but when was the last time you ever met a Spanish person with a name like that? Some nations seem to be unaffected while others seem completely screwed. The scouted names were fine when the game came out and an update broke them, so I’ve got a lot of hope that this can be fixed.

2. Improve physical stat growth

FIFA career mode wishlist

Physical stat growth: a rare sight among scouted players in FIFA 15

Only physically strong players seem to grow physical stats from an early age. All other types have to wait years until they grow – if they even do grow at all.

So is it great if you’ve found a physically strong player? Nope, because they usually get promoted with about 50 sprint speed.

And why do goalkeepers spend their first few years growing in physical stats but not GK stats? Are they spending too much time in the gym and not enough on the training ground or playing youth matches? I’m no coder, but to my simple brain I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to fix this.

3. Scouted player types need addressing

FIFA career mode wishlist

Yep, definitely not totally insane

Do you really want fast players? OK, scout wingers and pray for a full back with massive potential. Scout any other position or player type and you’re pretty much screwed.

Want a fast attacking midfielder? Don’t scout attackers, get a fast full back. Want a quick striker? Don’t bother, just look for a fast full back. Fast winger full backs end up with amazing technical stats so they can be played pretty much anywhere. They make the other player types more or less redundant.

But scout a defensive minded full back and you get a player with 50 sprint speed and terrible work rates. Add to that the frequent low/low work rates no matter what player type you look for and you’ve got a team full of lazy, slow players – perfect for life in the Premier League, amirite?

FIFA career mode wishlist

Slow and low/low work rates – perfect for life in the Premier League, amirite?

Another problem – you can’t find strikers by searching attackers! You have to search physically strong, which often gets you slow forwards with great tackling, or search technically gifted and get slow forwards with 40 stamina.

On the other hand, physically strong players often become beastly at everything. If you find a physically strong central midfielder with high potential, it’s entirely possible they’ll end up with the Complete Defender, Midfielder and Forward specialities. While this is awesome, it completely breaks the immersion of the game. Why scout any other player type? Oh yes, because physically strong players are slow as hell.

So we need more realistic player types – or at least player types that aren’t completely borked. This may need a larger overhaul than fixing physical growth but it’s something that’s completely messing up the youth scouting system.

4. A youth system that is meaningful and immersive

FIFA career mode wishlist

We need more than just this

Currently, youth players sit in your academy twiddling their thumbs for one or two years until you decide to promote them. Until that time it’s a borefest and you end up completely forgetting about the players you have already found because what do they do for most of the month? Nothing. The only time you’re reminded about them is when you get an update from your scout.

Instead, we need something that is interesting, something that feels real.

What we need is a youth league. I don’t mean having to play youth matches in addition to first team games, but how about having a youth squad league table, and every week your youth team plays another team from that league?

How about getting a report every week from your chief scout telling you what the score was in that game and how each player performed? How about your scout letting you know who had been progressing well in the youth league and could be ready for promotion?

For this to work we’d probably need a youth academy auto filled with players when you start a career mode, but that doesn’t sound like a huge demand to me. The players’ quality would depend on the team you are, so York City will have an auto-filled academy far inferior to Manchester City’s. As time goes on and we scout more, we can replace these players with ones we’ve scouted ourselves.

Then at least we’d have a reason to keep tabs on the youth academy and a reason to work hard on it. I appreciate this is probably a longer term goal but it’s something a lot of us have been crying out for for years. If this could be implemented in FIFA 16 it would be a huge step forward.

5. More customisation

FIFA career mode wishlist

Get to the Premier League, still playing in the same stadium

I know there are potential issues with changing the sponsors on your kit, but having the option to upgrade your stadium would be awesome. Who wants to take Plymouth Argyle to the Premier League and see them lining up at home against Chelsea in a stadium that can house 10,000 people? It looks ridiculous and is totally unrealistic. For clubs that don’t have named and rendered stadiums, surely this wouldn’t be too hard to implement.

So that’s my FIFA career mode wishlist, what about yours? Make sure you leave you ideas in the comments below and let’s see if we can get a list together.

Also check out the #ChangeCareerMode hashtag and watch the videos other YouTubers are making. We seem to be making a difference here, so let’s get our ideas together and see if we can change career mode for the better.

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Comments 72

  1. Id like to play short tournaments using Manchester United for FIFA 2016..Im kinda at a loss how to do that…..can some one walk me through…..thanks

  2. I’d love to see the ability to tweak the teams kits around, just some variety! Damn, teams seem release a new kit every 6 months in real life and I’m stuck with the same old, same old…

  3. Hi Alex, I know this isn’t the proper place to post this but wasn’t sure where would be best. I think it only fair that I warn all that are contemplating buying FIFA 16 that they should only do this if they are using a next gen console. I eagerly awaited the arrival of my FIFA 16 (for the PS3) on the release date, imagine my disappointment to find that none of the new features are included, there are no pre-season tournaments, no player training, nothing new in the scouting mechanism. As far as I can tell the only changes are different music, some changes to commentary and the only truly new feature is some kind of advice on passes and movement from a trainer whilst actually playing a game, which is a good addition if you are just coming to FIFA for the first time, however, for more seasoned players it’s just a distraction. I feel totally cheated by EA Sports, I’ve basically paid full price for something that I already had (FIFA 15) just placed in a new box with some bells and whistles.

    1. This may only be PS3, as I have Xbox 360 and, although the graphics are bad, most of the new features are in the game.

  4. Firstly, I’ve used this site for years without contributing, so Alex, thanks for your hard work! It’s a really useful resource and it’s been great to see how you’ve developed it over the years. I’ve enjoyed FIFA career mode for several years but am finding certain things frustrating now…

    – Scouted youth players being so slow is infuriating. In reality speed and agility are often where younger players ( especially attacking) stand out, and it’s their strength and technique that grows over time, not the other way around.

    – I enjoy a career mode where I can take a small team through the leagues, but equally enjoy a (more realistic) nomadic career where I start at a small club in a poor league and progress onto bigger clubs. But changing clubs is practically impossible in FIFA 15. Job offers are minimal and 99% of job applications are rejected even if you’ve exceeded the expectations of your own club in recent seasons. I liked it when various alternative positions were offered to managers in the summer – I considered that more realistic than the current set up. A combination of the two would be ideal. I’ve also found that if you DO join a new club towards the end of the season, (even when the season is over) you can be sacked for not meeting the objectives of your predecessor when the season actually finishes, without having played a game! An odd glitch.

    – On the flip side I’d like to be able to turn off the international job offers. Although it’s good (cheaty) way of finding players (save game, accept offer, view all players and note those of interest, then reload) these arrive too frequently and just become annoying after a while.

    – A good feature would be to have the ability expand the stadiums from the transfer budget and include the extra income in future. That would add another layer of realism and financial planning.

  5. I want to enjoy fifa , so put all teams and psl also absa premier league. Put real people and real ratings in south africa like fifa 08.Commentators must say thier names.please follow statements above and all people in south africa will buy the latest fifa.Thank you♥♡sfiso
    to fifa

  6. the thing that frustrates me the most is seeing my young players from youth scout after their promotion in the first time. their names don’t get called by the commentary during the games. they refer to them as “player” what’s the point of having all those names in the game and not being about to say them. >.>

  7. Above all EA have to fix the bugs and glitches in the game.
    Career Mode simply does not cope with you changing club and often bugs out.
    Did a career up to 2025 only for the physical stats of all my players at a new club plummet to single figures.
    Two months work ruined and gave up at that point despite several attempts at reloading the career.
    Agree with what you say about scouting/youth system.
    I currently have a set of youth players with 90+ potential none of whom are taller than 5’7″.
    Developing a team of oompa loompas.
    What’s the point of a 5’7″ CB?
    The game-play is still shocking in 2015. The passing is better than 2014 but players’ agility and ball control is still poor and acceleration is still unrealistic.
    Getting a pattern of play going is often painful against a CPU that reads everything I do and the CPU keeper is really tough to beat.
    Defending is difficult as CDMs don’t track back and help out protecting the back four. The AI fails to get the players into formation and ready to defend. I hope that EA have sorted this out.
    My goalies invariably fumble crosses and are slow to close down in one on ones.
    The game is simply not fun to play a lot of the time.
    There needs to be a level between professional and world class as the jump in difficulty is still too great.
    I agree with the ideas for customisation for the game but fear that this will cause more issues with the game freezing and bugging out as EA’s programming simply hasn’t been up to snuff.
    But let’s see…

    1. Me and FIFA 15 are done.
      Played a game on legendary difficulty on my latest career mode. Attack on right wing from opposition winger, who beats my fullback.
      I send a midfielder over to cover who then inexplicably runs off at a right angle to the direction I am sending him, seemingly out of my control.
      Ball goes into the box from the now unchallenged winger, striker scores with bullet header to far corner.
      The most scripted goal I have ever seen on FIFA.
      And that’s saying something.
      I fight back, hit the bar three times but lose 1-0.
      But still I persevere.
      I’m at the end of the January transfer window, get to the end of it apparently without incident.
      But then check my squad at the beginning of February only to find my star 83 rated defender, who has been injured throughout the window, has disappeared not only from my squad but off the game.
      I quit the career mode go to my profile and delete everything that I’ve saved over the last year, the whole thing.
      I’m tired of EA ripping me off.
      £50+ a year I pay to play a game that is broken and cheats me.
      EA are as corrupt and incompetent as the organisation that endorses their product.
      I will need a great deal of convincing that FIFA 16 will be any better.
      I’m done.

  8. Finally, free subs during the pre-season. And the adjustment of the budget into the next season is nice. It`s a start, and their not going to changes everything at once. Of course they will hold something back for FIFA 17.

    I hope they have somewhat adressed the scouting issue, because when I`m at Newport County (League 2). I can`t do anything with a scout who offers me Reus.

  9. I’d really like to see Premier League kit features (badges and numbers) for teams that get promoted to Premier League in career mode. It doesn’t look nice and realistic when a Premier League team plays with a Championship kit. Would add a lot to ‘realistic football’ idea EA wants to produce.

  10. I like the idea of a youth league system, with that though, maybe an idea for ea to add maybe around 10 of the actual youth players from a certain team for example Man City have youth players that are not in the fifa squads playing in the youth squad and also have young players that already start in your squad like Celina, Barker, Bossaerts and Pozo playing in the youth team as they do regularly rather than the first team, have them in the youth league and promote and relegate players week in week out depending on you and your career mode.

    Also like in real life say for example Yaya Toure was injured for 2 months with an anterior cruciate ligament, he could return being able to play a few games for the youth team like in real life to regain fitness and first team football. Im not sure on the number of players that are allowed to be overage in the team but say if Richard Wright hasnt played for your team in over 4 months he is unhappy and is considering sending a transfer request, you could give him playing time in the youth league so he is content again.

    Also Having more countries to choose from while scouting players eg Ukraine, Hungary

    But just making career mode feel more realistic in an around the youth system would make the entire career mode much more enjoyable

  11. It’s a bit late, but this is what bothers me about player career – you can’t even do what the AI players can do in the game. For instance, an AI player has a contract, and the ability to –
    1. Enter a match as a substitute
    2. Demand wage
    3. Negotiate with another club in January if his contract is running out
    4. Interact with the manager and indicate that he needs more game time
    An AI player also has the luxury to put in a transfer request and expect the board to step in and force the sale ( even if at half his value ).

    Also, AI managers are never sacked.

    Another important point is club prestige – it never changes in the game!
    No matter how many trophies I win with Burnley, players would still not want to come as they would continue to see me as relegation candidate Burnley.

    This also affects player career. I started as a 67 OVR CAM at Swansea and grew to 86 OVR in about 5 seasons. I won many titles with the team but my team never improved. This is because every player we put in an offer for rejected the move, as he still thought of us as mid – table Swansea. In manager career, you work around this by offering him a better contract ( higher wages ), but AI managers never have the sense to do that. In fact, the manager sold our best players and didn’t buy appropriate replacements. My wage was still 3,000 pound a week and my transfer requests were never accepted ( Even a player at 76 OVR felt he was too good for the club and was allowed to leave ).

  12. You didn’t mention the global scouting system (or whatever it’s called).

    It’s simply awful. It needs stricter search criteria like ‘between 75-80 rated, between 60-80 pace, doesn’t mind playing for my club, etc’ so that the scouts can actually know what I’m looking for. It’s far too vague to be useable at the moment especially with sites like Sofifa around. Actually, the search system from Sofifa is a good model of what I’m talking about!

  13. I’d love to have a bit more control when I SIM a match like back in FIFA 08-09. Back then during the SIM you could fast forward or slow down the speed of the game clock so you could make your own substitutions and formation changes during the match instead of having the CPU sub in your LB in at CB or your CDM at ST for some reason. Give us a bit more or a real life “Manager on the sideline” feels when letting your team play on its own in a SIM match.

  14. Just a few things (may become more as I go along)

    1. Leadership stat or at least something that indicates who is good at being captain. Nothing more frustrating than taking your captain off and having the AI automatically assign someone as captain and your team starts to play disorganised as a result. Whilst i’m on that subject the ability to manually change your captain during the game. Something like if you take your main captain off/The 1 you started the game as captain with. You’re automatically taken to player roles to assign a new captain.

    2. Transfer system does need sorting out. It’s unrealistic that every season 1 of your players is unsettled and threatening to leave. The loan system in real life has the ability to change the duration of the loan or to extend a loan, So why not add that?. Transfer fees should have more options than just adding a player in the deal. Like a fee could be paid up front and a fee paid later depending on performance of the player. The ability to sign a player on contract expiry should be available beyond the winter transfer window. After all players do get signed in between windows when their contracts have less than 6 months left.

    I agree on the youth players work rates, Weak foot and skill moves being screwed up. To add to that though I think they should have traits too. To add to the idea of starting with youth players in your academy, Wouldn’t it be great to start with youth players already at the club in real life, Rather than them sitting in your squad rotting away because you couldn’t send them out on loan or give them a little game time?

    Scouting times in the GTN need decreasing greatly. The example I just had of players taking 27 days to be scouted is ludicrous. By the time you’ve scouted them the transfer window is nearly shut. Which brings me to my next point. Reduce waiting times on transfer/contract offers you’ve made to players you’re trying to sign. Make it 1 or 2 days for a reply, Rather than 3 or more.

    Sorry for the length of the post but I have alot of idea’s for changes.

    1. Its been a while since i’ve done this, so i don’t know if it still works but you can change the captain when you made a substitution in the old Fifa games. I’ll use Liverpool as an example, say you want to replace Gerrard with Lallana but you want Henderson to be captain, replace Henderson with Lallana first and then replace Gerrard with Henderson, this should make Henderson captain. I know its a long winded way of doing things but its a potential solution until EA decide they want to sort it out, if they do at all.

      1. Post
      2. That doesn’t always work. With my Ajax club, it’ll still auto switch to someone at times preventing me from picking my captain

    2. Something else I’d like to see with the transfer system is the loan system. I have two ideas behind it: 1) Being able to shop/promote one of your players you want to loan out to a club at your choosing so that you can entrust he’ll get run but also that all the players you want to go out on loan, actually do. 2) Working with the wage system when a player does get loaned out. If you are a lower league team, and Chelsea is trying to loan someone out but has a 200k wage, you cannot afford it but maybe Chelsea can foot a chunk of it so you can obtain the loan, and the player gets loaned out as the club wanted. Also can help when you are Chelsea and looking to loan a player out.

      Lastly, I agree with another post on the expry. It’s silly that you only have one window to sign someone and then they count against your wage bill before they ever appear on your squad the following year!

    3. I’m pretty sure the player trait ‘team player’ makes a player a good captain, I’ve definitely heard it somewhere.

  15. I honestly think there should be more realistic transfer scenarios. Nowadays the players are always the ones searching for a new club and their agent and another club agree to new contracts and all that good stuff before a fee is agreed, maybe they should add some level of this to the game. Also, I feel that a contract should be able to have things like bonuses for meeting goals and release clauses.

    Another thing that needs to be fixed is how much loaned out players play. I have a Milan career and I loaned out Suso to Lazio and he hadn’t made his season debut since I played them last, early February after being loaned out early in summer. This also happens to a lot more of my players that I loan out. Either change the clubs that offer to loan or have the clubs that do offer play them

    1. Post

      Yes, much more realistic transfers would be great!

      Shame about that loan problem you had. People often say their players aren’t getting games on loan when they send them to teams in other divisions, but that’s actually a display oversight (the squad status screen only shows how many games they’ve played in your league, not in other leagues). But obviously as you loaned him to a team in the same division, that wouldn’t have been the problem. Maybe there should be an option to demand that your players get a certain number of games while on loan.

  16. This is my idea for career mode:
    When you start out, you’re taken into your ‘Manager Hub’. Here it tells your all you basic info, like personal info, career stats, and other things like that.
    At the start, you specify which country you’d prefer to manage in eg. England, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get an offer from this country. If you do, it will most likely be from a League 1/2 team more so than Championship, and quite unlikely that you’d get offered a Premier League job right away, but if you do, expect incredibly tough objectives. It’s also possible that you mightn’t get an offer for a couple of months, before being called in to try and save a team who are winless at the bottom of the league.
    So you get an offer, and accept it. From there, your Manager Hub transforms into your central menu for career mode. You can view the tables/stats, look at your team sheets, see in depth stats for each player on you team, as well as the features we have now like e-mails, scouting and youth academy. Scouting would be pretty much the same, but you have a youth team that either you can manage lineups etc. (Games would be simulated and you could choose whether or not to watch these sims) or you could hire a coach for it. This coach would give you a report after each game, saying who’s playing well, who isn’t playing well, and how the team is doing overall (Areas they can improve, potential ‘trouble’ players etc.) You get a similar kind of report about your first team after each game, which will help you tweak tactics and formations to suit you team and your players.
    You also set the days of the week you want training to take place, and whether it’s a ‘light’ or ‘heavy’ session (maybe a light session on Friday before the match on Saturday, or a heavy session on a Wednesday). You can customise this training to how you want it, or it can be automated, but either way it helps with player growth.
    Transfers I guess would kind of work the same. I don’t really have any ideas as to how to improve them. Players could try to force moves from your club if a big club comes calling ala Bale/Modric, though.
    For International management, a similar structure to what’s mentioned above (Training, Team/Player/Manager Stats, Player reports). You should have an assistant coach who recommends players who aren’t in your twenty-five or whatever the number is who have been playing well at club level and could be in line for a national call up. Similarly, players who are in your squad who aren’t playing well at club level who could be dropped. It could lead to interesting situations where your coach recommends dropping one player who’s been in poor form for club, but on a goal streak for country, or vice versa, creating conflict between you, the coach and the player. Also, bigger deals need to be made about National Debuts and retirements (Club ones too).
    I haven’t fully thought this true yet, but this is the basic outline. This focuses more on your club, how it works, and how much of a role you play in it. It would hopefully make career mode feel less like Match after Match after Match.

  17. What about chemistry? Similar to FUT, you could create a bonus for players that are loyal and play together. Like 2 CB’s could get a bonus +1 after playing 10 games together. Then as long as you play those 2 guys their bonus points will be in effect. If you sub one of them then those bonus points obviously disappear. They could make the chemistry for the whole team, or in smaller “partnerships”. 2 ST’s could work as a team, 2 CDM’s… etc. Maybe even 3 CM’s in a 4-3-3.

    Then you are rewarded for having a good, long lasting partnerships. If you always sell/buy 10 players each transfer window, you won’t be maximizing the chemistry. This is a way for lower budget teams to compete better. Instead of spending money, keep the core of the team together for a long time and they’ll all play better in a few years. Your 73 rated CB’s play as 77’s even though both are 30 years old and have stopped “growing.”

    It also might affect transfers/loans. You scout a player who has 84 overall. You sign him and he’s only a 77. Those other 7 points were hidden chemistry points… Should have known buying Rooney after 10 years at Man U.

    It opens up tons of possibilities… what about loyalty to the manager? You manage a player for 3-4 years with Blackpool, but then get offered a job with Bayern… You start fresh with chemistry with the new players at Bayern, but sign one of your old Blackpool players and that chemistry comes with the player, its not like you would have forgotten the 3-4 years you spent together, coaching him, training him, etc…

    Maybe this is too much, but i think this mixed with potential/growing of players would make it interesting. What if you had 2 very high potential players, you’d want to play them TOGETHER, so that not only are they growing, but they are becoming a good partnership too. They may hit their potentials, but then add chemistry on top of it!!?? 🙂


  18. Training sessions between matches would be the most realistic feature to add. This will make players grow without loaning them out or play them. And yes, a B-team league would also be fun. Just a simulation would be just fine.
    Create your own staff. Diffrent coaches for diffrent positions on the field wich will have a big affliction on player growings.
    Change player positions. Gareth Bale started as a LB, then LM, then SA and now a RM. Soon to be RB……….
    I miss Playing Manager also!

    I want to be able to play on the couch with my roomates, I don’t care if the coding makes it so we have to sim games against each other or whatever, but it would be awesome to have people controlling all the great teams (IE if you had some one controlling Chelsea Man City Man Utd and Arsenal) I feel that makes the game more challenging.’ I got into sports games because I played a NBA 2k career with 10 other people fantasy drafting, most fun I’ve had playing VG
    Players careers would also be fun, suspend real life and always move as a package, or split up and act like rivals in the same league, get a chance to have fun playing coop without forcing one person to one player and the other to the rest of the team
    I’m new to futbol, and the whole career system is hard to get used to. What doesn’t help AT ALL is when I can’t tell if a match is Champions or league cup, I get it now, but when I started it messed up a couple careers.
    I sometimes want to see how awesome ruining a team would be then rebuilding it, but I can’t because I just get fired, demoting them manually seems to bug how players feel about the club.
    if i play a challenging career (i’m not very good at the game) I sim through seasons and my team despite doing well doesn’t develop the right way.
    the whole thing is a mess I have to spend hours lurking on sites to even start to comprehend how the youth system works, which is irritating because almost all teams require a YA to really excel
    This would be awesome, I understand the drawbacks data and processing wise, however, so maybe a mini-mode where you only have one league in the game (could be attached to my first suggestion)

  20. Two simple requests:

    One – The ability to tackle without giving a foul away. A football game in which it’s almost impossible to tackle effectively can’t be that realistic.

    Two – Player Squad Roles. I’d like to be able to lower a players role when necessary. A player may well be crucial when I first start in League two but that doesn’t mean that he will still be crucial by the time I get to the Premier League.

  21. Great article Alex,

    I have a few ideas as well (Maybe repeating you also)

    – Add an U18s league and maybe an Under 21s league. I can’t let my 65 overall player play every game at the highest level to get him to his potential. That is very unrealistic.

    – Also, much like your randomly generated players in the academy idea, the opportunity to improve your academy. Not just the scouts but the progression of youngsters.

    – A more realistic stat increase for all players, say I have a winger who runs all the time and is constantly running out of energy then increase his stamina not his attack position.

    – More than three scouts. If we had say 10 scouts but less chance to get the highest potential players then surely that is more realistic than what we have currently?

    – An opportunity to go for certain areas of a country. As a Southampton FC fan we scout a lot of the south coast and are unlikely to find a player who lives in Newcastle. So if I could send my scouts to areas of a country. Like London or Lancashire for example. That would make it a more interesting way to scout and more realistic?

    – Being able to go and watch other clubs to watch players play. If Plymouth U18 (See My first point) have an good player that caught my scouts eye I could go to that stadium to see what kind of player he is and if he would fit in and, possibly, try and sign him up to my superior academy.

    Quite a lot of ideas, sorry, but much needs to change in career.

    In real life, many clubs have a formation that changes depending whether they’re on or off the ball. On my career mode, I want to play a 4-3-3 in defence with a CDM and 2 CMs or CAMS, that morphs into a 3-4-2-1 in attack, with the full backs joining the 2 CMs / CAMs in the line of 4, the CDM, dropping back between the CBs for the three, and the wingers coming inside behind the striker as LF / RF, as the 2.

    Again, in real life many players swap positions regularly, to fool the defence. This is already installed on FIFA 15, with the ability to make your wingers ‘swap wings’, but I want to implement this further on my career, with the front 3 in a 3-4-2-1 (LF, RF & ST) , rotating positions between each other regularly.

  23. There are so many things that need fixed I don’t know where to start, things like no players (from the lowest division 2 player to world class) have even a basic understanding of the offside rule (how many times have you played a ball forward only to find every player ahead of you is in an off side position), players are unable to take a shot without falling over, when you press to shoot your player jumps back before taking the strike etc. But my biggest gripe is the current loan system, I’m taking it that EA either has no idea how this is supposed to work or just can’t be bothered to make it realistic. As it stands if you put a player available for loan the chances are that you will get teams from higher divisions making offers for the player. It is there for higher teams to send their young players out to gain experience and for lower placed teams to acquire the services of a player they couldn’t realistically afford the transfer fee for. In one career season I had 5 players loaned out on full season loans, at the end of that season they had played a total of 4 games between the lot of them. EA keep saying they want to make it as realistic as possible, they should concentrate on the gameplay and tactical aspects rather than on crowd/teammates reactions (which are hardly noticeable).
    I also agree that the need to develop your stadium is missing, it is totally unrealistic when you’ve dragged Accrington Stanley up through the divisions and end up playing your premier league/champions cup games at a run down stadium.

    1. Post

      You’re right, it’s annoying trying to get players loaned out!

      Just one thing though – the ‘4 games played’ thing is misleading. If you go to the squad report and look at how many games they’ve played while on loan, it will only count games for competitions your team is involved in. So for example if you’re in League 2 and you loan a player to the Australian league, his stats will say ‘League 2 games played: 0’. If you think about it, of course it says that seeing as he’s been loaned to a different league. There is nowhere for it to note down how many A-League games he’s played.

      So don’t mistake that section for a column that shows the total league games he’s played; it doesn’t, it just shows how many games he’s played in competitions your team is playing in.

      This is actually one reason why I always try to loan players to other leagues. If you loan a player to the same league that you’re playing in, he will be affected by form and he will have his total games played counted. That’s problematic for two reasons.

      Firstly, if you loan him to a top quality team, he’s unlikely to get in the squad and therefore will spend most of the time on the bench or in the reserves. Lack of game time = hindered growth.

      Secondly, if you loan him to a bad team he will be more likely to play, but the team will lose a lot of games and he’ll end up being in bad form. Bad form = hindered growth.

      By contrast, if you loan him to a team in a different league then none of those factors come into play. He will grow a default amount and not be affected by form or how his team is playing, e.g. roughly 3-4 points a year in order to reach his potential in his late(ish) 20s.

      Hope that all made sense 🙂

      1. That makes perfect sense. I must admit I had never really taken that into consideration before. All I need now is more offers from foreign leagues and I’ll be a little happier. Surely it can’t be that hard to fix? Thanks Alex 🙂

        1. Post

          Yeah it’s just another reason why I end up reloading my saves loads. It’s hard enough to get loan offers, but even harder to make sure they’re offers from the right sort of clubs.

          1. I know what you mean, I play on the PS3 so I have about 8 different accounts (which, unlike on the xbox, are all free) which all have saves from my favourite teams from pretty much all the main leagues in Europe. I like playing as the lowest ranked team in each country. I have 3 different Accrington careers (one with normal mode, one with a save just after having purchased the financial takeover and one with created players), these are the ones I play the most as England has the 4 leagues so it’s a more rewarding experience. But in saying that I also like playing as VFR Aalen in Budesliga 2 because there aren’t that many games that your players aren’t constantly tired. But thank god for all my saves, I can pick and choose what league I want and in what mode I want or I can start afresh with someone new whenever the mood takes me.

  24. I can’t stand the fact that when you simulate, players get injured, youth players want to leave, and other crazy things that never happen when you play the game. i played 2 full seasons (over 120 games) and i simulated one, of course i lost, a key player was injured for 2 months, and my top youth player wanted out (had to sign him because it was February and couldn’t wait for may update).

    also, the simulation process is kinda dull, you can’t adjust your squad from game to game as if you were playing it. when you either play or sim game, your squad is set when you sim. you can’t adjust it midway through or right before the game. the only way is to go back to the home screen, go to the team management, and permanently fix this. its tedious and gets annoying. why can’t i just make the squad as i normally would when i play the game as if i were to sim it?

    change up the youth academy to a youth league or have it be more interactive.

    better press conferences, these are silly. If i am going to do a press conference, i want multiple questions about multiple topics (example, players form, my tactics, next matches with rivals). the responses can be multiple ranging from aggressive to passive to good and bad. fans then get an opinion about you and the board can like dislike your answers, not to mention the league and fine/possibly ban you for a couple matches if you say some bad things. other than that, press conference is a waste of time.

  25. It would be nice to add a third option for games: Play, Simulate, and Manage. The third mode would let you watch the game or at least a gamecast and adjust tactics as personnel based on performance and game situation.

    1. I totally agree with this suggestion. On the odd occasion when I do Sim a match, the AI uses my top players on the bench as well as players in the outfield 11. So at the end of a game I have all my key players tired.

      If I could choose who would be subbed that would be excellent.

    2. I think a simulation similar to the one in FIFA Mobile would be good, simple sliders, animations for goals, and prompts showing what is happening. If you haven’t seen the sim mode on mobile, it is free or you could look it up.

  26. They could overhaul the youth league by incorporating youth league coaches that you have to hire that will help develop your youth players. Coaches you hire are still based on the 1 – 5 star rating scale obviously. The better the coaches the better chance you have of developing better players. Then take it further with developing training programs. If you want your strikers to work on their speed and acceleration attributes for 3 weeks, have that option and those attributes will be boosted. Then the next month have them work on ballhandling and so on. This will allow complete control over developing your own players as opposed to the computer doing it on May 1st and it being a roll of the dice. My ideal youth development program will have scouts that you can hire, like you can right now, and 3 coaches that you can hire to develop the players. The coach attributes are “teaching ability” ( how well players develop under a particular coach) and charisma ( ability to keep players from jumping ship too early); all this based on 1-5 stars. Also as mentioned previously you can scout for specific positions ( Striker, center midfield) instead of what they have now. Just updating the youth development would do wonders for this game.

  27. It would be really nice to choose your managing style, both from a tactics and management standpoint. This could influence player development as well as recruitment from other teams. Managers who are seen as developers of talent would be able to attract young stars to their team while man managers could attract difficult personalities or true stars. At this same time, I like what other people have said about style of play. Players should have a preferred style and formation as should a manager. Potential and overall rating are maximized when matched up. Players playing out of position or in a different setting would struggle to adapt. It would just make the game more believable

  28. I have some ideas regarding the potential and the player growth:

    1. I was thinking about a ‘dynamic’ potential: Potential of every player is recalculated according to his performance that season, taking into account other factors: Age, minutes played, team prestige (Its not the same to play 20 minutes with Real Madrid in UCL than play 20 minutes with Albacete in 2nd division). They already update the squads every week, why not apply something similar directly in career mode ? I understand it will take a lot of resources, so the potential updates could be in January and July for example.

    2. I also would like to know the potential of my players until they’re older, for example 28 or 30 years. Nowadays, we know the potential until 21 years (Showing Great Potential = 80-85, etc) Why not change the way it is expressed ? Instead of talking about potential, talk about growth. For example: If the players can grow 15 OVR or more = He has plenty of room for growing, 15-10 OVR = He can grow a lot. 5-10 = He can improve, but is close to his potential. 1-5 OVR = He almost reached his potential, and will grow slowly. 0 OVR = He reached his potential, and will barely grow .

  29. Another option would be to give the manager the option to change a players position manually.
    Of course not as he pleases but maybe just once in a players career. You’ll see the current OVR at each position and then choose where he should play.
    And after you make your choice he’ll grow according to the new position and not to his old one.

    Or another option would be to let players learn a new position if they play there enough games. Like 30 or 50 games at RM makes a RB then a RM.
    But this would only work if there would be a malus for a player playing out of position unlike now, where a wing back can play striker without any problems.

    In that vein why can’t a 16-19 year old player train his weaker foot to gain a point or 2. Same with the skill moves.
    Don’t get me wrong, Not every 1* weak foot / skill player should turn into a 5* monster, but at least let him become a 2* or maybe even a 3* player, if he reaches certain goals or just by chance.
    In the old, now abandonded FIFA Manager series you could talk to player and ask him to work on his weaker foot and there was a chance he would actually succeed. After a couple of weeks you got a feedback if was successful or not.
    And of course getting from 1* to 2* should be easier as getting from 3* to 4* and so on.
    Combined with a max. growth of 2 stars.

    Maybe that’s a bit too much to ask because this would probably mean a real training mode or at least some interaction from the manager side with the players.

  30. My idea for an improvement is a little and in depth…..i think the chemistry rating from the older titles should be brought back with one extra tweak there should be some kind of team chemistry “modifier/maximizer” that pretty much allows for certain types of players to have higher ratings or play better based on the system they are playing in or the team that signs them. for example if u pick up a league one player with fantastic passing stats but poorer other stats, for a team like arsenal or barcelona who play a passing game his OVR should go up by 5 or 10 points just because he is in a system that suites his playing style, also the reverse of that should also hold true. this will make it more fun and will take a lot more care when buying players, you just cant go buy the highest rated player and plug him right into any team. a side effect of this will be that you would have to build an identity for any team u manage and get them to fit into a particular philosophy, kinda like football manager how u choose the type of manager u want to be when creating your manager…….

    1. Post
  31. Adding to all the awesome suggestions above:
    FIX the issue of promoted youth players changing from 16 & 17 year olds to 50 & 55 years old after I have edited their shoes and accessories. Lost a LB, RB, and CDM; all had potential to be special

    1. I liked the targeted scouting in the previous gen where I could send scouts to search for players in the exact position I desired. It is very difficult to find decent full-backs and nearly impossible to find decent strikers in recent Fifa games because most of the scout search brings players who are CDMs, CMs, or CAMs. I wish there was a way to tell the scout to search only for Strikers or Centre Backs or Full Backs!!
    Would be nice to have good physical stats for future star players like many above me have mentioned

    2. Again, in the old gen we were able to make use of the ticket funds after adjusting ticket prices and stadium expansions. FIFA has made no significant additions in the features of Career Mode for past several years. They claim to have improved the dynamics, gameplay, user immersion by making player look more real and movements being more real life like but that is no consolation for not adding new features. Graphics are expected to be improved year after year no matter what game we play.

    3. Fifa Club World Cup!! I know this will requires major rescheduling of matches for which new codes and programs will need to be created but certainly a desired add-on!

    4. At the starting of the match, the game should show the form of last 5 matches or results of both team. Also, show the result of the last meeting between the two teams.

  32. How about being able to Customize your look as a manager. In Pro career you can edit the way you look eg. height and build, face, hair. but for managers you just get like two options. Complexion and color of your clothing.

    Also when the ball is out of play or before a sub every now and then show the bench and the manager you created.

  33. 1. Custom Team Creation – I would love to be able to create my own Kit/Crest/Stadium and either draft real players or have a randomly populated squad appropriate for the level at which I start. It would make Road to Glory from Football League 2 even more exciting

    2. In game tactics changes – I hate having to save another custom formation when I bring on a Target Man instead of a Goal Threat up top. Allow me to change that on the fly without being forced to save.

    3. Custom Formation Naming – After a full year with multiple CMs, I forget which team I created certain custom formations for and why I made them. Giving me the ability to name it something other than “4-3-3 Custom 7” would be nice.

    I could sit here all day and gripe, but those were the first to come to mind.

  34. How about letting it go longer than 15 years? How about at least giving you the option of turning injuries off? Sure, having injuries turned off is less realistic but I despise when I simulate a month and a superstar has had some career threatening 6 month injury. The entire scouting system needs to be added to. I feel like they have just copy and pasted the same code for career mode the last 5 years. I know it doesn’t make them the money that FUT does but how about they just try a little?

  35. I agree wich you and all commentators. Its just that simple. For me they should combine Fifa with the Football Manager! They dont release it anymore, so why not import the good stuff into Fifa ?

  36. I definitely agree with Alex’s thoughts, anyway!

    I’d love to go back to the days where you could invest in your coaching staff! The more you spend the better they are just like when you hire a scout!

    This is biased but I think some Airtricity League players need a boost in potential! You look at every league and there are 5+ players with a 75+ potential the Airtricity Leagues highest potential on any player is 70, quite poor considering so many player go over from the Airtricity League and in time gain that potential on Fifa, e.g. Seamus Coleman, James McClean, Shane Long, Kevin Doyle, Wes Hoolahan etc.

    Goalkeepers should keep growing into their 30s.

    Old players don’t decrease so fast, e.g. Pirlo after a season loses a lot of his overall but he could still be very good for another season or two, yeah physical stats should decrease but not so rapidly.

    Have a simulated reserve league.

    Be able to upgrade stadiums like Fifa 05.

    Training sometimes boosts a players attribute.

    1. Agree with you with the LOI ratings, some players are way too underrated. There’s quality players in the LoI like Fahey, Finn or Richie Towell who could be playing at least League One football. Also, I feel that there are many players that have way too low overall…

      In my opinion, the League is better than most of the people think…

  37. Player history. So you can keep track of how long players have been at your club, how many goals, assists etc. It would be nice to be able to have those milestones so you can recognise the contribution players have made and create ‘Club Legends’ or one club players.

  38. Great scouting-minded wishlist! Futhead have a very similar and in-depth wishlist as well, and they send to EA. It doesn’t have as many scouting-wishes, though, and I agree that all these have to be implemented. Otherwise I might find myself a new game, like Football Manager, which has an actual in-depth youth system.

  39. I cant imagine that youth players all start off slow and get faster and faster and faster in real life. A players speed at seventeen and the same player at twenty five shouldn’t be worlds apart. Players like Theo Walcot and Raheem Sterling started out fast and although you can argue that with better training methods and conditioning they improved over the years they had a genetic predisposition to run fast, whereas some players start off slow and never increase (but i doubt never as slow as some of the academy graduates in Fifa)

    That being said to be a professional football player in real life it would be pretty hard to have sprint speed of 40% no matter what position you play (never mind a winger or fullback). You would have to really be technically brilliant aka berbatov to pull that one off.

    i would like to see players come straight out the academy faster maybe a minimum of 65% some special players maybe a lot higher.

  40. Those are all very good points.

    I personally would also like to have the advanced training mode, which was for whatever reason taken out of next gen completely, also part of the career mode.

    That would make it much easier to test out your newly scouted/bought free kick takers and even make adjustments to his aim once he grows. Given that free kicks from good positions are very rare this way one could raise the chances of converting it.

    And with the advanced training mode part of CM you could also adjust custom set pieces pretty much on the fly after you made adjustments to your squad.

    1. Training camp for youth squad
      If we can use a youth player in skill challenges, to increase dribbling rate o what you want, it would be great.

  41. They need to adress:

    – International job offers. How on earth can I be asked to coach Colombia while I am at
    Albacete Balompie. Only small countries should be asking for my sevices.

    – Diversity off the league. It is still a fact, that to many teams a programmed to play in a similar sort off style.

    – At the start of a career. There should be talents in your academy already! The B-list players, that sometimes are placed after an update, should be there at the start.

    – Possibillity to offer a higher wage. Without having to submit a contract extension!!

    1. I’m not sure about your first point.

      In real life you can’t choose the team, Teams ask for you and you take the job. Is well for me.

      1. Its not about the fact that you can`t choose a team. But the fact that i haven`t reached that level yet.

        If I`m a manager at Real Madrid, then the top International teams should look for me. (Spain, Argentina, Brazil ect.) And not New Zealand or India.

        That seems more logical to me.

  42. as well as all the above. allow us to change a players position like you could back in fifa 08. and like you can in madden. good managers do that in real life all the time, plenty of players move from the wing to st vice versa, from fullback to wingers to dm. players develop and then they change position. so why cant i do that in fifa.

    an online career mode with my friends would be awesome. something that is awesome about madden as well

    and a fantasy draft, there are many multiple ways this could be implemented you the people at fifa get paid good money to make creative decisions like this. so ill let them decide.

    and the new scouting method of players is so damn annoying, we all just go online to look up stats instead of using the “global scouting network” go back to the old way. it was what WE wanted not this new thing. or at least give us the option which we prefer, maybe in the menus when starting out new career mode career.

    cool thx bye

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